Secret Symbols


Rosicrucians· .
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of the

of the 16th & 17th Centuries

Brought to light for the first time from an old manuscript .

ALTONA, 1785
Edited and printed by


D. A. Eckhardt, in Hamburg

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The Teachings of the Rosicrucians
of the 16th and 17th Centuries

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by a Brother of the Fraternity

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. Printed and Published by Joh. Dav, Ad. Eckhardt. Book-Printer to H. M. the King of Denmark.

27. o, 7. The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.

ibidem 14.. v. 6. A scorner wisdom seeketh

and findeth

it not; but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.

The Almighty, Alone-Wise, and Omniscient GOD and LORD hath given understanding to Man, above all other creatures, so that he may know his works and not leave them . unexplored. Now since this Man, whom the All-wise GOD hath inspired thereto, hath this high and profound secret Work and the great secret of the ancient' Waler-Slone o{ the Wise. he must needs prove himself aright. If ever there Is a natural thing on earth, it is the Preparation and the M Bgyslerium of the Philosopher's Stone, natural and not of man's making, but wholly the work of Nature, for the Arlist addeth nothing thereto. Nature alone dtrecteth the growing. as doth every tiller of the soil with his fruits and plants; only he must be subtle in mind and have the grnce of GOD, so that he may direct the some as the work becomes evident in the boiling and through successive time: namely, in the beginning .there .is the Subjectum. which one doth receive from Nature directly into the hand. Therein lieth hidden the Universal Tincture of all metals. animals. and plants. It is a rough Corpus. having neither the figure nor form of an animal or plant. but .Is in the beginning a rough, earthy. heavy, viscous, tough 'and nebulous substance on "';hic~ Nature hath stopped: but when the enlightened man openeth these matters. investigateth them in Digestion. and with its thick foggy 'shadows with which it is surrounded, he purifieth and permitteth the hidden to emerge, and through further Sublimation its Innermost soul, which is hidden therein. Is also separated from it and brought into a bodily form. Then one will find what Nature hath hidden in such a once shapeless substance and what power and Magnalia the Supreme Creator hath given to and 'implanted in this Creeto. For GOD hath this Creeto for all other creatures. as in the beginning of creation this power was Implanted. and He still giveth it daily.

so that it would otherwise not only be impossible for a man to bring such natural work to the desired end. much less to create herein anything useful. But the good and gracious GOD doth not begrudge man the 'treasures and goods which He hath implanted in Nature. else He would not have granted such things to His creatures; nay, He hath created everything good for 'man, and hath made him to be Lord over His creation. Therefore it is fitting for man to understand and to undertake such a natural philosophical work. for otherwise such a highly-gifted and wonderful creation would have been in vain. and we would view Nature like the dumb animals which run about. and we would go vainly after God's counsel and we would not fit into the ends of Nature. Deus aulem el Natura. nihil {aciunl [rustre, (But God and Nature do nothing in vain). But GOD Almighty ruleth in all such things. He ordereth and provideth that oats and fodder be placed before the ass and the horse, but that the rational human being be 'served with more costly and more delicious food. Therefore those who try to investigate and who long for such a deeply. hidden Arcanum and great treasure, in the proper way. do not have to depend upon the harvest of the ignorant. who have no understanding under the Light of our Sun. The Philosophers and wise men. as well as Neoterici and Vereres, have had many disputations about this secret art. and have tried to point out. with many different names, allegories. and wondrously strange sophistical words what that Subjectum and its Essentie are. and what kind of a Materia. what kind of a Corpus. what kind of a Subjectum, and what a wonderful thing and secret a Creatura it is. which hath embodied such mighty. strange, and heavenly powers. and with which. after

Digestion and puriricanon, one can help human beings. animals. plants. and metals. and one can bring their health and perfection up to the highest degree. and One can also do many other marvellous things with it. Nevertheless all those who were and still are true Philosophi. have unanimously pointed out one Single Scopum and one only M eteriem, the Filii Sepientist, writing various and manifold speeches and scripts about it. Concerning the essential thing. however. there is only silence. and that silence hath fast-locked their mouths. and placed a solid Sigil/ upon them. for if it should become as common knowledge as brewing and baking. the world would soon perish. There are many who have searched for that only Res.

rightly and use them wisely they give much health. and except and above this nothing else is to be prepared. but the one threefold point of the Llnivetselis, for the Spiritus to be found in these two said things produceth consistency. strength and virtue. amongst other things. Now the man pardoned by God can prepare and make ready an object or substance of the above mentioned red or white. of Sol and Luna. which is called the Lapidem Philosophorum. or the very ancient Water-Stone of the Wise. from the substance in which God placed such potency at the creation or genesis of the world. or the oft-mentioned materials or Subjectum which God. out of love and grace. implanted in the highly-endowed divine man. But I believe. therefore. that the divine substance which was left to him in the first Creation of the world. of the Splritu Vitali. of the lnsplretion, hath survived in all kinds of creatures. All received the same Spiritum in the aforesaid M assam, and firmly secluded in the lowest depths of the earth. and it was indicated and left to the Wise Men to disinter it. to extract it. to use it. and to perform the same Mirecule with it. through the holy wisdom which is still implanted in it and with which it is supplied daily. Both substances mentioned above as Sun and Moon or red and white. or rather the Praeparation ~ is and Mercuril. are the ingredients in the Composition of our Lepidis Philosophotism, Now then the Materia are in the beginning through sufficient and oft-repeated Sublimentiones purified and cleansed, and then weighed carefully. and then soon composed: also thou must not be ignorant of what is the potency and occasion of both of the said ingredients. but thou must know how to arrange both Pondera. secundum proportion em Physlcam (according to the analogy of Physics). for a good portion of the ~ ii is encumbered with a small portion of animae Solis vel Sulphutis, and then unite both with a delicate hand. so that finally the Preeperetion and the most difficult work is completed. But thou wilt have to know that thou must first tinge thy ~ um with the red Tinctur, yet it will not become red in continenti. but remaineth white. for the Mercurius hath the privilege of wanting to be tinged first belo;e all others. The Philosoph! also tell what to do in addition with the Anima solis of this Tinctur of the Mercurii. and from whence it shall be taken. The Ferment of gold is gold. just as the Ferment of dough is dough. Moreover. it is the Ferment of gold out of its own nature. and then its potency is perfect when it is transformed back into earth. And then this is first the beginning of the Philosophers. the right and true Prima Materia Philosophorum metal/orum (the first Materia of the metals of the Philosophers). From then on the true Masters. experienced in the Art. begin to stimulate their I ngeniam and attain to the Great Work. And then the Artifex continues further 'with such work and, through God's blessing. bringeth it to the end. to which it tendeth and where it is embodied by God. namely. to the highly-blessed Philosopher's Stone. So that from nothing else than per Spiritum universali Secretum the true materia prima Philosophorum is prepared and made ready. Who now understandeth well this Spiritum Secretum understandeth also. without doubt, the secrets and wonder. of Nature and 'hath the perception of the light of Nature. For he is motus harmonic!1S Sympaticus and msgneticus, from which originates the Harmonia and Concorcranna, the 'magnetic and sympathetic power or effect of the uppermost and of the lowermost. But note that the natures of both ingredients are unlike each other in the beginning because of their opposed qualities. For one is warm and dry. the other is cold and moist. and they must of Course be united. But when this is about to occur, then their opposed qualities must slowly be changed and equalised. so that neither nature through intense fire divest the other of its potency. For thou canst never collect them, because both natures must rise simultaneously in the fire's power. Then the Discrasia will be taken Irom the Corporl, and an Aequalitas and good Temperatur Is established. which occureth through a moderate and constant boiling. For when both of the nature. Sulphur and Mercurius are enclosed in a very narrow space and are maintained with moderate heat. they begin to abate from tbeir opposed charac-

