Nightmares Revisited

Chapter 1 My parents were going out for the weekend. My mom had sent me to check on dad. He was, as usual in his study. "Hey dad, whatcha doing?" My father turned around startled, "Oh Matt it's you," he seemed to relax. Glancing at the box in his hands, he added, "Don't you know you shouldn't sneak up on people like that?" But by then my attention had been diverted to the box in my dad's hands. It appeared to be a plaything or a board game of some sort. "What's that game, dad? Can I play it when Amanda and Sam turn up?" Dad panicked and refused vehemently, "No! Don't touch it. It's not a game." Calming down he told me to go and check if mom is ready. Why was dad behaving so strangely? Its okay, I told myself, they were going to be away for two days. I have loads of time. Lingering in the doorway I observed where dad hid the box and grinning to myself, strolled away. Ding Dong!! The doorbell! FINALLY! Amanda and Sam were here. "Matt! Matt, dear!" I heard mom calling. Amanda and Sam were standing next to her. They were twins and both of them had black hair and emerald green eyes. Amanda was wearing a grey sweater and blue jeans while Sam was wearing a black T-shirt and cargo pants. "We're leaving. Ah there you are. Okay you three we'll be home on Sunday. Enjoy and behave yourselves. And Matt you will call me every night to assure me that you have not trashed the house" his mother said. "Yeah mom, whatever. I will. Bye. Now go dad is waiting." "Bye Mr and Mrs Winsley" Sam and Amanda chorused. As soon as the door closed, I announced,"Okay guys. I have something to tell you." And I explained about the box. "Cool... Lets do it", grinned Amanda. "What are we waiting for? Lead the way, Mattie" exclaimed Sam. I frowned. "Don't call me that...." Making our way to the study, we got the box. Looking at it, Sam made a face. "Whats so great about this? Its about some kind of house which we have to

said Amanda.. When Sam starts complaining. WE are gonna play. we were 11. But now each of you shall be tested to your limits HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST? The blank cards are for you to draw your worst nightmare and are private... its hard to make him stop. he could be really scary sometimes. And well. impatiently. a bunch of blank cards and 3 daggers." grunted Sam.... "Oh shut up! Just open the box". And I was instantly disappointed. I opened it. Like I was going to play a game for 6 year olds. There are only four rules: 1." I argued. Finally we reached my room. "OH MY GOD THAT IS SOOOO EXCITING". Save your own skin." Wow. "Real interesting Matthew" smirked Amanda. "Well Matt . BORING!!!" "Then explain why dad was being so secretive about this. Swear that you believe the game is real. I love my room. But my dad did seem really strange and he actually hid it. considering that I actually carried that damn thing which is damn heavy all this way. Each for his own. I told them to take it to my room. It was just a stupid game probably for kids below 9. Inside the box there were parts of a house which we were evidently supposed to build.He does have a point there" Sam then suggested that we play the game. "Okay stop with the sarcasm guys".build. I scoffed. I agreed. I snapped. It is exactly how I want it and I have my own TV with cable and my laptop in my room. What was I supposed to think?" "Well. After we managed to build the house. Each of you needs a dagger to fight for your survival. "Well I don't know about you but this thing is damn heavy.. I walked on ahead not listening to him.. Amanda read out the rules: BEWARE OF THE BEAST So you dare to actually open the box? Brave of you. "Not what I was expecting either. . 2.. After lowering the box on the floor (Sam was right-it really was heavy). screamed Sam hysterically.

... Immediately blackness took over. Hell. Surprisingly Amanda doesn't talk like that despite the fact that she lives with him. Here take these cards and pencils. Face your deepest darkest fears without losing your sanity. GET OUT ALIVE. After all.. Utter helplessness. The feeling of being trapped. Although I knew it was just a game. they looked around. As they regained consciousness. this is not my house... 4. Those two hours were probably the worst in my life." said Sam with false bravado. It was not even my house!!! Fear gripped me.. So I drew it. Then suddenly I remembered an incident from when I was eight years old.. Chapter 2 I blinked and slowly opened my eyes. Sam always talked like he was much older. I doubt its even your house!!!" I sighed. Sometimes it rubs off on me.3." I wondered. I thought Amanda shrugged. Yes.. No this was not my bedroom. Seems like a cool game. what was my worst nightmare? I started considering all the things that I was scared of which wasn't much. Even thinking about it now gave me goosebumps. What had just happened? I looked around.. I had wandered off and I was stuck inside the cave for 2 hours. "Don't call me Mattie. I was a boy." I retorted.. and I shuddered.. "What kind of game is this?". Strange sounds. Where was I? Two groans alerted me to the fact that Amanda and Sam were here too. Boys are not scared of anything. "Well. I wonder what Amanda and Sam drew? Whatever it was they both looked pale and wan. Endless darkness.. "Just do it. Then Amanda announced that we had to swear that we believe in this game.... What's gonna happen?" So we all swore that we believed in the game. I was nervous. "Guess I was wrong. "I know this sounds silly guys but this place reminds me of the living room in . "Correct me if I'm wrong Mattie but I am sure this isn't your room. We had gone to the coast for a holiday and had gone caving..

