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D.P. Electric, Inc.

Dan Puente, President Scott Muller, Vice President

O p E r at i O n s
Don Roberts, V.P. of Operations Tom Canada, Sr. Project Manager Bruce Meyers, Sr. Project Manager Steve Woodring, Project Manager Anthony Barrios, Asst. Project Manager Clint Hartley, Asst. Project Manager Cynthia Arbogast, Asst. Project Manager Elena Brown, Sr. Project Coordinator Beverly Beach, Project Coordinator

3 4 9 10 11 13 14 AppreciAtion the D.p. Story 20 yeArS - An illuStrAteD timeline recognition iS AlwAyS AppreciAteD mBe ActiviSm pulling together our people

Dominic Ballesteros, Preconst. Manager Tom Hughes, Preconstruction Estimator

Mark Mahoney, Service Manager Ed Roberts, Service Project Manager Deborah Ross, Service Administrator

E s t i m at i n g
Albert Kachekian, Chief Estimator Dominick Galano, Sr. Estimator Jeremy Servais, Estimator Mike Cobb, Estimator Ben Harriman, Estimator

Dave Goris, Controller Tiffany Torrence, Accounts Receivable Vicki Heineman, Accounts Payable

Human rEsOurcEs
Mary Mead, Human Resources Manager

Sara Wheatcroft, Marketing Coordinator

16 work hArD, plAy hArD

6002 S. Ash Ave Te m p e , A Z 8 5 2 8 3 480.858.9070 p 480.858.9067 f

1150 S. Plumer Tu c s o n , A Z 8 5 7 1 9 520.882.2727 p 520.882.8303 f

w w w. d p e l e c t r i c . c o m
ROC #111176, ROC#111170

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As I look back on the past twenty years, Im amazed what the team at D.P. Electric has been able to accomplish. In looking back over the last two decades, Im also struck by the number of wonderful people that I have had the pleasure to work with, both within DPE and among the clients we serve and the vendors who serve us. Our industry is a people industry; it is about relationships and the friendships we build along the way. I feel extremely fortunate and blessed for the people that have entered my life, and for all of the opportunities that have come our way. Over the past twenty years, DPE has grown slowly and conservatively. Our culture is about people. We encourage growth both personally and professionally, and this is one of the reasons we have been successful and have grown at a healthy pace. Our peoples growth is the companys growth; the two are interrelated. Its a funny thing, because at some point the company creates its own identity and as an owner you have less impact if you are willing to let go and let your people flourish. This happened to us probably a little over ten years ago and has been the fuel that has moved us forward. The upside is that, as an owner, you do not have to wear multiple hats anymore, only the drivers cap. On a personal note, I am a firm believer in the idea that everyone has the potential to succeed at anything they put their mind to, regardless of their background or obstacles in their way; for some, it may just take a little longer. I did not always believe that. In 1985, I met my wife Maggie, and she empowered me to start DPE. She supported and encouraged me the whole way through, and continues to do so today. She is an amazing person who is the biggest giver I know, and I am lucky to have her by my side. Another person who has made a huge impact on DPE is Scott Muller. Scott and I have grown together at DPE. He never thinks of himself, he, too is a big giver and is always there when needed. Whether in the middle of the night on a critical job site or on a well deserved fishing trip, I have always been able to count on Scott. There are many others that have made an impact on DPE success and I Thank You all! I also want to thank all the vendors who have supported us and the customers who allowed the door to crack open and continue to support us today. Thank You! Lastly, as I reflect back on the last twenty years it is hard to avoid the fact that I am getting older. I may walk into the copy room and forget why am there, then walk back to my office to remember why I went to the copy room in the first place. This is now part of my exercise routine. Lifes a funny wonderful thing, and I am lucky to spend half of mine in this industry. Looking forward to the next chapter Dan We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill

