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Rampolla Affair - 1

Cardinal Rampolla (left and middle - 1900: Philip de Lszl, right - 1912: August Bresgen)

Unbelievable! Impossible! That is how many people will react. Surely the Lord promised that He would be with His Church until the end of time? Or was it a false promise? Fortunately the Lord also ensured the failure of this plan hatched by Freemasonry, but seen in human terms you could say that at the beginning of the twentieth century the Church escaped by the skin of its teeth. Our journal has already published a good number of articles by Hubert Luns, including well-founded pieces on Freemasonry. He has supplied us with documentation showing clearly that this Freemasonry plot was an undeniable fact.

1 - Not Mariano Rampolla, but Sarto

The following case is a clear example. After the death of Pope Leo XIII in 1903 a Conclave was called together and, at first, Cardinal Rampolla was chosen as successor. But to everyones surprise, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Krakow demanded that the election be declared null and void. Speaking on behalf of the Emperor Franz-Josef of Austro-Hungary, the primate of Poland vetoed the election of Cardinal Rampolla. No reason was given for his action. Finally Cardinal Sarto was elected rather than Rampolla. He became Saint Pius X and waged an open war against the Modernists and also against Freemasonry, which Bishop Muerin called the synagogue of Satan.

2 - Prior events
Years later it became known that a certain Bishop Jouin, founder of the renowned journal R.I.S.S (Revue Internationale des Socits Secrtes / International Revue of Secret Societies), had undeniable proof that Cardinal Rampolla was not simply a member of some Freemasonry lodge or other but that he was Grand Master of an extremely secretive sect, the Ordo Templi Orientalis. When Bishop Jouin found it impossible to persuade the Roman Curia of the truth, he made direct contact with the Austrian court. The Emperor of Austria, as already stated,


used this information to make his intervention. In fact at the time he still had a right of veto over the Conclave by virtue of a clause in a treaty between Vienna and the Vatican.

3 - Satanic plan
The enemies of the Church were nevertheless firmly convinced that their Satanic plan would succeed. In documents published several years before the death of Pope Leo XIII the following exchange was recorded between some entity who introduced himself as the demon Asmodeus and Lucifer-priestess Diana Vaughan: (1) This will happen in the very year that the present Pope dies. His successor will be more diligent than competent; we are looking forward to his exceptional diligence for it will lead to a great deal of damage to the Church (...) Write, yes write that to your correspondent (...) I can tell you (continues the demon Asmodeus) that with this change of Pope an end will come to the sovereignty of Simon (Peter) that worries you so much. Without the intervention willed by Gods Providence, who knows what crisis would have come upon the Church in the religious, political, social, economic and other spheres? Whatever the case, the higher echelons of the Synagogue of Satan had a secret plan to take revenge on Austria. Which brings us to the First World War. The cause of the escalation towards that conflict is common knowledge, namely the assassination of the Habsburg Arch-Duke Franz-Ferdinand of Austria on 28th June 1914 in Sarajevo. The Archduke was a good friend of Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, the grandnephew of Emperor Franz-Jozef. (This Karl was beatified by Pope John-Paul II in 2004.) In November 1916 Franz-Jozef died a pious death after a reign of 68 years. Karl von Habsburg then became Emperor and Apostolic King of Hungary. At the time he was only 29 years old. He did everything in his power to bring an end to the terrible war. But the great powers of the Entente France, Great Britain, Russia and Italy continued to block his peace initiatives, for that was what the Freemasons had decided. In 1931, the R.I.S.S. journal aforementioned, published (2): Mr. Bainville wrote that the crime committed in Sarajevo could not have been foreseen. Nevertheless, on 15th September 1912 the following appeared on page 788 of the R.I.S.S. journal: Perhaps some day some clarity will be gained regarding a statement made by a high authority in Swiss Freemasonry about the Arch-Dukes successor: WELL, IT IS A PITY HE HAS BEEN CONDEMNED, BUT HE WILL DIE ON THE STEPS OF THE THRONE. Which, according to Mr. Bainvilles article dated 3rd June 1931 could not be foreseen, and yet it was clearly foreseen and announced, and that two years before the assassination took place...