which so/pit se ipsum, coagulat se ipsum, se ipsum impraegnat.
mOTtificat et uioicet (dissolveth itself. coagulateth itself impregnateth itself. killeth and bringeth to life again). but most of these searchers. who have lost themselves while searching. failed. Then it is such a thing as is nearest gold: and it is such a thing as the poor as well as the rich can gain. be it whatever it may. But it threateneth the Philosophi execrationem divinem, and invoketh the curse of God upon him who with his own mouth might exptesslu speak on this Subjectum. When the 'Philosophers pronounced an Execration. Almighty God did respect and grant their appeal. and gave unto them what He had until then kept in His own hand. for several thousand years. Now the aforesaid Subjectum is of such a riature that it. our Magnesia. doth not only contain a small proportioned quantity of the universal Spiritus Vita lis in itself. but also hath some of the heavenly power condensed and compressed within it. Many who found it were so intoxicated by its fumes that they remained in iheir place and could no longer raise themselves. Only a wise man and one who knoweth these things can take a measure of this same fluid and carry it home from whatever place he may have found it. be it from the depths of the mountains or any other place where it may be met. The poor and the rich are quite free. by the singular and abounding grace of God. to take this. so that he goeth homeward with it to his house.' and placeth it behind the furnace or in any other room where it pleaseth him. and where it is convenient for him. and he may begin to work and to experiment with it. for he can leave off so quickly that even his own servants do not notice it. For it doth not go so slovenly with this natural work as it doth with the common alchemists with their bungling work. with their charcoal-burning. smelting and refining. and whatever more they may do. But it is a work which one can keep in a closed casket in whatever room he wisheth. alone that not even a cat come upon it. and. should it be necessary. he can well carryon his craft. only taking care that the furnace have a threefold testing. and that he keep it at the right heat. and let Nature takes its own course. When finally the Solution is taken out of the Terrestrieet, and is strengthened by long Digestion. it is set free from the Crudae Meteriee, and is prepared and reborn in the most subtle form. Subsequently. of course. this sharp and potent Spiritus is at certain times given a well-measured quantity. after the fashion of drinking and nourishing. per modum inbibitionis et nutrition is. And its potency is thus condensed and daily becometh as new supports for its brethren. and active therein. Dost thou indeed think that one canst bring forth such work and such potency in unmeasured hidden intensity, a Spiritus Vitalis? The crudae materiae or Subjectum cometh from the Astris and Constellation of the heavens into its earthly kingdom. from which is then drawn the spiritus unioetsi secretur of the Philosophers. which is the Mercurius of the Wise. and it is the beginning. the means. and the end. in which the Aurum Physicum is determined and hidden. which the common alchemist thinks to extract out of common .gold. but in vain. Meanwhile. the Philosophi deal much in their writings with Sol and Luna. which of all metals are the most durable in the D.. But this is not to be understood literally. for their Sol and Luna. when they are brought to their inner puritaet. through true. natural. seemly, and philosophical praeparation may well be compared with the celestial bodies, such as the Sun and the Moon. which with their brightness illuminate day and night. the upper and the lower Firmament. Therefore these two noble metals. like t}1e Sol and Luna of the Philosophers, resemble by nature the human body, and to him who knoweth bow to prepare them

ter and to unite. until Ilnally they have all the qualities. They become one Conspiration and rise at the' same time. and certainly at the. top of the glass standeth numeto one. They are ready to wed. and then the bridegroom placeth a gold eo riog on his bride. say the Philosophi. And when thus the Mercurius with' its Sulphur •. like water and 'earth with each other. . become duly boiled (and the longer tbe more) they cast away all .their superfluities and the pure parts join each other and dispose of their corlicibi; otherwise the impure parts prevent uniflcation and the Ingress. For the Mercurius, as the Brst Corpus. is entirely crude and can per anima be neither mixed nor perpetuated. for neither Corpus entereth the other nor will be united with it either VUe or in redice, But 'should these things be- so helped that a true Tinctur will 'be formed. there must be prepared out of this a new spiritual' Corpus whlch cometh forth out of both. for after 'the puriflcatlor; one taketh' the. virtues of the other, and .out.of several become' one. numero et virtute (in number and power). But Ihhe are should be much too intense-and should 'not' be 'controlled- acccirding to' the' requirements of ., ·'Nature. these above-mentioned would b; either suffocated .or separated. If they did not have. their righ't mode of 'preparation. they wouldbecome either nothing or a spoiled work and. a' Monstrum, 'But when one proceedeth prudently and with a duly tempered' heat. then .botlisubstances will rise In, the Sublimetlon uppermost In the 'glaSs or cupola. Then when thou ;plucke~t: thes~ lovely flowets.·thou canst enjoy them already pariii:~!aria, . .

and thirst. food and drink will be received with avidity and this Virtu. and potenlia will be aroused. and It cometh from the heat and average dryness. The Second Virtus and Potentia

Is and is called neture retenliva .1 coagulalioa. For Nature not only alone is useful to it and serveth it for its continuation and is advantageous when it lacketh that which it eagerly produceth from' itself. but hath also with it the bond with which it draweth and bringeth and holdeth -it, to itself. Yea. Nature even changeth it. into itself. for as it hath chosen of these two the purest parts. it separateth the rest and bringeth to the mouth and maketh it grow. and is In no. need of any other calcination fixation; natura neturem continet (Nature retaineth nature). and such skill cometh' from' its dryness. for the cold constricterh the .gained and evenly-formed parts and drieth them in the Terrae.