. Chapter 3 Trembling with fear." I replied. "So as you can see. we turned around. he slouched so he looked shorter and seemed to be a hunchback." growled a voice behind us. But you see. "Tea anyone?. "You are all in my land.Yes Thank you. I am quite sure." said Amanda. "Ummm. I am a beast. terrifying and absolutely ugly beast with salivating jaws. I mean look at this furniture and those curtains. He had powerful and muscular arms and huge hands. The beast said. we yelled together. He ushered us onto the chairs and with a flick of his hand created a teapot and 4 cups." squeaked Sam and Amanda. We are fine. The weirdest thing was that he had a British accent and impeccable manners.. Behind us stood a horrible.. It is called Beastland. "Nothing for us. where are you all? What is this place? What are you doing here? How did you come here? Who am I? What is this game? Is it even real?" "Wow.. that is not exactly our major problem.the house that we built. he was one scary beast. "WHAT???". looking at him with awe. Lets say." "It would be my pleasure to answer as many as possible. you're good." . a pair of horns and ears like that of a cow." "Yes we realised." "So what are the answers?" asked Amanda." he inquired.. "Thank you." said Sam. for starters. All in all. Also. he was wearing a suit. "Biscuits?" "Oh no thank you." said Amanda with a slight tremble in her voice. Also we have quite a few questions." "The lady is right. Some I can guess.. "Yes. Despite his height. He was at least 6ft tall and had broad shoulders.

" said Amanda going pale. Individually or all together it is your choice. "Pick up your dagger." I whispered. you follow my rules." "You mean those things that we drew." he instructed.. And escaping from here on time. And I actually like you three." he said sadly.This game is about facing your fears. You have to face them here.. Many people have been transported here before. "So back to the game. How do we play?" "You will have to face your nightmares. That is how he had the box. You are here to play the game. I hate my life. I am as stuck here as you. You must give me your daggers." "Dad. "It was my dad who escaped." He stood up. In my land. So try not to get killed please. . "Huh?" said Sam." "Wow. "Does that mean you don't do this on purpose or for fun or something?" asked Amanda. Yes.The beast sighed." "Oh." "How long have you been here?" "More than 200 years. So young and brave." he said surprised. I know he had a brother. "Yes.. "Yes. You will get it back once you are finished. I am the ruler of this land. But he never talks about him. You swore that you believed the game was real so you were transported here. In fact I am named after him. "Of course not. I wish to get out but I don't know how to." "I know" he sighed." "Does your father have blonde hair and grey eyes?" asked the beast. Its a pity his brother didn't make it.. I shall demonstrate. "He was one of my favourites. You cannot escape this place without facing your nightmare. I will explain the rules in a minute. We obeyed. John. I hope for your own sakes that it is not very dangerous. poor you. " Please dont interrupt as we are running out of time. You can get killed in your nightmares. Yes it real. "Heavens no. Oh and when any of you have faced your nightmare you can go." the beast said smiling. Only one managed to escape although his brother didn't make it.

. So let's start. "Nothing. "Okay." Poof. Chapter 4 "Yippee. Now the game starts." said Sam.." We did it. Now can you tell us.. Who do we start with?" I asked. I don't" I replied. "Yeah why not?" "Ummm. "I'll go first. And waited expectantly. This room is Amanda's nightmare. Nothing happened. but I don't really want you to see my nightmare. what exactly was supposed to happen?" asked Sam sarcastically. On one hand I didn't want them to see my fears and think I am a wimp but on the other. "Are we doing it together?" asked Amanda worriedly. But I understand. You can't escape. . "You have not faced any of your nightmares." Saying this he entered the room. Don't get me wrong Matt . that was cool. "Wow. So I suggested that each of us goes and faces their nightmare on their own while the other two wait outside in case help is needed." Now move it like this to form the rune Raidho.." snapped the beast. I don't want to face it alone." "Yeah Mattie. that one's Sam's and this is your's Matt... Actually I was having mixed feelings about their coming with me. Do you want us to see your nightmare? Do you want your fears displayed in front of all of us?" "No.And he disappeared.

