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Breitbart Backs Away From Weiners Possible Penis

and why Weiner should resign.

Brandon Bowlin Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 4:06 PM PT Earlier today a fuzzy pic of a penis on a smart phone being held (the phone) in a studio was released supposedly from the Opie and Anthony show where Andrew Breitbart had visited and discussed Anthony Weiners current dilemma. Opie, from the show, says that the picture was taken inadvertently by a studio camera over his shoulder as the phone was passed around.

How it ended up on twitter is still a matter of debate. Soon after the leak, Breitbart issued this statement: Earlier today, a photograph resembling one that I had withheld from publication in the Weinergate saga was released without my knowledge or permission. Prior to the publication of our story on and this past Monday morning, it was necessary to show the pictures I had received from our source to several news producers, including several at major news networks, to prove that the additional material I described really did exist, which some have continued to doubt. This morning, I showed a photograph, which our source claims Weiner sent her, to radio hosts Opie and Anthony of the Sirius XM radio network on my mobile device. Somehow, without my knowledge or permission, apparently a picture was taken of my mobile device, and subsequently published by Opie (Gregg Hughes) on Twitter. It looks as if Breitbart is trynna cover some decency oath he took. Doesnt matter. He can show the actual anus of a Black Female Porn Star, claim its Weiners and still have credibility. Not because of evidencebut because of the contrast Weiner has wrought.

No, he is not the first to be so hypocritical and arrogant and foolish all at

once. Its just that ALL of this is so textbook dumbassed bad that now he has no credibility on any of it. Immediately he lied on line, then in a statement and then held a marathon of lies to the press and that was only after two days. He went on damned near every lefty show and tracked dumbass all through their monitors and then STILL tried to end it. And then cried while simultaneously claiming no intention to resign in defiance. Yet, the more he screamed the strongerBreitbart has become. A right-winged based man almost completely gone from the terrain of credible news has been rehabilitated by the loudest voice on the leftwithout lifting more than 3 fingers. And its bigger than just news. Yeah, Maddow tried to show a relative scheme of adulterers and cheats next to himbut what singles this out are the pictures. The self portraits with titles (me) or next to a catuh pussy. And his willingness to be reckless in voice, text and pics means that ANY naked pic could be him. ANY body partBreitbart can throw Gorilla nuts up there and (big black fury gorilla nuts) and Weiner would not be able to definitively deny said shutterings. And when everything, anything is possible, the time it can be drawn out can lap upon the edge of forever. This could be the tar-baby that gobbles up any Rep defeat or Dem victoryanytime theres a debate oops, theres a close up of Weiners left gonad!. We feel for the fam here but, from day one this was stupidreaaally stupid. Not just nerdy-geek sext-y stupid, but National election 2012 is gonna be a fight stupid. It is time Weiner leaves and begins to rebuild. Hes not gonna weather this. Hes left too many doors open and has been waaay too uncertain about what hes done or NOT done. So potentially thousands of pics can be rained out for weeks and months, drop by drop as well as testimony, gossip and actual statements. Hes plunged into the deepest repository of media and information ever created by man-the internet, talked a mile of shit and thought he would just lay back. Well, no matter what, youre gonna see some remarkable moves Rep Weiner. The only control you have is whether or not you do it from an office where youre the plague or from your home where you can rebuild. Resign and then take a breath because this one here is gonna keep giving.