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Adult Trade Books
The personal story of artist, activist, and influencer
Laetitia Ky, known for sculpting her own hair to create
playful and powerful artwork that embraces the beauty
of Black hair and style, the fight for social justice,
and the journey toward self-love. Part memoir, part
art book, part feminist manifesto, Love and Justice is
joyful, inspirational, and life-affirming.

74 The Fight for Justice and the Equality of Sexes 75

Everyday Sexism
Sexism doesn’t always manifest as violent behavior toward women.
It can be subtle and scarcely noticeable, which makes it all the more
vicious because it’s difficult to identify.

Even the most privileged among us face the realities of everyday

sexism, which encompasses derogatory language, stereotypes, words,
gestures, and acts that exclude, infantilize, marginalize, belittle,
destabilize, and delegitimize women. It is present everywhere:
home, work, school, advertising, education, and even among women
who are the recipients of this mistreatment. Everyday sexism

• The myth of the “maternal instinct”—the idea that women are

naturally inclined to care for children. Often, women like
myself who don’t want children are viewed as unnatural and
selfish, although men who express the same sentiment are
never questioned.

• The expectation that women will ultimately leave a job in order

to have children, leading to women being passed over for positions
or promotions in favor of men.

• The demand for women to “smile because it makes you look

prettier”—which perpetuates the toxic belief that women are
ornaments to be looked at and admired rather than individuals
with a right to their own feelings and expression.

“I only know that people call me

a feminist whenever I express
sentiments that differentiate me
• The patronizing and conde-
scending attitudes displayed
from a doormat.” —Rebecca West
toward women—for example,
when men help women
Many women are ashamed to call lift objects even when they
themselves feminists because of the don’t need help or when
negative connotations that patriarchy
has given to this word. But being a
they interrupt or speak over
feminist just means you want women women.

to be treated like human beings,
with our dignity intact and our rights The assumption that if
acknowledged. Being a feminist
means you want to fight injustice
a woman has luxury items,
and stand up for yourself and other a man must have bought
women. Feminism is ultimately about them for her—an assumption
our power to choose who we are and I’ve often faced personally!
who we wish to be, on our own terms.
Feminism is about equality—that’s
what makes it a powerful concept

Love & Justice

instead of a dirty word.

Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 74 9/17/21 2:08 PM Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 75 9/17/21 2:08 PM

A Journey of Empowerment, Activism,

and Embracing Black Beauty
44 Love and Justice 45

Laetitia Ky Beauty and Skin Color

Skin color is a powerful aspect of Ivorian identity that’s embedded
in our unspoken inferiority complex. In the aftermath of coloniza-
tion, which taught us that dark skin is less beautiful than pale skin,
many people still walk around with the belief that they are ugly.

During colonization, some people with lighter skin had access to

Laetitia Ky is a polyvalent artist, a one-of-a-kind creative voice,

opportunities that were usually only afforded to White people.
In our current society, this flawed favoritism hasn’t changed much.
The lighter you are, the more beautiful you are considered—
and we all know that we live in a world where being beautiful
can amplify our chances of being successful.

and a hugely popular Instagram and TikTok influencer with I’d never thought much about my skin color until the age of ten,
when kids at school gave me a pejorative nickname related to
the darkness of my skin. I was troubled, but it wasn’t a fixation at
first. Over time, very slowly, I started to wish my skin was lighter.

millions of followers. Ky uses her own hair (with the help of I even remember asking my mom for permission to bleach my
skin. Skin bleaching entails using products that lighten dark areas
on the skin to attain a lighter complexion. These products are
extremely popular across Africa and in other parts of the world

extensions, wool, wire, and thread) to craft and photograph

(many of which have populations with naturally dark skin) and
include creams, soaps, and professional treatments.

My mother replied with a big no. She said that I couldn’t make this
decision at such a young age, but that once I turned eighteen I would

unique and compelling sculptures. As a passionate advocate for

have the right to do so. I was so mad, because some girls my age
who went to my school had already started bleaching their skin.
A lot of the other women around me were also doing the same.

I remember a nice woman who worked in our home; she slept in

social justice, Ky shines a light on the pressing issues of our time: my bedroom because we didn’t have a separate room available. As
much as I loved and appreciated this woman, it was terrible to share
a room with her, as her nightly ritual was to apply bleaching cream
just before bed and it had a disgusting smell that made me want
to vomit. I recall waiting in the living room every night because

sex-based and racial oppression, harmful beauty standards, it would take at least two hours for the stench to dissipate. I was
too shy to ask her to stop using the offending product, so I endured
the torture.

shame and its corrosive effect on mental health, and more.

Most of the skin-bleaching products in Africa are inexpensive and
have an awful smell; the full ingredients are usually not listed, so
people don’t even know what they are putting on their skin. Vendors
with no expertise in chemistry create weird concoctions with
potentially harmful ingredients to help women lighten their skin

Love and Justice showcases 135 remarkable photographs Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 44 9/17/21 2:08 PM Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 45 9/17/21 2:08 PM

interwoven with stories about Ky’s Ivory Coast childhood, her

strong family ties, her embrace of her African roots, her own
200 Self-Love 201

journey toward self-love, and her desire to lift up other women—

especially Black women. Ky’s striking words and images honestly
celebrate women’s sexuality and the female body and call for
women’s empowerment—extending a generous invitation for us
all to love ourselves and to work toward a more just world.

Be Kind
The way we act toward other people is often more a reflection of
who we are than of who they are. What we believe about ourselves
often gets projected onto the world around us. The moments
in my past when I wasn’t very kind to others were connected to
feelings of hate I had for myself, and in general, people who treat
others with hostility and aggression are likely treating themselves
with the same attitude.

Someone who truly loves herself will naturally extend this love
to the people around her. Her words and actions will be com-
passionate and uplifting. When we love ourselves, we love

April 2022 others; and when we love others, we love ourselves. If you spread
positivity, you will start to direct a certain amount of this positivity
toward yourself—not to mention, you will also attract kindness

7 x 9.5 in / 17.8 x 24.1 cm

and goodwill from other people.

224 pp Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 200 9/17/21 2:11 PM Love_and_Justice_INTERIOR_FF_rev-2.indd 201 9/17/21 2:11 PM

135 color & 10 b+w photographs

$27.50 / £19.99
R i g h ts : Wo rld Laetitia Ky is an artist, photographer, model, actress, activist,
52750 fashion designer, and social media influencer. Ky was named
one of PAPER magazine’s top 100 people “taking over 2019.”
9 781648 960529
She grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

3 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | MEMOIR

Foreword by Grammy-winning singer-songwriter
Meshell Ndegeocello

Home cooks will love serving up bold-flavored

tropical comfort food from Please Wait to Be Tasted,
the first cookbook from Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, the James
Beard Award–nominated hot spot in Hudson, New
York. More than a recipe collection, it’s a bighearted
celebration of food, love, and community.

Please Wait to Be Tasted

The Lil’ Deb’s Oasis Cookbook
Carla Kaya Perez-Gallardo, Hannah Black, Wheeler
Photographs by Jessica Pettway
Foreword by Meshell Ndegeocello

For flavor-craving, art-loving, community-celebrating home

cooks, Please Wait to Be Tasted serves up tropical comfort recipes,
alongside musings on wine, music, love, sex, friendship, and
fashion. At Lil’ Deb’s Oasis in the Hudson Valley of New York,
chefs Carla Kaya Perez-Gallardo and Hannah Black, both art
school graduates, have created a bright, welcoming, rainbow-
colored, LGBTQ+ inclusive community, where guests are treated
to “hot, sticky, juicy, moist fever dreams of flavor.” Their recipes
mesh respect for cultural traditions with a twist: Ceviche Mixto
Carla Kaya Perez-Gallardo was raised by three Ecuadorian
with Popcorn; Charred Octopus in the Ink of Its Cousin, Sweet
women in Queens, New York, in a home with a busy kitchen.
Plantains with Green Cream, Abuela’s Flan, and more. With
In seventh grade, she started Saborines, a summer pie company
Please Wait to Be Tasted (a phrase featured in the restaurant’s
named after her grandmother. She graduated from Bard College
waiting area), you can bring these recipes home.
with a studio arts degree before plunging headfirst into the
In addition to some seventy recipes, Please Wait to Be Tasted
restaurant world.
shares the knowledge and love that go into making memorable
meals at Lil’ Deb’s Oasis: essays on the restaurant’s beginnings Hannah Black was born and raised in Alabama and attended
and the chefs’ navigation of the colonial histories entangled in the Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied painting
their recipes’ origins; tips on techniques, tools, and pantry; and and developed a passion for cooking elaborate meals for her
lessons on how to eat well together. community. She has previously worked at Mission Chinese
Food in New York City and Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico, before
June 2022 laying down roots in the Hudson Valley.
7.5 x 10 in / 19 x 25.4 cm
256 pp / 170 color photographs Wheeler graduated from Bard College with a literature degree
Hardcover and was the general manager and wine guy at Lil’ Deb’s Oasis
ISBN 978-1-64896-025-3
from 2017 to 2021
$35.00 / £25.00
R i g h ts: Wo r ld
Meshell Ndegeocello is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter
and just a soul on the planet. She is based in Hudson, New York,
9 781648 960253 where she writes, records, and composes for film and television.

4 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | COOKBOOK

In the spirit of the bestseller Fly Girls comes the
definitive and compelling true story of Harriet
Quimby, the first American woman to receive a
pilot’s license.

Harriet Quimby: A Life Without Limit
Don Dahler

In the early twentieth century, headlines declared that “the era of

women has dawned.” Against this changing historical backdrop,
Harriet Quimby’s extraordinary life stands out as the
embodiment of this tumultuous, exciting era—when flight was
measured in minutes, not miles.
This untold piece of feminist history unveils Quimby’s
incredible story: rising from humble beginnings as a dirt-poor
farm girl to become a globe-trotting journalist, history-making
aviator, and international celebrity. With her tragic death in 1912
at the age of thirty-seven, her story faded, with her many
accomplishments—the first woman to fly solo over the English
Channel among them—overshadowed by major events,
including the sinking of the Titanic.
With black and white illustrations throughout, Fearless is the
definitive biography of the first licensed female American pilot:
one of the most inspiring hidden figures of history.

June 2022
6 1/8 x 9 ¼ in / 21.6 x 28 cm
336 pp, b/w illustrations throughout
Hardcover Don Dahler is a former correspondent for ABC and CBS
978-1-64896-035-2 and has received every major award for broadcast journalism,
$29.95 including two national Emmy Awards, two Edward R. Murrow
R i g h ts: Wo rld E n g lis h
Awards a Peabody Award and an Alfred I. duPont-Columbia
Award. A lifelong aviation buff and the son of an Air Force
9 781648 960352 officer, Dahler lives with his family in New Jersey.

5 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | HISTORY

Explore the artistry of Japanese tea from cultivation
to cup in this comprehensive illustrated guide to the
tea industry that includes the Japanese growers, their
craft of tea making, and how the tradition of tea has
had an influence on cuisine, art, and health.

Stories of Japanese Tea

The Regions, the Growers, and the Craft
Zach Mangan
Foreword by David Bouley

This visual exploration of one of the world’s most popular

beverages tells the stories of tea and tea making in Japan:
how it is grown, harvested, and processed, as well as how it
is prepared and enjoyed. Through interviews with tea growers,
information on health benefits from Dr. Andrew Weil,
and amazing recipes from Japanese chefs and mixologists,
including Michelin-starred chef Hayashi Hirohisa and
pastry chef Yoshie Shirakawa, you will discover all you ever
wanted to know about Japanese tea.
This perfect gift for tea lovers shares the stories of tea
from its origins to the present, packaged in a beautiful
photographic book shot and compiled by Zach Mangan,
the founder of Kettl, a New York City- and Fukuoka-based
tea and teaware company.

Zach Mangan is the founder of Kettl, a New York City

and Fukuoka, Japan, based tea and teaware company.
He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and partner,
Minami Mangan.

May 2022
6 x 8 in / 15.2 x 20.3 cm
208 pp / 188 color photographs
$24.95 / £17.99
R i g h ts : Wo rld E n g lis h

9 781648 960079

6 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | FOOD & BEVERAGE

Foreword by Morgan Doane and Erin Harding of
House Plant Club, authors of How to Raise a Plant:
and Make It Love You Back

This comprehensive visual guide to houseplant care

is packed with illustrations and hand drawings, color
photography, accessible infographics, and advice
for first-time and experienced plant parents alike.