Oh no.. Ha Ha. With an accent and with excellent manners. it sucks. So pay attention Sam. Climb up. Looking down. What I believe is best about me is that I can use big words along with modern ones like cool as given in the example above. I have blabbered on enough about myself. you are ruining it. I have managed to get a holding somewhere on the cliff. Okay I can't help it. I said it. I believe that it is so just so that I can see below and understand that I am falling. In this nightmare of mine I am walking in the dark and suddenly I realise that I am on a cliff and I begin to.. Don't look down. Trying to distract myself. Instead I just had to go and reveal that I am scared of heights.oh no. Here you have an excellent opportunity to showcase your different talents and as usual. It's tiring. I mean if you don't look at him he just seems like a big guy. Don't look down. He actually seemed nice..Sam's POV Taking a deep breath. I AM SCARED OF HEIGHTS!!!! I know I normally talk as though I belong in the 19th century or something and I come of as a dork.. I entered the room.It generally happens once a week. Just as in my nightmare. But it won't work. Yippee. I am unable to make anything out. I hate this whole game. And look. oh no. But I do believe that it is a rather 'cool' way of talking. Oh no. My fear of heights is a regularly occuring nightmare. It's hard to think of him as the beast in 'Beware of the Beast'. Already I am breaking into a cold sweat. now it's bright again. Oh why couldn't I have made something up for my card. what's with the big ugly guy in a suit? A beast in a suit. Climb up. .. Oh thank god. Truth speaking. I already knew what my nightmare was and I really didn't want to face it. Oh look at me. I didn't know that a beast could be so polite. And honestly. There. FALL. Back to the room. It is very dark here and honestly speaking.

"Sam." .. I will never ask for a raise in my pocket money. Somebody save me. Tell Matt to hurry up will you. SHUT UP!!!!" Amanda was now furious. " Check it out. OH THANK YOU. And so I did. you're here. I'll stop calling Matt Mattie. I am not sure how much longer I can..God. I won't live through this. Oh I have it in my pocket. I'm stuck. Matt looked down at me. have you got anything? Anything at all with which we can pull him up. FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE. Matt and Amanda are here. I'll stop stealing cookies and chocolates. GOD. But who? Yes. I CAN'T live through this. I screamed and screamed and screamed. Oh God. I'll have to be heard. Divide my CDs... My arms already felt leaden.. Oh and if anything happens to me. I can't even see it. Mattie.." Amanda was crying in earnest now. my pocket money goes to you as do any of my books. I won't use Mandy's pocket money. I have to scream. Matt says hold on." "SAMUEL. I shall not tease my sister ever again. "Oh my god SAM!!!" screamed Amanda.. My mobile.." shouted Matt. I will forget about that new game I wanted to buy on PSP. I got a rope. Suddenly I saw two very familiar and very welcome faces." "FINALLY!!!" I muttered. I shall listen to everything that my mother and father tell me. My comics and posters go to Matt. I am asking forgiveness for all my sins.sorry Matt and Mandy. JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! The ground is so far below. "Are you alright?" "NO!!! GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!" "Matt..." "Oh Mandy. I shall never ask them for a better mobile for as long as I live.. if you're listening. "I'll search for something tell him to hold on. I shall be a kind and sensitive soul. In other words. "Oh Matt.. I was dizzy from looking down and I didn't know how much longer I could hold on.