The D.P. Stor y

by Sara Wheatcroft This year, D.P. Electric, Inc. celebrates 20 years of growth, change, and service. We started in 1990 with one employee, one truck, and a utility room, and since then have grown to a multi-million-dollar fullservice electrical contracting firm with projects across the entire state of Arizona. We have become a trusted partner to building owners and government agencies and have become a subcontractor of choice to some of the most respected general contractors in the state, many of which weve been working with for over a decade. Wed like to take this moment to reflect on and share with you just how we got here, and how many incredible people were involved along the way. Many of them are still here, and their dedication and hard work is the foundation that D.P. Electric is built on. While he had enjoyed working in construction, Dan wasnt eager to work under someone else again. Dan and his wife Maggie discussed the idea of forming his own company. She told him to go for it. While continuing work at his day job, he started to line up all the elements needed to start a business, including getting licensed. A few months later, the phone rang: it was a general contractor whom he had done work for with his old company. The old company had closed, and the GC needed someone to take the lead on his Tenant Improvement work. With the help of a friend, he put an estimate together and started work. Dan continued working as a facilities electrician by day and worked on his own projects at night with the help of fellow electricians hed met. They continued this way for several projects, until November of 1990, when, with very little saved and several months of work lined up, he quit his day job and D.P. Electric was born. One of his dedicated night crew, a Journeyman electrician named Mark Mahoney, signed on as D.P.s first employee. Together, they converted Dans S-10 pickup truck into a work truck, his utility closet off the garage at his home into an office, and his idea into a reality.

In the BegInnIng
In the beginning, D.P. Electric was just an idea. That idea had been forming in the mind of Dan Puente while he worked as an electrician for large firms. Coming up from the field, I took every opportunity that came my way, in addition to constantly working to improve my self through education, said Dan. As he advanced to the position of foreman, he noticed that the companies he worked for didnt recognize their employees potential. This didnt sit well with Dan, but he continued working hard in hopes that his efforts would be recognized. In 1988, while running a large project, he hit the tipping point. The steel was erected, the decks were being poured, the project was several months behind schedule, and the stress was growing. After several weeks of intense activity, he received a positive annual review for all of his hard work, but he was again denied additional pay. As fate would have it, the very next day he received a job offer to become Facilities Electrician for a large company downtown. Dan took the offer and walked away from construction with the plan to never look back. A single month later I was bored out of my mind he recalls with a laugh. I felt like I couldnt drink any more coffee or eat any more donuts. I decided I needed to do something different.

Focused on success
Most companies fail during their first few years. Budgets are tight, the stakes on every project are high, and the workload is either relentless or nonexistent. Fortunately, ours was relentless, and our crew often worked 10 to 14 hour days. Afterwards, Dan would return to his office and create estimates, go over billing, and review contracts, sometimes until midnight and then get up the next day and do it all over again. It didnt bother him, though; he

was young, energetic, and kept focused on the next step and moving forward, never stopping to think about if DPE would be successful, just working on being successful. I was very fortunate, said Dan. My wife supported our family emotionally and financially. I paid everyone else first, and if there was anything left over I would pay myself. This led to me contributing very little financially to our household. Our family never would have survived without Maggies support. In our early years, D.P. Electric would take on any project we could get. These small projects were often ones that other companies had turned down. Although the economy was in a recession, Dan was unaware. When youre young, life is simple: you need money for diapers, food, and bills. If there was money left over, we would treat ourselves to a happy hour, said Dan. The economy, politics and the future were not things I thought about at that time. Then, in 1992, the company came to a fork in the road. Dans wife, Maggie, was pregnant with their second child. Working for himself with no medical benefits, he had earmarked the final invoice on a project, worth $8K, as baby money. When the bill came due, the contractor met with Dan and instead of a check gave him a promissory note. The money was never paid. The family was crushed and didnt know how they would meet the financial demand. Dejected, Dan asked Maggie if she wanted him to get a real job and walk away from the company. The entire future of the company rested on her next words. She said Absolutely not.

the potential for growth, both for the company and for himself. When interviewing with Dan, I saw his determination to succeed and very much wanted to be a part of his plan, said Scott. I am now in my 18th year with the company, and Ive never looked back. This is my home. With a larger crew, Dan was free to spend more of his time marketing, estimating, and supervising. The combination of economic recovery and their own growing reputation kept them all very busy. In 1993, DP Electric, Inc. became certified with the City of Phoenix as a minority company, a certification that opened doors with larger contractors, many of whom are still clients to this day. That year our team saw our first big opportunity when we were awarded a time-and-material contract with Allied Signal out by the Sky Harbor Airport. 1994 was a year of firsts. After seeing an ad in the paper, Albert Kachekian drove from California to become DPEs first estimator. He joined our teams first office manager in Dans 8 x 13 utility room. Before long, their crew 30 guys in the field, and an expanding office team outgrew the space and moved into their first real office, a 1500 SF office warehouse in Tempe. Soon after, we applied for Federal 8(a) certification and began doing work for the federal government. Our first federal project involved upgrading the power distribution at the TRACON (Terminal Radar Approach Control) facility out at Sky Harbor Airport. The TRACON is a critical facility that houses the radar system used by the air traffic controllers in the tower. The project had an aggressive schedule, but Scott Muller, acting as the General Foremen, led his team to finish the tight project with 15 days to spare. The teams hard work and success got them noticed, leading to many more projects at the airport. Our little company was growing, and in addition to federal and

