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Om! Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha! Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha! Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaya! Om! Ham! Hanumathe!

Sri Rama Doothaya Namaha!

Total Lunar Eclipse June 2011

(Sampoorna Chandra Grahanam)
World is experiencing occurrence of three Eclipses, two Solar and one Lunar within a gap of one month starting from 1st June and ending with 1st July 2011. First and the last being Solar, the middle one that is occurring on 15th of June 2011 is a Lunar Eclipse. It is first of the two Lunar eclipses during 2011 that is visible are India. It is a Total Lunar Eclipse, Sampoorna Chandra Grahana occurring at the Moons ascending node, Rahu Grastha Chandra Grahana. This Eclipse is visible all over India, Central Asia, South America, Europe, Western Africa, Australia and Philippines. It is a very long Eclipse occurring with duration of more than three hours and its totality lasting for more than 100 minutes. It is believed to be a rare type of Lunar Eclipse that had occurred earlier in the year 2000 AD and next such eclipse is likely to be witnessed in the year 3000 AD. Astrologically, this Eclipse is occurring in the constellation of Jyesta in Vrischika raasi (Scorpio sign) and extending to Moola star in Dhanus Raasi (Sagittarius).

Schedule of current Lunar Eclipse

Date of Eclipse: Type of Eclipse: Visibility: Eclipse Time: Duration: Vedha starts: Parva Kala: Mid night of 15thJune 2011 & early hours of 16thJune 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse (Rahu Grastha Chandra Grahana) Across the country (India) From 23.53 IST (15.06.2011) To 03.33 IST (16.06.2011) 03.40 hrs From 14.53 hrs (15.05.2011) onwards 3 hours and 40 minutes

Food restriction for those who can afford starts from 15.23 hrs of 15.06.2011. Pregnant women, children, old people, unhealthy (ailing) have exemptions in timings of food restriction up to Sunset hour. As far as possible avoid taking food during eclipse time.

Astrological details of the Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse is occurring in the Lunar month of Jyesta Masam on the Full Moon day (Pournima). It is known as Rahu Grastha Chandra Grahanam (Moon's ascending node Rahu involved)

Eclipse Constellation: Eclipse sign: Stars in Eclipse signs:

Jyesta extending to Moola Vrischika (Scorpio) extending to Dhanus (Sagittarius) Visakha-4, Anuradha, Jyesta, Moola, Poorvashada & Uttaraashada-1 Moon & Rahu

Planets in Eclipse sign:

Suggested Remedies
Since the eclipse is occurring in the constellation of Jyesta and Moola, those belonging to these two birth stars may have to perform Grahana Shanti. Those born in the Moon signs of Scorpio (Vrischika), Sagittarius (Dhanus), Jyesta & Moola stars in particular should donate the following to a Brahmin on the next day morning after taking bath. One Bronze/Copper plate (filled with ghee) + Chandra Bimba & Naga Bimba (silver) + Vasthra (Clothes) + Dakshina along with Rice, Black Gram, Horse Gram and Green Gram Donating Black Thil seeds during Parvakala like Eclipse is suggested and considered as highly meritorious. Performing Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva before and after the Eclipse will be beneficial. Lighting of Lemon + Ghee lamps during the eclipse time will also be very useful in weakening the negative effects of Rahu. Those belonging to Jyesta and Moola stars should avoid looking/getting exposed to the Eclipse.

Suggested prayers
Specific prayers to Goddess Durga (for Rahu), Lord Sri Krishna and Lord Shiva (For Moon), Lord Hanuman, Moon God are required to be made during eclipse. For those under the constellation of Moola whose star lord is Kethu it is suggested to pray Lord Sri Maha Ganapathi also during eclipse time. Some of the useful prayers suggested are Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stothram Sri Nrusimha Kavacham Runa Vimochana Sri Nrusimha Stothram Sankata Nashana Ganesha Stothram Sri Krishnaastakam Sri Venkateswara Vajra Kavacha Stothram Durga Kavacham or Durga Stuthi

Sri Hari-Vayu Stuthi, Yanthroddharaka Hanumad Stothram Khila Vayu Stuthi, Hanuman Chaleesa Sri Raghavendra Sthothram/ Kavacham One can choose any one of the above or any other useful Divine prayer based on their individual faith and belief while the above list is only indicative but not exhaustive. Those who cannot recite them can at least resort to chanting of Narayana Astakshari or Shiva Panchakshari or Sri Rama Nama or Sri Raghavendra Astakshari during Eclipse.

What is to be done during Eclipse time?

Any Eclipse time is said to be very sacred and celestial and entire period of Eclipse is known as Parva Kala (most sacred time). Any sacred rituals or rites performed during a parva kala will derive more merits than those performed during ordinary times. Hence, please dont waste the Eclipse time with materialistic pursuits and activities. Eclipse is the most opportune time to perform Snana {(sacred bath) before and after the Eclipse}, Prayer, Punascharana of Upadesa Manthra (like Gayathri manthra), Pithru Tharpana, and Charity. Chanting of Vedic manthras/sacred Sthothras will ward off the negative energy that gets activated during eclipse and protects from all negativity. Sarva Pithru Tarpana should be performed with proper sankalpa during eclipse time (by those who are eligible) with black Thil (sesame) seeds. After the Eclipse Snana (bath) is a must. Food should be taken on the next day after taking bath, performing nithya karma and giving charity wherever applicable.

Pithru Tharpana Sankalpa Sloka

(For the current Lunar Eclipse)

Sri Govinda - Govinda! Sri MahaVishnorAagnaaya, Pravarthamanasya, Aadya Bramhane, Dwiteeya Parardhe, Sri Swetha Varaaha Kalpe, Vaivaswatha Manvanthare, Kaliyuge, Kali Prathama Charane, Bauddhavathare, Salivaahanasakhe, Jambudweepe, Meror Dakshina bhage, Bhaaratavarshe, Bharatha Khande, Godavari Dakshina theereSannidhau, Asmin Varthamane, Vyavahaarike, Chaandramanena, Sri Khara Nama Sanvastare, Uttarayane, Greeshma Ruthau, Jyesta Maase, Sukla Pakshe, Pournami Thithau Soumya Vaasare, Vishnu Nakshatre, Vishnu Yoge, Vishnu Karane, evam guna visheshana visistaayaam, Punya thithau

Praacheenavithi (Yagnopaveetham in apasavya position) Asmath Samastha Pithrunaam Akshaya Punya Lokaavaapthyartham Chandroparaaga Punyakaaley Sraaddhanga Saddhyah Thila Tharpanam Karishye
For more information on Thila tharpana vidhi, list of Sarva Pithru etc you may like to refer to the following post..

Samarpana sloka Anena Mayaa - Chandroparaaga Kruthena Samastha Pithru Thila Tharpanena SriMadhJanardhana Vaasudevah Priyathaam Preetho Varado Bhavathu Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu Kaayena vaacha manasendri yairvaa Buddhyaatmanaa vaa prakrite swabhavath Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai Naarayanayethi samarpayaami
Above slokas can be used for Solar Eclipse also but, you may have to use the word Suryoparaaga instead of Chandroparaaga. Current day element (marked red) in the sankalpa sloka will also change accordingly, depending on the thithi, vara, nakshathra etc For more information on Eclipse, dos & donts, usage of Dharbha (Kusa grass) during Eclipse etc you may like to refer to the related posts from the following link

Next Lunar Eclipse on 10.12.2011

Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu bhargavasarma