Surya Krishna Email: surya.ste@gmail.

com Mobile: +91-9940565337

Professional Summary:

 Having 3+ years of QA experience in Manual Testing in which 1+ Years of
Experience in Automation.

 Well Versed with all the SDLC and STLC and BLC Process.  Expertise in writing the Test cases and executing the same.  Expertise in Testing types like Functional, System Testing, Re-Testing, and
Regression Testing.

 Having good experience in understanding the client requirements.  Having experience in identifying the automation Test Cases.  Good experience in Automation test framework like Key word driven framework.  Good Experience in automation tool like QTP, and Test management tool like QC.  Having experience in using the bug Reporting tools like Bugzilla, JIRA.  Expertise in Bug reports preparation.
Domain Expertise:

 Worked on the highly customizable and extensible Web based & client-server

applications. Worked on a wide range of projects / applications in the BFS and Health Care.

Educational Qualification:

 Bachelor of commerce(Computers) from Acharaya Nagarjuna University, Guntur.
Experience Summary:

0. Yash Technologies is involved in maintaining. USA ASP. With Check module user can place stops and remove stops on various checks issued using Stops sub module. July 2009. Java Script. C# . and large businesses and comprises of products like "Payments & Reporting” and "Check Services. The customer level has various modules like Administration. With the Administration module user can create the various users with different privileges and roles. Presently working with Yash Technologies. Hyderabad as a Associate Test Engineer from Nov 2007 to Technical Skills: Operating Systems Scripting Language. BZA Web Cash Manager Suite of products provides real time solutions for business banking. Bangalore as a Senior Associate Test Engineer from Aug 2009 to till date. Bugzilla Project Profile: Project #1 Title Client Environment Testing Tools Role Duration Description: BZA is the market leader in Web-based corporate cash management. which can be assigned to other users. Using the Notifications user can set various messages for the import option. This product consist of three levels namely Host. enhancing and testing the product. UNIX VB Script. Check and Notifications. Net. medium. SQL-Server 2005 QTP 9. FI will create a customer and Customer User. : : : : : Windows 2000/2003/XP.VB script. User can also take a report of all the transactions of a particular day using Audit Sub module. Automation. : : : : : : Online Banking BZA Financial Group. : SQL-Server 2000/2005.2. FI and Customer. BZA Cash Manager Suite is designed to serve the needs of small. User can create formats for import.2 : Quality Center 8. Manual. Host will create FI (Financial Institute) and FI user. Core Point Product mainly deals with the Check Services in a Bank. Quality Center 9.  Worked with Virtuasa. MS-Access . User can also import details of various checks issued or cancelled using import formats in the Positive Pay sub module. Testing Methodologies Reporting Tools Automation Tools Test Case Management Tool Database QTP 9.0 Test Engineer Sept 2010-Till Date .

Involved in preparation of test scripts using automation tool(QTP).    Involved in execution of the test scripts. Involved in preparation and enhancement of automated scripts using QTP 9.  Involved in Smoke testing. Home Insurance and Health Insurance.2 for the Identified Automation Scenarios. VB. The home page incorporates basic options like available policies and their benefits. Quality Center 9. Animated links are provided to navigate to different types of policies like Vehicles Insurance. : : : : : : Insurance Management System (IMS) Liberty Health Insurance (U. Life Insurance. Project #2 Title Client Environment Tools Role Duration Description: This project having the main modules involved in this system is Policy Administration. Designing the test cases using Functional specifications . Involved in the Test Plan and Functional Specification Review sessions. Claims Management. Good interaction with Development.A) C#. Coordinating with developers to fix the bugs.2. Project management and User group.Responsibilities:  Reviewed Functional Specification documents and prepared Test Cases. Commissions/renewals.     Evaluating application enhancements and verify the Bug fixes. Users can do online and SQL Server 2000 QTP 9. Agent Services. Functional Testing and Regression Testing of entire product.S.  Bug Reporting using Bug Reporting tool “QC”. and Report Management.0 Test Engineer Aug 2009-Aug 2010 Responsibilities:   Study of Business and Functional requirements specification documents and identified test scenarios. terms and conditions and new schemes etc. This site also allows the policy holders to know the status of information regarding their policy and new policy information.

send transactions and balance updates of identified accounts originated in Profile. Payment Details. credit facility records reside in multiple transaction systems deployed in the Bank across the country. ASP. Profile Project is to create appropriate interface modules in Profile. Minor & Critical. Library files Prepared test cases to test the backend Database by retrieving the data for the tables using SQL. Reporting and tracking defects using test management tool Test Director. Win2000 Test Engineer April 2008-June 2009 Description: Profile is a web-based Loan Management Application. Credit limit accounts. transactions & limit details originated in ‘Profile’ relating to identified accounts.2 for the Identified Automation Scenarios Prepared Regression Test Suits. Involved in execution of test cases. Involved in peer reviews in order to share the opinions.5. IIS 5. Conducted functionality testing. Data driven scripts and reusable components such as Repository files. Involved in weekly status reports preparation. SQL Server 2000. An interface Profile will enable Bank to have near on line information on Limit availability. Responsibilities:  Involved in functional study of application. The interface module includes borrowers. At present.      . Profile is a Core Banking System and incorporates Bank’s Customer database. Documents.Net. regression testing and system testing. Involved in GUI. Functional & Regression Testing. USA C#.       Execute the test cases against the functional specifications. Project #3 Project Name Client Name Environment Role Duration : : : : : Credit Processing System (Profile) LITTON. Reported defects in terms of Major. Rate Calculation. Involved in preparation and enhancement of automated scripts using QTP 9. which is currently not available. Actively participated in Peer Reviews.

 Preparation of project closure document. .

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