BuIldIng a team
By 1993, the company had grown to 8 electricians, one of whom was Scott Muller. Scott had worked for larger companies and was looking to join a smaller company with

The Sky Harbor Terminal Radar Approach Control, or TRACON, was one of the first DP projects at the airport. The Phoenix TRACON handles all IFR and VFR traffic within 40 nautical miles of Sky Harbor Airport, making its systems some of the most critical in the Valley.

Rental Car Center

The largest facility of its kind in Arizona under one roof, with a 120,000 sf customer service building on top of a three-level parking garage that can hold 5,600 cars. A fleet of 55 natural gas-fueled buses shuttle passengers to terminals, significantly reducing congestion and localised pollution.

Phoenix Convention Center

Under a trio of teaming general contractors, we worked on the over 2M sf facility to install over 13,000 light fixtures and coordinate lighting control throughout the entire building with the City of Phoenix and fellow subcontractors.

airport work we were also doing multiple tenant improvement projects in high rises downtown. As D.P. Electric, Inc. grew, it started to develop a culture. There had always been an unspoken dedication to the Golden Rule: Dan treated all employees as he would like to be treated, and believed that everyone deserves respect, regardless of position: we are all the same, we just have different positions and jobs that we perform. Everyone was held accountable from the top down. These philosophies and practices became our foundation, and have helped attract and keep some of the best individuals in the industry. Based on these beliefs, the employees of D.P. Electric created a mission statement, declaring that people are the strength of our company, and that D.P. Electric, Inc. grows and improves as our people do. This remains our mission statement to this day.

In the months that followed, dark clouds covered the country, both emotionally and financially. It wasnt until 2003 that the sun fully came back out for DPE, when we were awarded our largest contract to date by Austin Commercial for the City of Phoenix Rental Car Center. The center was the largest horizontal structure in the state, and DPE was kept very busy installing the one-line, fire alarm, and communications conduits for the entire project. Coupled with the rampingup of the local economy, the mulit-million dollar project kick started DPE into high gear, and before we knew it, DPE had outgrown our facility again. This time, D.P. Electric purchased and moved into a 13,800 SF building that remains our current headquarters in Tempe. The building has a warehouse, an equipment yard, and room for several conference rooms and a training room.

together We groW
In 2005, the company passed another milestone with annual revenues exceeding $20 million. This was partly due to work for Hunt Construction on the Phoenix Convention Center, DPEs first project over 5 million dollars. A high-speed DesignAssist, the project had intense labor demands. DPE had 50 electricians working during the projects peak, and the team worked weekends, split shifts, and whatever else was needed to ensure the success of the high profile project. The project sent us challenge after challenge, and the team knocked every one out of the park. I always knew that my team was capable of anything that we took on, said Dan, but this job validated it! The Convention Centers success allowed us to accomplish what only one other firm had done before: D.P. Electric, Inc. graduated from the City of Phoenixs MBE program. The program had done exactly what it was meant to do. The MBE

on the move
The year 2000 was approaching, and many believed that the Y2K bug would bring vital infrastructure to a standstill. There was widespread uncertainty and tension throughout the construction market. Despite this, D.P. Electric continued to take on new clients, win larger contracts, and hire new staff. Eventually, we outgrew our first office, and before the decade was over we had expanded into an 8,000 sf building on Perry Lane in Tempe. We were no longer a small start-up company, and, after a decade of business, were recognized as a permanent player in the Arizona construction market. Soon after, the companys revenue passed the $10-million mark, immediately followed by September 11th. The shock of the events of that day extended even to Arizona, and the construction market slumped in the recession that followed.

Maricopa Data Center

Stores all of the data for Maricopa Countys schools, treasury, Sheriffs office, and more. During the 20-month project, we installed 900KW Backup Generator, 2 UPS units (each over 6K lbs).

