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This is to certify that project report entitled study of Welfare Facilities Provided to the Workers of Statement of Hercules Hoists Ltd. (Bajaj Group),Khopoli is a genuine and bonafied work and prepared by Mr. Datta Chandrasha Kamble Under my supervision & guidance and submitted to the Pune University, Pune through Dr B.N. Purandare Arts & Smt.Shantidevi Gopichandaji Gupta Commerce & Arts College Lonavala for the award of the Degree (Master Of Commerce). To the best of my knowledge the matter presented in the report has not been submitted for the similar degree. Lonavala Date :Prin. S.R.Mali (Project Guide ) Head of the Dept of Marketing Management

Word with their adequate capacities right prove inadequate to express my sense of gratitude towards those who helped me in meeting with this difficult task. There are many known & unknown person who extended this help in this help mission my guide Principal. S.R.Mali, who tirelessly has gone through all the chapter of my project report & made some valuable suggestions Special thank are due to - Mr. Pritpal Singh Mr. Ganesh Iyear I am greatful to Liberian Mr. Nalawade sir Prof. J. O. Bachhav, Coordinator Prof. A.B.Deshmukh, & faculty of Dr.B.N.Purandare Arts & Smt.Shantidevi Gopichandaji Gupta Commerce & Science College, Lonavala for the encouragement. And well I cannot forget Mr. Rushal Pohokar and Mr. Hemant Jangam who with great care type my report.


(Mr. Datta Chandrasha Kamble)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Introduction Profile of the Organization Objective of Study and Important Hypothesis Research Methodology Observation & Analysis Conclusion ( Finding ) Remedies Suggested Bibliography Appendix (Questionnaires) Diagram of welfare Facilities Particular Page No.No.INDEX Sr. .

“Employee welfare is a term which must necessarily elastic. it should be provided various welfare facilities. profitability of the concern depends upon the productivity. moral and emotional well being of an individual. mental. relates to taking care of workers by employees. by employers trade non-governmental agencies. Export promotion and is supplementary to the large-scale industries. reduction of wastages of resources etc. Labour is the gist of the organization. relative in time and space.INTRODUCTION Welfare means faring or doing well.” – Report of royal commission on Labour. small-Scale industry plays a very important role in the national income Growth rate. And higher productivity depends upon the welfare facilities provided to the employees. the degree of industrialization and educational level of the workers. Further. . Labour welfare is very essential part in Business organization. It is the integral part of the company. It is. so. the term welfare is a relative concept. It mobilizes savings and provides employment opportunities to a wide area of rural and poor people. according to the different social customs. In our country. bearing somewhat different interpretation in our country from another. optimum utilization of resources. Definition. therefore varies from time-to-time from region to region and from country-to-country. Employee welfare also referred to a betterment work for employees. It is a comprehensive term and refers to the physical.

I selected one large scale industry Bajaj Hercules Hoists Limited is a large Scale Company having a premises in savroli-kharpada Road. Welfare facilities are required to be provided to the workers for the better productivity and higher efficiency of the workers. Trade union may cause a problem for the organization such as lockout or strike. It uses labour as main factor of production. Generally. as the cost of it is very much but. and government support also they have to provide to the customer in spite of having all these problems the bige industries are working well. This industry is a labour intensive industry. etc.Khalapur Dis. The poverty leads to theft. the employer is not ready to provide facilities to the workers. At. So there arises a need trade union that am getting their rights. In many companies the workers are given large work. welfare facilities are the most important of the organizations growth and development. economy in large . but are not given the compensation for the same on time. they are in need of financial assistance. Tal.Village Dhamni.These industries are basically bige industries so. better management techniques. The lockout or strike may cause a permanent unemployment of the labour this again leads to poverty.Raigad Bajaj Hercules Hoist Limited is a Limited Company. As a labour it wants high remuneration welfare facilities and an employer wants to reduce the expenditure on the same So. I was very eager to know the reason of their working so. I m interesting in studying the structure of the company’s Welfare facilities. this badly affects the organization. It is seen in many companies that the workers are exploited by getting done many works by the employers.

safety shoes. canteen facilities. This study of welfare facilities aims at study whether those facilities are provided to the employees. globs. first aid training. name of the company is Bajaj Hercules Hoists Limited. working condition. It has its product hoists. . safe drinking minerals water. clothes facilities. helmet. rest hours etc. medical facilities.Such welfare facilities include health services. working hours. For this purpose have selected a limited company which is carrying on its business or large scale.