4 - Recapitulation of Bishop Jouins work

The documentation received from Mr. Hubert Luns goes still further with a recapitulation of the R.I.S.S. journal and, among other things, states that it is well nigh impossible to find it in a complete state (3) and that it is only recently that ditions Delacroix (Bote Postale 18, 35430 Chteauneuf, France) has brought out a complete re-publication. This journal, with in course of time reached more than 10,000 pages, was at the time regarded as the most important publication directed against secret societies across the entire world; no other journal among those directed against the Freemasonry sect went through a development of this sort and contained so much information of a varied nature. Finally, the texts of two letters from Rome expressing approval, agreement, great appreciation, praise and gratitude to Bishop Jouin, one of the letters from the Holy See (Praes-


tantes animi laudes, issued on 23rd March 1918 and sealed with the Fishermans Ring), the other from the Secretariat of State, signed by Cardinal Gasparri and dated 20th June 1919.

5 - Strictly confidential? Or insincerity and hypocrisy?

Against the background of these indisputable facts regarding the participation of Freemasonry in the Sarajevo assassination that escalated into the ghastly disaster of the First World War, it is certainly of interest to read the following in the Dutch book Vrijmetselarij (Freemasonry) by J. Dominicus, a valued 20th-century writer who produced numerous books addressed to the Catholic population: The international congress of Freemasonry held in Belgrade in October 1926 at the request of the new Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia delivered as few results as ever. The motto was Pacifism!, something the organisers wished to bear witness to precisely in Belgrade in Yugoslavia because the first shots of the war had been loosed in that country. The congress resolution expressed the hope to prevent a repeat of the catastrophe, a scandal for the civilised world, to which end Freemasonry promised every type of support to the League of Nations in their efforts to limit armaments, but especially to the International Military Association that was instituted to solve the disputes between nations. This entire text has the feel and sound of the familiar French expression: Qui sexcuse, saccuse. Anyone making uncalled-for excuses accuses himself! It is, in any case, remarkable that the congress of Freemasons referred to above was held at the request of the new Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia and that its motto was Pacifism! and that Yugoslavia is expressly cited as the country in which the first shots of war had been loosed. There is every appearance that the aforementioned Grand Lodge of Yugoslavia, of whom most members were probably not aware of the complicity of Freemasonry, was inspired by the high authorities of this Satanic sect to play the part of hypocrite!

6 - Final remarks
At the beginning of this article it was stated that the facts that we were intending to place on the table can help us towards a better understanding of the intrigues taking place behind the scenes, including in our own times. In the texts released by the Vatican at the time in the context of the third secret of Fatima there is also mention of a Pope who will have to flee Rome over the corpses of many fellow-prelates and priests. This clearly indicates an open struggle, a revolution. And for me and for many others with me it is abundantly clear that Freemasonry plays an important part here. There are two obvious conclusions. Leaving aside the Churchs express ban on any of the faithful becoming a member of Freemasonry, every normal Catholic will agree with me certainly when the facts named in this article are known that a persons membership of the Church is radically terminated by any support whatsoever given to the Satanic sect of Freemasonry, and most definitely if that person should wander so far from the path of righteousness as to become a member of that sect! (4) And then this is only a negative factor: no membership of this secret movement whose only aim is the destruction of the Catholic Church; but what positive point should we bear in mind? We have just spoken of the third secret of Fatima. During many apparitions of Mary the subject of the future has come up, dating back to La Salette (1846). I think about a number of warnings of impending doom, for example the worldwide disaster of three days darkness being predicted by many saints and pious individuals (discussed a few