Chapter Two: You


Plant care is a practice rooted in the core of our beings, and

our survival has always been dependent on the lush and
expansive plant kingdom that surrounds us. Your curiosity
about plants and desire to coexist with them is part of an
ancient pull toward life. It is an evolutionary impulse to
help sustain ecosystems that not only shelter, feed, and
clothe you but also provide an endless source of joy and
wonder. The unshakeable emotional attraction to the
natural world—from forests and jungles to parks and,
yes, your houseplants—is called biophilia, which in Greek
means “the love of what is living.”
Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson and social
ecologist Stephen R. Kellert popularized this term in their
book, The Biophilia Hypothesis, arguing that humans are
innately connected to nature and that our emotional
attraction to the natural world underlies our biological
composition.1 Wilson found that our attraction to nature
(biophilia) and fear of nature (biophobia) are both part of
our genetic makeup and that we tend to fear natural

Happy Plant
A Beginner’s Guide to Cultivating Healthy Plant Care Habits
Puneet Sabharwal
Photographs by Cayla Zahoran
Illustrations by Travis DeMello
Foreword by Morgan Doane and Erin Harding

Build confidence in tending indoor plants through this guide ABOVE

Becoming a plant parent is
trending on social media, when he saw the first new leaf
starting to rise and slowly unfurl, he realized this green
about understanding that

to basic plant care, all while learning about the history of

your plant is a living thing object he brought home was actually full of life. This
and should be treated as
moment of mutual growth transformed his houseplant from
such, not like a decorative
object, as we often see in a mere object in his apartment to a living creature with a
design magazines.
name and needs. He called me in wild amazement and was

houseplants, how they communicate, and sustainable ways to so genuinely thrilled by this new development that he kept
referring to the plant as his baby. And just like the friend in

your circle who sends you too many photos of their new-
born, he began updating me on every new leaf, his plant’s

troubleshoot houseplant parenting issues. Whether you’re afraid rotation schedule, and whenever a leaf turned yellow by
sending a sad emoji. Just like our own bodies, it is easy to
take a plant’s inner workings for granted and not bother

to bring home a plant or have a healthy row of potted green

understanding their complex biochemistry and behaviors
50 51

pals on your windowsill, this book will walk you through the
trials, errors, and joys of plant care.
Perfect for those who are new to gardening or who want to SNAKE PLANT / SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA


learn more about how plants enrich our lives, this how-to guide DIRECT      SUN


These plants want to be watered after a dry rest. Once

the soil is bone-dry, wait a day or two before watering.

from Puneet Sabharwal, cofounder of popular plant subscription Temperature

Keep at room temperature or warmer—it will grow
faster when warmer. Tolerates and enjoys hot extremes.

company Horti, is a verdant treasure trove of information on Pets

Not safe if consumed by children or pets

how to raise your very own houseplants. Probably one of the most misunderstood genera is the
Sansevieria. While recent genetic tests have consolidated
the genus Sansevieria into Dracaena, we will refer to them
separately for practical purposes. Snake plants are errone-
ously sold as ultra-low-light plants, when in fact they just
die very slowly in the absence of light. In the African
scrublands, their native environment, they bathe in full
direct sun or light shade in areas with sparse vegetation.
In botanical gardens, snake plants are often grown in
controlled temperatures, alongside cacti and succulents,

and can grow up to twelve feet tall. Unlike plants whose

leaves reach a finite size, the leaves of snake plants con-
tinue to grow as long as conditions are stable and the tips
of the leaves are not damaged. Snake plants can even
bud with pleasantly fragrant chartreuse green flowers
if given enough light. Treat the snake plant like you
would treat a succulent: lots of sunshine, dry air, and very
infrequent watering.

68 69

April 2022
7 x 8.5 in / 17.8 x 21.6 cm
192 pp Puneet Sabharwal is the CEO and cofounder of Horti, a plant
100 color photographs + illustrations
Paperback subscription company based in Brooklyn, NY. Raised in North
978-1-64896-061-1 India, Sabharwal spent his childhood living in a religious
$24.95 / £18.99 commune with his family and is currently training to become
R i g h ts : Wo rld
a psychedelic therapist. He cares for more than seventy
houseplants in his Greenpoint apartment, where he loves to host
9 781648 960611 folks for chai-time. Happy Plant is Sabharwal’s first book.

7 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | GARDENING

Enjoy more than seventy delicious, seasonal
recipes from the country’s best independent
breweries in this cookbook and beer pairing
guide—a must-have book for craft beer lovers,
home cooks, and fans of homebrewing.

Atlas Brew Works


WEEKEND CHILI The Pairing: Rye Stout

Here’s a recipe for a crowd. It comes from the kitchen of Daniel
Vilarrubi, the head brewer at Atlas Brew Works, who recommends
starting early in the morning and allowing the chili to simmer all
Serves 12 day. This adds depth to the ingredients and fills the house with
aromas that build anticipation for dinner. Serve this hearty beef and
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
5 lbs beef chuck roast, cut turkey chili topped with sour cream, Cheddar cheese, and scallions
into 1-in cubes and paired with a rye stout like Atlas Brew Works’ Silent Neighbor,
2 lbs ground turkey which has both roast character and a touch of spice to complement
1 large yellow onion, minced the smokiness of the chipotle.
6 garlic cloves, minced
1 large carrot, minced In a large Dutch oven or other heavy pot, heat the vegetable oil over
Four 14-oz cans diced medium-high heat. Working in batches, sear the chuck roast, turning,
tomatoes for about 2 minutes per side, or until browned all over. Transfer to a large
6 chipotle chiles in adobo, bowl. Add the ground turkey to the pot and cook, breaking it up with
a wooden spoon, for about 10 minutes, or until golden. Add to the bowl
1 Tbsp ground cumin
with the beef and set aside.
1 Tbsp dried thyme
Fine sea salt and freshly Add the onion to the pot and cook over low heat, stirring to coat
ground black pepper the onion in the oil and scraping up any bits of browned meat from
3 cups lager or stout the bottom of the pot, for about 7 minutes, or until the onions are
Sour cream, for serving translucent. Add the garlic and carrot and cook, stirring frequently,
Shredded Cheddar cheese,
for 3 minutes. Return the beef and turkey to the pot, add the tomatoes
for serving
and their juices and the chipotle chiles and adobo, and stir to combine.
Chopped scallions, for serving
Turn the heat to medium and bring to a simmer. Add the cumin and
thyme and season with salt and pepper. Turn the heat to low and cook
for 6 hours, adding lager or stout as needed to keep the chili from drying
out. Serve topped with sour cream, Cheddar cheese, and scallions.

Atlas Brew Works

When Justin Cox, originally from Tennessee, decided to leave his
government job in Washington, DC, behind, he started a brewery. There,
he figured, he could do good work, serve people, and make a positive
impact. Now, with two locations in the capital and a crew turning out
stellar beer of all kinds, Atlas Brew Works is helping establish the District
as a beer destination.

90 DA R K A L E S DAR K AL E S 91

Craft_Brewery_Cookbook_INTERIOR_3P.indd 90-91 10/5/21 2:38 PM

Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers

The Craft Brewery Cookbook

MUSSELS The Pairing: Helles

WITH ZHOUG Beer and mussels are a classic pairing and cooking the shellfish in
a beer-infused broth adds to the experience. Any lighter colored and

Recipes to Pair with Your Favorite Beers flavored style will do, but Helles works best as both an ingredient
and pairing. The soft and bready malt character of this German-style
lager makes it a terrific complement to shellfish. Its sweetness is
Serves 2 to 4 balanced by the spiciness of the zhoug—a Middle Eastern condiment,

John Holl
similar to pesto but with some hot pepper heat—while its slight
2 whole jalapeños, stemmed carbonation helps cool down your palate from the bite of the
2 garlic cloves, peeled jalapeño. Lemon, both in the zhoug and served alongside, imparts
1 bunch fresh cilantro leaves, brightness that brings out the citrus in the hops. Delicious seafood,

Photography by Jon Page

chopped crunchy bread, and award-winning beer—you can’t go wrong.
1 tsp ground cumin
½ tsp ground cardamom To make the zhoug: In a food processor, combine the jalapeños, garlic,
½ tsp Aleppo chili flakes cilantro, cumin, cardamom, chili flakes, salt, olive oil, and lemon juice.
½ tsp fine sea salt Blend until fully combined, adding more oil as needed if a thinner
½ cup extra-virgin olive oil, consistency is desired. Set aside. The zhoug can be refrigerated in an
plus more as needed
airtight container for up to 4 days.
2 Tbsp lemon juice
To make the mussels: In a large sauté pan, heat the canola oil over

Packed with bright, fresh, bold flavors and beer pairings to

2 Tbsp canola oil high heat until shimmering. Add the mussels and sauté, stirring often,
1½ lbs mussels, washed for 2 minutes. Add the lager, butter, and garlic paste then season with
and scrubbed salt and pepper and stir to combine. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes,
1 cup Helles lager or until the mussels have opened. Add the zhoug and sauté for about

complement each dish, The Craft Brewery Cookbook brings the ½ stick unsalted butter
1 tsp garlic paste
Fine sea salt and freshly
ground black pepper
4 minutes, or until aromatic. Remove from the heat, discard any mussels
that have not opened, and add the red pepper flakes. Transfer the
mussels and broth to a serving bowl, sprinkle with scallions, and serve
with grilled lemon and sourdough toast.

taproom straight to your kitchen. Organized into chapters accord-

½ tsp red pepper flakes
2 Tbsp scallions, sliced
½ lemon, grilled Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers
Sourdough toast, for serving Three brothers helm this lager-focused brewery, but it’s actually
named after one of their wives. That would be Abby, Jack Hendler’s wife.

ing to beer type, including hoppy ales, lagers and pilsners, wheat The brewery name is also a nod to the monastic brewing tradition,
but lest you think it revolves around the more familiar Belgian tradition,
here the focus is German monastic brewing. Those were the breweries
responsible for introducing lagers to the world, promoting the use

beers, and Belgian-style ales, this cookbook will help you discover of hops, and standardizing brewing procedures. Today, this brewery
is leading the American craft lager conversation.


each beer’s style and flavor profile and how it pairs with the
Craft_Brewery_Cookbook_INTERIOR_3P.indd 20-21 10/5/21 2:38 PM

accompanying recipes, each from a different American brewery.

Whether you’re a fan of fruited kettle sours or New England
IPAs, this cookbook from the host of the podcast Drink Beer, Think Examples:
Beer will show you how to create the ideal meal to accompany
your favorite brew. These mouthwatering dishes—seafood, meat, • Spicy Fish Ceviche with Grilled Pineapple
vegetarian, vegan, and desserts among them—are depicted in and a West Coast IPA
photographic detail, showcasing modern, flavorful food rather • Warm Farro, Mushroom, and Romanesco Salad
than typical pub dishes. This cookbook breathes new life into the with an Imperial Stout
concept of food and drink pairing by offering an inspired take • Lemony White Bean and Sausage Soup with a Grisette
on contemporary beer styles and cuisine. • Mushroom & Vegetable Dumplings with Mango Chili
Nuoc Cham and a New England–style IPA
John Holl is a journalist covering the beer industry. He is the host • Kale Caesar Salad with Miso and Shrimp
of the Drink Beer, Think Beer podcast, cohost of Steal This Beer, with a Farmhouse Ale
and a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast magazine. He lives • Citrus Tres Leches Cake with an American IPA
with his family in New Jersey. • Air-Fried Chicken Wings with Honey Barbecue Sauce
and a Kettle Sour Ale
May 2022
7.5 x 9 in / 19 x 22.9 cm
• Grilled Pumpkin Flatbread with a Pumpkin Ale
228 pp / 85 color photographs • Falafel and Spiced Yogurt with a Shandy
Hardcover / 978-1-64896-032-1 • Peanut Butter Bonbons with a Scotch Ale
$29.95 / £21.99
R i g h ts : Wo rld E n g lis h
• And many more!

9 781648 960321

8 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | COOKBOOK

Enrich your city lifestyle with 50 illustrated
activities and step-by-step projects to explore,
appreciate, and engage with the urban nature
and wildlife around you.

