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260 Audubon Avenue, 30D, New York, NY 10033
212-923-6632 •
Dear Mr./Ms. Hiring Manager:

I am a former account executive for e-DMZ Security based in Wilmington, Delaware

. In my three year tenure in this position, I have managed to increase the sales
of solutions-oriented security products and have captured major clients for the
company by directing account strategy planning, business development plans and
opportunity evaluations. I am pursuing new opportunities at this time as I am s
eeking new challenges with corporations offering occasions for professional grow
th. My goal is to attain a position where I can direct sales, business developme
nt, and account management efforts in highly technical and competitive environme

I am very familiar and experienced with the know-how and skills needed for Sales
. For over six years, I have played an integral part of the sales team of variou
s companies. I have worked to guide prospective clients through all phases of th
e sales cycle, with specific support in the areas of business processes and prod
uct knowledge. To help e-DMZ Security strengthen the marketing position of its I
T solutions and services, I have interacted with and expanded the existing custo
mer base, consisting of government and corporate clients and have developed new
account prospects within my established territory. I have also provided a custom
er friendly experience which included relationship building, educating customers
on appropriate solutions, and identifying and addressing their concerns.

I am dedicated in performing my best as proven by my record of achievements. I c

an offer to:
§ Increase your company’s sales volume by producing future contracts and new accou
§ Effectively employ skills in prospecting, relationship building, customer needs an
alysis, proposal generation, deal structuring, and closing.
§ Use excellent communication and presentation skills to contribute to improving sal
es volumes.
§ Utilize analytical skills in determining the client’s business requirements and
§ Demonstrate team leadership and resource management skills to manage multi-discipl
inary teams.

I would like the opportunity to share more of my dedication and know-how with yo
ur company and welcome the opportunity to talk to you in person through an inter
view so I can expand on the areas where I can further contribute to your organiz
ation. Presently, I am looking for a salary of $40k-60k per year and commission.
Thank you for looking over my experience and qualifications. I hope to hear fr
om you soon.

Darrol K. Harris

Encl: resume