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12’ Display
The 12 ’ display features a complete selection of collars, leads, chain chokes and prong collars, grooming products, shampoos, health supplements, training dummies, whistles, bells, lanyards, check cords, muzzles, tie-outs, bowls, neoprene vests, reflective safety vests and chest protectors. Our 8’ display offers a full selection of the most popular restraint, training and grooming products. Remington® packaging and rack headers create a coordinated, appealing display that allows one-stop shopping for sporting dog enthusiasts. We also offer a 4’ camping display, 4’ sporting dog display, spinner rack and dummy bin if you want a slightly smaller selection, as well as a 16” basic nylon kit. Every product is unconditionally guaranteed for quality and workmanship with the Remington logo proudly displayed.

4’ Sporting Dog Display

4’ Camping Display

16” Nylon Display

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Dummy Bin

Spinner Rack
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if caught on an object. reflexite strip reflects oncoming light at night. • A l l i a n c e . 20”. 24”. RED R6901 (Rem. Mossy Oak® and Remington® Camouflage. Rem. Colors: Red. Double-ply nylon in Safety Orange. 20”. c o m . Black. BLACK HUNTER MOSSY CAMO GREEN OAK Latigo collars are made from hand-crafted. Black. 22”. Logo. Logo R6601 (3/4”) 14” – 20” Red. BLACK HUNTER SAFETY MOSSY CAMO LOGO GREEN ORANGE OAK 1” Latigo Leather Town Collar with Brass Center Ring R2158B This Latigo leather collar has all the beauty and strength of the R2118B. Safety orange nylon makes dog more visible by day and the orange. Safety Orange. BLACK HUNTER MOSSY CAMO GREEN OAK This 3/4” nylon collar is ideal for medium or average size dogs. harnesses and leads. Hunter Green. They are carefully finished for comfort. 18” RED BLACK GREEN ORANGE HUNTER SAFETY R4905 1” Double-Ply Nylon Combination Choke/Collar 1” double-ply combination collars offer 2 methods of use. 28” ITEM # R4500 DESCRIPTION 1” I. Logo.2 5 41 • w w w. Camo. 24”. 16” for training and R2118B (1”) 18”. should it get caught on an obstacle. Choose from Red. Black. either as a traditional collar with floating O-ring. Rem. 2 0”. snap-lock buckle that provides added comfort for the pet and convenience for the owner. and Safety Orange. GREEN ORANGE LOGO 1 ” Double-Ply Nylon Safety Collar ”Center ring” safety collar t u r n s o v e r. Colors: Hunter Green HUNTER SAFETY and Safety GREEN ORANGE ITEM # SIZES Orange. 22”. Camo) 1” Double-Ply Nylon Collar Our 1” double-ply nylon collar is best suited for use on larger dogs. 22”. Hunter Green. Rem. ITEM # SIZES R4903 (1”) 18”. Rem. Available in Hunter Green. 26” ever y day use. 22”. Safety Orange. 26” REM. R4905 (1”) 18”. 26”.8 21. 22”. plus a center ring which allows the collar to flip over and release the dog. Hunter Green. completely waterproof and feature the Remington ® logo. Black. c o a s t a l p e t . Tag These ID tags require no mail-in or engraving. R2158B (1”) 18”. Mossy Oak R6962 (1”) 14” – 20” Mossy Oak RED REM. Black. Latigo ITEM # SIZES leather is perfect R2116B (3/4”) 14”.0 24 8 • Fa x 3 3 0 . Camo R6901 (1”) 18” – 26” Red.R2903 (Rem. 20”. SAFETY ORANGE I. Tag SUPPORTING THE OUTDOOR TRADITION 2 911 L e a d w ay Av e . 22”. R0601 R2907 (Rem. 24”. 28” R2907 REM. A leash can LEATHER be attached to the center ITEM # SIZES ring or D-ring. 24”. 26” 1 ” Double-Ply Reflective Nylon Collar SAFETY ORANGE Double-ply reflective nylon collars offer extra protection. Instantly mark the information with an ordinary pen and attach it to the dog’s collar.D. 24”. 22”. Hunter Green. R2903 RED 3/4” Nylon Collar 1” Waterproof Collar with Center Ring Water resistant collars are great for outdoor use. or as a choke. ITEM # SIZES R2905 (1”) 18”. Hunter Green. sweat and odor. R6401 R6901 (Mossy Oak Camo) 1 ” Waterproof Collar R2118B ITEM # SIZES R2907 (1”) 18”. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TIE OUT. Rem. 22”. Center ring for safety release and lead attachment. Black. deluxe nylon is specially processed to prevent fraying and increase the strength of our nylon collars. Ring positioned on top of dog’s neck makes attaching a lead easy. Mossy Oak and Remington Camouflage. Logo) R4903 Latigo Leather Hound Collar with Brass Hardware Adjustable Nylon Collar with Plastic Buckle Adjustable collars feature a curved. REM. distinguished by natural markings. 24” ITEM # SIZES R2903 (1”) 18”. Tags are made of nickelplated solid brass. 20”.3 21. ITEM # SIZES R0601 (3/4”) 14”. appeal and durability. Safety Orange and Remington ® Logo. They resist oil. Color selection: Red. 26” 1 R2905 ITEM # SIZES COLORS R6401 (5/8”) 10” – 14” Red. O h i o 4 4 6 01 • 8 0 0 . 20”. Because of its strength and exceptional LEATHER durability.D. 16”. 20”. 20”. 24” HUNTER SAFETY REM. 26”. allowing dog to slip free. 24”. Hunter Green. This water-proof collar offers the same features as the R4905 above but has a R4903 D-ring for lead attachment instead of a center ring. R4500 R2903R ITEM # SIZES R2903R (1”) 18”. top grain leather. Camo) Our high quality.