. "No. gasping.. don't you trust me?" "No.Will fall..." "Can we have that discussion later? Also I am afraid of falling.... trust me and grab onto the rope. Are you strong enough to pull me up?" "Well." shouted Amanda from above. " What if something had happened to you? What would I have told mom and dad... I didn't want to see anything. I know you won't believe me but trust me. I never knew you were scared of heights." And I don't know how." "Oookay.I can't.. We'll pull you up.. "Oh Sam... I went and peered over the edge. "Catch. "I'm scared of falling. "Could it be." "Yes I am afraid so. Amanda's here too." Pulling away. YIPPEE!!!!! Amanda ambushed me.. "Pull me up...." And I realised the greatest problem. Not of heights. And I simply couldn't believe that I wasn't feeling dizzy.... I couldn't voluntarily let go. I sighed." "Ha ha. "Samuel.. "I can't get the rope." The beast had materialized next to me." I said. Above me I heard grunts as Matt and Amanda exerted all their force to pull me up." I lied. very funny. Before I knew it I was at the top. I was so afraid of falling. They can be tiresome." Then he threw me the rope and said. Sisters." I moaned. No I still wasn't... she demanded.." said Matt. .. I'm sure between the two of us we can manage to pull you up. You idiot. We went there through a magic box and met a beast wearing a suit. Mom." "I'm not." I closed my eyes. I went closer. You know.."Great. How could I grab the rope? "What's wrong Sam?.." she smirked. Now joking aside.So high. Just grab the rope. I never knew you were scared of heights.. but somewhere I found enough willpower and grabbed the rope. he's stuck in a different dimension.. "Chill Sam..

You now have the ability to return home. I want both of you to come with me and beat off the spiders." interrupted Matt incredulously. It's just like Sam to find the humour even when he is hanging off the cliff. I have decided to go next. "Hey Mandy.. He would tease me mercilessly. Then I sighed and faced both of them."Aaarrgghh"." . " I replied acting more cheerful than I felt. But the big tarantula type." I fumed. I am dead. I am terrified of spiders. I hope I get over my fear. why so serious?" asked Sam. What's it to you?" "So let me get this straight." "I apologise. But in a way. And all that talk about the will. Samuel. I shouted. Else if Sam figures it out. Not the eensy-weensy ones." And he disappeared. I have a confession to make. A pity as I could have used it against him." said Sam with a big grin. Why on earth didn't I draw something else on the stupid card? But I think that I couldn't have possibly drawn anything else that was false.." I snapped. "Not one word. And I. Brothers. Two more to go. "Yes.." "And what is the point?" "The point is.. I shuddered. "That is completely beside the point. good luck." Sam groaned. "Okay guys. Chapter 5 Amanda's POV My brother is the biggest idiot in the world. I don't like this game or this situation. He gave me such a fright. Level 1 completed." "You're terrified of SPIDERS?. Also I would like to congratulate you on successfully confronting your fear. You're scared of tiny little spiders. We all cheered. "Why couldn't you have drawn eensy-weensy spiders? That would have been so much easier. "I am. Sigh. "Batman is sooo two years ago. I guess it is good as Sam got over his fear. "Give me some warning next time.They can be tiresome." "Oh great. Here is your dagger. As for you two.

. Sam and Matt were cheering me on. I couldn't help but let out a little shriek when the first spider climbed up my leg." "My place. Least of all these tiny insects. I told myself. Instead you went ahead and drew the cliff.. On the sidelines. But I am. Get a grip." he growled. I shuddered at the thought and almost lost my nerve. "Okay. "You can do it!!!" and many more. The beast appeared and said. seven. Sam and Matt rushed forward but they seemed to hit a barrier. I knew that as soon as I sat in that chair. my rules. you're not." Matt protested. As if you're scared of a silly spider. It appeared to be nighttime." "But that is so unfair. We're right behind ya. I am going in."Oh yeah. grinning. Another part of me whispered. Despite the fact that I knew it was going to happen. "You can do it Amanda!!!"." I retorted. "Don't worry sis. I couldn't even open my mouth for the fear that something might enter my mouth. They never did in your nightmare. Immediately I was shackled. As for me. I really can't. This she has to do on her own. A patch of moonlight fell on the chair illuminating it.I have lost count of how many there are. Oh no two spiders. You are not scared of anything. How much weirder can my life . My room was dark with a single chair in the middle. "No. Then Sam whispered. You are coming with me and beating off the big bad spiders. Amanda. Oh this is great. " Sam had help. No.. they are not going to bite you. I whimpered. "Five. so what do I do? Calm down and chant that you are Amanda Claire Lowell and are not scared of one eensy-weensy spider. And all sizes of creepy-crawly spiders will start roaming over my body. I felt slightly mollified. I said fiercely. I would be chained and unable to move. Six." "Sure thing. I can't handle this. "Go Mandy Go!!!!". And you could have drawn yourself falling from the top of a bunkbed." said Matt. Gooooo Amanda!!!!!". Also.eight. I really don't like him anymore. And closed my eyes. Okay." So I gathered every ounce of willpower I possessed to go ahead and sit on the stupid chair. remember. Now I am talking to myself. There at at least three hairy ones.

