This workplace giver really takes the cake

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Dear Amy, It all started last year when a male co-worker had a birthday. We were friends and so I decided to give him a gift. I wrapped it and discreetly surprised him with it.     coworker 같이 일하는 사람, 협력자 decide 결정하다 동(자) /결심하다 wrap 선물을 /포장하다, 싸다 동 (타) discreetly 조심스럽게, 사려깊게, 분별있게 부

I was on my break talking to my husband when my friend walked in and waved a "thank you". But as the end of our shift drew near, he asked me, "What's the catch?" "Is it a regift?" and "I want to see the receipt."       break 휴식, 쉬는 시간 명 wave 손동작/ 흔들기 명 shift 교대제 명 draw near 시간/ 다가오다 동(타) What's the catch? 문제가 뭔가요? receipt 영수증 명

How insensitive!


말, 행동 등이 배려할 줄 모르는, 무관심한, 인정없는 형

I told him he was hurting my feelings and demanded the "gift" back. He refused to give it back and apologized for what he had said — but in a nonchalant manner.   

demand 요구하다, 청구하다 동(타) refuse 제의 거절하다, 거부하다 동(타) apologize, apologise, 잘못을 인정하거나 시인함 nonchalant 태도 무관심한, 냉담한 형

사과하다, 사죄하다 동(자)

I went into his lunchbox without his knowledge and took the gift back.  without sb’s knowledge= without sb knowing about it

On the way in to work the next day, I got him a chocolate cake to make up for what I had done. I went to give it to him at work and he rudely told me to leave. 

make up for ~을 보충하다, 메우다. rudely 무례하게, 버릇없이 부

You bet I took the cake! I ate it, too!  You bet. 물론이죠.

It's been a year since this happened and we haven't spoken since. This man isn't married, has no kids and is in his late 40s. I'm 34, married, with kids, and I'm a grownup. What do you think of this? Ms. Curious Co-Worker

Answer the following questions in complete sentences using the words in the parentheses. 1. What is the letter all about? (somebody/ have problems with/ a co-worker) 2. Was the letter-sender having problems with a male co-worker or a female coworker? (have problems with/ a male co-worker) 3. Why did she give him a gift? (birthday) 4. Did he show appreciation for the gift? (no/ think/ there/ catch) 5. How did she feel? (hurt) 6. What did she do? (demand/ the gift back) 7. Why did she give him a chocolate cake the next day? (take the gift back) 8. Did he accept the chocolate cake? (no/ ask her to leave) 9. What did she do to the cake? (eat) 10. When did this happen? (last year) 11. Is the man married? (no/ not married) 12. Does he have kids? (no/ no kids) 13. Is the man in his early 40s? (no/ late 40s) 14. Is she married? (yes/ married) 15. Does she have kids? (yes/ kids)

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