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About the Company

Titan Aviation India is a part of Dubai based “Titan Aviation” which is widely recognized as a professional aviation service company providing
Air Charters, Aircraft Sales & Leasing, Aircraft Management and Aviation Human Resources services.

Established in 2004 with Dubai as its head quarters, Titan Aviation over the years has grown into a professional aviation services company
providing Air Charters, Aircraft Sales, Operations and Management Services as well as specialist Aviation HR solutions.

Built on the strong principles of Dedication, Service and Value coupled with a strong network of worldwide offices in Dubai, India, US, EU,
Japan and Singapore powered by professional, well qualified and dedicated staff, Titan Aviation is well placed to provide cost effective and high
quality services to its valuable clients.

Air Charter Service

Air Charter is no more considered as a luxury as High Net Worth Individuals, Corporate Community and VIP’s have begin to realize the
importance and benefits of Air Charter like convenience, connectivity, comfort, privacy and productivity.

 Convenience - You will have convenience and flexibility over the schedule as you can decide the date and time of departure.

 Connectivity - Charter aircrafts fly from any point to any point of the world with best connectivity saving time and money.

 Comfort - Charter Aircrafts have comfortable VIP seating arrangement, elegant interiors and very soothing atmosphere.

 Privacy - Air Charter provides absolute privacy to top corporate officials and VIP’s thereby avoiding unwanted attention.

 Productivity – Chartering an aircraft saves lot of time especially if one has to cover multiple destinations in the same day.

Air Charter with Titan Aviation

As we understand the concept that “Time is Money” you will get exclusive air charter service with Titan Aviation that will not only help you to
reach multiple destinations in shortest possible time but also give you the convenience of faster airport transfers, luggage claims etc. Titan
Aviation arranges Air Charters within India or to any international destination for any requirement like:

 Corporate Travel & Business Meetings

 Holiday trips & Special occasions
 Sports tournaments & Film shootings

Air Charter experts at Titan Aviation India will provide you the most ideal and cost effective air charter service based on your requirements.



Air Ambulance Service

Titan Aviation offers optimum support during medical emergencies, natural calamities and other unforeseen mishaps by arranging air
ambulance flights equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and professionally qualified staff to handle crisis management.

If there is any medical emergency and domestic air ambulance or international medevac flight is required, Titan Aviation is at your service
providing suitably equipped medevac aircraft for safe transportation of patients.

The most common medevac aircrafts provided are the King Air Turbo Props, Citation Jets, LearJet 35, LearJet 55, LearJet 60, Hawker 800XP,
Hawker 900XP, Legacy 600, Gulfstream, Dornier Do 328 etc.

Aircraft Sales & Leasing

If you are a frequent flyer and your profile demands extensive travel then leasing or acquiring your own aircraft could be the most ideal
solution for your dynamic travel requirements.

Titan Aviation’s Aircraft Sales and Leasing portfolio is headed by an industry veteran from Europe with 25 years experience selling corporate
jets globally. We have completed over 25 aircraft sales transactions since last 3 years worldwide. With this expertise we are well placed to
secure you the best aircraft in the market at a right price thereby saving your time, money and efforts.

We assist you in choosing the right aircraft for your profile by evaluating your requirements, short listing the right aircraft, choosing best
options on engines, avionics, interiors and other equipments. As soon as aircraft has been selected we also assist you right from visual
inspections to demonstration flights, aircraft acceptance, delivery, import, registration and documentation.

Aircraft Management Services

We don’t leave you as soon as your aircraft has been purchased. We also assist you in operating and managing your aircraft in such a way that
the aircraft has high dispatch reliability and operational readiness also making sure that it is maintained in professional manner, thereby saving
your time and money.

Over the years Titan Aviation has become an expert in aircraft operations and management. As of now Titan Aviation’s Aircraft Management
portfolio consists of over 5 business jets ranging from Embraer Legacy 600, Hawker Beechcraft to Citation Jets based in different parts of the
world. There are few aircrafts waiting to join the line in the near future and most of them are for India.

Titan Aviation is one of the unique aviation companies offering a “One-Stop-Shop” solution to private aircraft owners by managing their aircraft
covering all the below activities.

 Flight Operations Management

 Maintenance Management
 Compliance with Regulations
 Crew Selection & Contracting
 Aviation Department Administration

If you need to charter an aircraft or buy one feel free to contact us anytime and we will be delighted to assist you anytime.