Why I love fan fiction (read: amazing authors and incredible fics that inspire me beyond measure.

You want to know why I'm here? Well this is it. I'm here to prove to myself I am worthy of this company I keep.) 12:18am: 'I love the songs you haven't written yet.'- Reasons Beverly: "It feels like the end of the world whenever he leaves the room without kissing you goodbye." He closed his eyes. "Yeah." "Blaine." He pulled away. "Yeah?" "So kiss him goodbye."- Truth, Love, and Evolution She doesn't understand why people talk about gazes burning holes when her entire body is on fire. Slowly, but steadily, she's burning.- Matryoshka: Chapter 23 But Blaine's here, so all they do is dance and cling to each other, trying to convince themselves that they're not too afraid to let go.- Knowing Funny, she thinks, how they always end up finding each other on balconies, or looking out windows, or leaning against railings. The pair of them, they can't seem to keep away from the edges of things.- now my heart stumbles They handle their fight with all the grace of two hopelessly clueless teenage boys.- Into the light of the dark black night The Doctor: It's just I've seen better love stories. [...] Building monuments and statues to immortalize love...it's all grand. But the best love stories are the ones that unravel before your eyes, seemingly inconsequential and bound to be forgotten with time. Those are the ones that truly touch the heart.- two minds and all the places they have been And maybe that’s the hardest part. Maybe it’s not the first step of the journey that’s the hardest, but the second, the third, the fourth. The hundredth. Maybe it’s not as hard to begin things as it is to follow them, to finish them. Maybe it’s easier to give up halfway or to deviate from the path. You’re sure there’s another saying, another proverb, another piece of advice just waiting in the wings, but for now you ignore the impulse to assign a theme to the action. You’re just walking.- Maybe You Can Owe Me Shinobi Saying Twenty-five: A shinobi must keep his emotions on the inside, no matter what the situation...you must make the mission top priority...and

and this thought that maybe I might love her. I’m sure... you remember. Love is a common element in most books and movies and television shows. I promise.. Sadness never triumphs. from"chick-lit" to fantasy to supernatural. and in spite of the . we saw them at the Ministry..Love is a lot of things. someone might tell me how cute I am. but it’s even harder to take a step forward towards that path. especially when it becomes harder to see the rest of the way.. It's love that keeps us going. So I'll just keep it to myself. maybe it's your eyes I will never admit how deep my feelings for this girl are.Hope is the one thing that makes us different from them. this secret of mine. Love is what they're trying to destroy. or worse. and to keep going. Harry. Love is a book like Pride and Prejudice.Connection . but there you go.. It will. so long as you can hope.. and I know it's weird. If love comes around. So always hope. it's love we're fighting for. Love is the feeling I outgrew--but had for my mother when she made me blueberry pancakes on snowdays. because I might get laughed at. You saw the despair in their eyes too. Cherish your beliefs and cling to them. Love is when you can't pay attention in class...We Learned the Sea: Chapter 17 She's not asking for a fairytale (just a love story). because you're forever writing your first name with his last.. Love is a song by the Plain White Tees.. then we're half-dead already! If we keep living.what matters is that you believe.. because they apparently only need to meet once to fall in love. or for my brother when he taught me to punch. It's almost always been between a guy and a girl who get together at the end.. then we won't enter the battle half-dead.it’s hard to decide which path you’re going to follow. In the end. Hermione. it really doesn’t matter what’s true and what’s false.the sadness will wane eventually. The ones that can’t end up on that other side.Blind: Chapter 23 Ron: The Dark side wants to instill fear in us. to replace with fear and hate. for this guy who hates everything to be almost obsessed to the point when the whole town knows about my infatuation. Sasuke: Love is. It just might save you in the end..you must possess a heart that never shows tears. If they do. this secret called Sakura. take it and hold it. Love is the word most guys can't say and girls look everywhere to find.Luna's Midsummer Letter Rock Lee: You know that the Lotus of Konoha blooms twice. keep fighting with everything we've got. Don't let them.Fitful Choices: Chapter 3 Miriallia: . Harry. keep loving. because they can give meaning in even the darkest times. Harry. but Konoha's Cherry Blossom never fades.a pocket full of sixpence: and.

Because it wasn’t possible.hundreds of other people each character has ever met.Graffiti . It wasn’t for hopes and dreams unlikely to be reached. the main ones in the show are always soul mates.. It wasn’t for the names of a broken but fulfilled avenger and a kunoichi desperate to pick up the glass pieces of her heart.The Tragic Hero The wall was not for a couple never to be. of course. . She had accepted the fact already.

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