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social worker or just a plain civilian. we must say that there are plenty of people who contribute to the community and I have been given a task to interview a prominent person who has contributed to the community. The interview I have had with him is an interesting one and I have learned many things from interviewing him. . there are still some people who contributing to the community on the small scale. Since I am a teacher in a special education school. Mahathir Muhammad.They are the people who contributed to the community on the large scale. These people maybe a politician. But. If we go through our history. Talking about these people who contribute to the community on the small scale. They are always here among us working behind the curtains and they are certain not taken for granted by the community for their hard work.Introduction It is cannot be denied that people are not doing their part in making our society a better place. And our former prime minister Tun Dr. we can point out many people as examples and some of them are Thomas Edison. I have decided to interview my school head master since he has contributed a lot to the special education system and to the community around us. Mahatma Gandhi who bought independence to India. who invented light bulbs.

he is also contributing to the community he is living in by giving free sign language class to the public who wants to learn sign language. he had many experience in making Malaysia a better place to be lived by those less fortunate ones especially the ones communicate using the sign language. date and venue of interview. Mohd Said who is the head master of my school. Sekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Ipoh as the interviewee because he has contributed a lot to special education system. I had decided to interview him on 5th may. Some of his works or ideas of him in this subject are coming up with brail incorporated books in Bahasa Malaysia. from this we can say that he is very concerned about the well fare of others and cares for others.The report For my 3rd assignment for English for communication. He is one of the Malaysian Sign Language makers and alters. special education students and the community in Ipoh. I have been asked to conduct an interview with a prominent person who has contributed for the community. I prepared all the necessary things to interview him. I had finally managed to come up with the questions I will be asking during the interview. it gave me the . Besides that. After thinking a while on whom to choose for my interview. In order to interview him. I had decided to choose Mr. so. Even though I am very familiar with him as the head master of the school that I am working in. His final contribution is the fund the donates every month for the disabled and the sick. Besides making and modifying Malaysian Sign Language. This eventually leaded to a high number of Malaysian Sign Language literate people in Ipoh and this made it easy for the dumb and deaf to make their way around the city of Ipoh. I had to prepare all the interview questions and in order to prepare these interview questions I went out search for his history and background. I have decided to interview him for many reasons. we both agreed to have the interview on the date I have decidedand he wanted the interview to be conducted in morning and in his room. coming up with a systematic lesson plan for the special education syllabus and improve teaching and learning in sign language. I have learned many thing I have not known about him. he also contributed community by coming up with new ideas to make Malaysian Special Education better. But before I interviewed him. Abdul Rahman B. By doing this survey on him. I had to ask his permission first on doing an interview with him and while asking for the permission I confirmed the time. After a long discussion with him. thus. After collecting all the data about him.

Dalan was Dumb.butterfly in my stomach as I had to interview him for the first time and I kept on reminding myself that I must keep my boundaries of the questions so that I would not mistakenly ask any questions that would offend him or any question about his personal life. he is working as the headmaster in the same school. After graduating from MPIK. Kedah when he was 12 years old. He said that he is who he is now today because of his time spend in his teachers training college during his early life. This friend of my interviewee is the inspiration for him . his three sons are studying in local universities. he continued his study in Maktab Ilmu khas taking teaching special education course. I asked him about how he got the interest and inspiration for doing such work community.He reminisces the experiences he went through while hw was studying here for about 3 and a half years. he furthered his study to improve his knowledge in special education. He started to open his heart to my question and answer my question. he stared to tell me his inspirational story. After few minutes waiting. I asked him for his formal introduce introduction. I asked him about his early education and his early life. On the day of the interview. He replied saying that he went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Abdul Rahman Ipoh and later continued his study in Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim in Sungai Petani. After hearing this. Later. He continued telling his reasons and experiences that were the moulds of his attitude. He who is a 54 year old gentleman is married for 28 years and has 3 children. This is because is parents moved up north to Sungai Petani. I had concluded that he is a man who gives importance to education since his children are top scorers in their studies. Dalan was special to him because unlike other normal teacher trainee student who have their all senses well equipped and could perform normally. With a brief silence. After a moment of abrupt silence.Later. he became dumb after a mysterious ill attacked him during his childhood and left him dumb. His wife is a former teacher who is now a house maker who runs the chores of the house. he came to his room and sat on his chairs ready to be interviewed by me. I went to that tall and slightly plump looking man¶s room and waited for him. Meanwhile. After finishing his SPM with flying colours.Now. He told me the most important reason that changed him to be the person he in now is his friend Dalan who is also a trainee teacher taking the same Special Education option in the teachers training college he was studying. he worked in the same school he is teaching right now that isSekolah Kebangsaan Pendidikan Khas Ipoh. Feeling impressed after hearing his life journey.

Thus. he also had received µGuru Cemerlang¶ award for his contributions in his teachings. he says that the most highest achievement of his is the happiness the sees in the faces of the people that he have helped. He proved to be a very humble man because he only mentioned his major achievements and left out many small achievements which in some ways is also very use full to the community. he decided to do something to make our country a better place for those less fortunate ones especially the dumb and deaf. I could see the happiness that comes from helping other people. After that. after hearing about his achievements I also felt an urge to achieve something in life and to do good for other people because from him. Without any sighs or worrying face gestures. he is doing all this to spread the sign language and to make it well known among the public. I asked him what he has achieved so far both in his career and his social works. This indirectly develops economic wellbeing of his community as those who are disabled come to Ipoh to thriveand make a living since living here would be easier with the high number of sign language literate people.because Mr. he replied my question with a smile.I had to ask this question formally to get his own answers and to record it. Even though his contributions are prominent in the society of which we are living in. What he thinks as his great achievement is the high number of Malaysian Sign Language speaking public in this community. Yet. Later I asked him about why he does donate ample money to the charity. Rahman had personally seenwhat kind of troubles the disabled people face after being friend with him. While speaking about his achievement he spoke with such humbleness and did not boast about any of his achievements. we can see that he had improved our Malaysian Sign Language and giving free sign language classes to the public. Frankly. Besides that. he is also happy to make a Malaysian Sign Language better. After seeing all the hardships his friend faced. this is true since him with his panel of Malaysian Sign Language made many changes to the system and improved the sign language and made it apt for our national language Bahasa Malaysia. . he replied saying he is doing this for his own satisfaction. Even though Dalan is well versed in Malaysian Sign Language since he is learning about it. he faced serious problem when communicating with the public. Besides that. he says that he is happy to see that many are able to communicate in sign language fluently because they are attending the classes he are giving for free. This happened because most of the public is not aware of the and does not know the sign language. He also said that he like to consider every pupil of his as his own child.