Be an Urban Naturalist
Even in the most built-up or congested environments, nature
still makes its presence felt. A wildflower pushes its way through
a crack in the pavement; birds roost in derelict buildings;
insects reclaim a pile of wood; moths settle on your washing left
overnight on the line; leaves tumble from city trees. By switching Hang Out with Moths
on your powers of observation and recording what you find – by
being an urban naturalist – you begin to tune in to the natural City dwellers often associate moths with the ones that lay eggs in
world all around you, often springing up in surprising places. and munch through your jumpers (these are Tinea pellionella,
As you notice it, you learn more about the wild world that runs the case-bearing clothes moth, or Tineola bisselliela, the webbing
parallel with the built environment, and you gather data that clothes moth, both around 1 centimetre or half an inch long
potentially can help conservationists preserve what you find. and a dusty yellow colour). This does the species a disservice,
however, as there are many other types of moths out and about
in the urban environment doing valuable pollination work.

Moths are most active at night, especially during warmer weather,

when they emerge looking for food. Unfortunately, moth
numbers have declined by almost a third in recent years, many
as casualties of increasing light pollution, so it’s more important
than ever to monitor and record those that remain. And it is
totally worth it. You can attract them simply by leaving a porch
light on, but a simple trap is a more reliable way to lure them in.
Then you will be able to study and appreciate their exquisite
and varied markings and record what you find.


50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild Devil’s ivy

Its heart-shaped leaves will dangle

Clare Gogerty decoratively from the top of a bookcase

or a shelf in the kitchen or bathroom
(most houseplants love the steaminess of
a bathroom). Grows vigorously and easily.

Illustrated by Maria Nilsson

Fossick in the Mud

Designed with curious city-dwellers and nature-lovers Circular leaves grow from straight stems
like a sputnik. Baby plants sprout at its
base making it easy to propagate and
You might think that the mucky foreshore of a city river is an
unlikely place to find treasure, but mudlarkers know different.
These urban fossickers scour the mud at low tide looking for all

in mind, this accessible illustrated book provides all the

spread the pilea love among your friends. manner of forgotten everyday objects. Some are hundreds of
years old, left behind as the tide goes out and preserved
by the anaerobic nature of the mud.

inspiration you need to become an urban explorer and

The original mudlarkers were poor children who scavenged the
foreshore of the River Thames in eighteenth- and nineteenth-
century London looking for things like firewood, nails, bones
Air plants of drowned animals and rope to sell. These days it’s all about

naturalist. Packed with 200 illustrations and 50 Carefree plants that grow without a
pot or any earth. A regular misting
and occasional dunking in water
searching for artefacts that reveal snatches of the city’s past.

It is an absorbing and rewarding activity that is a hotline to the

invigorating projects, this practical urban activity guide

will keep them going. city’s social history. It also gives you the opportunity to spend
time beside the river on the foreshore, listening to the lapping
waves and the screech and squawk of waterfowl. Limit yourself
to a mile or so and time your search for when the tide is out.

teaches you how to explore the wild land, water, and sky
You may find something that has been untouched since
it was lost or discarded hundreds of years ago.

60 61

in your own city, offering inventive ways to interact with

nature in all its forms. Study trees and create a leaf
journal in the park, go birdwatching, grow your own
herbs, learn when and how to see star constellations in Clare Gogerty is a writer and editor with a particular interest
the city sky, make land art by arranging natural materials in ancient and sacred sites, folklore, and UK travel. A career as
into a beautiful display, and so much more. This guide a magazine editor and journalist has allowed her to indulge these
even includes family-friendly activities that allow parents passions and has led to many adventures. She lives in Cradley,
and children to interact with nature together. Let go Herefordshire, England
of daily stresses and step into the natural world around
you in your own urban wild. Maria Nilsson is the illustrator behind this book and others in the
Explore More series, including 50 Things to Do with a Penknife,
40 Knots and How to Tie Them, 50 Things to See in the Sky,
50 Things to Do in the Wild, and 50 Things to Do at the Beach.
She lives in London, England.
Also Available
March 2022
5.31 x 7.28 in / 13.5 x 18.5 cm
144 pp 50 Things to Do 50 Things to See
200 b+w illustrations at the Beach in the Sky
Hardcover HC HC
The Explore More series 978-1-61689-995-0 978-1-61689-800-7
978-1-64896-154-0 $17.95 $17.95
$17.95 R i gh ts: n o rt h a mer i ca R i gh ts: no rth am eric a
R i g h ts : No rt h Amer ic a
51795 51795 51795

9 781648 961540 9 781616 899950 9 781616 898007

9 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | TRAVEL

The perfect gift for dog lovers, Forever Home
will leave a pawprint on your heart with its series
of full-color, close-up portraits of rescue dogs and
their stories of adoption, from the photographer
of Shelter Dogs and Finding Home.

26 27

two-year-old female boxer

Cosette was raised to be a breeding female so they set up a blanket and bed in the kitchen
at an Amish puppy mill but turned out to be and that became Cosette’s “spot.”
barren, and therefore of no use to the mill Dogs are individuals, and every dog responds
owner. When she arrived at the puppy mill and adapts to a new home or environment in
rescue, she had a very large cherry eye and different and sometimes unanticipated ways.
some signs of skin disease. The vet determined Cosette was very food motivated, and her
that the eyeball was completely shrunken wagging cropped tail at mealtime was one of
underneath the cherry eye and had to be the first signs of happiness she showed. As she
removed. became more comfortable and learned from
Cosette’s foster family was experienced with the other dogs in the house, Cosette started
puppy mill dogs but they had never fostered or displaying other “happy” behaviors like being
owned a large dog before and were nervous excited to see her people in the morning and
about what to expect. After they pulled the car even approaching them to be petted. She had
into the driveway, Cosette eagerly jumped out finally learned the standard routine of going
and then froze. Many rescue dogs with trau- outside to use the bathroom and coming back
matic pasts have physical coping mechanisms inside afterward, but a few months in she
that help them deal with fear, and Cosette’s was started refusing to come back inside. When the
to sit and refuse to move. family would walk into the yard to encourage
Moving an eighty-pound dog that doesn’t her to come back in, she would run away. At
want to move is not easy, and once they got her first, they assumed that Cosette was running
inside, Cosette refused to go outside to use the from them in fear and their hearts fell, but soon
bathroom. When she would freeze in place, they noticed that her tail was up and wagging.
they helped her walk through the house by Cosette wanted to play! Her foster mom started
moving one single paw at a time. Once outside, chasing her around the yard and then changing
she would often walk to the farthest corner of direction to let Cosette chase her. This was the
the yard, lie down, and refuse to come back in. first time in Cosette’s life that she had been
The first few days were very difficult: they had allowed—and allowed herself—to play.
to repeatedly carry all eighty pounds of her Eventually Cosette became comfortable
back into the house. But despite being para- enough with her foster family that they realized
lyzed with fear, Cosette never showed any she was ready to be adopted. Like most puppy

Forever Home
aggression. mill rescues, Cosette would need a patient
Many puppy mill dogs feel safest inside a family who would let her set the terms and
crate, as that is often where they have lived speed of her healing. Cosette showed a prefer-
their entire lives. That first night, Cosette’s ence for men, a rarity among puppy mill
foster family set her up with a super-sized crate rescues, and found her forever home with a

The Inspiring Tales of Rescue Dogs and she was able to sleep in it. The second
night, however, she refused to go into the crate,
couple who had experience with boxers.

Traer Scott

Behind every dog in Forever Home is a touching tale of 24


resilience and love. Packed with twenty-seven heartwarming

three-year-old female pit bull mix

and inspirational stories of rescue dogs of all ages, this

photographic series showcases how the journey to forever Clover came to New England as a Southern
transport in March 2019 and was adopted out
almost immediately. Either due to trauma or
adjusted her meds and spent three months
working with her on targeted behaviors while
also desensitizing her to men. Finally, she was

isn’t always a straight line.

lack of socialization, Clover was terrified of ready to go up for adoption again.
men. At first the husband in the family couldn’t Clover was next adopted out in February
touch her or come near her, but over time she 2021 to a very experienced home with no other
learned to love him. dogs. The owner lived in a loft with floor-to-ceil-

Through their portraits and accompanying stories you Clover’s new home had another dog, and
initially the two did very well together—playing,
sleeping, and sharing. At some point they got
ing windows. The complex did not allow pit
bull–type dogs but had made an exception for
Clover on the condition that she was very quiet.

will fall in love with the adorable canines who have traveled
into a scuffle, which no one thought much about Unfortunately, the windows provided Clover
until it happened again. This time it was more with a clear view of everything: people coming
intense, so the family took her to Tufts, where and going, cars, other dogs, etc. Suddenly
she was given a behavior evaluation and placed Clover was living in a veritable fishbowl and

this path, learn of the steps along the way, and celebrate on Prozac, but her aggression toward the
family’s other dog escalated until it was injured
to the point of requiring vet care. The family
there was constant stimulation that caused her
to bark incessantly. After only one night she
was brought back to the shelter.

pet rescue and adoption in all its forms. Whether you’re a called the rescue and updated them on Clover,
explaining that they wanted to keep her but
weren’t sure what to do.
Finally in March 2021, Clover was adopted
out to a husband and wife with a big house in a
rural area. The woman works with behaviorally

new puppy parent or simply an animal lover, Forever Home

The rescue’s behaviorist investigated and challenged children and had infinite patience
determined that Clover was displaying general- for a dog who needed a little extra understand-
ized resource guarding: basically she was ing. Clover warmed up to the husband quickly
guarding things that meant a lot to her, but not and seemed to enjoy the country.

is the ideal tribute to our favorite furry friends. one specific thing. Sometimes it was food,
sometimes space, sometimes her owner; her
behavior was difficult to predict and even more
When Clover’s first adopter called the shelter
to check in on Clover, they connected her with
the current adopter. The two women formed a
difficult to fix. She was also exceptionally shy friendship. Clover has finally found the perfect
with new people and still terrified of men. The life that includes people from her past and
rescue recommended that the family return her present. She clearly loves her owners as much
before she severely injured their dog. Clover as they love her: during the day she gathers

Traer Scott is an award-winning fine art and commercial was returned in October 2020, after which she
was emotionally shut down and traumatized.
their socks and shoes and sleeps cuddled up
with the items while they are at work.
She didn’t want to walk, play, or eat. The shelter

photographer and author of eleven books. Her work is

exhibited around the world and is regularly featured in
national and international print and online publications.
She lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Also Available

May 2022 Finding Home

7 x 9.5 in / 17.8 x 24.1 cm HC
112 pp 978-1-61689-343-9
55 color photographs $19.95
978-1-64896-069-7 R i gh ts: Wo r l d
$19.95 / £14.99
R i g h ts : Wo r ld

9 781648 960697 9 781616 893439

10 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | ANIMAL PHOTOGRAPHY

For intermediate and beginner crafters wanting
a challenge, these eight illustrated loom weaving
projects help you create sustainable, attractive,
and useful textile pieces for your home and
wardrobe—or to give as gifts. This step-by-step
guide to weaving large projects on a little loom
is packed with more than 200 color photographs.

Weaving Big on a Little Loom

Create Inspired, Larger Pieces
Fiona Daly

Use your frame loom to create eight large, impactful weaving

projects, including an oversized scarf, a snood, a shoulder
bag, a mesh shopping bag, a bathroom mat, a table runner,
and two types of cushions. With straightforward instructions,
weave patterns, and vivid color photography, this helpful how-
to guide leads you through each step of these inspired projects.
First, choose your materials, focusing on finding the best,
most sustainable textiles and yarns for your project. Next,
learn about a special type of frame loom with a detachable
top and bottom bar that will enable you to create pieces up
to six and a half feet in length. Learn how to create eight
different weave structures, then, try your hand at each of eight
creative large-scale loom projects that are sure to impress Fiona Daly is a textile designer maker, hand weaver, and author.
family and friends. Once you’re finished, you can proudly Her practice is craft and research led, focusing on local wool
wear, carry, or display your contemporary weave work production, rare sheep breed wools, sustainable textiles, circular
anywhere. You can also learn how to make your own frame design, and education. She is the author of Weaving on a Little
loom for large projects using a simple guide. Loom: Techniques, Patterns, and Projects for Beginners
(Princeton Architectural Press, 2018). She lives in Ireland.