Tempe Transportation Center

The 40,000 square foot, award-winning LEED Gold certified Center incorporates many sustainable and energy saving features and is the green hub of Tempes transportation system.

2010 Census Paper Data Center #2

An existing 212,413 sq ft warehouse facility to be remodeled and built-out to support the Data Capture Operations for the 2010 Decennial Census.

activities in the MBE community, in 2009 the Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council D.P. Electric was awarded the Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Councils Supplier of the Year, and Dan Puente was personally awarded the MBE Advocate of the Year. Business continued to thrive into 2008. Average project sizes grew until it became common to have several projects over $2 million performing at once. Our staff had expanded to 260 field electricians, and required 30 office personnel to keep operations running smoothly. Annual revenue had also continued to climb, and in 2008 the $30 million mark was passed. Then, in 2009, the housing bubble burst, and construction was the worst hit industry in one of the nations worst hit states. It always seems that just as were celebrating our best year ever, thats when the floor falls out from underneath us. Our incredible peak in 2008 was followed by our toughest challenge to date, and like many companies our revenues are down and profit is a thing of the past, says Dan. There are valuable lessons to be learned during these times; we are running extremely efficiently, and have learned to get small returns from even the leanest project. We have maintained our structure and have added new key people. We are extremely healthy weve just lost some weight! D.P. Electric is keeping at it, leaner and meaner than before, and we are adding new clients and steadily filling up our back log. Despite the grim market, in 2009 we won our largest single project to date, the $6 million Pima Psychiatric Hospital and Crisis Recovery Center in Tucson.

certification had helped open doors, had given us a boost in gaining larger contracts, and had assisted our companys growth until that assistance was no longer needed. Afterwards, D.P. Electric, Inc. continued to be an active member of the minority business community and in 2006 was awarded the Associated Minority Contractors of Americas Minority Subcontractor of the Year award. We have also continued to work with other minority firms as a mentor, client, advocate, and educator, and in 2008 decided to extend our philosophy of education and development outside of the firm with the creation of the Minority Mentorship program. The program creates collaborative partnerships with smaller MBE companies, helping them win larger contracts and continuing to work with them through the process of gaining bonding, working with suppliers, and successfully finishing the project. This new mentorship program allows MBEs to work with a partner who is invested in their success. At DPE, we use the Joint Venture process as a way to expand smaller MBEs experience, knowledge, and portfolio, strengthening them for future work. The program was an immediate success, and together with an MBE partner, DPE successfully bid on, won, and delivered the 212,413 sq ft. 2010 Census Paper Data Center. Because of our ongoing

and Into the Future

In 2010, D.P. Electric is celebrating their 20th anniversary. For 20 years, the company has been making good on its promise

Sundt Headquarters
A LEED Gold design-build project, the 76,400 square foot Class-A office tower creates a new headquarters for Sundt. DP worked with Sundt and the architects at SmithGroup to earn maximum LEED points, leading SmithGroup to select DP as their contractor of choice for their own HQ renovation.

SkySong Mixed Use Center

SkySong is LEED Silver 1.2 million square foot mixed-use project. We provided electrical services for ground up construction, the site lighting, the parking garage, and tenant improvements, and have been selected to provide ongoing service for the center.

Pima Psychiatric Hospital & Crisis Recovery Center

This project is made up of two new construction buildings. The crisis response center is 67,376 sq. ft. and the psychiatric hospital is 136,262 sq. ft. This project will also consist of all site work.

to deliver, to be dependable, and to invest in employees and help them grow. Of the employees from the early years, many are still on the team: Albert Kachekian is now the Senior Chief Estimator at the head of his own staff; Mark Mahoney runs a service department that leaps in response to emergency calls, and is currently completing almost over $1 million in work for Maricopa County; Jim Hughes is the Purchasing Manager and oversees the companys materials, trucks, and computer systems, and likely regrets that he ever professed an interest in IT, and Scott Muller has risen from a field electrician to become D.P.s increasingly busy Vice President. Jeremy Servais, who started with D.P. Electric in 1993 and remembers working out of Dans house, now brings his years of field experience to his position as an estimator. Othniel Henry has grown with the company, filling roles as a General Foreman, Superintendent, and Safety Manager, and continues to bring his 16 years of experience every day to our Tucson operations. The company is also developing and expanding its markets and technologies. Weve focused on sustainability and have become USGBC members and supporters. We have several team members who are LEED AP accredited. We have completed a number of high profile LEED projects

