Name organisation: Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe – Lenkoran Name organisation in English: European Students’

Forum – Lenkoran local Abbreviation name organisation: AEGEE-Lenkoran Organisation's address: street: Mirmustaphakhan 24 postal code: aze 4200 city: Lenkoran country: Azerbaijan Phone organisation: +994125560574 Mobile phone organisation: +994556760939 Fax organisation: +99412 4213669 E-mail organisation: Website organisation: First name delegate: Khumar Family name delegate: Arshadli Date of birth: 23.02.1985 Male: Female: * Private e-mail delegate: E-mail address to send conference documents: Personal phone/mobile where you can be reached in emergencies: +994557059589 phone: +994124397099 mobile phone:+994557059589 Special needs (vegetarian, no pork, allergies, disabilities etc.): No pork Do you consider yourself to be part of a minority? No: Yes: (please, specify) Internally Displaced Person (IDP) Motivation and aims for participating:

I am a young IDP. And it‚s really interesting and exciting for me to meet other young IDPs (refugees etc.) from different parts of Europe, to listen to their life stories and to find out how they survived during the hard and painful days when they were forced to flee their homelands. And also I want let it be known that being a refugee does not mean that you are isolated from civilization and you are not the part of modern society any more. At the moment refugees are being informally discriminated against and are often treated as stereotypes by local people. People are really surprised if a refugee speaks English or listens to modern music, because refugees are accepted as old-fashioned by most members of society, as if our ways of thinking and behaving are old and we are behind the times. My motivation for taking part in this course is to disprove this theory. To let everybody see that although we have been displaced from our homeland, our ideas, opinions, thoughts and aims are still alive.
Please describe the work you are doing and the specific projects you have been involved in:

Generally, my organization’s interest is to cooperate with different organizations and

Make it available! ] E Over the edge! Patriotism. creative and enthusiastic individual. Fascism and Hate Speech ] F Now what? Intercultural action post conflict Please explain your choice and describe in which way you could contribute to these 2 working groups: The two working groups I have chosen are connected with each other. I am able to work under pressure. Describe your skills (eg. It would be great to set a day when all minorities would meet each year on this day in different countries of . put '1' and '2' before the relevant working groups [ [ [ [ [ [ 1 ] A United colours in action! Diversity and active participation ] B E-Race It! Institutional Racism. I would like to apply to these working groups what I have learned from my difficult and dangerous experiences in identifying how we can improve our lives. What languages can you work with: Azeri . leading a working group. I am a head of international relations department in my organization. but first of all I am an IDP and my organization sure I can meet and cooperate better with the people like me. able to communicate with people of every level. Nowadays refugees are a new “race type” and are also under target of racists. 2 ] C Stand up for your rights! Refugees and IDPs' ] D Inclusion. So I always act as trainer or multiplier in projects concerning refugees. status and skills.native Russian – fluent Turkish – fluent English – fluent French – intermediate Indicate the field(s) of your activity: put a cross before the relevant field(s) [ ] Anti-nationalism [ ] Anti-racism [ ] Anti-fascism [ ] Migrant / minority rights [ ] Refugee support [ + ] Human rights [ + ] Youth work [ ] Other: Which working group would you like to attend? Indicate clearly two priorities.individuals with different experience. responsible. Just because we lived the similar life and survived similar situation. Because both of them are reflecting the realities of present world. reporting): I am highly organized. I also would like to work on making contacts with other refugees. minorities and present my organization in order to cooperate in further joint projects. able to work independently or as a part of a team and I have leadership potential.

As a part of the network. Have you personally experienced racism and/or discrimination? No: Yes: (please. discuss our problems and find ways to help each other. It was really hard for me to make friends because the people of my block were treating me as I’m a caveman. They would be appropriate for such a network. I would like conferences such as "Break our Limits through Intercultural Youth Action” to be in succession. We’d create a poll to decide where we would meet next year. country? Actually I have a lot of ideas concerning these issues. It would be very pleased and proud to contribute to intercultural dialogue. It would be an occasion on which we could meet and communicate. there might be courses or workshops offered. I’d like to create a network through which all of us could share skills. How will you share the experience of the conference after your return in your organisation.Europe. I would like the whole world to know about the life we survived and the life we lead now. When I was a child I was always being discriminated by the children of my age. .) in all fields. Would you need financial support from UNITED for your travel costs? No. I think it is necessary to go beyond a national vision – to have an outlook that respects the cultural diversity of every individual as. community. but I lack the necessary facilities and funding to realize them. We are ready to cooperate with young people from different countries and their organizations in order to act together and develop our own ideas in a present environment. IDPs etc. in order for us to document our approaches to the problems encountered by minorities in world today. to think about how to improve and increase a role of young minorities (refugees. specify) It was an informal discrimination. What about sharing experiences with my organization? I am the head of the International Relations department in my organization. But gradually my education let me vanish their behaviour.