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Teacher’s Day
THEME: “We sing a new song to the Lord, for our Teachers”

- Hymn books
- Back drop or a board on which pictures could be affixed
- Cut outs of outline of birds in flight
- Placards for Teachers
- The place of prayer could be decorated well to give it a festive look and the main symbol
to be birds in flight soaring higher and higher. Qualities of Teachers could be written in
bold letters on the wings of the birds.
Entrance Hymn: “I will play before the Lord!” A-100 WJ.L.
INTRODUCATION: How can we sing a new song to the Lord on our Teacher’s Day when
all songs in all languages have already been sung, year after year? All themes are exhausted,
all Hymns have been tried.
Dear Teachers, the song may be the same, but the spirit with which we sing it today is
fresh and new - the song of gratitude and Appreciation. Today we sing again as best as we
can for we love you and you are dear to us.
(Note: About 20 to 30 students could come in procession with cut outs of an outline of birds
and on the wings could be written in bold letters outstanding qualities of Teachers that help
the children to soar up higher and higher in life.)
At the back 5 teachers could walk up in procession also to the centre holding 5 placards with
the following written on them the five gifts with which they contribute to children’s growth
and freedom.
As the 20 or 30 students come up each one of them when they come to the centre
they could say aloud the quality written on the wing of the bird she is holding and then fix it
on the backdrop or on the board prepared before hand. The gifts of qualities could be love,
patience, tolerance, care concern, interest, kindness, forgiveness, attention, etc. After each
student has voiced out the quality at the end of the whole list they could sing.
“What Thanks……” C-54 W.J.L.

Sharing by Teachers
The five teachers can share in a sentence or two or one teacher as a representative can share
with the students her experience of contributing to their all round development through their
Teaching ministry using SIGHT, MIND, HEART, SPEECH and ACTION. The sharing to be
well prepared before hand after reflection.
The following suggestions may help:
Dar Students,
Your gratitude and love shown to us this day, give us also an opportunity to remind
ourselves of our mission and responsibility towards you.
We are aware that we should always strive to help you.
- never to lose Sight of the goal God himself has put before you: to be fully human and
- that whilst training your Mind to acquire knowledge of the things around we should also
help you, most importantly to know yourself and to know God, who is the source of all
truth and wisdom.
- that as we educate you to be human in dealing with others we may open your Heart to the
Gospel values so that more than anything else you may put in Christ.
- that as we help you to Speak out thought and feelings in words we may also remind and
encourage you to be proclaimers of Good News of love, peace and unity.
- and above all that we need to give you enough confidence in yourself to Do what you say
and to live what you believe.
Great mission and responsibility indeed! We are sure that your generous response and
prayers will help us to carry out our mission, according to God’s plan and vision.
Pause for a while:
Hymn: Any appropriate hymn on service or self-giving
Scripture Reading: Jn10:11-15 (Good Shepherd)
Pause: (Head girl) Silent reflection and thanksgiving
1. Teachers are a gift of God to us.
2. We need to thank God for them - they share with us Knowledge and Values, and they
inspire us.
3. Ask for God’s blessing on the Teachers so that God who began the good work in them
may bring it to completion.
Blessing: 5 Teachers come up, stretch out their hands and bless the students and pray that
they may in their own life experience Jesus, and true freedom of the children of God.
Prayer: We thank you Lord for entrusting to our care these your loving children. Bless
them Lord, fill them with your peace joy and love, give them your grace. Draw us all in love
and Unity by the love received from you. May your calling lead the way and fill them with
noble yearnings to be the Light and harbingers of peace, love and justice to all and thus
contribute to true Freedom and Unity to lead them and support them.

The 30 students who carried the birds and the five teachers can hold hands and sing the song
of praise and oneness expressing their firm decision and commitment to work together as one
to build the Kingdom of God.
Hymn: Keep them in the hollow of your hands
Final: The 30 students may go around and give each teacher a bird with quality written on the
wings as a symbol that the students depend on the Teachers to assist them to soar high and
therefore they surrender themselves into the hands of their teachers.


- Adapted from RAYS Magazine July- August 1997 Vol. 25 No. 1