FEAR (Ego) divides & weakens. LOVE (Self) unites & strengthens.

Below, notice how #1 on the Ego list is the opposite / counterpart of the #1 on the Self list, and so on:

Ego =
1.FEAR 2.War 3.Form 4.Doing 5.Control 6.Division 7.Thought 8.Physical 9.Sufferring 10.Resistance 11.Information 12.Destruction 13.Unconsciosness 14.Negative Reaction

Self =
15.LOVE 16.Peace 17.Formless 18.Being 19.Strength 20.Unity/Connection 21.Awareness 22.Spiritual 23.Transcendence 24.Acceptance 25.Realization 26.Creation 27.Consciousness

28.Positive Action Remember, there is no "bad" or "good" in this life experience, only lessons for the learning... Sincerely, Another YOUrself, Sara

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