Also Available

April 2022 Weaving on a Little Loom

8.27 x 10.63 in PB
144 pp / more than 200 color photographs 978-1-61689-712-3
Paperback with flaps $25.95
978-1-64896-122-9 R i gh ts: n o rt h a m eri ca
R i g h ts: No rt h Americ a
52750 52595

9 781648 961229 9 781616 897123

11 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CRAFTS & HOBBIES

This ideal gift for gardeners features a photographic
collection of beautiful, innovative, ecologically
friendly gardens that will inspire and inform anyone
with a green thumb, from backyard gardeners to
accomplished landscape architects.

Beyond the Garden

Designing Home Landscapes with Natural Systems
Dana Davidsen

Through some twenty projects set across urban, suburban,

and rural spaces, Beyond the Garden explores how thoughtful
design and awareness of local ecology can make gardens both
beautiful and sustainable. Featuring interviews with designers
in the United States and the United Kingdom, this survey
presents the stories and lessons behind inspirational garden
projects, including stormwater conservation in the high desert
of New Mexico, native woodlands restoration in coastal Maine,
and land stewardship in Hampshire, England. Organized as a
set of thematic guiding principles, this collection will help you
make your landscape “greener” and will spark curiosity about
the natural systems just outside your front door.

Dana Davidsen is a landscape designer and writer based in

the San Francisco Bay Area. She has written for a variety of
publications on topics ranging from the environment to politics
and holds a master of landscape architecture degree from
the University of California, Berkeley.

June 2022
7.5 x 10 in / 19 x 25.4 cm
256 pp
220 color photographs
$45.00 / £35.00
R i g h ts: Wo rld

9 781616 899073

12 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | GARDENING

With a growing population comes a growing need
for innovative, sustainable housing. Together by
Design explores the architectural and social benefits
of communal living and shared spaces.

Together by Design
The Art and Architecture of Communal Living
William Richards

Whether it’s families in a multigenerational home, millennials

sharing rent, or older singles seeking companionship, cohousing
and other types of intentional communities offer economic,
social, and environmental advantages for all demographics.
Collective housing alternatives originated in Denmark in the
1960s and gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s,
laying the groundwork for today’s inventive shared living
Featuring color photography, renderings, and site and floor
plans, this survey of more than fifteen contemporary projects
explores communal living through architecture, public policy,
design, lifestyle, culture, and environmental sustainability.

William Richards, a writer and architectural historian based

in Washington, DC, has contributed to Architect, Architectural
Record, Landscape Architecture, and Old House Journal.

June 2022
6 x 9 in / 15.2 x 22.9 cm
176 pp
65 color photographs & 10 b+w drawings
$24.95 / £17.99
R i g h ts : Wo rld

9 781648 960277

13 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | POP CULTURE

This exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the art
and design of graphic props for popular films and
TV shows like Parks and Recreation, John Wick,
Silver Linings Playbook, The Knick, and Boardwalk
Empire is the perfect gift for movie buffs.

A large occult book created for an

amateur film production. In the script
description, the book was bound in human
skin, and had been buried with a witch.
The binding is based on a 15th century ABOVE:

Prop Man
missal, and the clasp design is based on Burning the lettering into the goatskin BELOW:
medieval German door hinges. leather cover. Forming the copper clasps.

20 21

From John Wick to Silver Linings Playbook,

from Boardwalk Empire to Parks and Recreation
Ross MacDonald and Steven Heller

In Prop Man, discover the secret history of the books, cards,

letters, maps, and legal papers that play central and supporting
roles in many of your favorite films and TV shows—from the
diary Nicolas Cage’s character discovers in National Treasure 2
to the Pawnee town charter in Parks and Recreation. The man
responsible for their authentic look, Ross MacDonald, has led
a double life as both an illustrator and writer, contributing to OPPOSITE:
An FBI binder of people wanted for
questioning, from the HBO series A Plot

the New York Times, the New Yorker and Vanity Fair, among Against America. This is the ‘hero’ page,
with Anthony Boyle’s character Alvin
Levin on it. There were about a dozen
additional pages made for this, with public

other national publications, and a designer and fabricator of

domain mug shots, and copy written for
each person—names, aliases, descrip-
tions, crimes, etc. Many times, the work
of generating copy for these types of

iconic props for more than one hundred and twenty films
documents takes longer than making the
document itself.

Binding the book blocks for a series of

and TV series. 30
large prop books.


In this visual and informative collection, learn about the

methods and artistry behind MacDonald’s most recognizable
props through an interview with design critic Steven Heller
and a selection of materials that reveal the process behind the
prop designer’s meticulous work. Ross MacDonald has led a secret double life designing and
fabricating props for more than one hundred and twenty movies
and television series. Born and raised in the backwoods of
Canada, he lived for many years in New York City before finally
before landing in Newtown, Connecticut.
May 2022
5 x 8.5 in / 12.7 x 21.6 cm Steven Heller was an art director at the New York Times for
144 pp thirty-three years, originally on the OpEd Page and for almost
101 color photographs and illustrations
Hardcover thirty of those years with the New York Times Book Review.
978-1-64896-112-0 Currently, he is cochair of the SVA / NYC MFA Designer as
$27.95 / £19.99 Entrepreneur Department. He is the author and coauthor of
R i g h ts: Wo rld
two hundred books on graphic design, satiric art, and illustration
and writes “The Daily Heller” column for He
9 781648 961120 lives in New York City.

14 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | POP CULTURE

Radical Practice celebrates the extraordinary, award-
winning designs of Marlon Blackwell Architects, an
Arkansas-based firm with a focus on public and civic
projects that are located outside of the established
centers of architectural culture.


Rogers, Arkansas (2016)

Home to a thriving medical practice, the Harvey

Pediatric Clinic is found in a rapidly growing
suburban commercial corridor. This recently
rural landscape was dotted by the silhouettes of
barns, sheds, and silos, now replaced by banal
office buildings, strip malls, and big-box retail.
The Harvey Clinic offers a strong profile and bold
colors in response, creating a rich and memorable
experience in an otherwise nondescript suburban
office park. Previously located in a cramped,
nondescript office building, the Clinic owner and
primary tenant hoped for a new building that could
be an inspiring place for both patients and staff,
leading to better, more efficient care.


Radical Practice
The Work of Marlon Blackwell Architects
Edited by Peter MacKeith and Jonathan Boelkins
Photographs by Timothy Hursley
Foreword by Andrew Freear

The distinct and original work of Marlon Blackwell Architects has

produced iconic and award-winning designs across building types,
scales, and budgets. Located in Arkansas, the firm merges the
312 313

universal language of architecture and the particulars of place,

a process that has resulted in a distinguished body of work, from
schools to parks and beyond.
Celebrating thirty years of practice by the 2020 AIA Gold
Medal–winning architect Marlon Blackwell, this survey of more
than a dozen buildings pairs detailed drawings and the vivid
photographs of renowned photographer Timothy Hursley with
essays by leading designers, planners, and artists. Contributors
include Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, architects of the Obama
Presidential Center; Maurice Cox, Chicago’s city planning
director; Pritzker Prize–winning architect Thom Mayne, James
Corner, landscape architect of the High Line; and environmental
artist Mary Miss among many others—all of whom attest to
Blackwell’s reputation as a leading voice of his generation.

Peter MacKeith is the dean of the Fay Jones School of Architecture

and Design at the University of Arkansas. Based in Fayetteville,
June 2022 he is a senior fellow of the Design Futures Council and a Design
11 x 11 in / 28 x 28 cm
512 pp Intelligence Design Educator of the Year.
500 color & 80 b+w drawings
Hardcover with jacket Jonathan Boelkins, an architect and writer based in Fayetteville,
$80.00 / £60.00 Arkansas, teaches at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School
R i g h ts: Wo rld of Architecture and Design. He is a former studio director at
55 88 00 00 00 Marlon Blackwell Architects.

99 778811661166 889988995533

15 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | ARCHITECTURE

Architect and artist Marshall Brown is making space
for the future by remixing the legacy of modern
architecture in this exploration of his visionary urban
ideas, brought to life through extraordinary collages,
drawings, models, and photographs.

Recurrent Visions
The Architecture of Marshall Brown Projects
Karen Kice, Marshall Brown
Foreword by Mónica Ponce de León

Groundbreaking architect Marshall Brown presents a vision of

the future through cross-disciplinary explorations that leverage
the possibilities of scale, media, and time in this survey of three
unique projects. With an introduction by curator Karen Kice,
Recurrent Visions presents Brown’s work through a deep dive
into his seminal projects for New York, Chicago, and Detroit.
Journey into the cities, places, and spaces of the future
crafted by the hands of today, with contributions from today’s
leading architectural thinkers, Mónica Ponce de León, Joseph
Becker, Allison Glenn, and Adrienne Brown.

• UNITY Plan for the MTA Vanderbilt Rail Yards, Brooklyn Marshall Brown is an architect, urbanist, and principal of Marshall
• Dequindre Civic Academy, Detroit Brown Projects. In 2016 Brown represented the U.S. at the Venice
• Smooth Growth Urbanism, Chicago Architecture Biennale. His work is in the permanent collections
of the Art Institute of Chicago, San Francisco Museum of Modern
Discover the voice shaping the future of our urban experience. Art, and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. He is an
Ideal reading for designers, architects, and scholars, this book associate professor with tenure at the Princeton University School
presents work that encourages discovery, exploration, and time of Architecture, where he directs the Princeton Urban Imagination
travel, by one of the most forward-thinking architects and Center. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey.
urbanists of our time.
May 2022 Karen Kice is a consultant and curator in art, architecture, and
9 x 12 in / 23 x 30.5 cm design. Her exhibitions include Sahara: Acts of Memory (Benton
128 pp / 40 color & 15 b+w Museum of Art at Pomona College, 2021), Recurrent Visions:
(photographs, renderings, collage)
Hardcover The Architecture of Marshall Brown Projects (Princeton University,
978-1-64896-068-0 School of Architecture, 2019), and Chatter: Architecture Talks Back
$50.00 / £40.00 (Art Institute of Chicago, 2015). For five years, she was a curator
R i g h ts: Wo rld
in the Department of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute
of Chicago. She lives in Los Angeles, California.
9 781648 960680

16 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | ARCHITECTURE

Previously Announced
A visual and global chronicle of the triumphs,
challenges, and impact of more than 100
women in architecture, from early practitioners
to contemporary leaders.


SKLAREK Born Teaching
Harlem, New York, NY, April University of California, Los
15, 1926 Angeles (UCLA); University of
Southern California (USC)
Pacific Palisades, CA, Notable Honors
February 6, 2012 First African American woman
to graduate from Columbia
University, 1950; first African
Education American woman licensed to
Barnard College, Columbia practice architecture in New
University, 1945; Columbia York, 1954; first African American
University, BArch, 1950 woman in AIA, 1959; first African
American woman licensed in
Practice the state of California, 1962; Opposite Above
Department of Public Works, first African American woman Norma Merrick Sklarek. Pacific Design Center, Los
New York, 1950–55; SOM, elected to College of Fellows, Courtesy Gruen Associates Angeles, CA, 1978. Courtesy
1955–60; Gruen Associates, AIA; Association of Black Women Gruen Associates
1960–80; Welton Becket Entrepreneurs’ Outstanding Left
Associates, 1980–85; Siegel, Business Role Model Award, 1987; U.S. Embassy, Tokyo,
Sklarek and Diamond, AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Award, Japan, 1976. Courtesy Gruen
1985–89; Jerde Partnership, 2008; AIA|LA Gold Medal, 2019 Associates

