June 8, 2011 John D. Oliverio President and Chief Executive Officer Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare (WF) 400 W.

River Woods Parkway Glendale, WI 53212 Mr. Oliverio: In recent months I've unsuccessfully attempted to clarify a number of discrepancies regarding St. Joseph Medical Center's Save-A-Life Foundation first aid training program and that program's partnership with the Save-A-Life Foundation Inc., a Chicago-area nonprofit reportedly under investigation by the Illinois Attorney General and apparently by at least one federal agency. To summarize, on March 20, 2011 I e-mailed several questions to Anne Ballentine, WF's Vice President of Communications & Public Relations. In response, I received an April 27 reply from WF legal counsel Matthew W. Moran. His letter failed to answer any of the questions I asked Ms. Ballentine, but did invite me to submit further inquiries. Assuming Mr. Moran's offer was sincere, I sent him a May 5 inquiry that included my unanswered questions and other questions based on assertions made in Mr. Moran's letter. I didn't receive a reply so I sent him a courtesy follow-up on May 24. (Please click here to review the correspondence.) I haven't received a reply from Mr. Moran therefore I'm bringing the matter to your attention. Further, since my previous correspondence, I've become aware of other discrepancies that I hope to resolve. Earlier this year, in a series of e-mails to writer Lee Cary, Ms. Ballentine claimed that since 2001 many thousands of Wisconsin students in the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and the School District of Brown Deer participated in first aid training classes conducted by St. Joseph's Save-ALife program. For example, in a January 7, 2011 e-mail to Mr. Cary, Ms. Ballentine wrote: Annually, the largest number of presentations done by SAL Milwaukee are to the Milwaukee Public Schools. Approximately 6,000 students were trained in 2007. In a January 10 follow-up e-mail, Mr. Cary asked Ms. Ballentine to provide him with the names of the Milwaukee Schools where the approximately 6000 students were trained. In a January 18 reply e-mail, Ms. Ballentine included a chart listing approximately a dozen MPS schools where the training supposedly took place. However, in recent responses to FOIA requests I submitted to MPS (one of which was based on the chart Ms. Ballentine provided to Mr. Cary) and to the School District of Brown Deer, neither institution was able to locate any records associated with any such program. (Please click here to review those documents.) It remains unclear what accounts for these and other discrepancies regarding Wheaton Franciscan's Save-A-Life program, therefore this is to request that you review your organization's records and to provide me with detailed answers to the questions I submitted to Ms. Ballentine and to Mr. Moran. For your convenience, please click here to download a pdf file that combines those inquires and the FOIA records described in the previous paragraph. Thank you for your consideration and I'd appreciate a courtesy e-mail no later than this Monday June 13 providing me with some indication of how you intend to proceed.


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