The neturee



and Potentia et supmentendis.: ".


in rebus genera(ldis

But thou canst observe the 'motum occult urn naturae as little asthoucan~t'either 'hear' or see the grass growing. for one can neither, observe. nor. notice. the increase and development .of these two ingredients. Mercurii and Sulphuris. because of their subtle. hidden. and slow Progressus from hour to hour. Only by marks set from week to week can it be observed and a conclusion .drawn, for the inn~r fire is very delicate andsubtle. But .however slow It 'may be. it doth not stand still until it cometh to the' end where. its .intent is to be seen. as in all plants. unless it then be·that such subtle and expert boiling is hindered through the all too-strong heat of' the sun. and is burnt out. or is hindered throuqh isuddenly appearing cold; .ergo qui scit cccultum moluni .nsturae, scit perfectum decoclione"", (therefore he who kn6weth the hidden movement. of Nature. knoweth also the perfect boiling or preparation). This motum should now take. its natural and self-determined course. although'one can neither hear nor see It. as also .one cannot comprehend the Centra et igner:n invisibiiem' seminum inuisibilium ,( the Centre and invisible fire- 01 the invisible seed). Therefore thou must commit such a "matter' to Nature alone. and observe it and not once try to oppose Nature, but have ail confldcnce in it until It brlngeth forth its fruit, When one trcateth Nature with a gentle and aqreeable heat. it deeth and effecteth everything out 01 itself. which for the furnishing of aCreati or-the Introduction 01 a new form is a matter of necessity': for the Divine Word Fiat still abideth In all creatures and in all plants, and hath its mighty power In these times DS well is in the beginning, There are. however. four chief Virlutes and potentias 01 which noble Nature maketh .use in every boiling: thereby it doth complete its work and bringeth it to an end. The Firsl Vtrtus Is and is called appellativ« el attractiva. for it is possible for it to attract to Itself from far or near. food of which it is desirous out of results, and places agreeable to its nature. and it can' grow and Increase. And here it hath a magnetic power. like that of-a man for a woman. the Mercurlus for the Sulphur. the dry for the moist. the Materia for the form. Therefore the axiom of the Philosophers is: natura neturem emet, emplectitur prpsequi.tur. Omnia. namquani crescenns, dum radices agunt et vivant. succum ex Terra ettrehunt, atque avide .ertipiunt illud, quo vivere et augmentari sentiu'!t -I,e .. Nature loveth nature. surroundeth it. and followeth it. For all plants. when they strike root and begin to'. live. suck sap out of the earth. and. draw to themselves avidly that whereby they sense they Can live and multiply themselves. For where there is hunger

Est Virtus digestioil: quae ~i per.'pillrefactionem seu in putre[ectione (is .·the digestive power. which occurs through the putrefaction. or In the putrefaction). in moderate and, temperate heat and moisture. For Nature directeth, changeth. and irttroduceth one kind and quality. the crudeness is done away with, the bitter Ismade-sweet. the harsh is made mild. the rough is made smooth. the immature and wild is made tame. that . which was formerly incapable is now made skillful and efficient. and leadeth to the final intended execution and perfection .of the Work. and representeth the Ingredienlia to the Composition. The Fourth Potentia naturae Est virtus expulsiva mundlficstive, segregatioa (the expelling. puriSying.separating power) which separateth and divideth. which purifieth and clean seth. which washeth during the Sublimation or Decoction. It setteth from Sordibus and darkness and bringeth forth a pure. transparent. powerful or illuminated Corpus or substance; it collecteth the Partes homogeneis, arid is gradually set free from the heterogeneis, repulseth the Vitii! and everything alien. inspecteth the crude. and giveth every part a special place. This is 'caused by and cometh from the agreeable constant heat in appropriate moisture, and that is the Sublimation and mature fruit. which will now f,,11 out 01 the husk. Therefore it is in the beginning designed by Nature and artisans. namely the Patiens is set fre.e from the Agente, and will be 'perfected. Nom liberetio ilia a pnrtibus heteroqeneis est vita et perfectio omnis R.ei. i.e., for tre liberation of these unequal and opposed parts is the life and perfection of all things, For the Agens and Patiens which unti] now have been contending with each other. so that each affecteth and rcndereth resistance according to its opponent's resistance - i.e .. as much as possible it would like to break
its opponent's resistance and they. must not unite during the

time of their Decoction. and expell the impure.

but the best part must gain the victory and subjugate it.

Now when all Naturalis potentia have done theirofficlum. then cometh forth the new birth and as the mature .lruit presenteth itself in all other plants. so also now in our' Sub[ecto and natural work which. when perfected. quite surprisingly doth not at all resemble any more its Srst beginning and hath no more quality. and is neither cold nor dry. neither moist nor warm, and is neither musculus nor {oemina. For cold is there itself turned into heat. and the dry into the moist. the heavy into the light. for it is a new Quinta Essentia. a Corpus Spirituale, and hath become a Spiritus corpotelis, such a Corpus as is clear and pure, transparent and crystallike; one which Nature itself. could never have produced as long as the world hath stood. The Artifex and the enlightened man. however. auxiliante Dec et natura (by the aid of God and Nature). produceth through his intellect and art. and he' placeth it there by itself. So that subsequently he encountereth a Micocule and that is called: Unguentum anima. aurum Philosophorum. [los auri (the unguent •. the soul. the philosophers' gold. the flower of gold). Theophrestus 'and others call it Gluten eouilae, Now what is shown about the four potentiis ntituree,

