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All fields are mandatory. • Please fill only in Upper case for more legibility. • Please do not use short forms / abbreviations. • Employee Code/ID/No is mandatory. If your previous employer did not provide one, please mention and state reasons for same.

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To (mm/ yy) Last drawn salary (p. Ltd. Sl No Full Name of the Employer starting with latest Address of the Employer Contact No.) (Gross) Reasons for leaving Remarks if any : Signature:_____________ Employer3 Employer2 Employer1 Page 2 of 7 Signature .a.Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. With STD Code Designation Reported to (Name & Position) Period From .

Other Details Are you currently under service agreement / bond with your existing employer? (Yes/No) Have you applied to Kassa before? If yes. at the company's discretion. or its representative. Signature Date Place Signature of Recruiter in case filed as printed format : _______________________________ : _______________________________ : _______________________________ : _______________________________ Page 3 of 7 Signature . I release all persons from liability on account of such disclosure. Ltd. I understand that employment with Kassa is governed by Kassa Employment Policies as applicable. I agree to provide copies of mark sheets/Degrees and relevant certificates. please provide the details Have you ever been charged or convicted for any criminal offense in India or abroad? ( Yes / No ) If employed by Kassa. including satisfactory information from a background check. I authorize all persons who may have information relevant to this enquiry to disclose it to Kassa Services Private Ltd.Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. and to conduct enquiries as may be necessary. I hereby certify all of the statements made on the Kassa Finvest Private Ltd Employee Application Form are true and complete and I understand that omission or misrepresentation of any fact may result in refusal of employment or immediate dismissal. I hereby authorize Kassa Finvest Private Ltd and its representative to verify information provided in my resume and application of employment.

Limited. strategies. concepts. skills. its customers. Ltd. business processes. Permanent ______ years. (herein after referred as “the Company”). either physical or digital on any storage media (magnetic or otherwise) relating to the past. competitor and such others) in any part of India engage or invest in. ideas. trade secrets. b) That all communications and documents (verbal. c) I shall during the tenure of the employment with the Company plus One (1) full year following the Termination of Employment will not. other proprietary information such as data. books. either directly or through an agent or associate or relative or friend in the Page 4 of 7 Signature . Ground Floor. flow charts. having its registered office at H-35/3. present and proposed business of the company. spoken. know-hows. suppliers or competitors. information. material. advisor. do hereby undertake and declare as under. Connaught Circus.: Add. records. in any capacity (including with out prejudice to the generality as an employee. all the agreements entered into by the company and any other material which has not been specially mentioned here shall be treated as Confidential Information and I shall protect and preserve as confidential during my employment with the company and thereafter forever. patents. products or services of the company. NON COMPETE AND NON SOLICITATION UNDERTAKING I. business process. trade names or proposed trade names. designs. Add. system trading softwares of the company. consultant. marketing activities. written or visual information presented in any form. customer and prospect lists. CONFIDENTIALITY.__________________________________________. communications network circuit. drawings. New Delhi – 110001. tests conducted. trade simulation softwares. a) Present _________________________________________________________________________and Sh.: _________________________________________________________________________ aged about That I have been appointed as _________________________________ @ Salary of fixed ____________and PBB________________ by Kassa Finvest Pvt.S/o ____________________________________________. directly or indirectly.Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. a Company incorporated under the provisions of companies Act 1956. recipes and practices and other intellectual property relating to the business. both during the term of this Agreement and all periods after the Termination of Employment. copyrights. diagrams. I shall hold all Confidential Information in strict confidence as any reasonable person shall hold his own Confidential information and shall not otherwise use or disclose to third parties any Confidential Information.

_________________________ Reference No. associate. f) That in case of violation/breach of any of the terms of the appointment. 2 (Professional) Name ______________________________ Page 5 of 7 Signature . at any place in India or Abroad. Ltd. 1(Professional) Name ______________________________ Department _________________________ Designation__________________________ Official Mail Id_______________________ Contact No. d) I shall not solicit any of the employees of the Company to leave the employment of the Company during the term of my employment with the Company and for a period of twelve (12) months immediately following the termination of relationship with the company. I shall never take any action or make any statement of a disparaging or derogatory nature against the company or any employee or officer therein. positions. whether existing today or which may come up in future. I shall be in a position to enjoy several deemed and implied powers. e) That I understand that during the course of my employment for the performance of my duties towards the company. to any Management. besides the specific and non specific resolutions. you will be governed by the terms and conditions of the service applicable at the new placement location.Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. g) Your services are liable to be transferred at the sole discretion of in such other capacity as the company may determine. resolutions. I shall be liable to face all the legal Consequences and liabilities and I & my legal heirs shall be liable to compensate & pay damages to the company or its directors etc. I shall use and exercise the said powers. location. operation or control of any business. or any directives from the Company. for the breach of this undertaking. privileges & authorities in the best interest of the company and not for any other purposes and not to the detriment of the interest of the Company. In such a case. positions. Reference No. sister concern or subsidiary. and the terms of this undertaking. trade or occupation which is in competition with any product or service offered by the Company or under the companies research or development. management. ownership. Further. privileges & authorities. department / section.

Date of joining Page 6 of 7 : Signature . Department __________________________ Designation__________________________ Official Mail Id_______________________ Contact No. .__________________________ E mail id (If avail) ____________________ Relation _______________________ Date To The Director M/s. Connaught Circus New Delhi. H-35/3. I hereby join the company from am on probation for the period of six months.Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. Kassa Finvest (P) Ltd. 3 (Personal) Name: ______________________________ Contact No. Dear Sir. I hereby understand that I I have also received general administration & virus protection instructions.110 001. Ltd. ________________________ Reference No.

Confidential Kassa Finvest Pvt. Signature ( ) Page 7 of 7 Signature . Ltd.

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