including the LEED Gold Tempe Transportation Center, the LEED Silver SkySong Mixed Use Development, and the LEED Gold Sundt Construction Headquarters. We are working with BIM (Building Integrated Modeling), creating 3-D models of future installation to coordinate with general contractors and engineers and to predict and troubleshoot potential issues before they even occur. Our reach has also grown, and we have projects ranging from the mountains of Flagstaff to the Mariposa Land Port of Entry on the Arizona/Mexico border. Despite the current uncertain economy, we have decided that it isnt time to abandon a long-held philosophy of fairness and plain dealings. Rather, it is time to reconnect with people. Some of you reading this have followed us on our journey, and are part of why we have been successful for the last 2 decades. Others are just learning about who we are and what we do. With this publication, we hope to remind you of what D.P. Electric has done, what the company stands for, and how we have taken care of our valued clients and partners. It is time to start reminding people of a local success story, of an award winning company that never bit off more than it could chew, never made promises it couldnt keep, and has quietly built itself into one Arizonas largest electrical contracting firms.

two DecADeS of DepenDABle Service

Dan Puente started doing small TI and odd residential jobs working out of his home in Mesa,using a 1986 S-10 Pick up truck. He had one employee.



D.P. Electric is founded in November of 1990.


Purchased first company truck.

1993 1994

Certified as an MBE Contractor with the City of Phoenix.

1993 1994

Awarded Time & Material contract at Allied Signal.

Moved to 1500 SQ.FT office warehouse on River Drive in Tempe Certified as an 8(A) Contractor

Hired first full time office manager and estimator.

Awarded first government project at Fort Huachuca Base

1994 1995 1995

Awarded Multiple Bank of America Jobs.

First US West critical power upgrade project.


First contract over $1Million (Base Civil\Logistic Air National Guard Facility at Sky Harbor Airport) Purchased an 8,000 S.FT. Building on Perry Lane in Tempe.


First large critical power distribution job. This would be the first of many projects at the Sky Harbor airport.

1999 2000
Dan Puente is awarded SBA Minority Small Business Person of the Year.

Surpassed $10 Million in revenue.

Awarded Job Order Contract with US West.


Graduated from the 8(a) Program


2003 2004

Awarded first project over $3Million (City of Phoenix Rental Car Center)

Awarded first job over $5 Million (Phoenix Convention Center Lighting)

Surpassed 20 million in Revenue

Purchased 13,800 SF building with its own warehouse and yard

2005 2006
Graduated from the City of Phoenix MBE Program

AMCA Minority Subcontractor of the Year.



GCMSDC MBE Advocate of the Year award and MBE Supplier of the Year Award.

2008 2008 2009

Purchased first service van and started service department.

2008 2008
Surpassed $30 Million in revenue

Employed 260 field electricians and 30 office personnel

Initiated Minority Mentoring Program Awarded first Joint Venture using the DP Minority Mentoring Program (Census 2010 Project)

Awarded WP Carey School of Business Spirit of Enterprise award



Opened Tucson Location

Awarded first project over 6 Million Pima Hospital project in Tucson

Took a moment to look back on 20 years


Recognition Is Always Appreciated

It may sound counter-intuitive, but at D.P. Electric, we have an unspoken policy about not pursuing awards. We prefer to measure our success by the level of satisfaction owners and general contractors feel about our performance. Satisfied clients and a reputation for solid work and a dependable team is award enough. However, sometimes a submission comes by that seems an exceptionally good fit for a project or a DP Team member, and well send something in. After all, we, like everyone else in the world, enjoy being recognized for our achievement. This has led to some amazing recognition by leading building, minority, and business organizations. When our projects, our team members, and our company are recognized, it is both humbling and exhilirating. intertwined personal growth and company growth, and the entire company was incredibly proud of Othy for his recognition.

Spirit of enterpriSe AwArD for 2009

On September 24th, Dan Puente was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Centers Gary L. Trujillo Minority Enterprise Award for 2009. The Award was given by ASUs W.P. Carey School of Business, and honors entrepreneurs who are models of Ethics, Energy, and Excellence in Entrepreneurship. Winners are noted for creating a positive culture both internally and in the community as a whole.