3. The company is 1 mile long and product of the company is Hoist Cranes. Bajaj Hercules Hoists commands a distinguished position in Maharashtra as well as other state. Naresh Chandra Occupation – Industrialist Shri. Shailesh V. 5. Bajaj Hercules Hoists Company has their ovum Bajaj Group team consisting so many directors of the Bajaj Group. It is successfully marketed all over Maharashtra and India & Foreign Country.43/2B. The company lot of goodwill and reputation. 4. H. List of Hercules Hoists Limited.S. Shri. 4315. Present Directors 1. In Khalapur to look back Bajaj Group Company was a large known Organization that started in 1962 in Mumbai. Klaus carl veble (Genman) Occupation – Industrialist Shri. 7. 2. 6. Jhunjhunwala Occupation – Industrialist Shri. Shekhar Bajaj (Chairman) Occupation – Industrialist Shri. 45/2) at Savroli Kharpada Road. It is located at Dhamni in khalapur. Haribhakti (Alternate Director)Occupation-C. The concern has its own plots (C. Village Dhamni.A.T. Kishorilal F.A.Nevatia (Whole-time Director) Shri. Vinaya L. Raigad is located in the 1 July 2009. No. Mehrotra Occupation – Businessman Shri. Due to which the company enjoys a successful trade records of production and marketing. They started in Dhamni 2009.PROFILE OF THE ORGANIZATION Bajaj Hercules Hoist Limited Company who were established in the year 1962. .

Shri.Dhamni Village. Mukul M.Office :.Hoists Cranes :. Shri.indef.91+(22) 5680381 Fax :. 9.8.Minerwa State.At-108.http://www.Tal-Khalapur.Mail Id :.Hercules Hoists Limited Company :. Mulund (west) Mumbai-400080 Maharashtra (India) Hawrav V. :. Hawrav Office Address :.Vpadhyaya Occupation – Businessman Website :.8:00 am to 4:30 pm :.Internal Trade Union :.Sunday Financial Assistance Working Hours Holiday .91+(22) 5624214 Tel :.02192 – 274135 E.91 +(22) 5683933 Residency :. Nevatia Occupation – Businessman 10.Bank Of Maharashtra.Savroli Kharpada Road At. Dist Raigad Pin code 410202 Contact Us At . Nevatia Occupation – Businessman Product Status of Company Trade Union Address of Residency :.venl.

To examine whether they are provided in the company.  To study whether the employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities provided by the company.   Welfare facilities will enhance labour productive efficiency.  Labour is the crucial part of every organization. To study the importance of labour welfare facilities from the point of view of the company. .OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE OF STUDY Objectives : To expand over knowledge regarding the provisions made by the government for employees welfare facilities. he should be provided with the welfare facilities. Labour welfare facilities are the most important for the smooth running of business.    To know the facilities and perks provided by the company.  To study the employers attitude forwards the employees health from various angles.

To study the organizations awareness about the employees to study whether the employers participating in the organization. To study number of facilities provided to the workers.  To analyses the employees get the first aid.    To check whether there is regular medical check-up of the Employees. To study whether the employees are exploited in the company. To study whether the employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities provided by the company. legal aid. . To study the labour turnover. labour absentism in the organization.     To study the accident prevention protective equipments provided to the labour for reducing the risk. clubs etc. To study whether the employees willingly work in the company.  To examine whether the educational facilities. are provided to the labour. recreational Facilities etc.  To study the working of the large scale industries relating to the welfare facilities.

