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Biography: Lewis Conway Lewis Conway was born August 24, 2002 below an unnamed settlement just south

of San Francisco. At a young age, his mother died of radiation sickness and was raised by his father Craig. Lewis lived in an underground fallout shelter constructed in the 1950s. Fortunately, few nuclear bombardments had affected the area, and allowed the residents of the bunker to leave shelter fairly early. By the time Lewis was six, the survivors emerged from the bunker to take residence in a nearby partially destroyed suburb. At the age of fifteen he met Dante Cortez, who at the time was only ten. Being one of the only other children in his community, Lewis became good friends with Dante. At the age of twenty, Lewis decided to leave the settlement, choosing to join the local caravan route as an items merchant. Leaving Dante behind, he traveled as far as the Mojave Desert and back within a period of three years, becoming an apprentice merchant under Charlie Dart Dickson. Once Lewis had returned home he was twenty-three, and found his father ill. Only months after his return, reports of strange activity in the surrounding wastes began to skyrocket. Tales of flying orbs of light, silhouetted figures, and colorful explosions spread throughout the village, scaring some and fascinating others. It did not take long for the survivors to realize the cause of these phenomena: SkyNET. It was only until Lewis was twenty-four when remaining survivors of the village were forced underground, soon following the death of his father. Quickly gathering up a militia, the village leader put Lewis in charge of a squad of sixteen young combat-ready men and women, one soldier being Dante. Most were armed with a salvaged M16 assault rifle, as well as one of a variety of automatic pistols. Only one man was equipped with an (unknown to be) defective RPG launcher, and three others carried light machine guns. Leading his drastically untrained militia against the unfamiliar SkyNET forces, there were seven total casualties, four of which resulting from the defective launcher which had mortally wounded three soldiers. The remaining nine, including Lewis and Dante, had fled the camp and left the hopeless survivors in the bunker to their fate. In the chaos, Lewis and Dante had been separated and headed different ways, only to reunite in 2029. After traveling farther south for a number of years, as well as facing several obstacles, Lewis finally came upon a refugee camp under the protection of Tech-Com forces. Welcomed with food, water, and shelter, he was invited along to join the refugees to the ruins of Los Angeles, where Tech-Com forces thrived. Finally now at some peace, Lewis hopes to remain with band of survivors for as long as he can.