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MEMORANDUM From: Anna Frumpkin, Director of Human Resources To: Plant Engineering Managers Subj: Advanced Education Policy Ref: (a) Corporate Education Policy (b) Training Division Form 6161 (c) Course Enrollment Request Form 6162

Purpose: This policy memorandum provides guidance on Farkis Brother’s tuition reimbursement program. Applicability: This policy applies to all persons employed at Farkis Brothers, except for technicians and maintenance personnel. Background: There have been a number of recent inquiries from employees regarding the reimbursement of post-secondary education expenses. Farkis Brothers believes that supporting higher education is a benefit to both the individual and the corporation. To facilitate these inquiries, management has developed a “Tuition Reimbursement” program for eligible employees. Policy: Tuition reimbursement will be managed in accordance with the following guidelines: Farkis Brothers will only reimburse expenses occurred for courses that have a mutual benefit to both the individual and the corporation.
1. Course Authorization a. To ensure a course is mutually beneficial to both parties, employees




must submit a “Course Enrollment Request – Form 6162” (Reference C)

To: Plant Engineering Managers January 20th, 2010 Page 2 of 3 prior to enrolling into the requested educational course. The form must be submitted to the employee’s immediate supervisor for initial approval. Once the form is approved by the immediate supervisor, that supervisor shall forward the request to their superior for final authorization. Additionally, failure to obtain an approved Course Enrollment Request Form 6162 prior to registering for a course may jeopardize the requester’s ability to obtain reimbursement through the corporation’s tuition reimbursement program. Further, Section 1.a. will not apply to anyone at the rank of Vice President or above.
2. Course Attendance a. Employees will attend courses that convene outside of the employee’s

normal working hours. In exceptional cases, and when the corporation’s schedule and workload permits, an employee may submit a request to their direct supervisor to attend a class that convenes during the employee’s normal working hours. However, the employee may be held responsible for ensuring that their normal work is still completed as required. This may require an employee to work ‘after hours’ to ensure completion of their standard job requirements.
3. Successful Completion a. Frakis Brothers believes in rewarding above average performance.

Therefore, successful completion of a course has been defined as any grade of a “B” or better (or its equivalent on a number based scale). In the event that a course does not have a letter or number grade, but is instead decided on a Pass or Fail merit, “Pass” will be sufficient to qualify as a successfully completed course.
4. Requests for Reimbursement a. The following costs and expenses are authorized for reimbursement:

tuition, registration fees, required textbooks, lab equipment, and other materials required materials upon successful completion of the course.
b. The following costs and expenses are not authorized for

reimbursement: costs of travel (fuel, mileage, meals, wear and tear); costs of

To: Plant Engineering Managers January 20th, 2010 Page 3 of 3 non-required materials (paper, notebooks, copies, writing instruments etc.); any other un-related course expense.
c. Request for reimbursement must be submitted in accordance with

Reference (b).
d. Proof of completion and receipts for associated expenses must be

submitted concurrently with an employee’s request for reimbursement. Failure to provide these documents with the request may result in partial or full denial of the reimbursement request.

Action: The policy contained herein is effective upon issuance of this memorandum and will remain in effect until formally cancelled.

Anna Frumpkin Director of Human Resources

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