and natural fire of the substances. But the fire which is in our Subjecto is in itself not least amongst creatures and minerals. if one really desireth to discuss this matter: the Wise Men mention three kinds of fire. and it quieteth the Mercurium and fashioneth it: that is the real Master. itself to be found in rodice subjecti. and is an I "ore. the Work will surely be destroyed. mediate thou. wtthan agreeable fire. which the Artist or watchman maketh. and that is also said about the fire. assist. dient. 32) . the true Sigillum Hermetis. and can continue its innate power of bringing forth and of implanted virtue according to the character of each. and manifest its might and power. . turn into itself.the same had been effected by means of the fire. the impulse in such activity must be according to Nature and must be adjusted 'wlth such moderation that it will be agreeable. and after that the inner.. and the outermost fire is not able to raise the inner one.speeded up.let such be a piece of alchemical work of Moses. so that the inner and essential fire be kept alive. This fire may be in lamps. pleasing to Nature. and the hasty one will never attain his end. the most potent fire against which the outer fire seemeth like water. the man of God! For he was instructed in the Egyptian art and skilled therein. Sulphur» Sulphuribus continentur (Sulphurs are maintained by sulphurs). In natura et iI/ius Creatis et generationibus sit ttui Imaginatio. I! this were not so. it yieldeth a slow effect and a very long process. but it is also said: combure . For the inner essential fire is really that which bringeth the Mercurium Philosophorum to aequaliteet. for it will not become constant as if it were to be received spontaneously from itself with good will. and make equal to itself all that is put into it but which is nevertheless of its own kind and nature. agglutinirs and flllurs. quam parous ignis occultus in mercuriu.e. or of whatever kind thou dost like. This is nothing else than a small fire hidden in the Mercurio. it must be aroused through the outer elementary fire. I! we had to-day that fire with which Moses burned the golden calf and ground it to powder and strewed it upon the water and which he gave to" and made the Children of Israel drink of it (Exodus. with joy and with desire. Though in all three primary things or. each of which taketh charge of the ~peris magni. and the outer heat hath to be adjusted to it. pleasing. so that such doth not surpass in the Create the power of the moist and warm Spiritus. Should now this secret and hidden fire help its own Corpori. so that the ArtIst may reach the desired and predestined end. quod tandem vincit frigiditatem et humiditalem in Mercurio. Hoc nihil aliud est. in order that the two indicated fires may help each other and the outer fire let the inner fire be worthy.iF/ne fortissimo (burn it with the strongest fire). Yea. In the essence of the Mercurii is a sulphur which finally conquereth the coldness and the moisture in the Mercurio. be strengthened. cherish and keep the brood of the bird unto the final end. and V' of the Philosophers alone deeth it. But in the meantime the fire was changed in the mountain and became dense water (II Maccab . and that he kindle his fire rightly. Therefore bring the moist Spiritum into the earth. and this in two ways: nemium sumiqet cave (take heed that it doth not smoke too much). for it is written that the Phoenix bird collected all fragrant wood whereon it cremateth itself.. and such fire and outer heat must be tended and maintained all the time until the end of the Subiimation. it followeth therefrom that a fire more intense than is necessary for reviving and maintaining the inner natural fire implanted in our M ateriae can only be for hindrance and deterioration. he maintaineth certain proportions between the outermost and the innermost.i. For the nest should protect. it is entirely incapable. so that they combine and the best will achieve the aforesaid end in view. from which Moses saw the Promised Land and whereon he died. genera there is to be found a natural fire as in the Animalibus. and when he hath waited with such patience and hath his data. The Wise Men call it ignem corticum. The second fire is the nest wherein the Phoenix of the Philosophers hath its abode. It hath hidden within itself the most wonderful. If after lasting Decoction and Sublimation the noble and pure parts of the Subiecti are gradually.e. or even extln- FINIS . and Minerelibus. And so he will not work as one blind. and it be . therefore the outer must have concordance with the inner and must adjust itself according to the same. as befitteth an intelligent Philosoph us. vice versa. in order that the inner essential fire be not destroyed through all too-intense heat. Nay. was strengthened and increased.. rather it will be maintained in its natural degree. to know that between these two abovementioned fires. whilst the pure and subtle parts come together and convene. Vegetebilibus. and it could not hold itself together any more. Concerning this fire Crebrerus writeth: In profundo mercutli est Sulphur. the warm nature of the said Spiritus would soon be dissolved. he then finally reacheth his intended goal. maintained life. and according to Nature it must continue steadily and must also be advantageous to the Work: but in this Work two kinds of fires are to be particularly weIl attended to. The third however is the true innate fire of the noble Sulphutis. the descendants of the old priests after the return from the Babylonian Captivity. and in the fulness of time it absorbeth the coldness and moisture in the Mercurio or removeth them. which the Wise Men call iqnem [rontem. but the outer fire stretcheth forth to it a hand so that the inner fire will not be hindered in its operation. and in so far as he stirreth it up moderately several times. or contrive. the Phoenix would freeze to death and it could not attain to its Perfection. and 'would have no potency. until in its appointed time it becometh so strong and intense a fire that it will soon burn to ashes. . for no common elementary fire call consume and destroy the pure gold which is the most durable substance amongst all metals. for it alone is sufficiently capable of executing the activity with ease. separated and set free from the crude earthly and useless substance. Or the fire which the prophet Jeremias hid beneath the foot of the mountain. be kindled and be brought into its course. so that is may rise and have its effect. but in an understanding and prudent manner. however intense the fire may be. ch. Thus shalt thou also bring the Animam into the dead Corpus and restore what thou hast taken away. which is aroused in Our Mlneris. And that is sicci cum humido naturalis unio et !iODlnen cum optimum (the natural unification of the dry with the moist and also the best tie). Then in such use of the universal elementary fire it must be led toward the inner natural heat. then the inner fire suffereth. What thinkest thou 1 should we not warm ourselves at it and keep from us the frost in winter? Such fire slumbereth in our Subjecto quietly and peacelully and hath no movement of itself. but whatever hath driven it will not stand the heat. upon which Regimen dependeth the safety or tne ruin of the entire Work. gUished and made useless. The first is the outer fire. so that each best form in particular must in wisdom and good readiness have governed this also. quod in mineris nostris exitatur et longo temporis successe diBerit frigiditatem et humiditutem in mercurio. But if one maketh a stronger fire than befitteth this process. with the advantage of a calculated time. and advantageous to the inner fire. the crude being separated.' and from this learn Reason and make calculation. and hatcheth itself therein ad regenerationem. and be deeply impressed. then the Work cometh to a standstill. and thou restorest the soulless and dead to life and to rise again and be equipped. pulvcrise. Therefore thou must learn from Nature that degree of fire which Nature useth in its operations until it bringeth its fruit to maturity. innate. Nevertheless it is necessary for every Arlifex. which must be incombustible. make it dry. through which it started and moved.i. at the cost of his desired end. ch. upon Nature and what hath been created or brought forth by he!". yea. for if he maketh it too we~k. but the essential f:::. namely: the outer elementary fire which the Artifex constructeth and which he applieth to the Work. which is wholly subtil: if otherwise. the flre which WClS recovered seventy years later by the Wise Men. I and 2). This is nothing else than the Vas Philosophorum.

doth not know. LET ONLY PATIENCE DWELL IN THEE. .·thine' eterI\al. Study well the law KNOW THYSELF.. . o . Wherein God holdeth a' Center. in all Things. Four fires are floating in.. a::. This maketh nature to thee well known. " !ll • :z "g. 80· that thou mayest not go astray.. Be it of body or of mind. He'd still always be an apprentice.l > t:!:j ~~~r&' ~ ~~.. ~ C' a:: < Eg ~~ ~ is:: tl'J 0 ~ < . . .of which Heaven and Earth were poured -... that thou may not be deceived any more. ... per quod omnia. ligbt and understanding to thee is it shown...Wlio'll ever learn what four ones do comprise. Both these lights God P9ut8 into thee.. this world. 0 human.. There is never a Philosopher who Nature's ultimate Principle Look well for the golden Magnet. As thou art a .... ... <E. Lord. To notbing can thine eye be blind. Fiat and Amen. Do not begrudge every mocker's' great name. Whereon this globe lives a man 60 wise. and all things spring.L:!I WO\IOHdOS01IHd Notlce Nature in 'Ita strength.1t ~ ... And even if he'd know all this. OCCUL TUM ATOUE SPECULUM' DIVINUM ..~ a:: p ~ Il.... A fourfold sphere always together. ::a c: "" _.. .. ~ z !ll . .piece of ciay fourfold.. -Out . c . Unum aunt omnia. g~ 0. Be thou not jealous cif the scoffer's fame. With sophisticated vanity they strut. He Is one fourfold God. That is locked up in four.l .IF A PHILOSOPHER YOU WISH TO BE. .. WO:!lNDI From God it. And return to their centers again. tl'J . Be bappy with wbat God to thee gave.. S· ... :2 . let thou he told. be my treasure.' Look at Its 'great life-power. ::a ..... "" . " 0 ~ wisdom. Therefore.. & rJ Terra. g is:: U> :rJ 6' ~ o·~ g = g_ = (:1:1 e- E. Who in time this before thee hast brought. That a llkeness of him thou mayest be. tbat four in one they have.. Wi. . . Therefore be thankful to thy God. 0 f-< . ::= g!. 0 DOMINE QUAM MIRABILIA SUNT OPERA TUA . Defy.0 o0 e :II ...:l Eo:: c: >! . Hecognlse God and thyself in God's and nature's light. Make known to thee the Terra Sancta.Spirit'is Sabtator 0 Mundi .. Unbeknownst to them is what thou'st got. Coel. with all thy might. If thou findest it thou wouldest get rid of thy sorrows.. c: U> .

