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BSc.Ed Internship Programme 2009 LESSON PLAN (MATHS).

Centre : Name of student Teacher : Co- operating Teacher : Name of Co-operating school : Class and Section : Name of the Institute Supervisor: Mysore Deepa Bhandari Mr. Suresh Demonstration school 8th B Dr.A.S.N. Rao Sindhe Lesson No Subject Topic Time Date : 01 : Maths : Algebraic Expressions : 40 min : 15.06.09

INSTRUCTIONAL OBJECTIVES: At the end of the class, students will be able to: i) Define monomial, binomial, trinomial. ii) Cite examples of different types of algebraic Expression. CONCEPTS/ TEACHING POINTS : Expression that contains exactly one, two or three terms are called monomial, binomial and trinomial. PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE : Students have already learnt about algebraic Expressions, terms and co-efficients. TEACHING AIDS : color chalks.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Sequential Learning Activities with in built evaluation

Evaluation/Black Board Work

Students recall the definition of algebraic Expressions.

Students cite some examples of algebraic expressions.

T: Good morning students. S: Good morning madam. T: In last class you learnt about algebraic Expressions. Define algebraic Expression? S: Algebraic expressions are the Expressions, which are the combination of variables and constants. T: Good, give examples of algebraic Expressions. Examples of algebraic S: 2x, -7x-3, -x2, 9, x+y, 5xy2, 2x+3y+3z, xyz, x2y-xy2+y2, 5-3xy, x+y+z+a, z2-4y3. T: let us consider specific example from given set of examples.
expressions are: 2x, -7x - 3, -x2, 9, x + y, 5xy2, 2x+3y+3z, xyz, x2y xy2+y2, 5-3xy, x+y+z+a, z2-4y3. Ex: -7x + 3

Ex: -7x + 3. T: Identify the given terms from the example. S: -7x, 3 are given terms. Students identify T: correct, now identify the co-efficients the co-efficients from example. of a given S: -7 is a co-efficient. example. T: Good. Now find out the expressions from Students identify given set of examples having only one term. the expressions containing only S: 2x, -x2y, xyz. one term. T: correct. Can you name them? S: (no response) T: these expressions are known as monomials. MONOMIAL IS AN EXPRESSION THAT CONTAINS ONLY ONE TERM. T: -Give some more examples of Monomials. S: -2,16xyz. T: - Good, now give examples Students cite containing two terms. examples of S: - -7x+3,x+y, 5-xy. expression T: Correct, try to name them? containing two S: - (no response) terms. T: - These expressions are known as Binomials. BINOMIAL IS AN EXPRESSION THAT CONTAINS TWO TERMS. Give some more examples of binomials. S: - -2x, 4x-5. T: - Good. Ok, tell me expressions containing three terms from examples given in Students identify black board. the expressions 2 2 containing three S: - 2x+3y+7z, x y-xy +y. terms. T: - very good. What we call these Expressions?

Students identify the terms of a given example.

Terms are 7x, 3

Co-efficient is -7

Monomials:2x, x2 , 5xy3, xyz,-2 Monomial is an expression that contains one term.

Binomials:-7x+3,x+y,z2-4, 5-3xy Binomial is an expression that contains two terms.

S: - Trinomials. T: - Right, we call them trinomials. TRINOMIAL IS AN EXPRESSION WHICH WHICH CONTAINS 3 TERMS. Give some more examples of Trinomials? S: - 4x-x2-2, y+z+6z. T: - Good, So today we learnt about Monomials, Binomials, Trinomials and their examples. In next class we will learn operations on expressions.

REVIEW QUESTIONS: ! Classify the following polynomials as monomials, binomials and trinomials. -6x, -z+5,x+y+z, x2, y+z, ab-ac, 17,59x-z-8. ASSIGNMENT:

3 monomials with x and y as variables. 2 trinomials as a, b, c as variables.