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LC classification numbers for Economics Classification Number HA

HA29-32/ HA30.3 HA31.2 HA31.3 HA4581-4588 HA4600.3 HA4600.4 HA4600.5 HA4600.55 HA4600.6 HA4600.67 HA4600.68 HA4601-4608 HA4611-4618 HA4631-4638

Topics Statistics
Theory & method Time series analysis & forecasting Sampling. Statistical survey methodology Regression. Correlation Statistical data - India Statistical data - Kampuchea, Cambodia Statistical data - Laos Statistical data - Vietnam Statistical data - Thailand Statistical data - Malaysia, Malaya Statistical data - Singapore Statistical data - Brunei Statistical data - Indonesia Statistical data - Philippines Statistical data - China

HB72 HB73 HB74-74.4 HB74.P8 HB74.5-74.9 HB91-93 HB94 HB95 HB96-97 HB98 HB99-100 HB99.7 HB101-102 HB103 HB104-118 HB119-120 HB125-126 HB130 HB133-134 HB135-143 HB137-139

Economic Theory. Demography

Relation to philosophy, religion, ethics Relation to law Relation to politics and other topics. Political economics. Behavioral economics Study and teaching Mercantile system. Physiocrats Classical school of economics Laissez faire. Free enterprise Marxian and radical economics Neoclassical school. Chicago school Welfare and Keynesian economics Keynesian economics European countries Great Britain European countries United States Asia Developing countries Information theory Mathematical, quantitative methods. Economic modeling. Econometrics and economic statistics. Applied

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Classification Number
HB141 HB144 / QA269-272 HB145 HB172 HB172.5 HB848-1950 HB849.415 HB849.44 HB1951-2160 HB2161-2370 HB2371-2580 HB3501-3710 HB3711-3729 HB3730-3740

econometrics. Macroeconometric modeling Game theory General equilibrium theory Microeconomics. Applied Microeconomics. Macroeconomics Demography Environmental aspects Social aspects Population geography. Migration Urban population Rural population Demographics by region or country Business cycles. Economic fluctuations Economic forecasting, stabilization

HC79.C7 HC79.E5 HC79.I5 HC79.W24 HC411-470 HC445 HC426-430

Economic History and Conditions

Costs, Industrial Environmental economics Gross national product and gross domestic product Wage-price policy Asia Singapore economy China economy. Chinese economic reform.

HD30.2 HD30.2 HD30.22 HD30.3-30.385 HD38.5 HD38.7 HD47.4 HD49.5 HD51 HD53 HD58.6 HD58.7 HD58.7 HD58.82 HD72-100 HD2326 HD4801-8999 HD4904.7

Economic History and Conditions

Electronic data processing. Information technology Electronic data processing. Information technology Management economics Communication in management organizations Business Logistics Business intelligence. Trade secrets Cost-Benefit analysis Inflation Division of labor. Specialization Creative ability Negotiation Organizational behavior. Corporate culture Organizational behavior. Corporate culture Organizational learning Development economics Industrial organization (Economic theory) Labor economics. Collective agreements. Human capital

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Classification Number
HD4906-5267 HD4909-5100.7 HD5306-5630 HD5306-5474 HD5701-5710 HD5715-5716 HD5717-6000 HD6350-6940.7 HD8039.T64-.T642 HD9560.4 HD9811

Wages. Hours Wages. Wage systems and Wage determination in Singapore. Labor disputes. Strikes. Arbitration Labor disputes Labor supply and demand. Unemployment Occupational training and retraining Migrant and temporary labor Trade unions Tourist trade employees Energy economics Educational technology industries

HE151 HE305 HE336.C66

Transportation and Communications

General works Urban transportation Congestion pricing

HF1014 HF1021-1027 HF1040-1054 HF1351-1415 HF1418.5-1700 HF1604-1607 HF5414.32-.34 HF5482

Balance of trade Commercial geography. Economic geography Consumer goods International economics. International trade. International economic integration. Globalization China-Foreign economic relations Consumer behavior Black market

HG3810-4000 HG9383

International finance Health insurance

HJ2005-2199 HJ2321-2323 HJ2326-2327 HJ2351 HJ7461-7980 HJ8001-8899

Public Finance/Economics
The budget Tax incidence Progressive taxation Taxation-effects of inflation Expenditure, Public Debts, Public

HT 321-329

Communities. Classes. Races

Urban economics


Public Aspects of Medicine

Health economics

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