ABc 2010 crAft profeSSionAl of the yeAr

In February of 2010, Othniel Henry traveled to San Diego to accept the prestigious Electrical Craft Professional of the Year, an award given by the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc. Othniel Othy Henry was nominated for the competition by Doug Mills of the Arizona Builders Alliance. An employee at D.P. Electric since 1994, Othy Henry has worked his way up through the company, learning and teaching those around him. Four days a week, he spends his evenings at the Gateway Community College where he teaches the hands-on lab portion of the Arizona Builders Alliances Electrical Apprenticeship program. Othy exemplifies the DP philosophy of

2008 Supplier of the yeAr AwArD AnD mBe ADvocAte of the yeAr
D.P. Electric, Inc was awarded the 2008 Supplier of the Year Award, Class 3, by the Grand Canyon Minority Business Supplier Development Council. This award recognizes Minority Suppliers who are upstanding examples of good business, and who are dedicated to working with other MBEs and supporting them in their success. We were doubly honored when the council went on to select Dan Puente, President of DP Electric, as the MBE Advocate of the Year in recognition of his continuing support of the MBE community.


SBA Small Business Person of the Year GCMSDC Advocate of the Year GCMSDC Supplier of the Year Spirit of Enterprise Award AMCA Subcontractor of the Year


MBE ActivisM
In 2006, DP Electric graduated from the City of Phoenixs Minority Business program. Companies graduate from the program due to financial growth and success, and we were proud of our achievement. Although we graduated from the government certification, we continue to be a part of the MBE community through organizations, memberships, mentoring programs, and education. DP Electric is an active member in organizations like the Associated Minority Contractors of America and the Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council. Weve also put in place a program for the mentoring and support of fellow MBEs with the goal of helping fellow minority-owned businesses achieve the same success that we have. The program has been a success, and together with our mentee partners we have successfully delivered high profile projects like the EDS systems at multiple Sky Harbor Terminals and the U.S. Census Data Center #2, a 212,413 sq ft facility that supports the Data Capture Operations for the 2010 Decennial Census. In addition to company-wide activities our President, Dan Puente, teaches classes in business development and strategies for success to small minority business owners. Recently, he worked with the AMCA to launch their new Student Mentoring program. The program pairs young minority freshman entering ASUs Del E. Webb School of Construction with industry leaders who serve as their mentors. The first year of the program was incredibly successful, and Dan is now leading efforts to reach out to more of the Valleys minority success stories to become mentors for the growing number of interested students. The organization hopes that successful students will also return as mentors themselves, creating a self-sustaining program of support and success.

Top: The Sky Harbor EDS System, Terminal 4 Middle: Census 2010 Paper Center Bottom: Mentors and Mentees share lunch

mBe memBerShipS

City of Phoenix MBE (graduated) Associated Minority Contractors of America Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council


We would like to congratulate Dan Puente and the people of D.P. Electric for 20 years of business success. Thank you for doing business with us over the last 16 years.
-Laura Sposi, The Mahoney Group 623-215-1322


Pulling Together
Through the years, weve been involved in a number of charity and community organizations, both as a company and through individual donations. In 2004, the entire D.P. team joined with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a family in need. More recently, we collected shoes for Haiti in the wake of their national tragedy, and in 2009, our team participated in the NetZero house, building a LEED Platinum HUD home for an Arizona family. In the past few years, weve ramped up our activities at the holidays, collecting hundreds of pounds of food for shelters in addition to adopting a local family. The outpouring was so generous that we were able to give the families presents, holiday dinner, a full pantry, and a gift certificate for additional clothing and supplies.

D.p. SupportS:
ABA Educational Trust Fund, American Cancer Society, American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, American Subcontractor Association, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Arizona Builders Alliance, Arizona Center for the Blind, ASA of Arizona, Inc., Boxer Luv Rescue, Church of Ascension, Fountain Hills High School, Fountain Hills Youth, Grand Canyon State Games, M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), Muscular Dystrophy Association, Phoenix Rescue Mission, Prehab of Arizona, Scottsdale Charros, Sojourner Center of Phoenix, TUHSD Bus Internship Scholarships, Valley of the Sun YMCA, Whispering Hope Ranch, YMCA Strong Kids Campaign


D.P Electric isnt a faceless corporation, nor is it one person. It is built on the skills, abilities, and dedication of many people. Some of these key members have grown with the company and their loyalty and dedication have helped shape the last 20 years of D.P. Electric.



