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Conventional islands

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Reprint from Nuclear Technology International, January/February 2009

Siemens AG

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Operational Issues

Siemens AG
With the company’s expertise and long years of experience in the construction of turnkey nuclear and
coal-fired power plants, Siemens can respond to its customers' requirements like no other provider of
conventional islands for nuclear power plants – from individual components to the complete steam
turbine-generator set to a turnkey conventional island, including all of the instrumentation and control
systems necessary for closed and open-loop control of the complex processes.

The outstanding reliability of Siemens steam turbines PERFECT HARMONISATION OF THE INTERFACES
proven over many decades, the minimal servicing BETWEEN THE NUCLEAR PLANT AND THE
and maintenance effort required and the turbines’ CONVENTIONAL ISLAND
cutting edge in efficiency and performance represent the
utmost safety and profitability of power generation plants Siemens has recent experience with turnkey construction of
made by Siemens. the conventional island of nuclear plants and is familiar with
all of the interfaces to the nuclear part of the plant.
Some of the best nuclear power plants in the world are not
Against the backdrop of a rapidly increasing electricity only equipped with conventional islands from Siemens, but
demand and concerns about climate change and surging were built by Siemens as part of turnkey power plant
prices for fossil fuels, the question arises as to how we can projects. With a total installed capacity of more than 600 GW,
ensure a reliable, and yet environmentally benign and climate- Siemens Energy is the world's leading supplier of steam
compatible, and, at the same time, affordable power supply turbine-generator units. Siemens places this long-standing
going forward. The answer is that we need all energy resources experience at the disposal of its joint venture with AREVA NP,
and all power generation technologies that are available. This in which it holds a 34% stake. Siemens draws upon its
applies to natural gas and coal, as well as renewable energy experience as a turnkey constructor of turnkey power plants
sources. Nuclear power is also an attractive option and is to ensure a perfect link-up with the nuclear island
currently undergoing a worldwide renaissance. of the plant.

SIEMENS – A COMPOTENT AND EXPERIENCED Siemens Energy is currently constructing the conventional
SUPPLIER OF CONVENTIONAL ISLANDS island of the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant (OL3) turnkey,
incorporating what will be the biggest turbine-generator
In addition to unconditional safety, operators expect above unit ever built anywhere in the world. In addition,
all reliability and optimum efficiency from their power plants. Siemens is supplying the electrical and instrumentation &
control systems.
This implies that there are three basic requirements of
conventional island suppliers: The experience Siemens is gaining from this project
1. Perfect harmonisation of the interfaces between the nuclear extends and strengthens our field service know-how of large
island and the conventional island. steam turbines and generators, and will benefit future
2. Reliable and proven technology with maximum efficiencies nuclear power plant projects. OL3 is a European Pressurised
thanks to cutting-edge engineering. Reactor (EPR) nuclear power plant of the Generation 3 plus.
3. Service-friendliness coupled with many years of experience. OL3 will not only be the most powerful nuclear power plant
in the world with a rating of approximately 1,600 MW, but is
In all three points, Siemens sets the global benchmark and also expected to set new standards in terms of safety
provides customised solutions for conventional islands based with a number of new and additional active and
on Siemens' standard design. passive safeguards.

Operational Issues

Olkiluoto 3: A next-generation European Pressurised Reactor (EPR)-type nuclear power plant. Siemens is supplying the
turnkey conventional island

RELIABLE AND PROVEN TECHNOLOGY WITH MAXIMUM tailoring the blade profiles, featuring optimised reaction for
EFFICIENCIES each individual turbine stage.

