WHEN NO IS THE SWEETEST WORD The girl in black and silver appeared on the stairs Had been a while

since she lined the firmaments With steps like a gazelle’s, she glided down the steps Poise, grace, rhythm, all rolled up in a heartthrob Down those stairs, she danced to the whispers of A voice that uttered the wishes of a heart in flutters

A poignant stare, a wistful prayer, but no whistles As the heart wrestled to keep pace with her paces Lest in its quest the heart found itself without a beat, It crafted an artful question to rescue a forlorn soul From the rue of watching her depart, seeing just her back Hence he inquired, getting her to spin and turn around

In a voice softer than butter, she muttered, “no,” Shaking her head yet flashing a smile brilliant as gold! Her voice wafted toward my heart, grazing it with a Tenderness like the tufts of a feather caressing one’s neck In that moment, time froze and all else dissolved into the dark For she was my light, my morning, my never-ending dream!

For LM

Chukwuma Mbaeyi

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