.George A Luniberg A hypothesis is a proposition condition or principle which is assumed perhaps without belief in order to draw out its logical consequences and by this method to test its accord with facts which are known or may be determined. HYPOTHESIS Definition : A hypothesis is a tentative generalization the validity of which remains to the tested in its most elementary stage the hypothesis may be very hunch guess imaginative data which becomes the basis for action or investigation . To study the employee’s physical mental and sociological factors affecting the health of workers. working hours sanitation facilities. Webster A hypothesis is a provisional formulation or possible solution tentative explanation for suggested answer in the problem facing the scientist .Rommel & Ballime Welfare facilities like working condition. flubs. medical claim facilities safety-shoes.

mineral water facilities. Without hypothesis the research is unfocused a random empirical meaning. imaginative data. the validity of which remains to be tested In its elementary stage the hypothesis may be very hunch guess. bonus facilities. STRUCTURE OF HYPOTHESIS Sources of Hypothesis General Culture A Cultural Background B Cultural Tracks C Socio Cultural Changes Analogy Another Source (Partial Likeness) Personal Experience (Individual Reactions) . provided to the employees increase the efficiency of the workers. Before researching I had taken this hypothesis into consideration. uniform facilities. promotion facilities etc. first Aid facilities. which becomes the basic for action or investigation.helmet facilities canteen facilities. educational Training facilities. A hypothesis is a tentative generalization. The result cannot be stated as facts with clear meaning Hypothesis is linked between theory and investigation which lead to discovery of addition to knowledge.

 The employer gives wages and bonus regularly.  The employee is which department is working according to the rules and regulations mentioned by the employer.   The company provides facilities by workers is maximum facilities provides. .Scientific Theories Observation This study endeavors to test the following hypothesis There is no problem of getting welfare facilities are right time.

DATA COLLECTION Primary: Interview method: Interview of Mr. Who co-operated by providing all the necessary information of the company as well as explanation of the production process and workers facilities of the company. & admin) personal manager of company. Pritpal Singh (HR. I research the workers facilities is good or bad.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY After making careful analyses of the topic and seeking permission to the research on the topic in Bajaj Hercules Hoist Ltd. 51 workers are working in company and 64 employees are staff workers. 6 clerk working in company and 10 trainee workers are working in company. . I moved on further to collect the require data.

Questionnaire Method: Information regarding the opinion of the employees with respect to their work place was gathered with the help of questionnaire method I have gathered the information from the employers. 1) Information through company profile 2) Quality manual (I.G. literatures.S.Purandare College of arts & smt S.O. friends. Secondary: The secondary was collected from the various reference books taken for better presentation of this report. teachers. Liberian and principal of Dr. I have gone through various books. B. welingkars.N. dynamic personnel administration management of human resources. .9001) . Which type of facilities provided by company. I have collected the information from our colleagues. human resources’ management. FIELD VISIT I have visited the company for four to five times personally to collect the necessary information regarding the project work.G commerce college Lonavala.

These are also refers to wages supplement and more popularly is export as fringe benefits.OBSERVATION OF ANALYSIS Extra wages and salary compensation in the form of employee benefits and services has become common place in modern industries and business organization. its employment is less and high level of production employee’s morale and welfare facilities are the most important in any type of organization Thus. Bajaj Hercules Hoist Limited Company is a large scale industry employee less laborers. Employees Benefits Services . the above company also provides many of the welfare facilities. These facilities are also given below.

The employees should be provided with the above two types of benefit the Bajaj Hercules Hoists Ltd provides the following facilities to the workers.) thus. 02:30 pm to 02:45pm and 05:00pm to 05:15pm in case of overtime and /or as decided by the management form time to time The company allows the workers a lunch time will be of 30 Minute between 12:30pm to 01:00 pm in day shift by the management time to time. That is the reason why the employees are so efficient the productivity of the labors has increased due to the rest period allowed by the employer. The company has good communication system. to 04:30 p. It is having first shift only (08:00 a. to Change clothes. The company allows the workers a tea/snacks will be of 15 minutes between 08:15 am . so the employees are motivated the employees have good morale.m. The employee’s attention to work has been increased.  The said company provides shift premium to the workers.m.  The Bajaj Hercules Hoists Ltd allows the workers 5-10 Minutes to wash-up.    . it has to provide the workers with the necessary requirement.

