Every moment, Every walk of life, Every Object, Living or dead is DIVINE.......

(Consolidated quotes of mine since Dec-10) by Nataraj Viswanathan on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 7:43am

1. Consolidation is to make myself rethink whether I am in Synch or drifting away on a day to day, from these values I preach. I am sorry, I am too a normal Human on the learning curve always. God bless me and others towards the righteous goal. 2. Anger needs to be expressed, but take care, the expression of the anger should get erases from your mind immediately, do not carry further. Be Angry on the act, not on the object (Human or Animals). Express your anger if it has value, feel sorry for that with the person whom you have expressed and convey the reason. 3. Normally people say it is the atmosphere which spoils the person, reason, we get used to the atmosphere we are in. Try out creating a atmosphere by yourself, even the bad companions /company can change to good company/companions. 4. Seen a Cow tied to a rope, grazing round and round, and sits always closer to center pole when tired. We humans also keep grazing (Day to day Activities), but should come back to (center pole) divinity and spirituality. Enjoy life, don't put a full stop to your happiness. Slowly try to control your Habits which you feel is a waste or of no use to neither you nor society. Start Seeing Divinity in all aspects of life.

5. Many Gurus say neither future nor past is in your hands, the present is there in your hands be happy today, this moment. For me Present is also not in my hands, only Happiness is in my hands. I should be aware of what can bring happiness, righteously and try doing it. 6. Most of the Human being either wish or pray to reach the Abode of GOD, it is a moment of Happiness. But no one wants to die to do this. One has to overcome the fear of death if he wants to to be with GOD. It s my feeling of innersense. 7. We site examples from Vedas, ancient epics to suit our Spiritual existence, or thoughts. But no one ever has a clue on who joins God the ultimate destination. It could be my bitter enemy, a person whom I have neglected and thought useless, hence the lesson is, Every one reaches HIM one or the other way, then why have the Indifference. 8. Take the PAIN as a PILL. It helps to cure many unknown diseases within us. God bless. All Messiahs of this world are an example to it. 9. If God appears in front of me, And gives me a boon, I will wish both Jesus and Krishna are Reborn to tell this world, Hey human beings religion is created by you, if WE were to establish a religion it would have been named as "Humanity".

Sow the seeds of Love even in your enemies heart, we do not know when it can bloom to be a nectarous flower. God bless.

Many wish to become "Lord Rama" but it requires Gods intervention, I am trying to become "Valmiki". Reaching God is important, how is not? We humans we want interpretation and solutions to understand every thing. We want to excel in every thing we do to get to our goal. But realizing/experiencing God is so simple, just love HIM, love His creation. Love Him as you do to your Dad or Mom, or friend. Play with him, love him, feel the love from Him........ When you are amongst family or kids, we feel we are big, When we are amongst our Colleuges, subordinates, we feel we are big, When we are amongst younger friends we feel we are big, This feeling will kill us one day. If we have to learn something, we have to be amongst them. Enjoy every moment of life be it anywhere. Living beings have to move to a higher platform, to realize their past and plan a better future. This higher platform is attained by virtue of meditation or Bhakti, which can be self driven or obtained by virtue of a guru. Wonderful is the day and excitement, when you see the dream sequence coming true, this further adds to a terrible experience and excitement when that is a new temple and you visit that....... I feel this is the real appraisal, what more need. God bless every one. Do listen to Every Guru, Saint, Messiah, but when it comes to connectivity, Connect yourself directly to the GOD, this can only bring Salvation at the fag end or on the start of the next journey.

Enjoy every bit of your life, enjoy every small miracle, excitements, encounters, achievements, food you hog, food when you starve, this is required to keep the doctor away... The Day one realizes that , the other human being opposite to him, is also a human, and has similar feelings, similar thoughts, things become very easy to handle. We as humans have many things in common few things to make us unique, but most of us distance ourself thinking of the few unique things and forget the common thoughts and feelings... Approach every one with ease, World is yours, God bless every one. When GOD appears in front of u, and says, i shall give you one boon ask me... most of us will fumble because of our mind & thought process. This is mainly because of acquaintance, start to know him better and closely... wait for the miracle and it will happen. I asked a Person, asked him do you pray, He said i do not believe in GOD, but i do serve the poor, the needy, the orphanage. I said, then you are the GOD, keep doing this good work. When you have GOD within you, why to search outside.... I closed the conversation, saying, you will get to realise like what happened to Vivekananda with Ramkrishna Paramahamsa. We hurry and rush to a temple, move fast against the crowd, hitting rubbing people, who also have the same purpose of visit, see the shrine, feel blessed since you got the glimpse.... Have you ever thought, what you should do to make God look on you. Don't be a ladder, be an accelerator, It is not what you see is important, its what others see in you is important.. think and act. Love God, love humanity.

What is the best religion in the world? every time i questioned this i got only one answer "HUMANITY". when we give blood for testing we don't consider Religion as a RH factor. Enjoy life, Enjoy Humanity, Live and Give for Human race.. Just like a Tank of water which once shared becomes empty and quickly gets refilled with fresh water, as Human when we share the wealth of Happiness, and knowledge, same gets refilled too. Start sharing what ever you can and what ever is righteous... What is important to you in life may not be important for others. Respect others intentions & privacy too. Aspirations may not be unique but the way it is achieved changes from person to person. God bless every one, have noble aspirations every time, every where. Love sharing again with a note: "Life is too short for a long life" Winning is not the only criteria, we need to live, We may get a support, may not, But a support which is hidden is from GOD. Keep going most of the time, we achieve milestones, which we never expected, which we never aspired, which we never thought off, which we never ventured with passion. End of the day we are happy. FEEL the BLESSING of GOD ALWAYS Bhagvad Geeta - Krishna says, " See me in all living things", when you practice this slowly, you will see, you automatically get into a respect mode with any one. You start loving both human and humanity. When we talk of contentment we associate this to what we have and what we get. We should not have Contentment in what we give, be it wealth, knowledge, helping the distress, needy, Keep giving as much as you can.

Do not neglect any one in life, including yourself. Great learning s are born when you associate, truly. If you work qualitatively you can succeed in your career, but bringing quality in the process and systems helps many more to grow .... As we grow our principal values should accelerate. Think of the final appraisal (One to one with GOD) your professional appraisals become a cake walk. Most of the appraisals end up in understanding two humans ourself and boss. Maslows-hierarchy-of-needs theory is explained as a pyramid consists of five levels. It is the reflection of human basic needs, ends up in self actualization in top of pyramid. Ethical values of humans also need to grow/accelerate from base level to the op of pyramid for humans to succeed overall. 10. 31. If you have knowledge no one can steal it, then why refrain from sharing. Don't hesitate to share your knowledge, by sharing unknowingly you learn a more. Just like perfumed facial cream filling the pores not visible to naked eyes. 11. 32. Even Gods cant save any gender who gets fooled. Fooling is not an issue, getting fooled is a crime.

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