Over the course of her long and prolific career, Although she struggled to find work after school, ranks. As director of architecture, she coordinated center in the United States at the time.
African American architect Norma Merrick Sklarek having been rejected by nineteen firms, Sklarek was the technical aspects of such major commissions as Outside of her architectural practice, Sklarek left
broke through many barriers and built many build- not deterred.56 Eventually, she secured a position the Fox Plaza (1966) in San Francisco, San Bernardi- her mark on the field as an advocate, educator, and
ings. With extraordinary expertise, intellect and as a junior draftsperson in the City of New York’s no City Hall (1971), Commons-Courthouse Center role model for minority architects. In addition to
determination, Sklarek overcame the prejudices of Department of Public Works.57 Craving more creative (1973) in Columbus, the United States Embassy in teaching at UCLA and USC, she mentored aspiring
a white, male-dominated field, paving the way for a and challenging work, Sklarek took and passed the Tokyo (1976), and the Pacific Design Center (1978) in architects by helping them to prepare for the state
generation of architects from marginalized popula- architects’ registration exam on her first attempt in Los Angeles. licensing exam. Sklarek helped make the profession
tions to follow. 1954, becoming the first licensed African American In the early 1980s, Sklarek worked as vice more diverse by serving on many boards and com-
Raised in Harlem and Brooklyn during the height woman architect in the state of New York. The president at Welton Becket Associates in Santa mittees, such as the AIA National Ethics Council, the
of the Great Depression, Sklarek was nurtured by following year, SOM hired her, and she was routinely Monica, California, where she supervised the California State Board of Architectural Examiners,
her parents, a doctor and a seamstress, who had im- trusted with difficult jobs and tight deadlines.58 design and execution of Terminal One at Los and the National Council of Architecture Registration
migrated to the United States from the West Indies. Sklarek moved to Los Angeles in 1960 and Angeles International Airport in advance of the 1984 Boards (NCARB). In 2008, Sklarek was honored with
Sklarek attended Barnard College in New York City began a twenty-year tenure with Gruen Associates, Olympics. The following year, Sklarek cofounded the Whitney Young Award for her outstanding work
for one year before entering the architecture school a firm that formerly had an explicit policy against the women-owned firm Siegel Sklarek Diamond but advancing the social imperatives of architecture. In
at Columbia University in 1945.54 Persevering in her hiring Black people. Facing discrimination in the abandoned the entrepreneurial undertaking after 2019, she was posthumously awarded the AIA/LA
studies despite the program’s racial and gender workplace, Sklarek had to work twice as hard four years in pursuit of the higher-profile com- Gold Medal, the chapter’s highest honor.59 —LFR
homogeneity and atmosphere of hypercompeti- as her white, male colleagues to advance in her missions. She went on to serve as principal of the
tiveness, Sklarek became the first African American career. Demonstrating competence and excelling at Jerde Partnership, where she worked on the Mall of
woman to complete the program in 1950.55 complex, large-scale projects, she rose through the America (1992) in Minneapolis, the largest shopping


The Women Who Changed Architecture

Edited by Jan Cigliano Hartman
BROWN Born Notable Honors
Nkana, Zambia, October 3, Venturi, Rauch and Scott
1931 Brown, Firm Award, AIA,

Foreword by Beverly Willis, Introduction by Amale Andraos

1985; Distinguished
Education Professor Award, Association
University of Witwatersand, of Collegiate Schools of
BA, 1952; AA School Architecture, 1986–87;
of Architecture, 1955; Vincent Scully Prize, National
University of Pennsylvania, Building Museum, 2002;

Copublisher: Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, New York Master of City Planning, Athena Award, Congress for
1960; University of the New Urbanism, 2007;
Pennsylvania, MArch, 1965 European Cultural Center
Award, 2016; Gold Medal
(with Robert Venturi), AIA,
2016; Jane Drew Prize, 2017;
Venturi and Rauch, 1969–89;
Sainsbury Wing, National
Venturi, Rauch and Scott
Gallery London, Twenty-five
Brown, 1980; Venturi, Scott
Year Award, AIA, 2019
Brown and Associates,

Marion Mahony Griffin passed the architectural licensure exam

Denise Scott Brown, recognized as one of the most Scott Brown found it challenging to be away from

in 1898 and created exquisite drawings that buoyed the influential architects of the twentieth century, in
partnership with her husband, Robert Venturi, was
born Denise Lakofski in Nkana, Zambia. She says that
her earliest memory is of looking at blueprints for an
home and to be one of only five women in a class of
sixty-five. She gained encouragement from Arthur
Korn, an architect and professor at the school, who
mentored her and shared his wealth of knowledge

reputation of Frank Lloyd Wright. Her story is one of the many

early modern house her parents were building. Her on topics like the November Group, the German
mother had studied architecture and her father was expressionist artists and architects.
a developer, providing Scott Brown insight into the Scott Brown graduated from the AA in 1955, the
field from a young age. Her upbringing in Johannes- same year she married Robert Scott Brown, whom
burg, South Africa, amid vibrant multiculturalism, she had met at Witwatersrand. In 1958, the couple

told in The Women Who Changed Architecture, which sets the despite racial segregation, later informed her
approach to urban design and her theories about
architectural postmodernism. She views herself as
having one foot in architecture and one in urban
moved to Philadelphia to study at the University of
Pennsylvania’s planning department. Within the year,
Robert Scott Brown died in a car accident. Denise,
nevertheless, completed her master’s degree and

record straight on the transformative impact women have made

planning, a difficult balance, she has learned. joined the faculty following graduation. She even Opposite Above
Denise Scott Brown. Photo Venturi, Scott Brown and
After studying at Johannesburg’s University of completed an additional master’s degree in architec-
Frank Hanswjik. Courtesy Associates project montage
Witwatersrand, she traveled to London to work for ture while teaching. Venturi, Scott Brown and by Jeremy Tenenbaum, DATE.
modernist architect Frederick Gibberd, also pursuing When in 1960, the University of Pennsylvania was Associates Courtesy Venturi, Scott
a graduate degree at the AA School of Architecture. considering demolishing the 1891 Library of Fine Arts Brown and Associates

on architecture. With in-depth profiles and stunning images, this

is the most comprehensive look at women in architecture around
the world, from the nineteenth century to today. Discover 294

contemporary leaders, like MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang,

spearheading sustainable design initiatives, reimagining cities as
equitable spaces, and directing architecture schools. An essential
PONCE DE LEÓN Born Notable Honors
Caracas, Venezuela, Young Architects Award,
December 23, 1965 Architectural League of

read for architecture students, architects, and anyone interested

New York, 1997; Academy
Award in Architecture,
American Academy of
Education Arts and Letters, 2002;
University of Miami, BArch, National Design Award,

in how buildings are created and the history behind them.

1989; Harvard GSD, MArch, Architecture, Cooper Hewitt,
1991 2007; Teaching Award of
Excellence, Association for
Computer Aided Design in
Architecture, 2018
Office dA, Boston, 1991–
2010; MPdL Studio, 2011–

“I am told by my family that I was drawing plans at tecture to shape people’s lives.
age seven,” says Mónica Ponce de León, who was Ponce de León immigrated to Miami with her
born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1965. “We were in a family from Caracas after graduating from high
dentist’s office, and I drew the plan of the waiting school. She worked in a millwork shop before
room, and then I drew a plan of the lobby, and I drew enrolling at the University of Miami, completing
a plan of the whole building. And everybody in the her architecture degree in 1989. She then pursued
waiting room was looking over my shoulder and graduate studies at Harvard, receiving a master of
asking my mother, ‘What is this girl doing?’”21 architecture in urban design in 1991.
Although Ponce de León showed an early aptitude For the duration of her career, Ponce de León has
for drawing floor plans, she didn’t remember how taught and practiced architecture simultaneously.
much architecture had held her interest as a child She first taught at the University of Miami and
until she was asked to consider three career options subsequently moved to the Boston area to teach at
during secondary school. Her first two choices were Northeastern University and eventually the Harvard
computer science and mechanical engineering, GSD, where she was a faculty member for twelve
with architecture being the third. After attending years. She cofounded Office dA, based in Boston,
an orientation and hearing professional architects with Nader Tehrani in 1991 and founded her current Above Opposite
speak about their careers, and after visiting several firm, MPdL Studio, in 2011. Mónica Ponce de León. Cour- Pompano Beach Library, Cultural
concrete residential buildings in Caracas’s Sabana A major focus of Ponce de León’s career has been tesy MPdL Studio Arts and Media Center, Pompano
Grande district, she understood the power of archi- the application of robotic technology to building Beach, FL, MPdL Studio, 2017.
Photo Josh Reynolds

March 2022
7.5 x 10 in / 19 x 25.4 cm Jan Cigliano Hartman is principal of Jan Amale Andraos is the dean of Columbia
336 pp / 400 color & b+w images Hartman Books and a former senior editor University’s Graduate School of Architecture,
at Princeton Architectural Press. Planning and Preservation, and cofounder of
$50.00 / £35.00 WORKac, a New York–based studio named
Architect Beverly Willis is cofounder of the
R i g h ts: Wo rld the top US design firm by Architect in 2017.
New York City–based Beverly Willis Architecture
Foundation, which advances the recognition of
9 781616 898717 women’s contributions to architecture.

17 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | ARCHITECTURE

Previously Announced
In this globetrotting tour of seventeen houses,
discover how bamboo, one of the most sustainable
building materials on the planet, can be used in
ingenious ways in residential design.

Bamboo Contemporary
Green Houses Around the Globe
William Richards

Bamboo is a perennial grass that grows rapidly and rivals

steel, concrete, and wood in strength. Bamboo Contemporary
shows the many ways this incredible material can be used
to build sustainably. Featuring locales from China to the
Czech Republic and the United States, the survey includes
homes built entirely from bamboo as well as building projects
and renovations that use bamboo as the primary component.
Fascinating descriptions, documentary photography, and
architectural drawings will appeal to aspirational lifestyle
readers interested in sustainability and natural materials as
well as design professionals.

William Richards, a writer and architectural historian based

in Washington, DC, has contributed to Architect, Architectural
Record, Landscape Architecture, and Old House Journal.

May 2022
9 x 12 in / 23 x 30.5 cm
224 pp / 200 color images
$60.00 / £45.00
R i g h ts : Wo rld

9 781616 899004

18 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | ARCHITECTURE

A portfolio of ten lushly illustrated residential
landscape projects in California’s wine country,
each a lesson in the alchemy of garden design,
Previously Announced created by landscape architecture firm Lucas
& Lucas.

Architectural Gardens
Inside the Landscapes of Lucas & Lucas
Thad Orr and Mike Lucas

The work of landscape architecture firm Lucas & Lucas extends

the architecture of the house into the garden through carefully
selected elements of design. Each of the ten projects in
Architectural Gardens includes a design narrative that addresses
the interconnections between home and land, detailed captions,
and a site plan. Readers will learn how to implement features
such as landscape windows, breeze-catching grasses, cascading
concrete waterfalls, and trees with thoughtfully cast shadows to
transform their landscape. The book includes a roundup of
Mike Lucas’s favorite plants—those best suited to different types
of properties and for different purposes like drought tolerance
or fast growth. The featured projects will appeal to garden
designers, landscape architects, landscape contractors, architects,
and home builders, as well as home gardeners looking for

March 2022
10 x 8 in / 25.4 x 20.3 cm
224 pp / 225 color images
$50.00 / £40.00 Thad Orr, former editor-in-chief of Garden Mike Lucas is the design director of Lucas &
R i g h ts: Wo r ld
Design magazine, writes for publications such as Lucas, a landscape architecture and architecture
Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens, and Country firm based in Healdsburg, California.
9 781616 899646 Gardens. Orr is based in Redlands, California.

19 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE

Children’s Books
From the award-winning author and illustrator of
Up the Mountain Path, The Fish and the Cat, and
Otto and Pio comes an imaginative read-aloud
picture book about one bear’s journey to believe
in himself and discover the beauty of change.

Bear and the Whisper of the Wind

Written and Illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

Bear is happy at home, eating strawberry pie and spending

time with his friends. But one day, the wind whispers to Bear,
calling him to embark on a surprising journey to an unknown
place. He isn’t sure where he is going, but he knows that
everything will turn out okay if he trusts his instincts.
A sweet, delightfully illustrated tale about believing in
yourself, Bear and the Whisper of the Wind shows children that
change may be scary at first, but it can lead to fun, happy,
and exciting things too.

Marianne Dubuc is an award-winning writer and illustrator

living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She is the author / illustrator
of over twenty books, including Up the Mountain Path, Otto
and Pio, and Little Cheetah’s Shadow.