get? I probably belong in a mental asylum. the beast appeared. Yeah. The barrier had disappeared and gave both of them a hug. I'm just thinking about. you may do so. I had conquered my fear. I am Amanda Claire Lowell and I am not scared of one tiny little spider. what a pity. "My sincere congratulations to you Amanda for your incredible bravery and willpower. "Nothing. Maybe we have more in common than we thought. "You know. I sighed." said Sam. One more to go. I wont be alone. start chanting. I'm tired of his appearing-disappearing routine. that will be better. I am honestly dreading mine. I rock. As soon as I thought this the shackles disappeared. But this time.Matt?" asked Amanda. Trapped. But how will I get out of the cave? "What's wrong. I laughed. Now look at me. he vanished." Right on cue. I grinned and gave them the thumb's up. "I'm not scared of spiders!!!" I told them excitedly.. Chapter 6 Matt's POV I am glad that Sam and Amanda have faced their fears successfully. I was so happy. Too bad." . brushing the spiders off." Once again. Whenever you wish to leave. I am Amanda Claire Lowell and I am not scared of one tiny little spider. I am worried. "Yeah. You have finished your challenge. Okay." "Now you can't. I will take Sam and Amanda with me. "Aaaawww.. YES I AM AMANDA CLAIRE LOWELL AND I AM NOT SCARED OF SPIDERS. Then looking at the boys. A cold dark cave. I could have used it against you. I'm behaving like Sam. It gets boring after the first few times. Level 2 done. I gave a slight smile and calmly stood up. Here is your dagger." "Facing your fear?" she interrupted. And I don't know what to do.

You have to pull away the rock from near this opening." "I thought so. The walls were rocky. oh no. "Oh man. I started gasping." "Honestly Matt.. our hands on the cave walls. I don't know how many hours had passed but eventually the gap became big enough for us to go through. Though I was still scared." And so we began.. "Okay guys. Most of them would be loose in that section. "It's getting late. It fell away and a shaft of sunlight appeared in the cave." "Okay.." Sam whistled." said Amanda. "Matt. This is so complicated. what do you think we can do?" "Hmmmm. Surprisingly it was still daylight outside. We were stuck. we moved to another one.." We went into the room and immediately."Well. If any rock refused to budge. she was good at this. I am sure now." snapped Amanda. Pitch dark.. that seems to be the hardest of the lot. pulling out the rocks. the door slammed shut. So you want us with you or not?" "Yes I do. I was so glad. So start digging. I was the first one out and took at big gulp of fresh air. stop it. that I won't be having any more nightmares about this ." Wow. it helped that I had something to do. Sam and Amanda used their daggers. look out and tell me what you see. Now if only we could get to it. oh no. But how do you get out of a trapped cave?" "I don't suppose you have shovels. huh?" "Nah. I have been caving before. "Oh that's nothing. Everyone.I don't. It kept me from focusing too much on the darkness. Well Mandy. I told her that there was a lovely beach outside. Now I could see everything around me. I told her so and she blushed. Then suddenly.Let's actually go into the cave and then decide. spread out and see if you can find an opening or a loose rock or something. food and a water-bottle with you in the dream. my fingers encountered a loose rock." "I'm trapped in a cave. I was also very grateful that Sam and Amanda were there. The opening became wider and wider. Get to work!!!" We moved about. "Oh no. you know I can only help you if I knew what your fear is.

Level 3 Finished. Goodbye. Wait till he hears this.true. The three of us nodded. You have shown great levels of bravery. We stood there and waited for the beast." . Chapter 7 Sure enough." said Sam." Amanda replied. Game Over." "Yeah . Are you sure you wouldn't want to stay in this place?" "I am sorry but we all have families. Here is your dagger. Amazingly no time had passed." We cheered." "Bye. that will be a great idea. "You know what guys. the three of you. And now we have the whole weekend ahead of us. We will miss you too. "Yes you can. Matthew. I found that I was on the floor of my bedroom.particular incident. Now I don't want to keep longer than necessary. Then the beast sniffed. "We can visit can't we?" The beast cheered up instantly. "And I rather like that old beast. We have won. In a blinding flash of light. he arrived. "Yeah. We don't belong here." we chorused as we formed the rune Raidho. I added."I will miss all of you. that was actually fun in a way. And I look forward to dad's coming home. "Well done." "How about we visit once a week?" suggested Amanda.

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