mritsar (Punjab the immortality of the party) (Golden City) is a town in north-west of India and Punjab, India

, the administrative district of Amritsar has been approved by the State.India's 2001 census reported 1.5 million inhabitants in a district of the city a little over 3,695,077 numbering. Amritsar 32 (20 miles), Lahore, Pakistan, India and so many miles to the east near the western border of Pakistan. Amritsar, home to the Harmandir Sahib in Golden Temple, Sikhism and spiritual and cultural center known. This important Sikh shrine attracts more visitors to the castle, as Agra the Taj day week alone more than 100,000 visitors and the number one destination for nonresident Indians (NRIs) across India. [1] The city boasts of "Sikh cultural history, religious and political to the main axis. Jaliwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in 1919, India's late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, and acted as the under British rule happened Bluestarin 1984 are known. The core business of tourism, carpets and textiles, agricultural products, handicrafts, service trades and light engineering are included. The city is famous for its cuisine and culture. Amritsar Central Khalsa Orphanage which, after Shaheed Udham Singh, Indian freedom movement was the key person in the house is at home. Amritsar city in Punjab state of India is one of the cities. Guru Ram Das City 1574 SR 700 by the village of Tung bought the land owners. Guru Ram Das built before the lake began Santokhsar Sultanwindin 1564 (1570 according to one source) of the village. It can not be completed before the 1588th in 1574; Guru Ram Das made his home and moved to this location. At that time, he was known as das Guru Chakki. (Later, he was known as Ram Dass Chakki). Since then, the city was known as Amritsar (after the name of the lake). The foundation stone of Darbar Sahib of Guru Arjun Dev, Mian Mir Sahib San application, a Muslim saint from Punjab are said to hold. Sikh tradition is the story of a secret that the alignment was corrected by a stone on the St., which is constantly attacked again and again to make a symbolic complex was built, Guru Arjun Dev shows reprimanded. Masons third worked for the foundation in January 1588. Saint Mian Mir was very friendly with Guru Arjun Dev tried to prevent torture and death of the master, the emperor Jahangir intercede. The next Guru, Guru Hargobind still a friend, and when your freedom of Gwalior Fort has been detained for some time to get to work. In 1590, Guru Arjun Dev Guru Hargobind Wadala village was born on 19: 1590 on the left. Until 1601, a well prepared and August 16, 1604 Darbar Sahib Guru Granth Sahib, a Sikh holy text, the first section was designed and installed at Darbar Sahib Amitsar. Here Akal Takht (the throne of immortality, the endless light for the throne.) Was the seat of political power in 1609, the Sikh Guru Hargobind built. Two of the temporal and spiritual authority and sovereignty represents the Sikh flag in front of Akal Takht was created. Here Guru Hargobind and Miri Piri (temporal and transcendental authority) carrying two swords. 13. April 1634, the army attacked Guru Hargobind Mughal here. For 1635 1698, I am from a family in Amritsar (Pirthi Chand dynasty) is a control. Guru Bahadur visited the city in November 23rd TEG 1664th In April 1698 his brother Mani Singh, the temple of Amritsar, was appointed guardian.

Baba Deep Singh and several thousand Sikhs were killed.Band leading to Mughal times Amritsar tried to capture. In the late eighteenth century. the Sikh community as a whole plunder. December 1764. such as repetition and destruction of religious monuments. Trade. the devotees visit the holy city and the city (cities NO) will be the master. Baba Deep Singhled several thousand Sikhs against the Afghan people. desecrated Darbar Sahib. head Sukarchak . a large gathering of Sikhs was held here in front of Akal Takht. in Amritsar. commerce. 30 Sikhism. two Afghan army demolished Darbar Sahib and Akal Takht. a brother back to Amritsar and start regular worship. 30. Now everything is up there with his chiefs bung MISL. His first act of the administration of places of worship in Amritsar Tat Khalsa and Bandai Khalsa was right to settle disputes between groups.Mughal hood to discuss the proposal. Is March 29. Ranjit Singh. Business and the company has grown and prospered thanks to the Shrine of residents and Stability Mountain. Ajit Singh Palit returned to Delhi. Even an old Sikh rule. Afghan forces attacked again. 1733. Shrines in the country holding the Joint Chiefs. who received allocations of the Council of Representatives. While many heads in the district of Amritsar MISL Sardar Hari Singh was under MISL Bhang was then. Amritsar. including the main difficulties. Massa Ranghar. merchants and craftsmen and control the use of any particular incentive to live. Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1757. Mani Singh. Several leaders or heads of their principal residences or bung around the lake and build their Katras or neighborhood. Amritsar Khalsa became the capital of the ordinary. Jathedar Singh Gurbakhsh led by Afghan forces fought the giant was killed. Sikhs in 1765 MISL or more countries have the sovereign right of Punjab was created at the end. In April 1734 and killed his brother Mani Singh was arrested in Lahore on 24 1734th June. official. to leave Amritsar Brother Mani Singh has decided to avoid the attacks of the Mughals. August 1740 to the pleasure of Singh and Bhai Mahtab Singh. However. Meanwhile. brother of operating shock. took place in Amritsar. for free. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur occupied several areas in Punjab. and each have different market and handmade Katras prospered. Such an effort was made in April 1709th Sikh brother Mani Singh and Tara Singh brother Dhillwan object repelled the attack. as is known. the Council's common Sarbat Khalsa (Sikh religion writer). Darbar Sahib complex was demolished in 1762 the Afghan army again.Near and far. 11. 1. Ajit Singh Palit the charge Amritsar. the Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah. Punjab has become a major shopping center. Sikh temple construction began again at the 1765th The central part was ready for the 1776th. to take important decisions on political issues is time. a comprehensive settlement (1780-1839) is a sovereign state of Punjab came to power and integrating this place confederates. December 1711. After the death of Bahadur Shah. it remains the city implemented the management of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In 1721. During the eighteenth century. Nawab . In 1740. after six decades of repression.11 November 1757 Great Battle was fought. Sarbat Khalsa gathering was also organized.

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