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Gangs final

1. What relationship with AB & NLR: (Val pg284, 286)

- AB (Arian Brotherhood) is the well-established white prison gang in CA which
operates nationwide in state and federal correction center.
- NLR (Nazi Low Riders) is the name that chosen to disrespect Hispanics gang (Low
Riders mean they’re better than Hispanics). NLR is formed inside a CA juvenile
facility and this event took to the developing of the CYA (CA Youth Authority) state
prison for juveniles in CA. At first, NLR were formed to against the other ethnic
based gangs (they’re mostly young white male in the beginning).
- Relationship:
- NLR alliance with AB when AB leader John Stinson asked NLR to help act as
middlemen for AB operations.
- In between late 1970s and early 1980s: AB needed to maintain contact with the
general population in order the maintain control of their illegal activity so NLR filled
the void within the prison for a white-based gang and quickly grew.
- The NLR became so active and very violent as the connection with drug (meth)
trade that the law enforcement considers the NLR as a prison and street gang for
the first time on the West Coast.

2. How many NLR take control over White gangs? (Val pg284-287)
NLR creates such a power structure to control White gangs:
- Considered both a prison and street gang, the NLR have developed a reputation for
being cold blooded and ruthless. The major ages are between 31-35 yr olds.
- They have a national connection & have about 50% White gangs in their org. NLR
increases quickly in size and become more organized due to drug trade (Meth trade)
and their control power both in prison & on the street with the white supremacist
philosophy (Ex for the quickly increasing: In 1996: less than 50 members; Late
2000s: have over 5000 members)
- They gaining more power in Federal system (prison) because of the connection with
AB. They control the drug trade & criminal activity within the white prison population.

3. Explain 4 reasons why people join gangs in Military(why gangs join Military)?
1. Weapons: Once they discharge from the military, they return to their gang as
trained fighters, bringing training in weapons and explosives.
2. To be trained: In the past few years the military has noticed a rising number of
gangs using the military as a means of training.
3. Respect: elevated status in gangs because of their knowledge and experiences.
4. To recruit: Gangs use the military to recruit young men and women to join their
ranks because of the training that the military personnel receive in uniform and
their global mobility, which serve as a worldwide advertising tool for the gangs.

4. What 3 things did you learn from Sangert (sp?) Aldan’s presentation?(Not done)
- He is supervisor for Homicide detectors
- As an officer Aldana (sp)
+ Beginning worked:
. Martin Lugerking Blvd
. Got to know many gangs members.
- Worked Patrol > through (sp) traffic
- Partner in Mexican Mafia
- MBM > Crips > tried to killed officer and partners
- Special operation Bureaus
- 2000: Narcotics officer
- 2003: Narcotics to Homicide:
+ Gangs homicide: mostly come unshowed
**Promote till 2000 to detector
- First responding officer is very important
+ Must obtain evidence & crime scene investigations
+ Officers’ safety comes first
+ Very important to evaluate suncetiery (sp)
- 2010: 33 homecides: showed 22
- 60 % involves gangs members

5. Compare two groups (Outlaws vs Hells Angels)

Hells Angels:
- Northern California: Starting at Fresno
- 1948: Stated in San Bernardino by WW II veterans who having trouble adjusting to
civilian life. So they created a group with people that have the same issues. They
create what they believed was the final frontier, a fast, hard-drinking, nomadic life
on a motorcycle. The group is called the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC)
- They have millions of dollars businesses including legal and illegal businesses owned
and operated by HAMC chapters.
- The member’s color is Red & unites that is owned by HAMC
- In 1958: + Ralph “Sonny” Barger took over leadership of the HAMC and moved the
headquarters to Oakland, CA
- Enemies with Mongols: April, 2002 shooting in Nevada with Mongols result in the
death of 2 Hells Angels and 1 Mongol.
**Quote: “3 people will keep a secret if 2 are dead”
- Stated in 1959 in Illinois which is near Chicago
- Enemies with Halls Angels
+ In beginning, they wanted to be a part of Hals Angels & wrote the letter to begin
a chapter but Hals angels never replied and this makes them felt disrespected
and they created an outlaw and agreed to never get along with Hall Angels.
+ 1974: Has been at war with HAMC, kill each other wherever possible.
- Crimes:
+ Prostitutions
+ Drug trafficking includes prescription drug
+ Street command structure
- Has about 1000 members
- Logo: Skull with Motor Piston logo is called “Charlie”.
- The Outlaws motorcycle gang has a Hit Squad known as the SS. Outlaw gang
members usually work in pairs and must own at least one firearm.
+ They are White Supremacy
- Use Internet to recruiting
** Quote: “God forgives us outlaws don’t”

