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TAKE TIME TO HEAR THE LORD.. By Lahry Sibley Isaiah 3:11 Woe to the wicked!

It shall be ill with them, for what their hands have done shall be done to them. If that in itself is not sobering enough.... 12 As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O My people, your leaders cause you to err, and they confuse (destroy and swallow up) the course of your paths. Is this not the evangelical community in the past 100 years? Pastors wives and women who are self proclaimed Pastors and Apostles, attempting to lead the so called church? Worse yet, PK's are not prevented from listening to trashy and immoral music, so then they persuade Daddy Pastor to let them play their "contemporary" music in churches. Flesh has a death grip on steeple houses, for the most part, and it is not about to let go without a fight. Worse yet, it is encouraged by the so called men of Yahweh!!!!! ICABOD!!!! Jeremiah 23:14I have seen also in the prophets of Jerusalem a horrible thing: they commit adultery and walk in lies; they encourage and strengthen the hands of evildoers, so that none returns from his wickedness. They have all of them becom...e to Me like Sodom, and her inhabitants like Gomorrah. "Return from wickedness" means true repentence, a missing doctrine in the pulpits of this world!!!!! LOOK AT THE SO CALLED CHURCH THROUGH THE EYES OF YAHWEH, beloved. "Like Sodom and Gomorrah", do you see that? And you still attend these fetish idol worshipping assemblies because the pastor reminds you over and over to "not forsake the assembling of yourselves together"? WAKE UP!!!! Come out from among them before Yahweh rains down fire, but not the fire they are looking for!!!!! The Fire He has in mind is a fire of destruction. It's not filled with iPads and Cruise Line tickets!!!!! The judgment will begin in the steeple houses, my dear friends. Believe it...... or not!!!! 17They are continually saying to those who despise Me and the word of the Lord, The Lord has said: You shall have peace; and they say to everyone who walks after the stubbornness of his own mind and heart, No evil shall come upon you. Is that not the reality before our very eyes? You are under grace, no

judgment will come upon your for your continuing willful sin! LIARS!!! They refuse to keep Yahweh's commandments because they do not know Yahweh. They do not know Him because He's been missing from the pulpits of the world!!!!! Oh they know "a god", a genie in a bottle, made in their mind after their own image, but they do not know Yahweh. They do not know Obedience. They have no idea what the term "holiness" means. Why are they so ignorant? Because they believe what their preacher says continually (misery loves company) and they refuse to study the scriptures prayerfully and humbly, to discover it's truths and Yahweh's plan of salvation through repentance and service in self sacrifice. 22But if they had stood in My council, then they would have caused My people to hear My words, then they would have turned them [My people] from their evil way and from the evil of their doings. They have not turned, because they do not hear. They do not hear, because IT IS NOT PREACHED!!!!! 8Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send? And who will go for Us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. 9And He said, Go and tell this people, Hear and hear continually, but understand not; and see and see continually, but do not apprehend with your mind. Why? Because they are lied too from the pulpit, and told they can sin and not worry, of if they (so called born again believers) confess their sin, that Jesus will cleanse them from all unrighteousness. Well, I have a question for you sir/mam. If you've been cleansed from ALL UNRIGHTESOUSNESS, how is it you are still living in it? Are you calling "SIN RIGHTEOUSNESS"? Chapter and verse, please? Is 9:16For they who lead this people cause them to err, and they who are led [astray] by them are swallowed up (destroyed). There is coming a sudden end to this prosperity lie and Starbucks Church kingdom. it's coming! 17Therefore the Lord ...will not rejoice over their young men, neither will He have compassion on their fatherless and widows, for everyone is profane and an evildoer, and every mouth speaks folly. For all this, [God's] anger is not turned away, but His hand is still stretched out [in judgment]. Is that not plain? The "American Dream" is like an airplane that has lost it's wings. The question is not "if it will crash", but "when". Time and gravity rule, and will not be denied. The apostate church is headed for the same destruction!!!!! ARE YOU ON BOARD WITH THEM? ARE YOU?

Hosea 5:7They have dealt faithlessly and treacherously with the Lord [their espoused Husband], for they have borne alien children. Now shall a [single] New Moon (one month) devour them with their fields. So called churches around the world are filled with illegitimate children. Dead in their sins. Dead in their message. Dead in their leadership. Dead in their doctrine. DEAD!!!! WAKE UP, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! Isaiah 10:3And what will you do in the day of visitation [of God's wrath], and in the desolation which shall come from afar? To whom will you flee for help? And where will you deposit [for safekeeping] your wealth and with whom leave your glory? WHAT WILL "YOU" "DO"?????? ANTINOMIAN, WHAT WILL YOU DO???? CALVANIST???? WHAT WILL YOU DO??? LUTHERAN,WHAT WILL YOU DO???? CATHOLIC, WHAT WILL YOU DO???? PENTECOSTALS, WHAT WILL YOU DO????? CHARASMATICS,WHAT WILL YOU DO???? 4 Without Me they shall bow down among the prisoners, and they shall fall [overwhelmed] under the heaps of the slain [on the battlefield]. For all this, [God's] anger is not turned away, but His hand is still stretched out [in judgment]. That's what you will do. You will become part of the heap that was slain, and your soul will join the millions on the wide road that leads to eternal loss and torment. Selah!!! 5 Woe to the Assyrian, the rod of My anger, the staff in whose hand is My indignation and fury [against Israel's disobedience]! 6 I send [the Assyrian] against a hypocritical and godless nation and against the people of My wrath; I command him to take the spoil and to seize the prey and to tread them down like the mire in the streets. COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOON!!!!! YOUR TECHNICAL WIZARDRY WILL NOT SAVE YOU!!! YOUR STATE OF THE ART SOUND SYSTEM WILL NOT SAVE YOU!!!! WILL NOT SAVE YOU!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE SAVED BECAUSE YOU'VE NOT BEEN TO THE CROSS!!! If that sounds "strange" to you, all the more reason for alarm. Except you repent (go to the CROSS to lose your life), you shall likewise perish! If you believe in Yah'shua, believe also in His Word. Mat 19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.

Jer 8:6 I have listened and heard, but they have not spoken aright; no man repents of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? Everyone turns to his [individual] course, as the horse rushes like a torrent into battle. With very few exceptions, isn't that what modern day evangelical apostasy is all about? Just asking? That's what I hear, do you? Hosea 13:9 It is your destruction, O Israel, that you have been against Me, for in Me is your help. And there you have it, on Yahweh's terms, not man's. Selah! - Lahry