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DAY 4 (Language Arts)

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Things around us
Focus : Language Arts

Introduction : This lesson focuses on language appreciation focusing on enjoyment

and creativity. The main focus of this lesson will be on getting
pupils to respond to the jazz chant using non-verbal gestures.

Content Standard : 4.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be
able to enjoy and appreciate rhymes, poems, and songs
through performances.

Learning Standards : 4.1.1 Able to enjoy nursery rhymes, jazz chant and
action songs through non-verbal response.
4.1.2 Able to recite nursery rhymes, jazz chant and
sing action songs with correct pronunciation and

Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to recite the chant with
correct tapping and rhythm.

Times : 60 minutes

Teaching Aids : Jazz Chant written on brown paper

Added values : Co-operation & obedient

Educational Emphasis : Kinesthetic, musical & interpersonal

Teaching- learning Content Remarks/ Pedagogical
procedures Purposes
Set Induction: (5 Mins) Teaching aids:
A blue ball
1. Teacher shows a blue ball to To activate previous knowledge

2. Teacher conducts simple Q

& A.
1. Boys and girls, what
3. Teacher associates the is this?
simple questions with 2. What is the colour
today’s lesson. of the ball?
3. Do you like to play
with the ball?
Activities: (45 mins) Teaching aids:

1. Teacher pastes a jazz chant Jazz chant written on

written on brown paper on brown paper.
the blackboard.

2. Teacher chants the jazz

chant and pupils listen.
To enhance pupils listening

3. Teacher chants together To enhance pupils reading

with pupils. skill

4. Teacher recites the chant

with simple gesture MI : Kinesthetic, musical
(tapping table) and pupils & interpersonal

5. Pupils chants and do the

gesture without guidance.
Moral value : co-operation &
6. Teacher divides the pupils
into groups.
7. Pupils recite the chant in
groups with the focus on
the initial phoneme /b/.
Band 2
Assessment: Pupils are able to
recite the chant by
articulating the initial phoneme
/b/ in words correctly.
Closure: (10 mins)

1. Teacher gets pupils to

recite the jazz chant by
accelerating the rhythm
three times.

Jazz Chant
Benny has a ball.
Benny’s ball is blue.

Bobby has a ball.

Bobby’s ball is brown.

Benny’s ball is big.

Bobby’s ball is beautiful.