6. Outline general characteristic of OMG (outlaw motorcycle gangs)

- Type of crimes:
+ Drug smuggling
+ Auto theft
+ Murder
+ Guns
+ Prostitution
+ Hi-jacking trucks
- Call themselves the “one percenters” that the American Motorcycle Association
referenced. (99% of the motorcycle riders were okay)
+ 1% does illegal things
- Go by their own rule
- 1969: Rolling Stone concert in CA hired Hells Angels to be security, one fan was killed
by some members of Hells Angels brought up notononty (sp)
- Colors:
+ Patches of leather or denim indicates a variety of accomplishments and rank
of the gang member.
+ Gangs paten =

- Memorial day or/and Labor Day: One of their big travelling days
- Highly structured gangs that hierarchy by rank or assignment
Stop here- ??? Most from Vietnam war & were used to retricks (sp) system > envalued
- Membership:
+ Male only
+ Have to be 21
+ Must have a Harley
+ Potential member has to be sponsored in by a member
1. Initiation: (Called probationers prospects)
+ Participating in some level of crime
+ helping members out (ex: fixing bike)
+ Build trust with members.
2. Final Initiation: (follow by a big party)
+ Make you lie down & everyone will unnate/ throw up on you, defecates par
grease or gasoline on you.
- ITW: cicinnim F*% (?) the word
- Positions: Hierarchy
+ Secrectary
+ Sargent at arms
+ Road car: (sp) coordinating road trips: makes sure supplies are good for road,
& every things they need for the road.
- Security:
+ Monthly & weekly meetings
+ Pay dues
+ Most groups will have club houses where they meet
++ Road captain > 0 0 President rides right side
++ Members >0 0
++ Probationers > 0 0
+ On the road inners (sp) 0 0 > Security
++ Travel 2 pairs □ > wor wagon
++ 1 male – 2 males back on wagon (van): weapons, drugs, supplies,
foods, extra bike parts.

7. Explain how MM (Mexican Mafia) developed:

- Due (sp) vocational Institute
+ Mexican mafia began within the jullierli system
+ Tracy, CA
- One of listed fanders: (sp)
+ Blood in blood at code
+ 1960’s gained gangs popularity
+ Northern and Southern Mexicans problems began
- Rudy Caoleries: (sp)
+ MM members wanted to bring North & South together but it never worked
+ 1963: Cadina dies in central Bakersfield
- 1970’s:
+ MM pull in Joe Morgan who was white raised in CA> Hispanic
neighborhood spoke Spanish. MM allowed in because he was a good deal
cutter & could work with Cartel and Blacks.
+ MM begins to have tie with street gangs
-1976-1977: 30 MM murders
- Enemies > NF & Black gonllafam (sp), ties with AB
- High activity caused police attention
+ Arrested members began to tell & police knocked down MM structure
- 1990’s: Umbrella > street gangs under MM
- 2000: In 13 states & Mexico;
+ Not good at business at tnispoint (sp) but get lots of money from taxes (from?)
street gangs.
+ Tatoos > black hand: only MM members have it (300-400 members have it)
+ Rest gengemember (sp) only tied to them.

8. 3 things learned from video cerceran(sp) prison:

- 29,000 Inmates > capacity
- 49,000 Inmates > actual #
* have Inmates in Gym (sp)
- Level 1 & 2 > Not serious offenders (sp)
- Race segregated: stick to your own people
- Each group has their own rules
- Prison politic: Rules set by Inmates on how to deal with otney (sp) graps
* Inmates’ color coordinated by race.
- Level 3 & 4 maximum sernty (sp) ( In word (sp) no more than 5 Inmates allowed to
group together.
- Estimates: 2 assaults per day in Corcoran
- Order rules: People from santany (sp) > Sito(sp)
* member in Sito deel not locut to talk (sp)
- Orakfmel(sp): 33 presens, 3 SAU’s (sp)

9. Explain 4 of the National Study:

National Study: Program that will work;
1. Admit to gang problem > community
2. Focus on high risk
3. Involve family and school in intervention (kids spend most time in home/school)
4. Staff should be well trained and understand gangs culture.

10. Explain 4 of the Srergal Amy:

Spergal/ Amy: 3-4 major cities with gang issues
1. Nettwcuang (sp)
- Community Organization: Need to communicate with each other to work better.
- Manual every service related to kids
2. Social intervention:
- Ex-drug users & gang members > should work (?) the street to mentor.
3. Oportunity provisions:
- Provide with jobs
4. Supperssion (sp)
- Police
- Focus on at risk youth
*** Locally program:
- Bcys(sp) and Gym club
- Big brothers and sisters
- Project 180 (?)
- P. A. L: Police Activity League
- S. A. L: Sheriff Activity League