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Melee Weapons
Athame: A ritual dagger, popular among followers of
witchcraft and Neo-Paganism.
Sword Cane: A sword or épée hidden inside an ordina-
Injection Dagger: Can be loaded with one dose of any ry cane, popular among British aristrocrats. No rules for
chemical, which is injected into the target on a successful concealability given.

Name Reach Damage AP Avail Price

Athame – (STR/2 + 1)P - 9R 500 ¥
Injection Dagger – (STR/2 + 1)P -1 5R 750 ¥
Sword Cane – (STR/2 + 2)P -1 11R 750 ¥

Arrow Tips
Payload Tip: Contains a chemical (to be purchased sepe- or Splash Grenades (→ SR4A), but with a radius of 5 m.
rately) which is spread upon impact. Use rules for Smoke

Name Damage AP Avail Price

Payload Tip (-2)M +2 8R 65 ¥


Light Pistols Assault Rifles

AS-113o “Assassin”: Arrow pistol which fires using a AK-127: An AK-97 with two drum magazines holding
silent spring mechanism. Both the weapon and its ammu- 50 or 100 rounds each. Only ammunition from one drum
nition are made from plaststeel and contain no chemical is used at any time, however switching to the other drum
propellants, hence it cannot be detected by MAD scanners only takes a Simple Action (Free Action if using a Smart-
or Chemsniffers. Ammunition costs 9 ¥ per arrow with the link). For purposes of Concealability, the AK-127 is trea-
same availability as the weapon itself and uses the rules ted as having the Extended Clip modification, meaning a
for injection bolts (→ SR4A). +2 modifier when using the 50 round drums and +4 for
the 100 round drums.
Heavy Pistols
Enfield Merlin: Heavy revolver, comes with an integra- Shotguns
ted Smartlink and Ammo Skip System (→ Arsenal). Altmayr SP: A shotgun pistol. Use the rules for shotguns
and the Barrel Reduction mod (→ Arsenal).
Zastava CZ49: Former service pistol in various East Eu-
ropean countries, all production and shipment records of Medium Machine Guns
the manufacturer were destroyed in the Crash 2.0. Quite Ruhrmetall R506 Balmung: A Gatling gun, accordingly
popular among European criminals and shadowrunners, it uses the rules for those (→ Arsenal). The barrels need
because it is nearly impossible to trace back an individual one Simple Action to spin up to firing speed, and produce
CZ49. a characteristic and audible sound while doing so.

Name Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail Price
AS-113o “Assassin” 3P – SA – 6(m) 9R 500 ¥
Enfield Merlin 5P -1 SA – 6(cy) 8R 625 ¥
Zastava CZ49 5P -1 SA – 10(c) 4R 250 ¥
AK-127 6P -1 SA/BF/FA – 2x50(d) or 2x100(d) 12F 3,250 ¥
Altmayr SP 7P -1 SS – 7(c) 8R 500 ¥
RM R506 Balmung 6P -2 FA∗ 1 40(box) or belt 18F 11,000 ¥
∗: Gatling gun

Armor and Clothing

A-J – Anielski-Joop (Berlin & Munich) jackets also offer Rating 2 Chemical Protection.
A relatively young company owned by long-established
fashion manufacturer Joop and the Russian industrialist Reingold – zeitloS Klassisch (Düsseldorf)
family Anielski, has become synonymous with high- The “timeleSS classic” brand was founded by a former
quality (and high-priced) protection clothing. H&K employee, accordingly it emphasizes protection as
reconquista: made for Neo-Victorian looks - long, well as looks.
double-breasted, frock coats with high collars, heavy lea- Aurora: Elegant, slightly conservative clothing made
ther boots, metal ornaments... from fine but nevertheless bulletproof cloth. Sold exclusi-
All coats are made from special cloth which counts as vely in white, black, and wine red, with the typical golden
having Rating 3 Chemical Protection. seams.
Showcase images by RabenAAS
Military Armor
dressCODE (Munich) Saeder-Krupp Myrmidon: Heavy armor for SK’s
The “in” brand for models, upstarts and corporate off- commando units. Standard tactic is to employ troops wea-
spring. ring this armor after softening the enemy positions with a
CYBERPIRATE: Tron-like look with protectors on variety of chemical weapons. The armor is equipped with
various body parts, which allows users to display images a full Chemical Seal and Rating 3 Thermal Damping, the
from a commlink on the clothes. Apart from this, the helmet with an Olfactory Scanner and Ultrasound Sensor.