Available in 14” to ITEM # SIZE 22” neck sizes. making these leads very comfortable in the hand. and Safety Orange.0mm) Fine Chain Choke 18”. R5515 H e a v y. Hunter Green. Perfect for the woods or when a tie out ITEM # SIZE stake is not available. etc.0mm) R9041 Chrome Plated Choke Chain Superior strength. Medium. Black. For quick.2 5 41 • w w w.3 21. 20” (2. c o a s t a l p e t . Will not tarnish. CAMO LOGO 1” Double-Ply Nylon Traffic Lead R2918 (Remington Camo) This short 18” lead has a hand loop at the end for control. Will not tarnish. R0609 (3/4”) 12”.3mm). The leather becomes supple as the lead is used. Red. REM. snap-lock buckle provides added comfort for the pet and convenience for the owner. Prongs unfasten to allow the collar to be placed on dog. close control. 16” (2. Remington choke chains have smooth. Hunter Green. Available in Black. 18” (3. Remington Logo) Chrome Plated Pinch Link Training Collar Superior strength. Safety Orange. R5590 14” (2. 24” (3.5mm) Medium Chain Choke 22”.0mm) Heavy Chain Choke 26”. SIZE 4’ (All Colors except Remington Logo) 6’ (All Colors except Remington Logo) 4’ (Mossy Oak. etc. Red.R2904 Remington ® products are designed for superior function. Safety Orange.0mm Small 3. rust or break. Hunter Green and Safety Orange.8 21. Mossy Oak. the giant fin tie out stake’s heavy duty construction will restrain extra strong or powerful dogs and its dome shape will prevent tie out from tangling. Chrome plated for durability. Links may be added R5590 or removed for proper fit. 3 per package. Remington ® Camouflage and Remington® Logo. R9041 8’ R5591H Tree Hugger ITEM # SIZE R2918P (3/4”) 18” R9007 3 Made of the same. 22” (4. O h i o 4 4 6 01 • 8 0 0 . ITEM # SIZE R5591H 2. RED BLACK GREEN ORANGE HUNTER SAFETY For use in hard ground. Great to use for short outings. Black. R2918P 3/4” Latigo 4’ and 6’ Leather Leads Latigo leads are ideal for training and walking a dog. 18” Cable tie outs are manufactured using an innovative swaging technique. rust or break. vet trips.0mm) 20” (3. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR TIE OUT. and ITEM # SIZE Remington Camouflage. ITEM # R9061 R9062 R9081 R9082 SIZE 20’ Heavy Cable Tie Out 30’ Heavy Cable Tie Out 15’ Giant Cable Tie Out 20’ Giant Cable Tie Out R9082 Nylon Harnesses R9061 4 SUPPORTING THE OUTDOOR TRADITION 911 L e a d w ay Av e . this nylon coupler is perfect for walking two dogs together.0mm).3mm Large 4. Great to use for short outings. Available in X-Fine.0 24 8 • Fa x 3 3 0 . Red. Chrome plated for endurance. Available in Black. and ITEM # Hunter Green. c o m . corrective action. Remington Logo) 6’ (Mossy Oak. Attaches easily SIZE to lead. brass hardware and stringent quality control to assure every tie out offers superior strength.0mm Medium 3. R2918 1” Nylon 4’ and 6’ Leads RED BLACK GREEN ORANGE OAK HUNTER SAFETY MOSSY REM. The cable tie outs and stakes are strong. Hunter Green. • A l l i a n c e . Mossy Oak ® .5mm) X-Fine Chain Choke 14”. CAMO R2904 (Remington Camo) 1” nylon leads are available in 4’ and 6’. Choose from Red. R5540 R5540 R5530 R5520 R5525 R5515 ITEM # R2904 (1” Double-Ply) R2906 (1“ Double-Ply) R0904 (1” Single-Ply) R0906 (1” Single-Ply) SIZE 12” (1. close control.0mm) X-Heavy Chain Choke Chrome Plated Extra Links Giant Fin Stake Chrome plated extra links conveniently provide additional sizing options for the pinch link training collar. 3-ply construction. durable and safe. Black. The curved. Red. burr free links. highest quality material as our collars. vet trips. R0609 R6643 RED RED SAFETY BLACK HUNTER ORANGE GREEN Cable Tie Outs BLACK HUNTER GREEN ITEM # SIZE R6643 (3/4”) 20”– 28” R6943 (1“) 28”– 36” 3/4” Nylon Coupler Made with a sturdy. R2918 (1”) 18” RED BLACK GREEN ORANGE OAK HUNTER SAFETY MOSSY REM. It also has a panic snap for an easy and quick release. a n d R5520 Extra Heavy R5525 from 12” to R5530 28” neck size. ITEM # Fine. ITEM # R9007 SIZE 20” Strong. durable and safe. 28” (4. our adjustable harness is available in 2 sizes to fit most sporting dogs.0mm X-Large R2066B ITEM # SIZE R2046B (3/4”) 4’ R2066B (3/4“) 6’ LEATHER 1” Double-Ply Nylon Traffic Lead with Panic Snap This short 18” lead has a hand loop at the end for control. the 8’ tree hugger can easily attach to a tree or fixed object.