< 1'1 i I!: <> ~ 0- G'> " '" ~ p'. J:Jj'. and also the heavenly and God is free everywhere Within and without all creatures Time measure of Nature The Angel with six wings The outer and the inner Mind Without God's light you cannot find. namely this earthly Sun-World. GHOST IIII.: Pi c'" God's Grace.: '< c 0 " " . the entrance to hell or superficial darkness. 4' 0 . where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.n e :-> . life and death.. Time of the Evangelium." H.. Time of fulfillment Eagle with six wings SON III. as well 8S the land of the living. .. God is the first and the last. light and darkness. God is the Alpha and Omega Tho Beginning and the End NOON GOD I. FATHER II.J'') u" ~. Ox with six wings. And the darkness cannot conquer the light. the hellish world have their effects.< <> Entrance to Death.. It also shows that the land of the dead.Figurative Image of how within this World three Worlds in each other. heaven and hell. the heavenly paradille or third heaven are from this world.. And that the human being has all these things in his heart. Time-Measure of the Law Lion with six wings '" ~ 0 :.IlNaIW Only the Spirit alone knows Reason in flesh is blind. "" ~ ~~O And there is no God hut the one God .

God let him fall. these poor fools do not know that all their pain and labor had only been a Studium psrticulsre. he should not take with his own hands. trying to grasp their pleasures. none of these things are disturbed by it. so is their grasping.~J!fJ. is the and 'name. and though one may grasp more than the other. all those eyes which want to see for themselves without the right eye-of wisdom. a battle started within him. and whatever it sees it possesses. pure and acute they be. from which all the smaller star-lights originated. For the root of this tree is 'understood only by the eye of wisdom. it is still piece-work. But man left. all their se-eing-power. Therefore. It understands time and eternity. only grasping and holding the secret from the outside and cannot yet see it from the inside. Man is alt1!If%c~J:r ways desirous to have the division of manifold things. present and future things.The Tree of Good and Evil Knowledge THERE IS ONETREE bearing of fruits. And they derive pleasure from the things they have grasped.good and evil. he should not work. two kinds of . upon that which Is shown through its own desire. where they could obtain the whole. and' even if they take a look at Cod's wonders. Plain before it is light and 'darkness. to choose them for his ladders. And nevertheless. and since he had despised the quiet. raised his hand against the law to take in his own desire what he should not . For In the Centro of its peace is its kingly throne.. wonders of all movements and also looks through al the other eyes. This whirlpool of uncertainty leads more and more out of the innermost face of the Sun into the outer (world) and can And' neither end nor place of rest. but let God work In him.. Therefore. into the sphere of the invisible world. earthly and heavenly things.its good of and life Its name Nevertheless wretched men will not l e a r n through such fall and damage. which dwells In the inner solitude of the. a tree of division where good and evil battled with each other. God's prohibition did not allow him to place hls desire In it and eat of it. they only look-upon. tree 'of God's wonders. everything being subject to it.'J~=.and destru:c tlon brings . These roots go from the-vislble world of mingled . But even this hand is still far from the roots of the tree. when Adorn ate from thts tree. and detain him in the whirlpool of uncertainty. so that the eye of wisdom will open in thine own self and thou wilt attain a studio particulari . as Is their understanding and will. and even if he had in his innocence the liberty to look upon it as a.unity simplicity. high and deep.::r. In a battle there can be no life: For battle brings forth destruction. bad tree knowledge evil. unless it leads from the. and the Father in the heaven lets his Sun rise over good and evil: But everything grows alter its own fashion....ed uniuersele and One And All. some for a branch with fruits and leaves on it. For this was. some only for the leaves. In such restlessness of life all children of man still extend their hands. Some grasp for the fruit. some grasp for the evil. They grasp for pieces. It understands the sources of good and evil. Therefore.the of good' Like . and amongst 7 eyes winding around the whirlpool of searchinq desire Is hardly one which stands towards the Sabbath in the Innermost: but the restless movement of the working days move them through all spheres. outwardllness and inwardliness. outer (world) back a q a ir. but. hardly one turning its rays Inward to direct the searching mind to Bethlehem. he had 'to feel painfully the restlessness. visible and invisible. but threatened that (If he would do so) he would die from its fruit. men the way to this first rest. from which they have received. for they look from the outside into the restlessness of movement. works and let God alone work in thee. namely.have taken.forth death. thinqs. but only receive what God bestowed plentifully upon His mercy. standing in the Centro of all spheres. for the eye lives in the Centro of peace. and man is only too apt to Jook upon the stars of the many-foldness. Inner Cell/ri. and In this battle he lost his life. of light and darkness. •~1'a~"):5~d.. and wanted to work himself. . though they make him stray many are Its fruits: fruits and death.1''_'' Life's light stands in the middle to point out to. This eye can prove all spirits. They seek for quiet and cannot Ilnd it.of the body and things of the spirit. the surface and every eye looks. how intelligent.'" light. when he could return to the . or j times from the: true: I==. And. His desire is still for that tree and its fruits. hate. cease from thy. and in his own discretion. and seeks the beginning. There is also among 7 stars. God made man to live in an eternal Sabbath. ' This eye looks with the 'greatest peace uron the. dear man! If thou wouldst return to right understanding and right peace.. At times there may be one amongst 7 hands coming near the . the Sabbath. of love and. and man is always battling. ' Some grasp for the good. secret and it grasps the whole stem of the tree at that point where all the divided branches return to unity. where everything stands in equality outsideof any strife. wandering about outside of the rest in the unrest. This tree' was put before Adam.. life lives I~ the sweet u n l t yo I love. if he only would 'come in peace .

