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Annual Kentwood Elementary
Family Fun Day
The Silent auction will be located between the auditorium
and the cafeteria. We have really exciting baskets, teacher
trips, framed Kentwood student artwork and much much
more available to bid on only today!!
Please be aware: Family Members of those performing in each
Talent Show have reserved auditorium seating. Additional
seating will be made available for those who wish to see each
sbow untll we reacb our capaclty ano on a rst come basls.
11:00 a.m. Family Fun Day Opens & Silent Auction begins!
11:30 a.m. Bring It On Talent Show #1
1:00 p.m. Visit from Westchester Fire Station #5
2:45 p.m. Sllent Auctlon Closes ano 50/50 RatNe Wlnner Announceo
3:00 p.m. Bring It On Talent Show #2
3:30 p.m. Silent Auction Cash Out Begins (cash, checks and credit cards accepted)
4:00 p.m. Event Closes...until Next Year!
Games & Activities
Visit our many
carnival and
Minute to Win It
activity booths
(all put together
by each of our great
and test your
gaming skills!

We also have
Face Painting, Bouncers,
and DJ Music
by Real Genius
Thank You...
To our countless parent and community volunteers, teachers, staff and local sponsors
for making this event possible. Special thanks to Lorelei Sun, for her vision and
inspiration to bring Family Fun Day to Kentwood.
Sincerely, Your Family Fun Day Organizers, May Chao, Dawn Everard and Christie Savitt
Food & Refreshments
Enjoy a Wide Array
of Food and
Tacos Cocos
Your choice of delicious
Carne Asada,
Pork or
Chicken Tacos,
Rice and Beans
Delicious Iced Drinks
by Dlush
Tumbys Pizza
Homemade Baked Goods,
Popcorn, Otterpops,
and More!
Show #1 11:3Oam ~ 19:3Opm
MGs: Safftna Yehdego (5) & azon Gazdtnez (5)
Show #9 3:OOpm ~ 4:OOpm
MGs: Jozdan Gobb (5) & Noah Ptneda (5)
Talent Show
Kentwood Elementarys
Bring It On!
PezFozmezs (Gzade): GY
Benjamin Bishoff (K) Benjamins Amazing Magic Show
Sara Yanke (5) Firework
2ND GRADE SHIMMY starring I Wish / Party Rock
Kelly Carignan, Erika Bevelheimer,
Soa vltale, Maya Hernanoez,
Angelique Dropsy, Julia Grommes
& Saule Baipsys (all 2nd G)
Isaias Yehdego (3) Dirty Little Secret
LSJM starring Never Say Never
Lauren Jackson(4), Sanai Johnson(4),
Jordyn Euwing (4), Marie Gronhagen (5)
PezFozmezs (Gzade): GY
Danielle Rawles (5) U Smile
Slerra Carmona (1) & 'Cuplo SbutNe'
Rianna Ahlstrom (1)
Skylar Rose Lux (3) You Belong With Me
WHIP CREAM starring Whip My Hair
Nicole Hiromoto, Sallina Yehdego,
Soraya Campbell, Devoni Hall,
Alana Carbo, Chelise Scott,
Danielle Rawles & Blair Scott
(all 5th G)
PezFozmezs (Gzade): GY
Morgan Edwards (K) Baby
Lily Goldman (5) Jai Ho
Carey Courtland (5) Somebody
Marina Davis (5)
DYNAMITE GIRLS starring Dynamite
Rayna Irving (3), Jazmin Choyce &
Madison Kellum (3)
Kai Encisco Givhan (5) Where is Love?
PezFozmezs (Gzade): GY
PARTY OF 5 starring Party in the USA
Mackenzie Wilson, Emani Glover,
Ivanna Luna, Mya Edwards &
Kimberly Bowers (all 3rd G)
Sellina Yehdego (5) & My BFF
Nicole Hiromoto (5)
GIRL POWER starring I Want to Be a Billionaire
Jessica Sample,
Suey Diep, Islay Talbot (all 3rd G)
Bob Waldron Is Happy to Support
Kentwood Elementary School
For The Outstanding Education They Offer.
Bob Waldron Provides Outstanding
Real Estate Services for the Local Communities.
Bob Waldron
Your Real Estate Resource
At Coldwell Banker
Where Ki ds Learn to Pl ay! ! !


Yes They Can!

$20 off all new sign ups.
Please bring this ad to receive
discount.*One per student, good
for one series only. May not be
combined with any other offer.
Exp 9/25/2012
0pen 7 days a week

First cIass is F8II
Fantastic birthday parties!
2331 westwood 8|vd.
8|ght oext door to
"hobokeo" 8esta0raot
Phooe: 323-446-7348

0redits eed fer an
entire year.

AII enres ef music
and a new twist
en the cIassics.

6uided interactien,
reaI instruments,
experienced teachers

8efer a friend, et a
free credit. e IimitsI

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