   . earned leave. The company provides guaranteed wages and employment to the workers. sick leave. and also gives paid holidays 10 days paid holiday in a calendar year. The company gives lay off and retrenchment compensation to those workers who are retrenched offer at least one year’s continuous services. this led the increase in employee’s participation in achieving the objective of the company. jobs are rendered absolute due to the introduction of a new machine or new technology or as is popularly known as automation. accident leave only permanent workers gives a all of facilities provides company. and privilege leave. The company provides the old cage and retirement benefit to the employees for the economics freedom and financial security during old age. The company gives one weekly holiday. casual leave. which keep the employees up to date whenever.  Retraining is given to the workers.

 The managing body of the company is always ready to solving the problems of the workers.  There is no feeling of insecurity to the workers. Also.   The employer increases the job satisfaction of the workers by providing them the targets & goods. The company provides extra benefits and bonus Rs 25000/Per hour at the time of festivals also. as it leads to increase in the higher efficiency. there are opportunities to attain status.  . to the workers the company arranges programmer to the employees. which encourages the employees. it provides extra compensation for the extra work or over time work.  The company enjoys good reputation in the markets. The company has good employee morale and loyalty towards the company. The company has good employee’s morale that result in increased communication and participation of the employees. due to the good quality of product.

job security and removal of employee financial workers. Housing. Employee security well being and stability are of prime importance in any programmer of manpower management. so it is having a high level of profit.  Employees. Transportation etc. injury and unemployment. accommodation company stores or co-operative store.  As the company is running on large scale. Whenever jobs are rendered absolute due to the introduction of a new machine or new technology there arises the problem of technological unemployment threat inning employee job security. The organization is giving very much importance to the labour health & services. it may be provided all the facilities like parties.    . picnic. welfare centre etc. The employer provides employees for security against the hazards of sickness. The policy on employee security is to provides for assurance of a reasonable income.

employee interest and employee loyalty and decreases employee tardiness.  The employees freedom and financial security during old age. employees health and safety are of major concern and public policy management and unions are all interested in promoting the health and safety of workers. maternity disablement dependence and medical benefit. but also for their families. •Payment in case of death.The main schemes of it are:- • The workmen’s compensation Act 1923. and retirement are of major important to the employees. employee morale. . • Maternity benefits passed by various state laws. which aims to offer a measure of economic security to the employees. •Employees state insurance Act 1948. permanent disablement or temporary disablement. provides for sickness.  A good employee health and safety programme increase employee efficiency employee productivity. who not only wish to provides for themselves. Find Acts 1952. both the employers and the state have taken keen interest in meeting these employees.  In any industrial or business organization.

 The above company provides safety tools and equipment to the employees. deadliness.  The physical working environment has a significant bearing on the psychological well being of the employees the company provides good working condition. sanitation.apathy.  The Bajaj Hercules Hoists Ltd Company gives very much importance to the working conditions in which the employees are working. . to the provision of complete medicate care for employees and their dependent at the other.  This company provides the health services to the workers employee health services. emphasizing good housekeeping. sanitation.  Safety and Accident prevention are of prime importance to the management and personal administrators are deeply involved in organizing and administrating a safety and accidental prevention programme. may range from provision of simple facilities for first Aid at one endemic. humidification and heat. absenteeism and indifference and all these in addition to promoting employee health and safety.

if not altogether eliminated. designed to sell safety consciousness among all including executives. mainly with a view to improve worker morale and welfare as well as to maintain or increase refer to in our country as welfare activities nevertheless. A definite programme is developed to interest and educated all employees in safety and to secure their active co-operation in effect to dominate accident such a programme is based on the full assumption of responsibilities by the management.  Perhaps it is well to remember that accidents do not just happen but they are caused and they can be minimized. supervisors.  Safety education programme. line and staff and employees is necessary and it must have complete support and approval of top management. they cost money to the company and many employees services are called ‘non-wages payment’ or ‘hidden payroll’ The following are benefits of the welfare facilities: . There are a variety of services offered by the company to the employees.

• Reduce grievance • Reduce influence of present and potential unions.• Increase output • Reduce turnover and absenteeism • Increase employee morale • Increase employee loyalty towards the company • Increase employee participation in company affairs. • Reduce feeling of insecurity • Provide additional opportunities to attain status • Provide extra compensation In additional to professional help given in health and safety programmes there are other professional services offered to the . • Improve public and community relations • Facilitated recruitment and retention of employees • Provide assistance in solving personal problems • Increase job satisfaction • Contribute of personal advancement and well being of individual employee • Provide a mean of becoming better acquainted with other employees.

