"What you resist, persists.

-Carl Jung By resisting or being against something, you are giving that which you are pushing against more energy & it will persistantly become worse. For example, instead of being anti-war, be pro-peace. Instead of being against the Ego, focus your attention on it's counterpart: the collective consciousness of the Self (god, creator, etc) which we are all connected to. You unconsciously create your own enemy because your ego wants to feel better than, or separate from whatever it perceives to be the "other", or the "bad guy." This makes Ego feel special & important. Ego is the illusion that gives one their "identity." We are currently witnessing the world battling & killing itself in the name of these egoic thought forms that we call "beliefs", which only exist in the divided mind of mankind. There is no other creature or lifeform existing in nature that behaves as unnatural as the human being. The Ego is the illusory mechanism behind most human behavior and all human re-action. Focus your attention on whatever it is that you DO want, rather than whatever it is that you DO NOT want. It is just like the Ying & the Yang. One cannot exist without the other. Both forces are necessary. Fighting, resisting, or giving energy/attention to either of these forces only empowers it to reflect that opposed energy right back to it's opposer, until the resistance subsides...

Sincerely, Another YOUrself, Sara

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