inexploreverywhere. or near Him. which has caused 80 many many evil days and restless nights. the eternal revelation and circle. God liveth in a Light. The Centrum of the eternal bottomless An eternal holy fire }The great lnde?ept~ o~ light and dar~ess is in the A. - ~1/I1/ffI\\\~~ Harmonious Conception of the Light of Nature. since no one can come to Him. light inhabits the darkness and the darkness cannot grasp it. .I am the Alpha and the Omega. God Bent flame acrlbable spirit I infinite Inexpreaaable mdth and depth A heavenly seoret of fire. This is the Omega. ~//J~\\\\\~~f. willpower and centro 0 whose principle reveals itselt since eternity began.#' I = ~ ~ ~ ~ IIItIU3WJol' ~ ~ tfff You will see in this the eternal nature in its 'seven apparitions. the beginning and the end. reveaiing itsel( in the centroC oC the eternal bottomless depth since eternity began. Therefore is said: The able in eternity. Notice here tne eternal end without ~nning. seith the Lord. This is the trilling matter over which so many hundreds of people moaned in vain. FROM WHICH YOU CAN DEDUCE THE RESTORATION & RENOVATION OF ALL THINGS EMBLEMATIC. in eternal love. i infinite. ~\\\\I ~~~ 53 VII!!V'!~ ~ ~'_~ ~.

In the midst of the mountain. out of it comes forth a black raven. easy to. never forget the poor. But the sophists in their sophistic garb. a wonder-child to many artists. the highest treasure in this world. then called lanua ariis. marvellously white. The bodily health is brought back through a thing not good to look at. And if thou attain. Tbe Senior plants in it Had. ruling over all treasures. with its blossoms it announces now Lapidem Philosophorum. throwing him into a deep grave. recognise him not. Even the crystal refined in the furnace will quickly sh~w you on inspection SerDum jugilivum. and the health of the body suffered through a fall.At the right Is to be seen Lepus. Jesus Christ. It is hidden in this painting. 'Be diligent. the secrets oC which with fire's heat are 'being explored. . Salvation came to the human soul through IEHOVA. On the right hand in the barrel are Sol and Luna. like a hen hatching a chicken. The soul oC men everywhere was lost through a fall. .Clavi! arli$ is. given to. To the left one can see freely what the right . one cannot be 100 subtle with it. lapping on the walls. peaceful. Rubeam and albam. pray that God may help thee. us by the Lord' IEHOVA. the crown of tbe glory. In which is the highest' medicine and the greatest parts of the riches of nature. Over all.MONS PHILOSOPHORUM. obtain for anybody. constant and pious. the intelligence of the firmament'. Now you proceed with constancy and Arbor arlif . Then' thou wilt praise God with the legion of tho angels. representing the art of chemistry. well known to the philosopher sitting in front of the mountain-cave. whose noble blood the monster-dragon Is going to shed. The one effecting this all is Principium labarif. now and forever. out of that comes Aquila alba. before the door' stands a courageous Lion in all its pride. It Is called Paior Melallorum.appeara to you.

The being. and Luna for Christ's flesh or body.' hand and are born out of the dark Centro. But when the three in the Principio of light have the upper. Jupiter for wisdom. Harsh. half in darkness. Sol for humility. Venus for lewdness. Mercurius for doing good. being an offspring of the first two. hard. which is the new birth in man. in Godlessness. its desire consists out of these qualities. Mars for gentleness. sour. IlO that they are in accordance with their innermost depths of light. half in light. then the others are tied up around their Centro and all seven are evil. In which they lie bodily and in readiness. is the setting alight and the goal of separation. sharp. Go ye to the pit of fire. Then Saturn us stands for avarice. a8 in their coffer. curlus for envy. Whenever the first three qualities of the first dark Principii gain the upper hand. and is the third principle. made out of the forenamed six spiritual qualities. Darkness. Fire or life. inclined to rudeness and earthliness. Sol for vanity. Jupiter for cunning and Luna for hodily desire. Mars for wrath. The Principiurn of the fire belongs to the world of the four elements. Venus for chastity. severe. joy in the recognition oj God's virtue and hymn oj praise. . and then Saturnus stands for compassion. evil·doing.Mercy Light. Mer. all seven are good. Choice. which are the seven evil spirits ruling within the old human being. strength. cold. lin fear and Come ye to the Mercy-seat.

the air was born out of fire. The fire warms all things. a salt. the Word of creation. and in turn makes the fire burn. The Prima . lest it should change into vaper or fume. Without me thou canst do nothing. e Deusvendit sua dona pro labore. born out . too. the earth as keeper of nitrous salt nourishes it. air brings to life everything within tbe elements. It is a Hermaphrodite. tho one good thing God has created in tbis visible world. I am close to all things yea. whose Mother is the wind. Tho same Salt-Mother of the elements is the nitrous. I am the fiery water and the watery fire. I am the moisture which preserves everything in nature and makes it live. hidden deep in nature. pray and work in patience. delights and saturates all things: And the nitroue earth. a phoenix Jiving in fire. drowned in the water. the water her caretaker and drink. a pelioan.Stone of divine love. a Son of the Sun. aluminous and spiritual gumosic·water. Then. Bringing contentment to the ortists. tho greasy. one stone and no atone. whose nurae Is the earth. . attracting the iron· hard men on the road to the truth. if you find me your want would cease and you have Q merciful God who befriendeth thee: and giveth thee whatever thy heart may desire.· I pass from the upper to the lower planesjI am tho heavenly dew and the fat of the land. nevertheless unknown. nevertheless a stone of Jiving power and a water of living might. In and through all things.of the wind. Thorefore fear God. the waler refreshes.Materia derives Its existence from the Fiat. which has Nature In its womb. earth or crystal. I am the Magnet. nothing may Jive without me in time. fat dew of the ground. I ·attract all those soeking God and the truih. but air in the form IJf water is food for the fire. that it may live. a meroury. one water and no water. a SUlphur. nourishes and sustains all things. and a Daughter of the Moon. and which no fool has ever known nor seen. Nevertheless I only am in the grasp of the Philosophers. Furthering any of your affairs. The two vapors or fumes are the rootl!!of the art. And this Word comes Crom the Father who is tho oreatOr of all things. the young Icarus. I unfold and fold up again. and the Spirit radiates from both: This is God's life giving air. This moisture must be caught. whose Father is the fire. Mother-like. and the fire burns into this element: Water and dew of the ground.The Hermetic Philosophy. those alone will find the art. reviving his dear young ones wilh its blood. For the womb of the earth is the sulphurio nitrous-salt of nature.