Survival Gear
Proteus Monosled: An underwater sled which can trans- Name Avail Price
port a diver with up to 30 kg of equipment at a speed of
Proteus Monosled 8 2,500 ¥
15 m/Turn. The batteries last for 4 hours and can be reloa-
ded in two hours. Spare batteries can be exchanged in 5
minutes, the spares cost 150 ¥.

Odds & Ends

Powerboard: High-tech skateboard which uses the rules attach to the board (50+¥), or modify existing footwear
and price for Inline Skates ( → Arsenal ). To ride this with the required notches (35 ¥ per pair).
board, a character needs to either wear special shoes which

Vehicles and Drones

Name Ballistic/Impact Slots Avail. Price
Anielski-Joop reconquista(c)
Overcoat 3/2 – 10 2,000 ¥
Waistcoat 1/1 – 10 1,250 ¥
Frock-Coat/Trousers 1/0 – 10 850 ¥
Boots 0/1 – 10 500 ¥
Jacket 3/2 – 7 500 ¥
T-Shirt/Tube Top 1/0 – 7 200 ¥

Trousers/Skirt 1/1 – 7 300 ¥

Hotpant 1/0 – 7 200 ¥

Hotpant with Chaps 1/1 – 7 350 ¥
Rheingold zeitloS(c)
Overcoat∗ 3/2 – 10 2,000 ¥

Blazer 1/1 – 10 1,250 ¥
Blouse/Shirt 1/0 – 10 850 ¥
Trousers/Skirt 0/1 – 10 500 ¥
Military Armor
SK Myrmidon Armor 16/14 10 24f 32,500 ¥
SK Myrmidon Helmet +2/+2 3 – +15,000 ¥
As usual, subitems of entries marked with (c) may be combined with each other, except for those marked with ∗

Eurocar President (Limo)
BMW 2065 Mjöllnir (Racing Bike) High-end limo. For an additional 12,500 ¥, the Eurocar
Racing bike with a sophisticated passenger safety system, President can be upgraded to Amenities (Luxury) Similar
making it popular with police and security services. An Models:Rolls-Royce Phaeton (only Luxury version), To-
upgraded security variant with three additional points of yota Chiyoda
Armor is available for 550 ¥ extra with Availability 8R. Std. Upgrades: Anti-Theft System, Amenities (High),
Similar Models: Messerschmidt-Kawasaki Silberfalke, Life Support 1, Engine Customization (Speed), Armor
SuzukiKR1200 Rogue (Concealed)
Std. Upgrades: Passenger Protection 2
Mercedes IG310 Igel (ATV)
BMW Trollhammer (Chopper) Has two additional modification slots, for a total of 14.
The ad slogan is “Tough bikes for tough people”, and the Similar Models: Leylan-Zil S-61e, GMC Crazy
Trollhammer delivers on that promise. Due to its robust Std. Upgrades: Off -Road Suspension, 2 Additional Fuel
construction, Metahuman Adaption for Trolls only costs Tanks
250 ¥ and takes up no modification slots.
Similar Models: Gaz-Niki Badger Peugot 11e ElectroCar (Subcompact)
Electric commuter car.
BMW RV430 (Sedan) Similar Models: Leylan-Zil S-61e, GMC Crazy
A popular status symbol for young execs in the middle Std. Upgrades: GridLink, Improved Economy
Similar Models: Audi Signum L5, GMC Nitro VW Lingus (Midsize Car)
Std. Upgrades: Anti-Theft System, Amenities (Middle), Family car optimized for integration into the driver’s PAN.
Engine Customization (Speed), Armor (Concealed) Similar Models: Mitsubishi Private CL, Opel Rubin

Std. Upgrades: Passenger Protection 2 Turbocharger 3

Renault-Fiat 264 “Fattorina” (Delivery Van) Ruhrmetall Wolf II (Wheeled APC)

Not just used as delivery van, but also a cheap family van
An airmobile armored platform which may serve in a va-
and general utility vehicle. Has two additional modificati-
riety of roles such as APC, IFV, air defence, ambulance,
on slots, for a total of 18. or combat engineer vehicle. The stats given here are for
Similar Models: EMC Serena, Ford Metrolis the APC variant.
Std. Upgrades: Passenger Protection 2 Similar Models: Nizhinyi Tagel Inc. BMP-052b Natada-
tel, Toyota-Singarms Kannka
Scania VM 42 (Cargo Truck) Std. Upgrades: Off-Road Suspension, Personal Armor
Most common version is built for standard ship contai- 6, Life Support 2, Smoke Generator, Rigger Adaption, 1
ners, other versions are available, though. Additional Fuel Tank
Similar Models: Chrysler-Nissan Logan 26T, GMC Vi-
Std. Upgrades: Amenities (Middle)