Also Available
March 2022
7.5 x 9.5 in portrait
72 pp Otto and Pio Up the Mountain Path
44 color illustrations HC w/ jacket HC w/ jacket
Hardcover with jacket 978-1-61689-760-4 978-1-61689-723-9
978-1-64896-119-9 $18.95 $17.95
$18.95 R i gh ts: N o rt h A meri ca R i gh ts : N o rth A m er ic a
R i g h ts : No rt h Amer ic a
A g es : 3–7
51895 51895 51795

9 781648 961199 9 781616 897604 9 781616 897239

21 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CHILDREN’S BOOKS

Curious young readers will love learning about
the migration patterns of plants and animals from
all around the world in this colorful children’s
atlas, richly illustrated in Matt Sewell’s signature

The Atlas of Migrating Plants and Animals

Matt Sewell, written by Megan Lee

Featuring mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, and plants

from all continents and nearly all oceans, this informative
collection will teach young nature lovers about migration in
its many forms. Grade-school children will discover how
creatures navigate the planet when they encounter climate
change, sun, chemicals, the Earth’s magnetic field, and the
changing seasons in this illustrated reference book.
Follow flocks of arctic terns on their annual 24,855-mile
journey between the Earth’s poles. Join the monarch
butterflies on their famous pilgrimage, upwards of 3,000
miles, from Canada to Mexico. Marvel at wildebeests,
humpback whales, salmon, dragonflies, and more, as they
travel around the globe and battle the Earth’s toughest Matt Sewell is an avid ornithologist. His birds books, Our
conditions to survive. Garden Birds, Our Woodland Birds, A Charm of Goldfinches
have taken the world by storm. He has also illustrated numerous
children’s books including The Colorful  World of Dinosaurs,
and Atlas of Amazing Birds. He lives in Shrewsbury, England.

Megan Lee is fascinated with the natural landscape and loves

to hike, swim, and ramble across the moors near her home in
Leeds, England.
Also Available
March 2022
9.05 x 11.4 in The Colorful World The Atlas of
160 pp / more than 120 color illustrations of Dinosaurs Amazing Birds
Hardcover HC HC
978-1-64896-116-8 978-1-61689-716-1 978-1-61689-857-1
$19.95 $18.95 $19.95
R i g h ts : No rt h Amer ic a R i gh ts: n o rt h a m eri ca R i gh ts: no rth amer ic a
A g e s: 5–10
51995 51895 51995

9 781648 961168 9 781616 897161 9 781616 898571

22 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CHILDREN’S BOOKS

Gallop into the mythical world of The Lady and the
Unicorn, a beautifully illustrated and educational
picture book adventure about love, magic, and art
history, inspired by the Unicorn Tapestries held by the
Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Cluny
Museum in Paris.

The Lady and the Unicorn

Béatrice Fontanel, Illustrated by Vanessa Hié

The Lady and the Unicorn invites young readers into an

enchanting tale of a unicorn who must outsmart a lord and
his huntsmen. When the unicorn finds his way into a
secret garden in the forest, he discovers a young lady who
just may have powers more magical than his own.
Children will be drawn in by the vibrant illustrations
and captivated by the detailed scenes of the unicorn and his
forest friends and foes. Parents will love how the book
connects the illustrations to the symbols and meanings of
the original Unicorn Tapestries, which were created in the
Middle Ages. Kids and adults alike are sure to return to this
beautifully illustrated and engaging story again and again.

Béatrice Fontanel lives in Montparnasse, a neighborhood in

Paris, France and has a podcast series called Imaginary Walks.

Vanessa Hié is an illustrator for the Prestel Children’s Books

series Inspired by Famous Artworks, including Three Musicians
(Pablo Picasso), The Mermaid and the Parakeet (Henri Matisse),
and The Color of the Night (Paul Gauguin). She lives in Paris.

March 2022
8.5 x 11.39 in / 216 x 264 cm
48 pp / 24 color illustrations
Hardcover with jacket
Gold foil stamping
$19.95 / £14.99
R i g h ts: Wo rld E n g lis h
A g e s: 6–10

9 781648 961236

23 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CHILDREN’S BOOKS

Go on an exciting adventure to the seashore, onto
a boat, to an island, and beyond in this vibrantly
illustrated, educational, and interactive lift-the-flap
children’s storybook, ideal for summer reading time.

At the Sea
Written and Illustrated by Emma Giuliani

Plum and her little brother Robin take a stroll to the seashore on
a warm summer day to discover seashells, plants, and birds, but
they soon find much more to explore! After sightseeing at the
port, where there are seagulls and boats in the harbor, they sail
across the bay to an island where they visit a lighthouse.
With Plum and Robin as guides, children will identify sea
creatures like sea turtles, sardines, and jellyfish and learn how to
observe beach wildlife in a safe, fun, and educational way. This
colorful and entertaining exploration of the sea teaches children
about a variety of ecological topics—and ways they can help
reduce the impact of climate change on oceans today—in an
engaging and thoughtful way.

Emma Giuliani is a graphic designer and illustrator living in

Vernouillet, just outside of Paris, France. She is the author of
In the Garden (Spring 2020)

April 2022 Also Available

11 x 15.75 in / 28 x 40 cm
16 pp
64 color illustrations In the Garden
Hardcover HC
Over 20 lift-the flaps 978-1-61689-893-9
978-1-64896-126-7 $27.95
$28.95 / £21.99 R i gh ts: Wo r l d E n gl i sh
R i g h ts: Wo rld E n g lis h
A g e s: 8-12
52895 52795

9 781648 961267 9 781616 898939

24 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CHILDREN’S BOOKS

Paper +Goods

25 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | CHILDREN’S BOOKS

Guided Drawing.
Mindfulness Exercises.
Nature Education.

The ideal creative gift for nature lovers and fans of

adult coloring books, Drawing Trees is an innovative,
meditative activity book that features traceable
illustrations of thirty different types of trees, leaves,
seeds, and flowers.

Drawing Trees
Trace Thirty Different Trees, and Their Leaves,
Branches, and Seeds

Drawing Trees provides guided illustration techniques for

beginning artists looking for a relaxing new hobby. Tracing
the lines of each tree, leaf, and seed is an exercise in
mindfulness: notice where your mind wanders as you draw,
losing yourself between pages of thick, durable FSC-certified
paper. Each illustration is depicted in bright, grassy green,
splashing each page with color and welcoming you to add
your own details or hues.
These observational drawings are accompanied by
detailed descriptions of the trees and plants they depict,
teaching you how to identify these species out in the wild.
Whether at home, on your lunch break, in a coffee shop,
at the park, or out in the wilderness, this artistic and
educational drawing guide will help soothe anxiety and
encourage your creativity to grow.

May 2022
7.25 x 9.25 in / 18.4 x 23.5 cm
144 pp
R i g h ts: Wo rld

9 781648 961243

26 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

Beat screen fatigue and challenge your mind
with this modern Sudoku book packed with 150
brain-teasing grids, the perfect Sudoku gift for
puzzle lovers.

6 9 4 6 8 1 4 2

8 2 5 1 9

7 7 1

7 3 2 1 3

1 3 2 4 7 3 7 5

2 6 4 4 6 1 8

5 2

3 8 9 7 3

9 2 3 4 5 7 9 3

easy 1 easy 2
Modern Sudoku
150 Puzzles
3 4 1 6 8 3

6 3 9 3 4
Portable enough to take on your commute or pack in
4 2 5 3 7 2 9
your suitcase, but stylish enough to display on your
2 6 1 3
coffee table, this classic collection of Sudoku puzzles is
5 7 9 1 8 6
sure to keep your mind sharp. The puzzles span a range
8 7 4 9 1 7
of difficulties, encouraging you to work your way through
1 9 8 8 2 5 1
the levels, while the grids feature brightly colored
3 4 8 2
squares to create visual contrast while you solve. The
2 6 7 9 7 5 4
cohesive color palette coordinates with the cover, where
the hues and typeface have a cool, mid-century jazz
album vibe. Whether you’re a logic genius or just
discovering the Sudoku sensation, you’re sure to adore medium 123 medium 124
this charming yet challenging collection.

1 6 3 5 9

3 8 4 1 2 3

6 9 4 8 9

6 5 9 9 3 5 2

9 2 8 4

3 4 7 3 6 1

3 6 2 5 6

8 2 5 6 3 4

2 5 1 9 4
April 2022
5.5 x 7 in / 14 x 17.8 cm
192 pp
Embossed cover w/spot UV hard 129 hard 130
R i g h ts: Wo rld

9 781648 961182

27 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

The ideal Sudoku gift for puzzle lovers, this beautiful,
vintage Sudoku collection is packed with 150 classic
brain-bending logic puzzles.

8 9 1 7 3 7 1

6 2 1 8 6 2 5 4

7 5 8 1

8 6 5 6 3

7 4 3 7 5 8 6

1 1 9 2

1 6 9 7 9 2

3 7 2 4 1 8

4 9 6 6 2 3

9/21/21 11:04 AM

Notebook_Sudoku_Vintage_INTERIOR_R2.indd 20-21 9/21/21 11:04 AM

Vintage Sudoku
150 Puzzles 4 8 7 8 4 6

9 1 6 3 2 5 1

Sudoku has never been more beautiful! A refreshing 2 1 1

3 9 8 7 1 7 6 4
change from typical logic puzzle collections, this gifty
4 1 9 4 7 1
Sudoku book features a stylish, ornate theme in a 5 7 2 3
8 4
stunning yet portable package, inspired by vintage 7 3 7

French signage. With a variety of levels and colorful 1 8 6 2 9 3 1

numbered squares for contrast, this book is both an 3 5 7 8 9 4

intellectual and visual pleasure to solve your way

through. Whether you pack your puzzles to take on
your commute or display this gorgeous collection on
your coffee table to enjoy from the comfort of your
own couch, this puzzle book will beat screen fatigue Notebook_Sudoku_Vintage_INTERIOR_R2.indd 108-109 9/21/21 11:04 AM

and keep your mind sharp.

9 5 2

5 3 7 6 5 1 8 7

4 4 1

7 8 2 4 2 9 4

3 5 8 8 4 3

8 4 3 7 1 4 8 9

8 4 6 9

9 3 7 5 3 7

5 1 3 7

April 2022
5.5 x 7 in / 14 x 17.8 cm
192 pp
Embossed cover w/spot UV Notebook_Sudoku_Vintage_INTERIOR_R2.indd 140-141 9/21/21 11:04 AM

R i g h ts : Wo rld

9 781648 961212

28 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

A gorgeous all-occasion notecard set featuring
cooking and gardening images from twelve stunning
fabric applique projects by extraordinary post-WWII
Japanese textile artist Ayako Miyawaki.

Clothwork Notecards
The Textile Art of Ayako Miyawaki

This simple yet elegant notecard and envelope set is

packaged in a luxurious keepsake box with a removable
bellyband, making it the perfect gift for artists or
crafters. Each of the twelve notecards features a unique
fabric applique design from the work of Ayako
Miyawaki, who used scraps of handwoven cloth and
her keen eye for patterns and textures to elevate
everyday objects into stunning textile art.
Featuring home and garden imagery ranging
from flowers, to fruit, to just-pulled garlic, these blank-
interior notecards make the perfect greeting card for
any occasion, as well as the ideal accompaniment
for any gift. This sophisticated set is accompanied by
an insert with an artist statement, celebrating this
previously unsung woman artist.

Japanese textile artist Ayako Miyawaki (1905–1995)

found beauty in the everyday world around her.
Miyawaki utilized scraps of textile and twine to create
extraordinary appliqué compositions.

March 2022
Box: 5.95 x 1.95 x 7.15 in / 15 x 5 x 18 cm
Cards: 5 x 6.375 in / 12.7 x 16.2 cm
10 notecards & 10 envelopes
Box with liftoff lid and bellyband
Artist biography enclosure
R i g h ts: Wo rld

9 781648 961298

29 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

This vivid 1000-piece puzzle features a whimsical
seasonal farmer’s market, depicting oversized,
colorful produce and a rich diversity of farmers
and customers with layers of activity to discover.

Artwork Detail

At the Farmer’s Market

1000 Piece Puzzle
Illustrated by Whooli Chen

With bustling activity, large sections of bright

colors, and micro-stories and inside jokes hidden
within the scene, this jigsaw puzzle is perfect for
solo or group assembly. To help with solving, there
is a large insert of the puzzle image for reference,
featuring a statement from the artist, Taiwan-based
illustrator Whooli Chen. The box contains high-
quality pieces and minimal puzzle dust, and the
finished puzzle assembles to 25 x 20 inches. The
ideal gift for foodies, this peek inside a farmer’s
market is sure to provide hours of puzzling fun for
the whole family.

Whooli Chen is an artist and editorial illustrator.