times in our journal). All kinds of disasters are going to be prevented by a change of heart by many, having decided to start to take account of God in their lives. If this does not happen on a sufficiently large scale, at least the disasters can be mitigated by prayer. To that end the praying of the Rosary is very effective, which like our ever repeating breath entreats the Breath of God (the ruach ha-Kadesh). In all of this it has never been our intention to stimulate curiosity or sensation-seeking, and certainly not to spread fear or anxiety. All the warnings are first and foremost optional. A classic example is the preaching of Jonas in Nineveh. When, at his word, both king and people were converted and were prepared to do penance, the punishment was not meted out, something that Jonas the prophet privately was none too happy about, since he thought: Now they will think I am a fool. So such warnings are always intended to bring about repentance, to have us take our leave of evil, to better our lives and to live according to Gods will. And this is also the positive side of all warnings against Freemasonry: stay well away from it, start leading a life of prayer and sacrifice and strive in everything for that which is good: Thy Kingdom come! Thy will be done! In one place Christ has said that evil can be uprooted only by prayer and fasting. That is the way to crack hard nuts. And thus every believer can lead a life in peace and mystery, known only to God and His angels and saints of continual prayer and sacrifice, in order to escape that great evil and to obtain the conversion of many who have strayed from the path of righteousness, to the glory of God and to the salvation of Gods holy Church. Jan Leechburch Auwers
(Published in De Brandende Lamp No. 107 3rd quarter 2006)

In the period 1912-1939 (with an interruption between 1915 and 1919) the Roman Catholic journal R.I.S.S (Revue Internationale des Socits Secrtes / International Revue of Secret Societies) published on a regular basis facts about, amongst other things, the First World War as well as on the Rampolla affair. Such facts can help us towards a better understanding of the intrigues taking place behind the scenes, including those of our times.

(1) See: Symboles du Palladisme by Diana Vaughan ditions Delacroix (p. 50). (2) See: Revue Internationale des Socits Secrtes (R.I.S.S.) # 1931 (p. 690). (3) It is remarkable that this point agrees entirely with what is stated in the articles written by Mr. Hubert Luns: Publications containing crucial revelations regarding and warning against Freemasonry have, very quietly and in mysterious circumstances, been removed from practically all libraries, public or otherwise. It is not difficult to guess at whose hand is at work here (Most of what is published on this account does not deal with the core of the matter.) (4) See also the postcript of Hubert Luns article under: The Counterchurch of Freemasonry under part 3 of The Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry.


A Comment on the Rampolla Affair
In the article by Craig Heimbichner on the Rampolla affair: Did a Freemason Almost Become Pope? The Story of Cardinal Rampolla, the last section states: Although it is never a welcome task to accuse a Cardinal of diabolical intrigue, it appears that Monseigneur Jouin was correct, and deserves the posthumous thanks of the Church. The evidence supports the allegation that a Freemason, Cardinal Rampolla, nearly became Pope over a century ago. Instead it became the saintly Pius X. But certain questions remain for all of us to ponder. If the Lodges nearly gained a victory over the Vatican so long ago, would they stop trying? Why would they stop? Would they not be encouraged? And what would they have further attempted? I believe that thoughtful answers to these questions will illuminate the history of many changes in the life of the Church over the past several decades, in which the Cult of Man has gained a rapid ascendancy, together with shocking Kabbalistic sexual depravity within the ranks of the priesthood itself strangely coincidental with the highest, that is to say the eleventh degree of the Ordo Templi Orientalis the initiation of sodomy. Saint Pius X warned us of the danger of infiltration of partisans of error within the priesthood itself. The Holy Ghost cannot be blamed for the kind of changes which have caused these and other wounds in the Body of Christ; such would be blasphemy. No, we must blame the unholy spirit, the Devil, whose minions still issue from Lodges and infect the Church as long as they escape discovery. We need to take seriously once again the work of Monseigneur Jouin, and that of Saint Pius X, and pursue the detective work necessary to ferret out the architects of destruction from the ranks of the clergy, no matter how high in standing. If we do not recover this important vigilance, we will increasingly witness the Roman Catholic Church conforming to the image of the Gnostic, exhibiting with increasing temerity the Cult of Man until the Hand of God intervenes.
From the August 2003 edition of Catholic Family News.