Contoured fit for full coverage of dog’s torso with large. Nickel Cow Bell R4511 CLG Lrg. Pheasant. and tenderness Lrg. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R8516 No Slip Style Stainless Steel Bowl R8532 No Slip Style Stainless Steel Bowl R8564 No Slip Style Stainless Steel Bowl SIZE 16 oz. 27” Girth) Pattern.) movement. Grouse. – 85 lbs. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R1850 Duck.2 5 41 • w w w. stainless steel dishes are durable.) dog from scratches. heavy duty zipper. Raccoon. these mesh muzzles are designed for temporary muzzling to inhibit biting. concentrated formulas are extremely effective and allow fast results even when training inexperienced dogs. – 35 lbs. – 50 lbs. Vizslas) 7 (Coonhounds. (22” Neck. tracking or exercising. Rabbit. Setters) Dog Training Scents R4512 R4511(CSM) DUCK PHEASANT RABBIT QUAIL GROUSE RACCOON R1900 These 4 oz. (20” Neck. Duck. The nickel-plated swivel snap and stiff construction prevent tangling. 5 (Basset Hounds) 6 (Pointers. The 3/4” width orange nylon with easy grip loop handle is durable and easy to work with. and Raccoon Nickel Cow Bells & Brass Bell Nickel plated cow bells come with an attached nylon strap. Designed with a n e a s y . Springer & dogs to pant Brittany Spaniels) and drink.0 24 8 • Fa x 3 3 0 . Reflective strips reflect oncoming light at night. c o m SUPPORTING THE OUTDOOR TRADITION . 29” Girth) X-Lrg. In Small. natural environment. O h i o 4 4 6 01 • 8 0 0 . 32 oz.) R8564 Poly Check Cord Nylon Check Cord 10’ or 25’ nylon check cord is great for dog training. Hand washing recommended. Grouse. and Quail. Lrg.) cuts. and Large sizes with velcro adjustments to fit most sporting dogs. Quail. (18 lbs. The Mossy Oak ® Shadow Grass Pattern camouflages the dog in the field while the orange vest allows extra visibility.3 21. c o a s t a l p e t . rust resistant and will last for years. Rabbit. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R4511 CSM Sm.Mesh Dog Muzzle R1300 R1920 For added warmth in cold weather and in the water. (20 lbs. while still allowing R1300 4 (Beagles. (18” Neck. 6 5 R3925 R3850 911 L e a d w ay Av e . Med. 32 or 64 oz.) Med. Available in 16.8 21. (up to 18 lbs. is easy to put on dog. R8516 Stainless Steel Bowls This bright orange and yellow safety vest assures maximum outside visibility in the day and at night.) on the tummy and chest areas when in the rough. Medium. The brass bell has a nylon strap and produces a higher frequency sound that carries a long distance. (over 50 lbs. Medium and Large. Neoprene these Neoprene Dog Vests Dog Vest provide protection from the elements. chewing and ITEM # SIZES barking. Mountain Curs. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors: SAFETY MOSSY Orange and ORANGE OAK ® ITEM # SIZES Mossy Oak Shadow Grass R1920 & 1921 Med. Retrievers. – 60 lbs. Lrg. Nickel Cow Bell R4512 BLK Brass Bell Chest Protector Reflective Safety Vest This durable nylon chest protector was ITEM # SIZES designed to protect a R1900 Sm. (61 lbs. The adjustable design and lightITEM # SIZES weight material allow for a comfortable fit and non-restrictive R1910 Sm. Available in small and large size. tracking and exercising. The bright yellow and orange color also provides high visibility. (36 lbs. Small. Water-resistant. Available in Pheasant. 64 oz. • A l l i a n c e . (16” Neck. Available in 2 lengths in Safety Orange. 32” Girth) XX-Lrg. 34” Girth) R1910 R4511(CLG) R1921 Lightweight and breathable. R3850 50’ R8532 High gloss finish. ITEM # SIZES R3910 (3/4”) 10’ R3925 (3/4”) 25’ Hollow braid poly check cord in 25’ or 50’ length is ideal for dog training.g r i p ITEM # SIZES loop handle for R3825 25’ simple control.