She is also a cat lover and a serious reader. Her art
draws on surrealism, dream interpretation, botany,
Asian traditional art and gentle colors. She has deep
affection for plants and animals. Currently based in
Taiwan, Whooli completed a master’s degree in
illustration at the University of the Arts London.

April 2022
Puzzle: 25 x 20 in / 63.5 x 51 cm scene
Box: 8.375 x 11.375 x 2.5 in / 21.3 x 29 x 6.4 cm
1000 pieces
R i g h ts: Wo r ld

9 781648 961359

30 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

Featuring retro, neon colors and a bright,
beautiful beach image, this 1000-piece puzzle
is packed with activity, sun, and fun!

Artwork Detail

At the Beach
1000 Piece Puzzle
Illustrated by María Medem

This high-quality jigsaw puzzle depicts a dreamy

scene of a day at the beach: sunbathers, surfers,
sailors, and swimmers congregate on and around this
vivid stretch of sand, each of them enjoying a different
activity for you to discover as you assemble the pieces.
With a bold color gradient and distinctive sunset
colors, this puzzle creates varied sections that are ideal
for group puzzling and family time.
The box includes 1000 high-quality puzzle pieces
with minimal puzzle dust, accompanied by an artist
statement from Sevilla-based illustrator María
Medem. This puzzle also comes with an oversize
insert that displays a large, clear rendering of the
image to use as reference while you put together this
25 x 20-inch scene.

María Medem is a Spanish author and illustrator who

studied fine arts at the University of Sevilla. Medem is
inspired by silence and uses her work to interpret the
everyday world in a dreamlike way. Her comic books
and zines include Satori, Cenit, Echos, and Cedars.

May 2022
Puzzle: 25 x 20 in / 63.5 x 51 cm scene
Box: 8.375 x 11.375 x 2.5 in / 21.3 x 29 x 6.4 cm
1000 pieces
R i g h ts : Wo r ld

9 781648 961328

31 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring

Fall 2021 |
2022 | PAPER + GOODS
Discover the farm’s feathered friends in this
playful, charming 1000-piece puzzle. Featuring
more than 40 distinctive and colorful chicken
types in a lush, green grass setting, Chickenology
showcases whimsical art and a varied scene.

Artwork Detail

1000 Piece Puzzle

Whether you raise backyard chickens or have an

interest in sustainable farming, this perfect gift for
animal lovers is sure to challenge and delight! A
wide variety of chickens assemble on a bright green
lawn in this ideal family puzzle, depicting
a flurry of activity: feathers, eggs, plants, and baby
chicks fill the scene, creating layers of visual interest
to explore as you solve. The image features labels
for the more unusual chicken species, making this
jigsaw puzzle educational as well as fun.
This high-quality puzzle contains minimal
puzzle dust for neater assembly and is accompanied
by an oversize
insert with the reference image and an artist
statement by rising star Camilla Pintonato. Next
time you’re feeling “cooped up” on a rainy day, this
Chickenology puzzle is sure to entertain!

Camilla Pintonato is an author, illustrator, and

graphic designer based in Venice, Italy. She studied
illustration at Mimaster in Milan and completed her
master’s degree in editorial design at ISIA in
Urbino. Her books include Chickenology, Pigology,
Full Moon and Detective Mole.
Also Available
February 2022
Puzzle: 25 x 20 in / 63.5 x 51 cm scene Chickenology
Box: 8.375 x 11.375 x 2.5 in / 21.3 x 29 x 6.4 cm HC
1000 pieces 978-1-61689-908-0
978-1-64896-140-3 $19.95
$17.95 R i gh ts: Wo r l d en gl i sh
R i g h ts : Wo rld
51795 51995

9 781648 961403 9 781616 899080

32 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS

Backlist Highlights & Gift

33 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | PAPER + GOODS


Carpenters Color Scheme Dressing the Resistance Emotional Robots

The Musical Legacy An Irreverent History of Art and The Visual Language of Protest A Question of Existence
HC / 978-1-64896-072-7 Pop Culture in Color Palettes Through History PB / 978-1-64896-039-0
$35.00 HC / 978-1-61689-992-9 / $24.95 HC / 978-1-61689-988-2 / $27.95 $16.95
53500 52495 52795 51695

9 781648 960727 9 781616 899929 9 781616 899882 9 781648 960390

Finding Home Guide to Historic Artists’ The Humane Home Immortal Axes
Shelter Dogs and Their Stories Homes and Studios Easy Steps for Sustainable & Green Living Guitars That Rock
HC / 978-1-61689-343-9 PB / 978-1-61689-773-4 HC / 978-1-61689-850-2 HC / 978-1-64896-023-9
$19.95 $29.95 $25.95 $60.00
52995 52595 56000

9 781616 893439 9 781616 897734 9 781616 898502 9 781648 960239

Letters to a Young Farmer Radiant Three Pianos Vicious Nonsense

On Food, Farming, and Our Future Farm Animals Up Close and Personal A Memoir Quips, Snubs & Jabs by Literary Friends & Foes
PB / 978-1-61689-530-3 HC / 978-1-61689-715-4 PB / 978-1-64896-020-8 HC / 978-1-61689-990-5
$21.95 $24.95 $27.95 $16.95
52195 52495 52795 51695

9 781616 895303 9 781616 897154 9 781648 960208 9 781616 899905

Visualizing Nature Voices of Change We Are Santa Wild Design

Essays on Truth, Spirit, and Philosophy Inspiring Words from Activists Around the Globe Portraits and Profiles Nature’s Architect
HC / 978-1-61689-986-8 PB / 978-1-61689-996-7 HC / 978-1-61689-965-3 HC / 978-1-64896-017-8
$21.95 $16.95 $22.95 $24.95
52195 51695 52295 52495

9 781616 899868 9 781616 899967 9 781616 899653 9 781648 960178

34 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


40 Knots and How to Tie Them 50 Things to Do at the Beach 50 Things to Do in the Wild 50 Things to Do with a Penknife
Explore More Series Explore More Series Explore More Series Explore More Series
HC / 978-1-61689-718-5 HC / 978-1-61689-995-0 HC / 978-1-61689-942-4 HC / 978-1-61689-638-6
$17.95 $17.95 $17.95 $17.95
51795 51795 51795 51795

9 781616 897185 9 781616 899950 9 781616 899424 9 781616 896386

50 Things to See in the Sky Cultivated The Healing Garden The Humane Gardener
Explore More Series The Elements of Floral Style Herbs for Health and Wellness Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife
HC / 978-1-61689-800-7 HC / 978-1-61689-820-5 PB / 978-1-61689-926-4 HC / 978-1-61689-554-9
$17.95 $27.50 $25.95 $24.95
51795 52750 52595 52495

9 781616 898007 9 781616 898205 9 781616 899264 9 781616 895549

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide Let’s Make Letters! The Little Gardener Natural Palettes
HC / 978-1-61689-399-6 Experiment, Practice, and Explore HC / 978-1-61689-860-1 PB / 978-1-61689-792-5
$24.95 PB / 978-1-64896-047-5 $24.95 $29.95
52495 52495 52995

9 781616 893996 9 781648 960475 9 781616 898601 9 781616 897925

Saws, Planes, and Scorps Weaving on a Little Loom The Wild Dyer Winterland
Exceptional Woodworking Tools PB / 978-1-61689-712-3 HC / 978-1-61689-841-0 Create a Beautiful Garden for Every Season
and Their Makers $25.95 $24.95 HC / 978-1-61689-872-4
HC / 978-1-61689-924-0 / $27.50 $30.00
52750 52595 52495 53000

9 781616 899240 9 781616 897123 9 781616 898410 9 781616 898724

35 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


The ABC’s of  Triangle, Baseline Shift Big Data, Big Design Black, Brown + Latinx
Square, Circle Untold Stories of Women in Graphic Why Designers Should Care about Design Educators
HC / 978-1-61689-798-7 Design History Artificial Intelligence PB / 978-1-61689-997-4
$29.95 PB / 978-1-64896-006-2 / $27.50 PB / 978-1-61689-915-8 / $29.95 $24.95
52995 52750 52995 52495

9 781616 897987 9 781648 960062 9 781616 899158 9 781616 899974

The Book of Circles The Business of Design Dear Data Extra Bold
Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge Balancing Creativity and Profitability A Friendship in 52 Weeks of Postcards PB / 978-1-61689-918-9
HC / 978-1-61689-528-0 HC / 978-1-61689-998-1 PB / 978-1-61689-532-7 $29.95
$40.00 $40.00 $40.00
54000 54000 54000 52995

9 781616 895280 9 781616 899981 9 781616 895327 9 781616 899189

Graphic Design Thinking Graphic Design: The New Basics How Design Makes Us Think How to Be a Graphic Designer
Beyond Brainstorming HC / 978-1-61689-325-5 HC / 978-1-61689-972-1 without Losing Your Soul
PB / 978-1-56898-979-2 PB / 978-1-61689-332-3 PB / 978-1-61689-977-6 PB / 978-1-56898-983-9
$26.95 HC $55.00 / PB $35.00 HC $60.00 / PB $35.00 $24.95
52695 53500 53500

9 781568 989792 9 781616 893323 9 781616 899776 9 781568 989839

The Senses Thinking with Type This Is What Democracy Looked Like W. E. B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits
Design Beyond Vision Second, Revised, Expanded Edition A Visual History of the Printed Ballot Visualizing Black America
HC / 978-1-61689-710-9 PB / 978-1-56898-969-3 HC / 978-1-61689-887-8 HC / 978-1-61689-706-2
$30.00 $27.95 $29.95 $29.95
53000 52795 52995 52995

9 781616 897109 9 781568 989693 9 781616 898878 9 781616 897062

36 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


250 Things an Architect Should Know A-Frame Architects’ Houses The Architecture of  Trees
Michael Sorkin Second Edition HC / 978-1-61689-702-4 HC / 978-1-61689-806-9
HC / 978-1-64896-080-2 PB / 978-1-61689-905-9 $60.00 $130.00
$19.95 $29.95
51995 52995 56000 13000

9 781648 960802 9 781616 899059 9 781616 897024 9 781616 898069

Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bauhaus Good Energy Icebergs, Zombies, Manual of Section
Profiles in Architecture and Design PB / 978-1-61689-909-7 and the Ultra Thin PB / 978-1-61689-255-5
PB / 978-1-61689-951-6 $40.00 HC / 978-1-61689-946-2 $29.95
$27.95 $26.95
52795 54000 52695 52995

9 781616 899516 9 781616 899097 9 781616 899462 9 781616 892555

The New Farm Russel and Mary Wright The Sea Ranch, Revised Tom Kundig
Contemporary Rural Architecture Dragon Rock at Manitoga HC / 978-1-61689-177-0 Working Title
HC / 978-1-61689-814-4 HC / 978-1-64896-019-2 $75.00 HC / 978-1-61689-899-1
$45.00 $60.00 $80.00
54500 56000 57500 58000

9 781616 898144 9 781648 960192 9 781616 891770 9 781616 898991

Tom Kundig Tom Kundig Tom Kundig Wright Sites

Houses Houses 2 Works A Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Public Places
PB / 978-1-64896-054-3 HC / 978-1-61689-040-7 HC / 978-1-61689-345-3 PB / 978-1-61689-577-8
$27.50 $60.00 $65.00 $22.95
52750 56000 52295

9 781648 960543 9 781616 890407 9 781616 893453 9 781616 895778

37 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


Armor & Animals The Atlas of Amazing Birds The Book of Amazing Trees The Book of  Tiny Creatures
HC / 978-1-61689-955-4 HC / 978-1-61689-857-1 HC / 978-1-61689-971-4 HC / 978-1-61689-974-5
$16.95 $19.95 $19.95 $18.95

51695 51995 51995 51895

9 781616 899554 9 781616 898571 9 781616 899714 9 781616 899745

Chickenology Pigology The Colorful World of Dinosaurs Endangered Animals

The Ultimate Encyclopedia The Ultimate Encyclopedia HC / 978-1-61689-716-1 HC / 978-1-61689-940-0
HC / 978-1-61689-908-0 HC / 978-1-61689-989-9 $18.95 $17.95
$19.95 $19.95
51995 51995 51895 55 01 07 09 05