What God is after time."OB ~e s r «. J06. The small Sun within the The great Sun in heaven. Without middle. ~lt:P. Word. know God and thysel£: so thou mayest know what is in Heaven and on Earth. SPIRIT. What man is in time.!!! ~ I----I----l 1: S· !". ~~~ ~ ~ ~ NlflED~ GOOl. ~ i a~ klNOOO WIT~IN ~ THe HVM AN BEING.~ . Mereur.)('Sfl}o(c£. GHOST.1+. Without end. flf"JffIIllIIllI\II\IIII'W~\'~\. SOUL./I//II/~llliI/lJJ\\'~~~~ Spirit. BODY and SPIRIT. ad Un. ~ ~ ~t1lllmlll~\\~~~ # What man was before the beginning in eternity.% J. Spirit. . Sulphur. Sal. God. FATHER. SPIRIT. The great world with nil its .~ Word. as the human being.Man. Father and Mother of all creatures. GOD H. WARM.. What God was in the beginning. MAN. 7 METALS. What God was without beginning. GHOST. MAN. ~ ~ ~ ~~ '§'. ~~ ~~ ~~\\\\U!r#f§~ ~ THI: H"-" tNLV ~~ r: #fj LUC. Un. GOD FATHER.. THREE WOKLD::> INHAllIT UNj<~ WUtlLU. % ~ ~/fU/lI \\\~~ GREEN. H. What man is after time.. Dust of the ground. THREE NATURAL SUNS IN THE WORLD.::£ § " CfJ . Omnia sunt non Ens. AIR 7 PLANETS. Person. o LIGHT of THEOLOGY. The eternal heavenly world. & Omnia sunt Ens. What man was in the beginning. EARm ffi WATER. RED. GHOST. human being. Without beginning.::)150 ~ RAIN f#T(lllmv. i ~ w gj . ELOHIM. BODY. tft ~ ~ ~ c f' ~l!lI!lill\'\\~~ Vegetabili a.3 ~ A~ BODY. ad Trin. NEW CREATURE. What man was without beginning. Spirit. The small world. . S~'1'URWU. ~ COLD. OUT OF NATURE. Coelestia- ~~\\\\~lifV~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ .s: II. FIRE. Trin. SON. What God is in time.ALL iN ALL. What God was before the beginning in eternity. I Spirit.17.Y ~ r. creatures. The lowest Sun in the -earth.

Graecae & ADU'N:UM POCULUM PANSOPHILE. AZoTH Nomen compositum ex primis& uItimis Uteris Linguae Hehralcae. .Latlnae.

indwelt by the Holy Trinity.. cliques. Christ in man. The old hath to go entirely: for behold: I make all things new. therefore he is a cross to the world and the world a cross to him. Alpha and Omega. in Christo.2. The authorities want to fight with the sword for religion. the innermost conscience out of the stars is being tempted by lust of the eyes. through cross and through the rebirth. out of which come sickness. Who there is and was.. also. thinking to serve God. all temporalites will be foresaken. teacheth men innermost Divine things.5. a new creature born of God. fearing God's word might be taken away from them. who there cometh. sinful. All this is in vain and mortal. divine things are just so much foolishness to them. mortal. and the kingdom of heaven. Here is the rebirth by water and spirit. Christ is the word of the father. so far they are in the heart. o LORD. In heaven love. No. merciful . into the light. He is king. which is Jesus Christ. Who hath well understood the figure. Christ is being crucified in him and he in Christ. out of which are invented the handling of the arts. from on high through the word of truth. the sole One. '" Jesus Christ yesterday. No. deed of the flesh and of vanity. is in man too. the end is to his will. Christ hath become flesh. through many sorrows we have to enter into the kingdom of God. the dawn comes up. the one point. hath his life in heaven with Christ. killing the believers. Here is the separation of light from darkness. Christ and His apostles. where alone there is quiet. they can understand Christ only in the flesh and according to the tribe of David. of the scriptures. man becometh divine nature. open the human heart. the beginning and end. in a wide circle is the reason captured Word. Amen. man liveth in darkness. and He blesseth.3. awakening him from the dead.4. bringing forth sects. The flesh pacifieth nothing. night and death. to understand Thy secrets through the Holy Ghost. On this earth he only hath to choose Three worlds hath God created. with assurance and despair. ecclesiastical and secular offices and position. they arc altogether sinners and lack the glory they ought to have before God.1 Here is Cbristus born a man according to the flesh of Maria. higher schools. and sects. his scripture must be understood out of Everything that is in the great world. pertaining to the innermost person and morningstar within our heart. the power of God He causeth belief. God and man. Gloria in Excelsus Dec. here stands calmness. eternal and the into life ~ . GOD. cringing about love. nourishing him with his real flesh and blood unto life. today and in eternity. they make divisions. Here the Holy Scriptures become dead letters. whoever turneth toward the light lives in Christ and Christ in him in time and eternity. Jews.. meaning the dead letter. man hath become a temple of God. on earth mercy. No.Picture of the Human Heart in the Old and the New Creature. The old birth of death in darkness must be slain suffering. No. about this He said in John 6.c:: '" . Here is the human birth from Adam. into this darkness shineth the light and the darkness comprehendeth it nol. the Word is threefold and 2 times 3 is 6. Note this weill . the Gospel.~ God is threefold. Christus is all in all. does not come into the heavenly kingdom. No. the old Creature. Herein belong Christians. in his reason from the power of the stars and tbe 4 Elements. Wrath in hell and darkness. Hallelujah. ressurected in the human being. Turks and heathens. in Him is the fullness of the Godhead bodily. man is being led back into the spirit. This certainly is a picture of man. Hath understanding. superstitious and fleshly priests. Here Christus is grieved in his soul and tempted by the devil. The Holy Ghost is the ointment. ruling with the sword of the spirit. for he is created out of it therefore he is the small world and his heart is his center. Over which rules the authority which God ordered. the book of life. peace. blindness. man is a fool to the world. Which way to go. they are all resolved in God's wrath.

but carefully and with great judg'ment and sklll. things in the world . the Wind carries it in its womb. new born. having mastered the tbree parts of the wisdom of. VERBA SECRETORUM HERMETIS. certain.: Its power i. Its Father is the Sun. and can be improved by Adaptation to that Mind . and descends again. What I have to' say about the masterpiece of the alchemical art. the whole world. Hence I am called HERMES TRISMEGISTUS. and without falsehood. ·It ascends from earth to heaven. by tbe will and by the word of the One Only One who created it in HiB Mind. is now ended. This Thing .. . and all darkness shall flee from thee. and its nurse 'is tbe Earth. Separate the Earth from the Fire. its Mother iB the Moon. so all things owe their exlstenoe to this Unity by the order of Nature. For thus was the world created. the Force of all forces. the Solar Work. and that which is above is like that whicb is below: to accomplish the one wonderful work. for it overcometh all subtle things 'and' can penetrate all that is solid. Thus the' splendor of the whole world will be thine. to the earth. and wonders of many kinds are wrought. that whatever is below is like that which Is above. It is true. and rare combinations.TABULA SMARAGDINA the Father of all perfect. unto itself thereby This is the strongest of all powers. taking the power of the Above and the Below. most perfect when it has again been changed into Earth. AB all things are derived from the One Only Thing. the subtle from the gross.

