Date : September 2011 To whom it may concern As principal of MARA Junior Science College Taiping, Perak, Malaysia, it gives

me great pleasure to recommend Miss Nur Alia Farihah binti Md Noor application to your university. Throughout her school years, Nur Aifa Farihah has shown to be hardworking, committed, proactive, and innovative student. She is a student who is able to complete tasks within a specified time She is open to challenges and does not give up easily when facing difficulties. It is proven when she was able to manage all her work although she held a post as College Librarian and at the same time, she was the Committee of Editorial College Magazine. Nur Aifa Farihah who possesses a positive attitude has shown herself to be an asset to her class and dormitory. She is a trustworthy and responsible individual. She has strong leadership qualities and is dedicated in her responsibilities. This was portrayed by her ability to lead and manage a group of people such as when she managed to lead her group to be champion of Design and Structure Invention in Nadwah Islamiah Inter-MRSM Championship. She also has good time management skills. Whenever she is given a task, she does it willingly and to the best of her abilities. Nur Aifa Farihah express herself in many areas in her life. She express her strong dynamic character through various co-curricular activities as a member of the club and societies. As a person striving to excel in everything she did, she has represented her school in many competitions such as Design and Structure Invention, National Official Assembly Of Civil Defence Cadet, long distance running and has made her school proud. In short, she can best be described as a well rounded student. Given the opportunity, I am sure Nur Aifa Farihah will make the most of her student years and fulfill her personal aspiration. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending her for acceptance into your esteemed university.

Your Faithfully, .. MR. MOHD SARONI BIN KASMANI Principal, MARA Junior Science College Taiping, Taiping Perak, Malaysia.

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