The Judicial Branch: Courts, judges  decide when laws are broken

Use pages 108 – 112 of your textbook to answer the following questions: IMPLEMENT LAWS!!! 1. What are the duties of the executive branch of government? Carries out the plans and policies of the government 2. Why is the King or Queen a necessary law making component? The constitution states that all laws are made in the name of the Queen. 3. Who represents the Queen in the federal executive Branch? The governor general Title? Name? David Johnson

4. Who runs the daily affairs of the federal government?

The prime minister and the cabinet and civil service (Government workers) 5. Who is our present Prime Minister and what political party does he lead? Title? Prime Minister Name? Stephen Harper Political Party? conservatives

6. Define the term "Prime Minister" The leader of the nation, head of the federal government, and leader of the party with the greatest number of seats in Parliament. 7. Outline the many important roles of our Prime Minister. (You should find eight) 8. What is the definition of the term "caucus"? A group of representatives from the same political party in parliament. Some people believe that the word “caucus” comes from the Algonquin word for “advisor” 9. Define the term "Cabinet Minister".

and health care personnel . teachers. Why do these individuals provide a very important element in government? The carry out the daily business of our nation. and Justice 11. such as Foreign Affairs. firefighters 23. Defence. 22. and Justice 10. doctors. Define the term "Cabinet Solidarity". 111. Police officers. The custom that cabinet members must appear united and in agreement with each other 13. What is the "executive council"? (only in Ontario) The cabinet 19. Who is the present leader of the executive branch in Ontario and what party does he lead? Name? Dalton McGuinty Political Party? Liberal 16. Cabinet members usually have responsibilities for particular departments of government. such as Foreign Affairs. health. What occurs in cabinet meetings? Ministers may express dissenting views and even question the leadership of the prime minister. 21. Defence. Outline the various responsibilities of the Cabinet Ministers. What are provincial cabinet members responsible for? Minister of Education. What happens to cabinet ministers who fail to support the decisions of the government? They are expected to resign 14. Municipal Affairs and housing. and labour 18. Which part of the executive branch is hired to work for the government? Public/civil service 20. education workers.The group of ministers that decide what the government policy should be. Name the occupations of the four different civil servants pictured on pg. Describe the functions of this part of the executive and why they are so necessary? They are employees of the government. 12. How is the Provincial leader's job similar to that of his federal counterpart? The premier chooses cabinet members to direct specific provincial affairs 17. and are not elected or chosen for their political beliefs. Cabinet members usually have responsibilities for particular departments of government. Name some jobs performed by Civil Servants at the provincial level. People who manage drivers licences. What is the name given to the leader of the executive branch at the provincial level of government? Premier 15.

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