By: Zach Smith and Kylie Terry

Our hypothesis was that if we did P90x yoga for twice a week then we would gain flexibility.Kylie & Zach Mrs. Our hypothesis was correct. 2011 Yoga Yoga is not just a series of poses it combines breathing and stretch to relax the body. Talbot Anatomy May 15. we became more flexible as time went on. As the graph below shows: 4 3 2 Zach Kylie 1 0 -1 -2 .

Standing side stretch.15 2. Runners pose. At first we lost flexibility because we were sore then we slowly started to gain more flexibility. We did this every Tuesday and Thursday in March the P90x yoga is 90 minutes long.75 0 0. Vinnitsa into and between each of these exercises.Zach 3/1/11 3/3/11 3/8/11 3/10/11 3/15/11 3/17/11 3/22/11 3/24/11 3/29/11 3/31/11 0. Reverse warrior. We also noticed that we could hold our breath longer. Poses included in p90x yoga are:5 breaths in mountain pose.25 2. Triangle pose. Downward dog with leg raise. Split leg hamstring stretch. Astana sun salutations.75 1. Twisting triangle pose.75 -1 -0. Warrior two. Wide leg hamstring stretch.5 0 1 1.15 1 0. Wide leg bent over torso stretch.15 0. Twisting chair pose.5 -1. Crescent pose.5 2 2.75 We measured toe touches and how far in inches past or under our toes we could reach.75 3 Kylie -1. Yoga breathing also known as Pranayana is used to draw more air into the . Warrior one. our toes were the zero mark. Chair pose.25 1.

By increasing the amount of oxygen intake you also help your body get rid of the waste blood get rid of faster. This was a great addition to my life as I did it and I hope I can apply it to my everyday activities to gain better health and a happier life style.lungs. Yoga also improves posture. which also helps your lungs intake. We experienced that most of this was true. Yoga is also thought of as very effective to help get rid of depression. it also encourages the body to produce more red blood cell so there is a greater oxygen intake. even more effective than antidepression medicine. . which expands lung capacity. we felt happier and healthy as we did this project. more oxygen through out the day. Yoga is thought to be more effective in reliving stress than any other exercise activities.

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