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Response from Fort Leavenworth (UNCLASSIFIED)

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(12 hours ago)

Steed, Rebecca CIV USA

IMCOM to me
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

Mary, I received your voicemail and will provide you with what I can,

mostly facts on the Joint Regional Correctional Facility (JRCF) and

regulations. Attached are photos of the pre-trial housing area.

Per Army Regulation 190-47, telephonic and face-to-face interviews with

pre- and post-trial inmates are prohibited, but correspondence is

allowed. Please use the following address exactly as it appears below:

Bradley Manning 89289

830 Sabalu Road

Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-2315

Visitation: In accordance with JRCF visitation policy, pre-trial

prisoners request visitation through submission of a visitation list to

the JRCF. The JRCF reviews the visitation list and must approve

requested visitors. All potential visitors (excluding privileged visits

by legal counsel, health care personnel and clergy) must have an

established relationship with the pre-trial prisoner before the

prisoner's confinement in order to be approved for visitation.

It would be inappropriate to provide a statement on any specific case or

person housed at the Joint Regional Correctional Facility as it could

impede due-process.

With the presumption of innocence, pre-trial inmates are simply confined

and cared for until their trial. The JRCF is a state of the art facility

that can address physical, mental and spiritual support.



Rebecca Steed | Media Relations, Fort Leavenworth | 913.684.1723

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE
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pre-trial common

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(34 minutes ago)
mary eng to Rebecca

rebecca, thank you so much for your openness and honesty.

what i wonder also is what are the nutritional demands of the inmates.

i have studied nutrition vigorously and hope bradley is provided with organic
vegetables and fruits and non-carcinogenic foods.

cooked meat becomes carcinogenic when the creatine turns to heterocyclic


so really ideally for maximum health and wellness, he needs organic food
and less cancer causing foods.

can you tell me who manages the meal service?

is that the rand corp, or wackenhut/g4s

are you guys serco operated? so if i send him a letter what can i say or not

for instance can i talk about the internet or not?

i am a peaceful person and never believe in violence of any kind so i think

my letters will be fine, just optimistic uplifting stuff.

but i dont want to offend the reviewers.

they will read every letter first right?

also i hope bradley has

1. warm pajamas

2. vitamins

3. spiritual counselors of WHATEVER religion he wants. is your chaplin

christian, muslim, or jewish? because what if bradley is buddhist or wants a
hindu nonviolent guru to speak to him about satygraha and nirvana?

i think the right to religious freedom should be respected in involuntary

indefinite detention.

so if you don't mind offering bradley the chance to have real spiritual
therapy. yoga is very popular in california. maybe he would like to have a
yoga teacher. this might fall under religion or exercise allotment.

4. medication. if he needs anti-depressants to deal with indefinite detention

and solitary confinement PTSD i hope that they have no side effects
or permanent liver toxicities. can we verify that you are not giving him
seroquel which has very horrendous side effects leading to malpractice
litigation and FDA censure. i know it is typical to drug prisoners who often
become depressed but how will drugging him affect his ability to speak for
5. lawyers

are we able to speak to them about safety, solitary, conditions

6. clean water. is his water filtered?

7. can he be given NON-carcinogenic shampoo? i know it is more

expensive but whole foods has paraben-free shampoos as well as organic
snacks, fruits and health giving juices

8. stationary bicycle, minitrampoline for lymphatic cleansing

9. headphones and music

10. CD player

we have artists who are creating music on his behalf that they want to
specially send to him as a token of affection.
11. can he have supervised internet access to watch youtubes of our
recording alliance bradleymanningmusic here in hollywood?

we are creating live sessions of american country music blues about our
love for him as a human.

if he gets this access it would mean look up "bradleymanningmusic" on

youtube. it is only music, some rock from the jimi hendrix of our time nick
maybury who is touring with michelle branch. i think this would really
brighten him up. rebecca black of blacklisted studios has an incredibly
soulful southern blues style he would really love. it is america heartland.
kinda like lucinda williams and janis joplin.

if someone could pass this info along to him, maybe tell his dad, it might
make them both feel better during this tough time.

12. letter of reconciliation to the iraqi people

can he have a copy of this from McCord from collateral murder. he is a

facebook friend of a friend and i think bradley would love it.

13. a copy of the magna carta

14. case law books in international law and war crimes law

15. the federalist papers

16. daily access to for glenn greenwald's articles which cover a
legal perspective on some of the legal mistakes made

17. the filing of kevin zeese operation want's memo with SEC fraud from
swedish weapons company

since he has so much time on his hands he might want to become

a "jailhouse lawyer"
18. can you tell him that the legal experts at los angeles National Lawyers
Guild are aware of his case

19. can you tell him west hollywood GAY pride has a march for him 12

20. can you tell him i am sorry crazyhorse shot at the kids in collateral
murder and that we think he did the right thing before the military code and
international law which forbid firing on civilians?

21. give him a copy of the MILITARY CODE which requires that he report
WAR crimes?

now thank you for everything you are doing.

my mom is a prison nurse.

is there a way to verify that bradley is not being raped?

what drugs are he given?

if i get on the visitor list what rules will i follow?

i will do anything to be helpful.

i am a masseuse in addition to a nutrition counselor on the power of

antioxidants. i would love to give supervised massage as an integrative
holistic health measure if bradley is comfortable.

i will absolutely be there to help in this regard.

is his bed comfortable????

if his air clean??? he might need an air filter. can we have an air quality
is he given adequate amounts of water?

emergency vitamin c packs can really help improve well being.

omega fats will help with mood.

some b-vitamin therapy will help if he is having any hallucinations regarding

prolonged sensory deprivation and solitary confinement at quanitco.

have you heard of habeas corpus or magna carta? are these no longer

can we tell him about libya?

thank you to you as a human.

please forward this and share it if you are allowed to and please send to his
dad or lawyers or your lawyers or news outlets.

this is all about love and i thank you for your good will and kindness.

i have been having a lot of insomnia and some answers to these questions
might ease my mind

god bless!!!!!

mary eng