9 781616 899080 9 781616 899899 9 781616 897161 9 7 8 1 6 1 6 8 9 09 04 0 0

Full Moon George and His Nighttime Friends I Am a Capybara In the Garden
HC / 978-1-61689-999-8 HC / 978-1-64896-070-3 HC / 978-1-61689-945-5 HC / 978-1-61689-893-9
$18.95 $18.95 $17.95 $27.95

51895 51895 52795


9 781616 899998 9 781648 960703 9 781616 898939

9 781616 899455

Little Audrey’s Daydream Little Cheetah’s Shadow A Life Made by Hand Malo and the Merry-Go-Round
The Life of Audrey Hepburn HC / 978-1-61689-840-3 The Story of Ruth Asawa HC / 978-1-61689-875-5
HC / 978-1-61689-991-2 $17.95 HC / 978-1-61689-836-6 $17.95
$17.95 $17.95
51795 51795 51795 51795

9 781616 899912 9 781616 898403 9 781616 898366 9 781616 898755

38 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


My Bison Nasla’s Dream On Baba’s Back Orange Is an Apricot,

HC / 978-1-61689-886-1 HC / 978-1-61689-950-9 BB / 978-1-61689-912-7 Green Is a Tree Frog
$17.95 $17.95 $9.95 HC / 978-1-64896-014-7
51795 51795 50995 51895

9 781616 898861 9 781616 899509 9 781616 899127 9 781648 960147

Otto and Pio Patience, Miyuki She Heard the Birds Thank You, Miyuki
HC / 978-1-61689-760-4 HC / 978-1-61689-843-4 The Story of Florence Merriam Bailey HC / 978-1-61689-901-1
$18.95 $18.95 HC / 978-1-64896-050-5 $17.95
51895 51895 51895 51795

9 781616 897604 9 781616 898434 9 781648 960505 9 781616 899011

Time for Bed, Miyuki True Colors Up the Mountain Path Violet Velvet Mittens with Everything
HC / 978-1-61689-705-5 HC / 978-1-64896-009-3 HC / 978-1-61689-723-9 The Fabulous Life of Diana Vreeland
$18.95 $18.95 $17.95 HC / 978-1-64896-063-5
51895 51895 51795 51895

9 781616 897055 9 781648 960093 9 781616 897239 9 781648 960635

A Walk in the Forest What Can Colors Do? When I Am Big When I Am Bigger
HC / 978-1-61689-569-3 HC / 978-1-61689-966-0 HC / 978-1-61689-602-7 Counting Numbers Big and Small
$18.95 $16.95 $17.95 HC / 978-1-64896-036-9
51895 51695 51795 51895

9 781616 895693 9 781616 899660 9 781616 896027 9 781648 960369

39 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS


My Nature Sticker Activity Books present a range

of interactive activities and stickers that keep
children entertained for hours. A quiz at the end of
each book tests their knowledge of the fun
facts they have learned.

“The first time you show your little nature lovers these
books, do not let them know there are stickers involved.
Because these are the rare activity books that can
hold their own on the quirky, information-packed
writing and exquisite artwork alone.”
—New York Times Book Review

Animals of the Savanna At the Seashore Birds of the World

My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books
PB / 978-1-61689-788-8 PB / 978-1-61689-461-0 PB / 978-1-61689-566-2
$7.99 $7.99 $7.99
50799 50799 50799

9 781616 897888 9 781616 894610 9 781616 895662

Butterflies of the World Garden Insects and Bugs In the Age of Dinosaurs In the Forest
My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books
PB / 978-1-61689-465-8 PB / 978-1-61689-664-5 PB / 978-1-61689-469-6 PB / 978-1-61689-785-7
$7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99
50799 50799 50799 50799

9 781616 894658 9 781616 896645 9 781616 894696 9 781616 897857

In the Ocean In the Vegetable Garden Inventive Animals Streams and Ponds
My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books My Nature Sticker Books
PB / 978-1-61689-669-0 PB / 978-1-61689-571-6 PB / 978-1-61689-898-4 PB / 978-1-61689-904-2
$7.99 $7.99 $7.99 $7.99
50799 50799 50799 50799

9 781616 896690 9 781616 895716 9 781616 898984 9 781616 899042

40 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


Animal Box Cat Box Flower Box Dog Box

978-1-61689-348-4 978-1-64896-074-1 978-1-61689-671-3 978-1-64896-077-2
$19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95
51995 51995 51995 51995

9 781616 893484 9 781648 960741 9 781616 896713 9 781648 960772

Audre Lorde Notecards The Bread Baker’s Journal Classic Paperbacks Notebook Sunprint Notecards
978-1-64896-071-0 978-1-64896-005-5 978-1-61689-976-9 978-1-61689-591-4
$15.95 $18.95 $18.95 $16.95
51595 51895 51895 51695

9 781648 960710 9 781648 960055 9 781616 899769 9 781616 895914

Emily Dickinson Notecards Grids & Guides Notebook, Black Grids & Guides Notebook, Navy The Julia Child Recipe Keeper
978-1-61689-580-8 978-1-61689-232-6 978-1-61689-732-1 978-1-64896-082-6
$14.95 $16.95 $16.95 $25.95
51495 51695 51695 52595

9 781616 895808 9 781616 892326 9 781616 897321 9 781648 960826

Julia Child Notecards Woodcut Notecards Woodland Journal Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards
978-1-61689-911-0 978-1-61689-147-3 978-1-61689-979-0 978-1-61689-359-0
$15.95 $16.95 $18.95 $14.95
51595 51695 51895

9 781616 899110 9 781616 891473 9 781616 899790

9 781616 893590

41 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT


Classic Paperbacks, 1000 Piece Puzzle Cultivated 1000, Piece Puzzle

978-1-64896-000-0 978-1-64896-003-1
$16.95 $16.95
51695 51695

9 781648 960000 9 781648 960031

In the Museum, 1000 Piece Puzzle In the Bookstore, 1000 Piece Puzzle
978-1-64896-085-7 978-1-64896-090-1
$16.95 $16.95
51695 51695

9 781648 960857 9 781648 960901

Connected: Three Puzzles Woodcut: Three Puzzles

978-1-64896-096-3 978-1-64896-093-2
$29.95 $29.95
52995 52995

9 781648 960963 9 781648 960932

42 Princeton Architectural Press | Spring 2022 | BACKLIST HIGHLIGHTS & GIFT
Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me Kaufmann Mercantile Guide, The 35 Thank You, Miyuki 39
a Bauhaus 37 Kice, Karen 16 Thinking with Type 36
40 Knots and How to Tie Them 35 Dahler, Don 5 Ky, Laetitia 3 This Is What Democracy Looked
50 Things to Do at the Beach 9, 35 Daly, Fiona 11 Like 36
50 Things to Do in the Urban Wild 9 Davidsen, Dana 12 L Three Pianos 34
50 Things to Do in the Wild 35 Dear Data 36 Lady and the Unicorn, The 23 Time for Bed, Miyuki 39
50 Things to Do with a Penknife 35 DeMello, Travis 7 Lee, Megan 22 Together by Design 13
50 Things to See in the Sky 9, 35 Dog Box 41 Let’s Make Letters! 35 Tom Kundig, Houses 37
250 Things an Architect Should Know Drawing Trees 26 Letters to a Young Farmer 34 Tom Kundig, Houses 2 37
37 Dressing the Resistance 34 Life Made by Hand, A 38 Tom Kundig,Working Title 37
Dubuc, Marianne 21 Little Audrey’s Daydream 38 Tom Kundig,Works 37
A Little Cheetah’s Shadow 38 True Colors 39
ABC’s of Triangle, Square, Circle, E Little Gardener, The 35
The 36 Emily Dickinson Notecards 41 Love & Justice 3 U
A-Frame 37 Emotional Robots 34 Lucas, Mike 19 Up the Mountain Path 21, 39
Animal Box 41 Endangered Animals 38
Animals of the Savanna 40 Extra Bold 36 M V
Architects’ Houses 37 MacDonald, Ross 14 Vicious Nonsense 34
Architectural Gardens 19 F MacKeith, Peter 15 Vintage Sudoku 28
Architecture of Trees, The 37 Fearless 5 Malo and the Merry-Go-Round 38 Violet Velvet Mittens with Everything
Armor & Animals 38 Finding Home 10, 34 Mangan, Zach 6 39
Atlas of Amazing Birds, The 22, 38 Flower Box 41 Manual of Section 37 Visualizing Nature 34
Atlas of Migrating Plants and Animals, Fontanel, Béatrice 23 Medem, María 31 Voices of Change 34
The 22 Forever Home 10 Miyawaki, Ayako 29
At the Beach 1000 Piece Puzzle 31 Fredericks & Mae Playing Cards 41 Modern Sudoku 27 W
At the Farmer’s Market 1000 Piece My Bison 39 Walk in the Forest, A 39
Puzzle 30 G We Are Santa 34
At the Sea 24 Garden Insects and Bugs 40 N Weaving Big on a Little Loom 11
At the Seashore 40 Giuliani, Emma 24 Nasla’s Dream 39 Weaving on a Little Loom 11, 35
Audre Lorde Notecards 41 Gogerty, Clare 9 Natural Palettes 35 W. E. B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits 36
Good Energy 37 New Farm, The 37 What Can Colors Do? 39
B Graphic Design: The New Basics 36 Nilsson, Maria 9 Wheeler 4
Bamboo Contemporary 18 Graphic Design Thinking 36 When I Am Big 39
Baseline Shift 36 Grids & Guides Notebook, Black 41 O When I Am Bigger 39
Bear and the Whisper of the Wind 21 Grids & Guides Notebook, Navy 41 On Baba’s Back 39 Wild Design 34
Beverly Willis Architecture Guide to Historic Artists’ Homes Orr, Thad 19 Wild Dyer, The 35
Foundation, New York 17 and Studios 34 Otto and Pio 21, 39 Winterland 35
Beyond the Garden 12 Women Who Changed Architecture,
Big Data, Big Design 36 H P The 17
Birds of the World 40 Happy Plant 7 Page, Jon 8 Woodcut Notecards 41
Black, Brown + Latinx Design Hartman, Jan Cigliano 17 Patience, Miyuki 39 Woodcut: Three Puzzles 42
Educators 36 Healing Garden, The 35 Perez-Gallardo, Carla Kaya 4 Woodland Journal 41
Black, Hannah 4 Heller, Steven 14 Pettway, Jessica 4 Wright Sites 37
Boelkins, Jonathan 15 Hié, Vanessa 23 Pigology 38
Book of Amazing Trees, The 38 Holl, John 8 Pintonato, Camilla 32 Z
Book of Circles, The 36 How Design Makes Us Think 36 Please Wait to Be Tasted 4 Zahoran, Cayla 7
Book of Tiny Creatures, The 38 How to Be a Graphic Designer Prop Man 14
Bread Baker’s Journal, The 41 without Losing Your Soul 36
Brown, Marshall 16 Humane Gardener, The 35 R
Business of Design, The 36 Humane Home, The 34 Radiant 34
Butterflies of the World 40 Hursley, Timothy 15 Radical Practice 15
Recurrent Visions 16
C I Richards, William 13, 18
Carpenters 34 Icebergs, Zombies, and the Ultra Thin Russel and Mary Wright 37
Cat Box 41 37
Chen, Whooli 30 Immortal Axes 34 S
Chickenology 32, 38 In the Age of Dinosaurs 40 Sabharwal, Puneet 7
Chickenology 1000 Piece Puzzle 32 In the Bookstore, 1000 Piece Puzzle Saws, Planes, and Scorps 35
Classic Paperbacks, 1000 Piece Puzzle 42 Scott, Traer 10
42 In the Forest 40 Sea Ranch, The 37
Classic Paperbacks Notebook 41 In the Garden 24 Senses, The 36
Clothwork Notecards 29 In the Museum, 1000 Piece Puzzle 42 Sewell, Matt 22
Colorful World of Dinosaurs, The 22, In the Ocean 40 She Heard the Birds 39
38 In the Vegetable Garden 40 Stories of Japanese Tea 6
Color Scheme 34 Inventive Animals 40 Streams and Ponds 40
Connected: Three Puzzles 42 Sunprint Notecards 41
Craft Brewery Cookbook, The 8 J
Cultivated 35 Julia Child Notecards 41
Cultivated, 1000 Piece Puzzle 42 Julia Child Recipe Keeper, The 41

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