CUTTING EDGE STEAM TURBINE TECHNOLOGY The efficiency improvement of the low-pressure turbines was
achieved mainly by enlarging the annulus exit area. The
The 1,600-MW steam turbine-generator unit for Olkiluoto 3 is advanced 3D final-stage blades needed for this have a twisted
the first of a new rating class. Based on the experience gained profile that varies the reaction along the length of the blade in
from ongoing upgrade projects and specific design features, line with the rotational velocity, which increases exponentially
the 6-flow low-pressure turbine is expected to achieve record along the length of the blade.
efficiency. Moreover, Siemens is the only manufacturer
worldwide to have truly mastered the shrink-fit manufacturing To protect the blades against droplet erosion, their leading
process. This makes the steam turbine particularly resistant to edges are flame- or laser-hardened, while the geometry of the
stress corrosion cracking. Siemens steam turbines also flow channel is specially designed to keep any droplets forming
incorporate a number of other features to avoid stress corrosion away from the rotor blades.
cracking, including the use of specially selected steel, optimised
forging processes, stress-limiting design and fabrication Siemens steam turbines for nuclear power plants have been
procedures, special surface treatment to further reduce tensile setting global standards in terms of output, efficiency, service-
stresses, extensive quality assurance measures and monitoring friendliness and reliability for decades. That is why nuclear
of steam purity. power plants equipped with Siemens steam turbines have
consistently occupied top places in worldwide ranking lists for
The design of this machine is based on the standardised their power generation for many years. Siemens steam turbines’
and proven turbine-generator developed by Siemens for the availability figures are approximately 98%.
Konvoi series of nuclear power plants in Germany, including
the Isar 2 unit with a rating of approximately 1,500 MW. SERVICE-FRIENDLINESS COUPLED WITH MANY YEARS OF
Siemens has now advanced this proven technology to an EXPERIENCE
even higher level of efficiency and output. The efficiency
improvement of the high-pressure turbine was achieved by The steam turbines built by Siemens Energy have set global
using 3DV™ blades, which already have an excellent service standards not only in output and efficiency, and in reliability and
record in conventional steam turbine power plants, and by service-friendliness. The design of Siemens turbines for nuclear

Operational Issues

On the right hand side low-pressure turbine for the Olkiluoto 3 project

power plants has earned a proven service record over many currently being gained from the construction of the Olkiluoto
decades. The shrink-fitted wheel disks do not show any signs 3 power plant are the ideal prerequisites for optimum
of stress corrosion cracking even in millions of cumulative cooperation in the construction of future nuclear power
operating hours. plants. The declaration of intent also includes cooperation in
the development of a SWR1000-type boiling water reactor,
In recognition of these excellent results, the US Nuclear to which Siemens will provide the conventional part.
Regulatory Commission (NRC) has authorised Siemens Siemens has decades of experience in building boiling
steam turbines for inspection intervals of 100,000 operating water reactors.
hours. Additionally, inspection of the individual components
can be scheduled with several of the annual refuelling Siemens is prepared to put its experience with
outages required for a nuclear power plant. Siemens' conventional islands at the disposal of other suppliers of
competent and experienced service teams carry out these nuclear power plants as well. Based on the excellent
modular inspections without adding to the downtimes operating results achieved by Siemens steam turbines in the
already scheduled for refuelling and other inspection work conventional islands of nuclear power plants and on the
on the nuclear island. These modular, annual turbine experience being gained from the Olkiluoto 3 project,
inspections can help eliminate time-consuming, full-scale additional improvements will be incorporated into future
overhauls. Both result in significant cost savings for the applications of turbine-generator units and turnkey
plant operator. Not to mention that with service locations in conventional islands.
all regions of the world, Siemens is always close by to assist
customers with their service needs. SUMMARY

STRATEGIC COOPERATION ARRANGEMENTS Decades of comprehensive experience as the supplier of the

world's largest steam turbine fleet and as the builder of turnkey
E.ON, AREVA NP and Siemens have signed a declaration nuclear plants that are among the best in the world, make
of intent providing for the long-term cooperation in the Siemens Energy a competent partner for suppliers of nuclear
construction of additional EPR-type nuclear power plants, islands for nuclear power plants. Siemens’ cutting-edge and
which E.ON wants to build and operate. These long-term proven design of the conventional island can help increase the
cooperation arrangements and the valuable experience reliability of any plant and decrease operating costs. ■

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