. In order to promote efficiency in the allocation and utilization of manpower professionally trained vocational guidance exports play useful role.  Professional consenter is provided to counsel and guide employees on variety of personal problems. traffic violation. which may result in employee’s absence. family problems etc. tardiness grievances.  Vocational guidance experts are used for proper placement and selective placement which will result in satisfaction for the company they provide occupational counseling to the employees. A great many varieties of employee services are offered to promote employee comfort and convenience most of these services are offered on management initiative whereas law requires unions demand some. The company provides legal assistance on various issues such as wills income tax returns. financial matter. accident etc. vacationed guidance and employee counseling etc. installment purchases and other contracts. help in realist matters naturalization procedures.employees such as legal aid. turnover.

. There are many other employees’ services that for convenience sake and lack of better them are categories as auxiliary and miscellaneous and Lorie’s description of the important ones is made.As this is a big company it is having high level of investment high level of productivity and less workers so possible for them to provide all the recreational and professional facilities to the employees The employer is giving a help to the employees at the necessary time as the organization is on large scale it possible for them to create such credit unions in the company There is a system that an employee cum deposit their saving withdraws when they need money and obtains loans from the credit union. The company purchases the material and stores it in a store the materials are brought through trucks and tempo. But this company is not providing the housing facility to the employee is residing in the nearby areas and it is providing buses.

hospitalization. On certain occasion like marriage of on employee. death in the family etc. employee from time to time. Ganapati etc. birth of a child retirement illness. Pongal. company facilities are common among many companies. Deepawali. overtime rules. The company gives the employee publication employee handbook giving details above services condition. gifts are gives to the concern employees. thanks giving Puja. Thus company provides necessary facilities to the workers for increasing their working facilities and ability. Human desires are unsuitable hence looking to the capacity of the organization to pay the recent trends. .A part from the credit union this company offers a loan services through a loan fund scheme. holiday. The purpose is to provide loans for employees who need them for a variety of reasons such as illness accident. working hours.

R. . due to which their efficiency is increased which result in higher productivity. rest period. it is due to the best H. marketing network of the company is good. The employees are satisfied by the welfare facilities provided by the company. The employer has best technique. sanitation etc. Company is working smoothly steadily and gradually it is earning good profit.COUNCLUSION (FINIDING) The Bajaj Hercules Hoists Ltd. Management. The workers of this company are given better welfare facilities like good working condition. of motivation so there is no labour absenteeism or lockout or strike. the essential part of this profit is the workers devotion to the work. working hours. The company has captured a wide market over all the Maharashtra state.

The company is operating on a large scale. good working condition. here the employer is giving the necessary facilities to the employees like the sanitation. so has to invest in the employees welfare facilities. accidental care such As first-aid at one extreme fire-fighting instrument etc. As Bajaj Hercules Hoist Ltd company is a labour intensive industry. the company gives bonus to the employees at the time of festivals Rs 25000/. The company provides the employees the insurance policies. there is a board in the factory which alarms at the time of short circuit The company provides wages salary to the employees as per the rules and regulation.There is not loophole in the management policies of the company as it is working efficiently and profitably. periodical check-up after a certain time interval. . health care measures. it copes labour a lot it gives labour various facilities.each it gives help to the employees at the time of marriage. medically facilities etc. though there is high increase in profit rate it may be due to the heavy expenditure on welfare given by the company.

REMEDIES SUGGESTED. com improve the following points. but there are some limitation as every coin has two sides there are some drawback also. the company to give maximum benefit to employees. the organization has most of the positive features. who will enhance their working ability to increase the profit at high speed. Actually.  There should be transport facilities to the employees for reaching safety and in time to the office or work  There should be canteen facilities to get fresh and nutrition food at the company .

