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Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950: Part 1: 1990 Volume 2 Worked Examples (Revised Edition) The Steel Construction Institut ene > is The Steel Construction Institute. Its aim is to promote the proper and effective use of steel in construction. Membership is open to all organisations and individuals that are concerned with the use of steel in construction, and members include clients, designers, contractors, suppliers, fabricators, academics and government departments. SCI is financed by subscriptions from its members, revenue from research contracts, consultancy services and by the sales of publications, SCI's work is initiated and guided through the involvement of its members o: advisory groups and technical committees. A comprehensive advisory and consultancy service is available to members on the use of steel in construction. SCT's research and development activities cover many aspects of steel construction including multi-storey construction, industrial buildings, use of stecl in housing, development of design guidance on the use of stainless steel, behaviour of steel in fire, fire engineering, use of steel in barrage schemes, bridge engincering, offshore engineering, development of structural analysis systems and the use of CAD/CAE. Further information is given in the SCI prospectus available free on request from: ‘The Membership Secretary, The Steel Construction Institute, Silwood Park, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 70N. ‘Telephone: (0344) 23345, Fax: (0344) 22944 Although care has been taken to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that all data and information contained herein are accurate to the extent that they relate to either matters of fact or accepted practice or matters of opinion at the time of publication, the Steel Construction Institute and the authors assume no responsibility for any errors in or misinterpretations of such data and/or information or any loss or damage arising from or related to their use Publications supplied to the Members of the Institute at a discount are not for resale by them. © The Stee! Construction Institute 1991 Instituut voor Staalbouweonstructie Institut de la Construction Métallique Staalkonstruktion Institut Institut fir Stahlbau Instituto da Construgio Metilica Istituto di Costruzioni in Acciaio Luonroire SeSnpiv Karacxevin Instituto de la Construccién Metalica SCI PUBLICATION 002 Steelwork Design Guide to BS 5950: Part 1: 1990 Volume 2 Worked Examples (Revised Edition) British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Steelwork design guide to BS 59S0: Part 1: 1990 Vol. 2: Worked examples 1, Steel structures. Design 1. Steel Construction Institute 624.1821 ISBN 1 870004 00 (Set) ISBN 1 870004 59 0 (Volume 2, Revised Edition) (ISBN 1 870004 02 7, First Edition) © The Steel Construction Institute, 1991 (Reprinted 1993, 1998) ‘The Steel Construction Institute Silwood Park, Ascot Berkshire SL 70N Telephone: 01344 623345 Fax: 01344 622944