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c A study on risk management using derivatives

c A study on the measurement of financial efficiency in financial services sector

c A study on transaction costing in project appraisal and loan processing
c Activity-based costing and management
c Analytical study on the volatility of securities traded on BSE sensex
c Asset liabilities management in Indian banks
c Audit and Accounting
c Budgeting and Cost Control
c Business management courses
c Business Valuations
c Capital structure
c Cash Management
c Comparative rating
c Comparative study of FDIs and FIIs in the Indian context
c Computational finance
c Corporate lending
c Cost Benchmarking
c Creating value through financial management
c Credit appraisal and risk analysis at banks
c Debtor management
c Dependency on external finance: an inherent industry identifying?
c Effective financial management through control on inventory
c Effective working capital management
c Electronic Funds Transfer
c EQA - Earnings Quality Analysis
c Explore in risk management, banking, derivatives etc
c Feasibility of investment in stock broking firms
c Finance Cost reduction through - through interest cost reduction, inventory control and effective customer recovery system.
c Financial projecting and forecasting
c Financing in SME sector
c Foreign Exchange
c Fundamental analysis of financial sector
c Fundamental analysis on real estate sector
c Incorporated finance
c Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, fight, growth potential and credit analysis
c Inventory Control
c Investing Banking
c Investment banking
c Investment Management
c Liquidity analytic intellection
c Management of Financial Services
c Measuring the effectiveness of retail banking of a nationalized bank compared to a MNC
c Mini- Finance
c New financial approaches for the economic sustainability in manufacturing industry
c Null base budgeting
c Optimization methods in finance
c Organized finance
c Pecuniary Economics
c Performance evaluation of initial public offers in India
c Portfolio construction of debt and equity
c Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis
c How Portfolio management has helped increase effective investment?
c Primal analysis to valuate earnings quality
c Primary budgeting
c Product and Customer Profitability
c Project Assessment and Feasibility study
c Project finance as an instrument for outgrowth
c Ratio analysis
c Risk capital
c Risk management in banking
c Risk management in Indian banks
c Risk management through derivatives
c Risk management in foreign exchange
c Rural Finance
c Study on private equity investment by investment banking industry
c Universal banking
c Universal business
c Universal Finance
c Valuation to determine the fair value of a stock
c Virtual finance
c Wealth management
c Working Capital

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