rolling. regard. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6224 100 Count Bottle Leather or Nylon Lanyards Av a i l a b l e i n L a t i g o leather or black nylon. The pea-less whistle produces a steady. DESCRIPTION Single Snap. 1 tablet daily. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6222 4 oz. Leather Lanyard Double Snap. Canine aspirin recommended to be taken for pain while this supplement rebuilds tissue. Simply give any dog. Floatable. regardless of size.NATURAL YELLOW ORANGE R1832 R1831 Canvas dummies have a silk-screened Remington logo. Leather Lanyard Ear Dry Solution ITEM # R1136 R1137 R1138 R1139 A cleaning ear solution that eliminates odors. Vinyl R1821 2“ x 11” Vinyl Dummy (White. but is equipped with a compass and thermometer on either side. in 2 sizes. Orange) BLACK/ Remington ® molded logo WHITE YELLOW ORANGE WHITE and are one of the most durable on the market. These chewable tablets are flavored with a liver meal base that appeals to most dogs. R1831 2” x 9” Canvas Dummy (Natural. LEATHER NYLON BLACK R1574 Canine Aspirin Provides temporary pain relief from inflammation associated with arthritis and joint problems in dogs. c o m . ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6221 36 Count Bottle Hip and Joint Supplement Provides natural nutrients to support joints and rebuild joint tissue to help dogs stay active and enjoy life. animal call whistles. conditions.8 21. in are visible to ITEM # SIZES R1820 Natural and Orange. 2” x 9” White. Yellow.R1816 2“ x 11” Vinyl Dummy 3 Pack in White and Orange.2 5 41 • w w w. keys. Bottle SUPPORTING THE OUTDOOR TRADITION R1139 R1138 R1136 R1137 8 911 L e a d w ay Av e . Pea and Pea-Less Whistle with Compass & Thermometer R1577 Silent Whistle Foot Prep The perfect paw solution to heal cuts. (Black and and 3” x 12” canvas White Dummies R1823 dummy 3 packs. Will not freeze in cold weather. Results from daily use will be effective in 4 to 6 weeks. prevents ear mites and promotes healthy ear tissue. Yellow. White and Orange. etc. 2 sizes available in R1823 3” x 12” Vinyl Dummy (Black and White) Natural. Preferred by pointer and spaniel trainers. p r o v i n g t h e i r R1817 3” x 12“ Vinyl Dummy 3 Pack confidence. embossed with the Remington “R”. Yellow. which is great for a combo of training whistles. high frequency and clear tone.oil of wormseed and pumpkin seed to remove large roundworms in dogs. Orange) R1822 scents for easy tracking on R1820 2” x 11” Vinyl Dummy (Black and White) R1821 land. shrill tone that ITEM # DESCRIPTION carries well in R1575 Plastic Whistle With Pea marshes and R1576 Plastic Whistle Without Pea fields. Yellow and Orange. 2” dogs. 7 ITEM # DESCRIPTION Almost R1574 Silent Whistle inaudible to the human ear.0 24 8 • Fa x 3 3 0 . Yellow. Black Braided Lanyard Single Snap. Tightly Canvas stitched seams and cleancut.3 21. bites and to toughen feet. c o a s t a l p e t . this nickelplated brass whistle with adjustable tone has a frequency that will carry a long distance. Colors available: Black and Also available. O h i o 4 4 6 01 • 8 0 0 . Choice of a single snap or a double snap. Eliminates the need for multiple tools. Orange) retrievable and used with R1832 3“ x 12” Canvas Dummy (Natural. Bottle ITEM # DESCRIPTION R1577 Deluxe Whistle With Compass and Thermometer This multi-function whistle offers the same tone as the R1575.R1830 2” x 9” Canvas Dummy 3 Pack x 11” and 3” x 12” vinyl less of weather R1833 3“ x 12” Canvas Dummy 3 Pack dummy 3 and 6 packs. • A l l i a n c e . Orange) Vinyl dummies sport the R1822 3” x 12“ Vinyl Dummy (White. Yellow. Great for quick reference. finished edges help ITEM # SIZES prevent tearing. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6225 4 oz. im. Black Braided Lanyard Double Snap. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6226 75 Count Bottle Both whistles are the traditional shape in durable green plastic.) R1818 2” x 11” Vinyl Dummy 6 Pack R1819 3” x 12” Vinyl Dummy 6 Pack Deluxe Whistle R1576 Vinyl and Canvas Dummies R6224 R6226 R6221 R6222 R6225 Dewormer Tablets Contains two of nature’s own natural wormers . The whistle with pea has a loud. removes debris. Elongated knobs allow for easy pick up.

