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In 1937, the president of United States, F. D. Roosevelt, gave a speech for the country that stated the neutrality of America in the World War II. In 1942, still under the same authority of F.D. Roosevelt, America had a relocation camp for the Japanese and Japanese American lived in the country. They were isolated because they had a connection with the World War II, they were Japanese. This internment camp ended in February 1945, a few months before the nuclear attacks. Three years later, august 6th 1945, the next president, Harry. S Truman ordered to drop two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing more than 200,000 people dead. It was both sad and confusing to see what United Stated have done and changed in 8 years. The Quarantine speech was amazing. There were many lines stated how America loves peace and hates war and willing to help to obtain world peace. In this speech, although Roosevelt didn¶t mentioned any country, he referred his speech to the actors of World War II especially Hitler. As I listening to a masterpiece by Copland, Appalachian Spring, I can feel the sense of patriotism in the speech. I believe that this speech inspired many people to reach for peace and stop the war. But just 5 years after the speech, Roosevelt did the same thing as Hitler did, sent the Japanese to an internment camp due to their race which was ironic. As if that wasn¶t enough America betrayed its own purpose of avoiding war, like stated in the speech: It is my determination to pursue a policy of peace and to adopt every practicable measure to avoid involvement in war. «

«. I can¶t read the mind of those three great figures. The attack lead Japan to a lost and the war was over. including Indonesia. Although he¶s an American. he sided with the world peace. in the end America¶s effort to search for peace was success. America hopes for peace. an American journalist. America actively engages in the search for peace. America hates war. I just predict based on their action. As for Hersey. He put the world peace on the top and that include the peace in Japan. But has anybody thought about the victim? Hersey. He expressed his feeling into a book titled Hiroshima based on his interview with some survivors of the bomb. Therefore. saw this irony that hidden behind the happiness and joy around the world for the end of World War II. both presidents loved America more than they love the world peace. But America achieved it in a wrong way and. no matter what race they are. In my opinion. . what country they come from. and Truman were American that search for peace. There are many countries. at the same time betrayed its own principal of hating war. Let¶s say that many people were happy for the lost of Japan. Well. I¶m not a mind reader. he wrote form the Japanese point of view. America attacked Japan which makes it involve in war. They put America¶s peace on the top which resulted in an irony in patriotism. The difference lies on the side that they were taken. aggrieved by Japan and the war ended since Japan surrendered. All I know is that everybody has the same right to live in peace. John Hersey. Roosevelt.

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