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Name : Linda Croxley Tutor Group: 10G

Date: 19/04/1976 Tutor: Mrs Kay

Attendance: 94.6% Merits:
Number of Days Off: 6
Number of Lates: 15 Subject: All

1 = Excellent 2 = Good 3 = Satisfactory 4 = Variable 5 = Unsatisfactory

Classwork 2
Homework 4
Behaviour 3
Attitude 2
Ability 2

Teacher’s Comments

Linda has matured this year and is taking greater control of her own
education. She is a very accomplished girl, capable of producing a high
standard of work, but she is easily sidetracked. She has a mature
approach to many aspects of her work; however she should try to settle
down quicker without out a fuss.

Linda has worked really hard this year to improve her reading and
writing in progress classes. She should try to use a dictionary more
regularly to ameliorate her spelling. She has made great development
this year in Mathematics. She should use her knowledge of times tables to
help her work out complicated sums. She must try to work out sums
without using a calculator. Linda has a good understanding of the topics
we have covered in Science this year. She has continued to develop her
skills in making accurate observations and in recording her observations
using appropriate language and formats. She must ensure that the
available source or data supports her conclusion.

Linda has showed good enthusiasm and involvement in History, and

has made a good progress this year. She must be able to recognise that
changes have occurred throughout history and that these changes have
an impact on the daily life of people living in this time. Linda should
complete all her Geography work, and she must present her work in a
well-ordered manner. She particularly enjoys Art and her attention to
detail enables her to produce work of a consistently good standard. She
has created patterns, produced portraits and visited the National Gallery
for the Literacy through Art project. If she puts more time and effort into
her Art work, she could definitely achieve an A/A* in her GCSE exams.
During this year her class had the wonderful opportunity of being
taught by a specialist music teacher. The year 10’s performed at the
Royal Albert Hall, after all the hours of rehearsal practise, the final
performance was magnificent. Linda has an excellent attitude towards
P.E. She is a strong and fast and her stamina has increased over the year.
However she could try to be a better team member, and appreciate her

Linda has an excellent attendance percentage, however her

punctuality is appalling. She should aim to arrive at school before the first
bell which is at 8:25 am, in order to prepare her self for the day. Linda
must always wear her school uniform in school. I hope to seeing you at
parents evening to talk further about Linda’s progress at school, but also
about how she can improve her work.