Joseph J.

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Objective _____________________________________________________________________________
Secondary Educator Position utilizing my skills, knowledge and compassion in a Social Studies Classroom to advocate for all types of learners Certifications __________________________________________________________________________________ Michigan Provisional Teaching Certificate Clear Communicator Organized Professional Goal Oriented Number: IF0000000334359 Parent Involvement Facilitator Website Creator & Maintainer Power School Trained Creative

Skills Summary & Profile ________________________________________________________________
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Online Portfolio _______________________________________________________________________

Teaching Experience ________________________________________
10th Grade US History August 2010 – Present  Full-time teacher working with at-risk students from Detroit, MI in a Title I school.  Collaborated with Special Education teachers in order to reach a wide variety of students in terms of ability and age.  Maintained school norms, and assisted individual students in improving their social behaviors.  Created units and daily lesson plans in accordance with the Michigan HSCE's while maintaining rigor and relevance.  Communicated with parents through parent teacher conferences, telephone, e-mail, mail and direct dialogue.  Maintained a comprehensive class website that fosters dialogue between teachers, students, and parents.  Created a consistent classroom resource guide for students to foster clarity.  Created an after school community of learners to assist students who needed additional support.  Built strong relationships with students from diverse backgrounds while creating a community of learners.  Utilized a variety of technological tools for both instruction and student work completion.  Infused elements of Curriculum Crafter, Achievement Series, Performance Series, and ACT Prep into units.

7th Grade Geography August 2009 - April 2010  Full-time teacher under the mentorship of a tenured faculty member.  Collaborated with Special Education teachers to maximize the learning potential of different types of learners.  Created units and daily lesson plans in accordance with the Michigan GLCE's.  Communicated with parents through parent teacher conferences, telephone, e-mail, mail and direct dialogue.  Maintained a comprehensive class website that fosters dialogue between teachers, students, and parents.  Used the Power School grading system.  Enforced classroom rules and classroom management to ensure a healthy classroom using the Responsible Thinking Process.  Member of the “Grading for Learning” committee which discusses best practices.  Utilized different technological tools including computers, Smartboards, document cameras, electronic clickers, and video.  Executed cooperative learning activities to enrich the learning for all types of learners.  Utilized tools provided by the Teachers Curriculum Institute in my teaching using the Geography Alive! Series as well as creating unique activities to work alongside the text while meeting state standards.  Crafted common assessment exams individually and with other faculty members.

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Joseph J. Schmidt
GRAND LEDGE PUBLIC SCHOOLS GRAND LEDGE, MI 10th Grade World History September 2008 - April 2009  Worked under a tenured faculty member creating and presenting lessons that followed state standards and common school practices.  Trained in the Parent Connect grading system.  Heavily incorporated technology and media into lessons using power point and video. LANSING PUBLIC SCHOOLS LANSING, MI 7th Grade Resource Tutor September 2007 - December 2007  Worked in an isolation classroom with struggling students.  Worked with students in groups on basic reading skill acquisition. 4th Grade Reading Tutor September 2006 - December 2006  Worked with English Language Learners to acquire basic language skills while studying a variety of subjects.  Conducted a prolonged examination of the integration process of two Somalian students. OKEMOS PUBLIC SCHOOLS OKEMOS, MI Elementary School After Care September 2002-January 2003  Worked with students 5-11 years of age primarily in order to tend to their emotional well-being.

Education __________________________________________________
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September 2005 – April 2010 Graduated from the College of Social Sciences with Bachelor of Arts in History with Honors. Secondary Specialty in Geography where I maintained a 3.64 GPA in geography courses. Participated in the Michigan State University College of Education three-year program of Teacher Education courses where I maintained a 3.93 GPA. The program features vigorous studies in teaching pedagogy, instructional strategies, and enrichment in special education and a planned post BA 5th year. Schooled in Economics and Political science, earning a Social Studies (RX) endorsement. Consistently placed on the Dean's List. Undertook a rigorous year-long internship program which included full-time teaching in combination with graduate level courses.

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Maintained a high grade point average throughout while taking college prep courses. Member of the Yearbook Committee, Student Council, and several intramural sports leagues. Photo Editor of the High School Yearbook during my senior year.

September 2001 – June 2005

Other Relatable Work Experience ______________________________

January 2000 – July 2010 Managed 8-12 local teenagers. Tasked with organizing their schedules, maintaining a proper environment, instructing on greenhouse knowledge, and maximizing each individuals potential. Using personal and collegiate connections I was able to assist one employee in gaining admissions to Michigan State. From 2007 to 2009 I additionally worked as a traveling salesman for the company.

820 Huntington Road  East Lansing, MI 48823  (517) 896-2689 

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