SGOIL SHIABOIST PARENTS’ QUESTIONNAIRE - October 2010 (31 families returned the questionnaires, representing 54.

4% of the families with children in the school. Some S1 parents felt that they were not able to comment on parents’ meetings since they had not experienced them as yet.)

1. MY CHILD… enjoys learning at school and is progressing well. gets an appropriate amount of homework. is encouraged and stretched to work to the best of his/her ability. gets to talk to teachers about his/her work. is treated fairly and is respected by teachers. respects his/her teachers. feels safe in school. gets on well with his/her peers. 2. COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION School reports give me an accurate and helpful picture of progress. I get regular information about my child’s progress. Teachers are good at telling me about strengths and weaknesses. I know that if my child is having difficulty he/she will be helped. The school newsletter is very useful and informative The section on the curriculum in the Handbook is informative. The Head Teacher is reasonably approachable and helpful. The Groupcall messaging system is very useful and informative. The school website at is informative. 3. FORMAL PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS Meetings are arranged within the time slot I choose. The event is well structured and organised. I get a chance to see the teachers I want to see. I get a chance to speak honestly about what concerns me. Teachers are frank and helpful with me. 4. PARENTS AND THE SCHOOL Most parents show support for the school. I feel I can approach teachers apart from the set Parents’ Evenings. I am confident that I will get a fair hearing if I have to complain. The Parent Council seems to be a useful organisation for the school. I would benefit from guidance on how to help my child with his/her homework.

Strongly Agree

Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree

16 10 8 10 11 12 18 12

14 16 21 18 20 19 13 18

1 5 2 2


Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree

9 7 9 10 9 3 24 23 7

20 18 19 18 20 26 7 8 18

6 2 2


Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree

12 11 13 12 13

14 15 14 16 14

3 2

Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree

6 10 11 8 7

25 20 20 22 13



I would be prepared to attend a homework workshop.





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5. CANTEEN PROVISION MY CHILD ... feels that there is a good choice of food and drinks. feels that the new menus offer healthier food options. should have access to a 'healthy snacks' tuck shop at breaks. is aware of the importance of healthy eating Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree

17 11 13 15

10 18 15 16

2 2 1

1 2

From your experience of the school, would you agree or disagree with the following comments? For each statement please indicate your view by putting a tick in one of the columns. 6. WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY There is a good range of extra-curricular activities in the school. My child benefits from school clubs and activities provided outside the classroom. School buildings are kept clean and in good order. I really feel the school staff know my child as an individual and treat him/her well. Teachers are approachable and sympathetic. Children should wear school uniform. I would like to be more involved in important decisions. You are never made to feel as if you are wasting teachers’ time. Generally, behaviour in the school is of a high standard. The school has a good reputation in the community. Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly Agree Disagree

10 11 19 15 13 19 6 11 11 24

20 15 12 15 18 10 18 18 18 7

1 2

2 7 1 1

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