Will not leave traces of any insecticide residue. sharp cutting edge. Combo Brush Combo Brushes R6107 R6106 Nail Trimmers ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6106 Sm. Helps remove mats.2 5 41 • w w w. Medium and Large sizes. healthy coat. Nail Trimmer R6107 Med. Shedding Blade R6101 Lrg. • A l l i a n c e . Combo Brush R6152 Lrg. Use on wet or dry coats to quickly remove mats and tangles. Available in 2 sizes: Medium to Large Dog a n d E x t r a ITEM # DESCRIPTION Large Dog. R6204 R6202 Unscented Shampoo All-purpose shampoo to clean and condition normal. R6201 16 oz. healthy coat. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6210 16 oz.5 oz.Shedding Blades Designed to remove loose hair and leave pet with a clean. Non-irritating.0 24 8 • Fa x 3 3 0 .8 21. Pin side lifts out loose hair and debris. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6151 Med. Styptic Powder Quickly stops bleeding caused by nail clipping and minor cuts. R6185 R6201 R6203 R6210 R6101 ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6185 Styptic Powder (. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6204 16 oz. ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6202 16 oz./Med. Bottle R411 R406 Slicker Brushes 9 Soft slickers are excellent for general grooming. nits and debris from coat./Lrg. Bottle Dual-purpose pin and bristle grooming brush. Bristle side distributes dog’s natural oils throughout coat. R6203 16 oz. Spray R6152 R6151 Skunk Deodorizing Shampoo Eliminates unpleasant odors with one of the strongest formulated skunk deodorizing ITEM # DESCRIPTION shampoos on the market. non-drying hypo-allergenic formula is pH adjusted and infused with conditioners to produce a ITEM # DESCRIPTION soft. dry and sensitive coats. Flea comb removes fleas./Lrg. Comb R567 Flea and Tick Comb R567 R554 7” medium comb helps break up mats and eliminates tangles with smooth. With regular use helps to reduce shedding.15% pyrethrin. tangles and loose hair. Dog Soft Slicker Brush Detangle/Deburr Spray Conditioning Spray with natural moisturizing oatmeal oils.3 21. Shedding Blade ITEM # DESCRIPTION R554 7” Med. rounded teeth that are gentle to the skin. these nail trimmers have a long-lasting.) R6100 Medium Comb. Great for eliminating skunk odors. Medium and Large sizes. Used for medium to large dogs to promote a shiny. Both items feature a sturdy and comfortable wooden handle. tangle free coat. Contains . c o m . R406 Med. Flea Comb ITEM # DESCRIPTION R6100 Med. c o a s t a l p e t . Skunk Deodorizer Spray Easy-to-use deodorizer spray absorbs and encapsulates odors completely using nature’s deodorizer . 2 sizes: Small to Medium Dog and Medium to Large Dog. fresh fragrance. Nail Trimmer Made from the finest quality stainless steel. An important part of a pet’s regular grooming. O h i o 4 4 6 01 • 8 0 0 . Dog Soft Slicker Brush R411 X Lrg. Spray SUPPORTING THE OUTDOOR TRADITION 10 911 L e a d w ay Av e . Bottle Flea & Tick Shampoo Strong formulated shampoo kills fleas and ticks on contact while leaving a clean.baking soda.

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