Jena Robotnik Cyclone (Spy Microdrone)

Military and Security Vehicles Spy drone the size and shape of a Yo-Yo.
Mercedes Multimog Greif (Command Vehicle) Similar Models: NeoNET Caracas, Renraku Jingo
Comes with an integrated MCT Sentinel Nexus ( → Arse- Std. Upgrades: –
nal ).
Similar Models: Aztechnology Calp Ieh, UCAS A1170 Renraku Shrew (Disassemblable Spy Drone)
Phalanx CV A drone the size of a tuna can, with four potrouding legs
Std. Upgrades: 2 Drone Racks (Small Landing), ECM ending in wheels. Can be disassembled and put back to-
2, ECCM 2, Personal Armor 6, Life Support 1, Satellite gether without any tools with an Extended Logic + Auto-
Uplink, 2 Gun Ports motive Mechanic (6, 1 Minute) Test. The individual parts
are shaped to look like typical contents of a businessman’s
Mercedes PE Commando (Secure Delivery Van) luggage, recognizing them as something different requires
Since the sheer presence of the PE Commando is often an Logic + Automotive Mechanic (3) or Intuition + Auto-
enough to draw unwanted attention to its cargo, Mercedes motive Mechanic (4) Test.
offers a variety of faux frames to alter the body shape. Re- Similar Models: –
cognizing a Commando under this camouflage requires an Std. Upgrades: Assembly Time Improvement
Extended (Logic + Automotive Mechanic (8, 1 Minute))
Test or an Intuition + Perception (4) Test. These Frames Ruhrmetall Wolfspinne (Arachnid Walker Drone)
are custom made according to customer requirements and One of the most modern and feared hunter drones on the
cost 6,500 ¥ with an Availability of 14R, however these market. Besides an intimidating effect, the spider-like ex-
modifications reduce the Acceleration to 15/35 and Speed terior allows this drone to pass though surprisingly small
to 135. Particularly cumbersome and/or complex frames spaces.
may have a higher price/Availability, or reduce the vehic- Similar Models: Aztechnology Alacrán, MCT Cora
le’s performance even further (GM fiat). Std. Upgrades: Pimped Ride 1 (Intimidating Looks),
Similar Models: Dodge Red Wolf, Mitsubishi Mayjar Walker Mode, Weapon Mount (External, Fixed, Remote),
Std. Upgrades: Anti-Theft System, ECM 6, Fuzzy Logic, Targeting 3 and Defence 3 Autosofts
Life Support 1, Personal Armor 4, Armor (Concealed),

Name Hand. Accel. Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Avail. Price
BMW 2065 Mjöllnir +2 25/45 200 1 6 5 1 5 10,700 ¥
BMW Trollhammer +2 10/30 135 1 8 5 1 – 10,250 ¥
BMW RV430 +2 20/50 195 1 10 5 1 – 38,450 ¥
Eurocar President -2 15/25 130 3 12 8 1 – 112,500 ¥
Mercedes IG310 Igel +1 15/30 140 1 10 7 1 – 21,000 ¥

Peugeot 11e ElectroCar 0 10/20 10 2 6 2 1 – 12,750 ¥
Volkswagen Lingus +1 15/35 140 3 10 6 1 – 21,500 ¥
BMW Trollhammer +2 10/30 135 1 8 5 1 – 10,250 ¥
Renault-Fiat 264 “Fattorina” -1 5/15 90 1 16 6 1 – 28,475 ¥
Scania VM 42 -2 10/30 125 2 16 10 2 4 41,400 ¥
Mercedes Multimog Greif -1 10/25 110 3 16 16 3 22R 88,700 ¥
Mercedes PE Commando 0 20/40 150 3 16 15 2 17R 72,500 ¥
Ruhrmetall Wolf II 0 10/30 105 2 16 18 3 24F 72,500 ¥
BMW Trollhammer +2 10/30 135 1 8 5 1 – 10,250 ¥
Jena Robotnik Cyclone +1 2/10 10 3 0 0 2 10R 1,250 ¥
Renraku Shrew 0 10/20 60 3 1 0 2 12R 3,100 ¥
Ruhrmetall Wolfsspinne +2 10/30 50 3 3 6 3 14F 7,000 ¥

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