welfare centers parties should be arrange to increase the employee’s participation in the productive activity. helmet & uniform. gloves. there should be compensation to the family members of the employee in case of any accident.  Company should provide mineral drinking water. The recreational and social activities like sports picnics. There should be educational consular to persuade the worker for increasing the speed of work and reducing the wastages of resources.    There is a need of providing life insurance policy of the employees. gifts etc to enhance the efficiency of the employees. The company should provide workers safety shoes. the employee should  . in case of working with the hazardous work or machines where there is a chance of accident. The company should open the bank account of each employee working in the organization. credit union company stores.

it .feel secure while working he should be mentally free and willing to work. that will ultimately enhance the employees standard of living. The employers should promote the employees to work with full enthusiasm clam mind and they should feel at home while working.  The employer should be arranging for the advance to the employees in case of they should provide them with the monetary facilities.   There should be farewell party in ones in two years.   There should be proper maintenance of the workers health. they should provide extra protective equipment to the workers while working. HRA. The workers safely should be of prime importance to the company. according to the employer to get together the employees. provident fund etc. medical facilities cold & mineral water to reduce the health problems.  The basic salary should include the allowance.

there should be promotion on the basis of their experience.  There should be cleanliness in the organization surrounding the atmosphere should be fresh to work with 100 % capacity. to enhance their working ability. . The company should various the labours the gifts ones in a year such as umbrella.  While providing the above facilities the employees should keep in mind that the employees don’t misutilise the facilities provided to them. There should be motivation to the employees by way of appraising the act done by the employees. There should be proper increment in the wages and salary of the employees after one year service. bags etc.   The employer should be co-operative with the employee they should help the employees to solve their personal. education and priority there should not be any partiality in the promotion.    Problems by way of employees counseling.will make the employees to become friendly with the employer. skill. shoes.

BIBILOGRAPHY Name of the Book :- 1) Dynamic Personnel Human Resources Administration Management of Author: M. Author: Sujata Mcmgraraj Page No: 58 to 68 3) Human Resources Management Author: Pragati Books Pvt Ltd. . N. 2) Welingkars (Institute of Management Development Resource) HRD Practices. Rudrabasawraj Page No: 3 to 25.

APPENDIX Name :Destination :------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Address of the Firm :.Mail/Website :-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Telephone No:Fax No:E.Page No: 61 to 66.

5 – 2.5 Cr 1.0 Cr Other Information: Branches Technical R&D 1.0 Cr Unskilled workers Helper Company future Enhancement: Add New M/C Weekly off & working Hours :Develop new plant .0 – 1. Ltd Trader Trading Impoter Manpower/ Work force Details:Skilled workers Turnover of the firm:50 – 1.Nature Of Business :Manufacturing Category :Partnership Infrastructure:Factory Shed Existing Major customers: Local customer Interstate Customers Connected load Ltd/ Pvt.

Sr. 5. 4. Statement When the company was established? Who is the owner of the company? How many numbers of workers are working in your company? How much salary do you pay to the employees? What is your production turnover? What is your marketing network? Remark . 6. 2. 3. 1.General Shiftment Part-time Thank U for Your Valuable Feedback 1. No. Questionnaire for Employer.

19. 13.7. 12. What are your futures plans? Is there sanitation safe drinking water available in the company? Who are the bankers of the company? Who is the managing director of the company? What is the objective of the company? What type of product produced? Are there a union? Are there any strikes up to this date? Are the working condition and working hours good? Is education and training provided? Is uniform provided? Is there sanitation safe drinking water available in the company? Are there trade unions? Is there canteen facilities provided to workers? Is there only labour grievance or complaints about the company? Is there good standard of living of workers? Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No Yes/No . 11. 22. 20. 18. 10. 15. 14. 9. 8. 17. 16. 21.

7. Remark Sr. form the company? How is your relationship with your employer? Do they provide uniform to you? Do they provide the training in case of new appointment? Are the working hours suitable for doing the work? . 5. 6. 2. 1. 4.No. perquisites etc. Statement From how many years are you working in the company? Are you satisfied with the facilities provided by the company? Do you get bonus incentives. Questionnaire for the employees. 3.2.

10. 13. 14.8. 9. 11. Is there periodical check-up by the company? How is your standard of living? Is environment healthy and free? Does the trade union help you to improve your salary? Number of employees working? How many departments are there? Which type of quality good is produced? DIGRAM OF WELFARE FACILITIES Welfare facilities provided to the employees . 12.