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Dear Parents/Guardians:

RAM needs you! We need parents to volunteer their time in order to keep RAM active and to
continue the Montessori program within the Richmond Public School System. Your active
participation is essential to the continued success of the Montessori Program. Becoming active in
RAM is a great way to become involved in your child’s education and to be informed about
Montessori in the public education system, school issues, programs and events.

Positions open for nominations for the June 2011 – June 2012 term are: (duties listed on Page 2):

 Chairperson  Materials Receiver (from each school)

 Vice-Chairperson  Inventory Coordinators
 Secretary  Fundraisers
 Treasurer  RAM/PAC Liaison (one from each school)
 Purchaser Lead  Members-at-large
 Volunteer Coordinator

To volunteer your own name or nominate another person, please complete this form and return it to the
school office by June 09, 2011 or bring it with you to the RAM Annual General Meeting. Election of
Executive Committee positions will take place at the RAM Annual General Meeting on Thursday, June 9,
2011 at 7:00 PM at Manoah Steves Elementary School (10111 Fourth Ave., Richmond).

For more information, call Ally Medweth at 604-204-0496 or Rosemary Casson at 604-448-8635

1) I ____________________ would like to volunteer for the _____________________ position.

_____________________ ___________________
Signature of volunteer Phone Number

2) I would like to nominate the following person for the following RAM position (I have their consent):

Nominee Name: __________________________ Position: _________________________

_____________________ ___________________
Signature of nominator Phone Number

Duties of the Chairperson

 Convene and preside at general and Executive meetings;
 Serve as spokesperson for the RAM;
 Keep abreast of pertinent information and convey it to the RAM as necessary;
 Delegate duties as necessary and establish committees where authorized to do so by the Executive or membership; and
 As an ex-officio member of all RAM committees, consult regularly with all chairs of the committees.

Duties of the Vice Chairperson – Time Commitment: 15 hours per school year
 Prepare agendas in consultation with the chairperson and school administration;
 Assume the duties and responsibilities of the Chairperson during any absence; and
 Carry out such duties as may be assigned by the Chairperson and/or Executive.

Duties of the Secretary – Time Commitment: 15 hours per school year

 Record minutes of all RAM and Executive meetings and distribute to members prior to the next meeting;
 Send agenda/meeting notices to school secretaries for distribution to parents;
 Maintain an accurate copy of the Constitution and Bylaws; and
 File annual report with the BC Registry Services per the Society Act.

Duties of the Treasurer – Time Commitment: monthly, as necessary

 Receive, collect and deposit all relevant funds to the RAM bank account;
 Maintain financial records and provide income and disbursement reports monthly; including an annual financial report at the
Annual General Meeting;
 Submit annual report to CRA to ensure continuation of charitable status; and
 Work with fundraiser to distribute membership and cash donation call out letters (twice yearly).

 Duties of the Purchasing team – Time Commitment: 20 hours per school year (lead purchaser);
 Receive lists of desired materials for order from each school.
 Purchase the Montessori materials as budgets permit; and Coordinate with teachers and receivers to label, and distribute new
materials upon arrival; and
 Coordinate with Treasurer for timely payments to suppliers.

Duties of the Materials Receiving Team – Time Commitment: 10 hours per school year (lead receiver); 2 hours per school,
once or twice a year (receiving assistants)
 Coordinate with Purchaser, Inventory Coordinators and teachers to label and distribute new materials at your school.

Duties of the Inventory Coordinators – Time Commitment: 5 hours per school year
 Ensure that the inventory database is updated and maintained, and produce labels for new materials; and
 Identify opportunities for materials sharing within the 3 schools.

Duties of the Fundraiser – Time Commitment: 5-10 hours per school year, dependant on fundraising plan
 Prepare the fundraising plan, including the membership and cash drives, and present to executive members at the start of
school year for approval;
 Arrange and implement the agreed upon fundraising events, coordinate volunteer support; and,
 Prepare the financial reports of all fundraising events with the approval of the Treasurer.

Duties of the RAM/PAC Liaison (One per school) – Time Commitment: monthly meetings, as necessary
 Act as liaison between RAM and PAC (Parent Advisory Council) at your school, and provide updates at meetings.

Duties of the Volunteer Coordinator – Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per school year
 Solicit parent volunteers to assist with above mentioned duties of Executive Team and maintain a volunteer database;
 Communicate with volunteers to assess their availability and preference for tasks.

Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are the signing officers of RAM.