Scott muller
Scott has been with DP for 17 years. During that time, hes been a Journeyman Electrician, Service Electrician, Field Superintendent, Project Manager/Estimator, Operations Manager, and is currently Vice President. Every day I come to work I find myself surrounded by great friends and co-workers that are as much a part of my life as my family is, he says.

mArk mAhoney
Now D.P.s Service Manager, Mark started as the companys first foreman and fondly recalls project communications in the days before cell phones. Back then, a page meant dropping everything, finding a quarter and a pay phone, only to hear hows everything going? Good?

Jim hugheS
About a year after starting at DP in 1994, Jim was asked to sort a pile of shirts. His entire career since then has been an extension of that - organizing and distributing what the company does have, and purchasing what it doesnt. Now as Purchasing Manager, he oversees all job materials, company vehicles, and DP facility needs, and avoids that Marketing person, who keeps trying to take his picture.

AlBert kAchekiAn
In 1994, Albert saw a small DP ad in the newspaper in California, leading him to come to Arizona. From his start in Dans utililty closet, Albert has grown with the company and developed the D.P. Estimating team. Albert likes almost everything about DP Electric - except for the constant appearance of baked goods in the break room. Attack of the pastries!

othy henry
Since his start in 1994, Othy has filled roles as a Superintendent, a foreman, an educator, and as DPEs Safety Manager. He likes DP because the company treats its members like family and never like numbers, which is why employees throw themselves heart and soul into every project they work on, even up to the last second before the inspector comes in.


tom cAnADA
Tom is a good man to have on your side whether youre working at the airport, playing pool, poker, or paintball. He is currently Sr. Project Manager, and has taken the lead on all of DPs airport projects, where he always, always yields to airplanes when driving on the tarmac.

mike whetStone JoSe cArillo

Jose has been with DPE for over a decade, and is currently troubleshooting electrical problems with DPs Service Department. When he isnt camping, fishing, or remodeling his house for the 18th time, hes showing off the photo of him next to an Apache after a DPE project at an airport. Since his start with DP in 1997 as a laborer, Mike has educated himself and absorbed knowledge from every person hes come into contact with. He is now one of our top foreman and one of DPs experts in airport electrical systems.

lucky ng mike Brown

Since 1995, Mike has been bringing his skill and friendly attitude to his work at DPE. While he enjoys his work, his favorite times at DPE have been on foremans trips. On the very first trip, the crew went trout fishing at Lees Ferry where Mike caught a 22 trout - and wasnt allowed to keep it! If only it had been just a little bigger... Lucky started with DP in 1998, and weve been lucky to have him. (That joke never gets old.) Lucky has an extensive knowledge of Fire Alarm and special systems, and has been a key person to the ongoing success with work at Sky Harbor International Airport. According to Tom Canada, he could brush up on his poker game but Tom isnt complaining.

mArk SzleSzinSki
Mark has been with DP since 1997. During that time, he has acted as General Foreman on high-profile projects like the Tempe Transportation Center and the Phoenix Convention Center.

Jeremy ServAiS
Jeremy started with D.P. back in 1993, when the company was still at Dans house. Since then, hes become a General Foreman and is now an estimator in our Tempe office, where his experience in the field and his love of air conditioning make him one of the most productive staff members.


work hard, play harder

At D.P. Electric, we work hard to make sure that every project we finish is one that we can be proud of. We also understand that our team is strenghtened because of our time spent together outside of work. Whether at our softball games, cookouts, picnics, or fishing trips, we believe in playing as hard as we work, and doing both as a team.

Founded in 1998, CTS is a high end Structured Cabling System integration contractor. We are a licensed and bonded low voltage (L-67) contractor serving the entire state of Arizona. CTS specializes in the installation and design of voice, data, video and fiber optic cabling systems. Other systems include wireless, A/V, security, intercom and paging. We focus on the commercial market consisting of Healthcare, Financial, Education, Government and the private sector. CTS provides installations for Design/Build, New Construction, Remodels and TI.

Corporate Technology Solutions, LLC. 1971 E. 5th Street, Suite #111 Tempe, AZ 85281 480.377.0225


D.P. Electric, Inc. 6002 S. Ash Ave. Tempe, AZ 85283


Thank You
Weve been successful for the last 20 years because of the people we work with. We are proud to be a member of your team, and hope that you continue to depend on D.P. Electric into the future.
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