He also says that his wife does not mind him spending money for charity yet she encourages him to do so any he says that he is lucky to have a wife like her. he added to his speech saying that he gained a lot of experience in conducting events and gained profound knowledge in sign language. I had learned that he is a person who gives importance to humanism. he had to seek out our national celebrities like Misha Omar. He gave an example of most difficult event he had conducted that is a charity concert done to collect fund for the disabled people and in this making this a success. he claims that the most difficult part is working with the agencies and public to make the event a success. He says that he would come back home very late after finishing his work and her wife would stay awake waiting for him with a warm food in the table. He says that he gets satisfaction in every single work he does in order to help others. At the end of this question.Whilethanking his wife.in this case. he said the teachers in his . my next question was to talk about the support given by his family. Telling me about the community about him that helped him. Later on. friends and the people around him to make his efforts to make our country better place forthe disabled people. He said that the support given by his environment is really good. he thanked his wife for being very understanding towards his ambitions and goals. most importantly being together with whim through the rain and shine. he also thanked his sons who sometimes provide him with some cash to conduct his activities. he spoke. I myself was personally awestruck of his attitude because most of the people I meet on the daily basis are very cynical and they always thrive for their own good and welfare. I wanted to know about his experience and feeling that he gained from doing such contribution to the community. From him saying like this. he got the satisfaction of fulfilling is duty as a Muslim because in the Islamic teaching it is said that helping other is a good deed and every Muslim must fulfill their duties by helping the poor and needy or in this case the disabled.After knowing about his achievements. or contentment to someone after doing something which is presumably something that person likes to do. The first thing he mentioned to me when I asked him about this is satisfaction. After thinking for a while. he tells me satisfaction isanything that brings gratification. With every passing question. But. Anuar Zain and Mawi. I felt that I could understand my interviewee much better and I kept on asking the questions I have prepared for him. pleasure. he said that he also gained the trust and the respect of the people of that that community and he could understand how people would behave in certain situations. Most importantly. At the same moment. In his own words.

opening a free institution for civilians and disabled people to learn and acquire knowledge about special education. opening a welfare home for those who are homeless and finally do more things or put in more effort to make sign language well known among the citizens of Malaysia. He said that the public were really supportive to him in many ways. I asked him about what he would like to tell to the young and future generation. he . it is possible he says because if the learning of sign language is inserted into our education curriculum. he is also very grateful to the public for giving him financial support by collecting funds or gathering money. writing a book on Malaysian Sign Language and how to learn them easily. he told his good experience with the public. He also wants to open a website and tell the world about how to make our community a better place and spread his ideas. I asked him about his future plans and how will he make these plans come true. Some of the things he listed out are. opening up free sign language classes all over Malaysia. Adding on to his suggestions. he gave me a list of some useful plans to to the disabled people and the community. He said that the young generation must have the curiosity and interest in learning sign language. Last but not least. He started with telling what he is expecting from young generation. This would eliminate the difference between the normal people and the disabled ones. Even though this might sound a little outrageous. As soon as I have asked him.school were really helpful because they would volunteer to teach in the free Malaysian Sign Language class that he is holding and it is obvious that these free classes that were held are the main reason for the high number of Sign Language literate people in his community. Some of the ways the public helped him were by giving him men power to carry out the events and activities. Moving on to further discussions. He said like this because the number of youths learning special education is getting lower and lower. He is also very eager to make his school better by coming up with the plans that would do well to the school. If this thing continued there would not be anyone to maintain this knowledge and pass this knowledge to their successors. teachers of that school and the students of that school. his reactions were as though he was expecting me to ask this question to him. His eyes started to shine with the rays of hope as I asked him this question. As the final question. He also said that almost everyone of in the future generation must learn and be able to communicate in sign language. I said he could give any suggestions. idea or advice to the future generation regarding this subject.

. the teens might not interested in sign language still they can contribute to the community by joining him in social works and extra. In conclusion. His final expectation from the youths is. He said so because there are many youth related problems happening all around the corners of the country nowadays. This interview is also an eye opener for me about the importance of learning sign language. I sincerely wish Mr. he wants them to be more responsible andcare for others especially those disabled ones. my interview with him has been very inspirational and motivational. After finished asking the entire question I have prepared. Abdul a pink of health for the rest of his life and I want him to keep on doing his contributions to the community.also wanted more teens to join him in his quest and help him to make the community he lives in a better place. I wish him thanks and gave him a small gift as a souvenir for his cooperation. Because. I have learned many good values from him and I wish to follow his ways even in the slightest ways possible.

Interview Questions 1) Could you tell about your family and your educational background? 2) Could you tell me what was your inspiration? 3) What you think you have achieved so far? 4) Can you describe your feelings and tell your experience on doing this? 5) Can you tell me about the supports you have received? 6) What are your future plans? 7) What would you like to tell to the young generation? .

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