for him who understandeth it. is heaven-blue. accomplish. Mark what I mean. 0 ) ~ l. Therefore I shall now tell What each meancth particularly And then indicate without hesitation How it is called by name. And hath also a healthy body. plain and insignificant in appearance. four elements. From which the three originate. McrcllrillS. The Lion likewise by its colour and power Showeth its nature and its property. Well for him who findeth this. Now I will instruct thee How it should be prepared. is true green. Hear further what they mean: If thou dost now understand this well This knowledge shall nevermore fail thee. If thou dost not understand this. Mercllrius is the spirit of power. without hatr:ed or envy. The seventh for lead. are therein. Three separate shields are to be seen. Shining very brightly together Their might is incomparable. Concealeth a great and important thing. The first signifieth gold. Besides that. Thou canst not find such wonders on earth. and seven words. Nor can the greatest secret exist alone: It must have body. . In the Eagle yellow and white are manifest. And between-the hands outstretched towards each other Are to be seen the symbols of metals. And in the circle surrounding the picture Seven words are to be found inscribed. indeed. Seven times. is black as coal. so shalt thou enjoy it. There is a water which doth not make wet. Let not the Work discourage thee. And on them are eagle. Therefore it is called a medium Since whatever is made without it hath no stability. Mark my words well. The Sulphur henceforth is the soul Without which the body can do nothing. The sixth for copper. Every word standeth for a city Each of which hath but one gate. Wherefore hearken unto further particulars: Seven letters. But if these gates are close together A ray of light appcareth from seven colors. For soul and body could not die Should spirit also be with them. The fifth for iron. lion. This is the meaning of the Art: The body giveth form and constancy. Yea. And therefore the Art cannot be In one of these three things alone. and seven metals.INTERPRETATION and EXPLANATION of the TABULA SMARAGDINA HERMEDIS This picture. For no one city alone can effect anything. Holding together both body and soul. and water. and seven gates. How it is named with one word Vitriol. Whereby I mean seven herbs Also seven arts and' seven stones. Seven cities. If thou wouldst oft figure out This Cabbalistic way with all diligence. The third. is blood-red. Fresh and hale all his life long. and MercurJuIn. And as soon as the gates are closed One cannot enter any city. Understand me rightly. And no power had body or spirit If the soul did not accompany them. And now what is the fourth. Slllpbur. Then I may not name it for thee otherwise. Now there remain only the seven words. and spirit. The Sal hath been one Corpus that Is the very last one in the Art. understand me well: In these city gates. Therein stands every lasting art. The two hands do testify with an oath The right reason and the true knowledge. A moistened dust a fuller wind doth raise. Seven days. Standeth the whole ground of the Art. And soul and spirit could not be Unless they had a body to dwell in. clearly Is contained within this figure. and seven ciphers. is intentionally yellow. note this fully. The soul doth dye and tinge it. If this be too hard for thee to understand Here me again in a few other particulars: Truly I reveal to thee Very clearly and plainly. The others must also be close at hand. All this. soul. it containeth a secret of the kind That is the greatest treasure in the world. The second for fair white silver. as I have stated. And if they had no gates Not one thing could they. light. The spirit maketh it fluid and penetrateth it. and free star. And painted in their very midst Artfully stands an imperial globe. Heaven and Earth in like manner Are also placed herein intentionally. Fire. From it the metals are produced. is likewise grey.j t S '7 Heaven and earth. It is frozen as hard as ice. For what on this earth is deemed more excellent Than to be a Lord who ever reeketh with gold. Seven and fifty in the cipher Thou find est figured everywhere. for there is need of care: The imperial orb doth exhibit The symbol of this highest good. Therein is a secret thing of the Wise In which is to be found great power. Until the predestined time That cannot be overstepped by any creature. Wherein are all qualities. The same names teach thee And the sevenfold star in the lower shield. The fourth for tin. And from what roots are derived All of the metals and many other things. And how to prepare it will also Be described in the following: The three shields together indicate' Sal.

' The preparation alone . Through which they conquer victoriously. to rich and also topoor. The separation of. But thou must.any. From all of its earthliness . With and in itself. Let not thyself be misled from the true way. one should. Throughout the world.for a. that I swear. The second extendeth furth~r . If thou dost follow the right way Note that it is of no little importance. and fashions. Therefore thou must also have some vinegar The nature of the fire also hath hidden craft. observe! Be industrious.hath mislead m. One cannot be too subtle with it. note this weIl. The first extendeth through the strength Of fire. The one is the water of the 'Wise Men.. composition is the one Then you are in error. Is also called by the Wiso.. Now the practice is completed But the Wise Man taketh it up again. Therefore they have combined so closely Is everything 'afterwards prepared. For here is the purpose of the. However. For him who understandeth it and knoweth the rna rrer. The earch on the ground . before all things else. . The other ways are very subtle There are many names.. It iscommon to all men . Now thou hast the entire way in its length If thou neglectestany of them thou workestin vain. hath been' completed It will be prepared and boiled in the sun It Iacketh nothing else. And although this be twofold. If thou dost obtain that. It will be entirely perfect In much less time than a year. And thereupon followeth the .. It was cast behind the door.. And. So comest thou' to the end of the fine arc. . This is done by dissolving. That it is a draught. body and soul have to be separated. And it is known only to a very . Thou hast to succeed in purification.tinform you: This must be undertaken first of all. One way springcth from 'the true source. Somc know not how to separate it From their Cortibus. Which the Wise Men kept secret. I have revealed enough to thee And the treasure of the Wise is in it. It is Lord Acs whom it makerh gild. It is the proper.. ' And quickly is the preparation set free As Alchemy dothipointour.. The same is a perfection . a monster. Happy is he who goeth on the right path. Or else all execution is lost. and pious. I say in truth. Without any other addition. . Otherwise called fire and earth As the hen hatcheth out the chick And after they are thus purified. distillation In their scriptures the Elders write And the sublimation of the Wise Men. worthless thing. rill . Which is the Mercuri«: alone.mixture. the: four elements Others call it a snake.ty of the metals Having been 'deemed a. a great poison. For just as the fire is regulated Will this treasure itself be produced. And again by sai:Urating. And time itself will prove it. Purifiethit snow-white and clear: Only two things more are to be chosen Which thou wilt find by now This is the ground. Although there is but one matter After the whole pu~ification. On which are not more than two paths. But if thoudost wish to separate it. After each hath chosen it. constant.few.peaceful. And setteth a golden crown upon it. But marryrhroughfheir art and crafc _' Until one cometh to treasure . Therefore its order is another. ' Maketh this' stone grea t and glorious. therefore they fail.There. In many ways. are seven ways for this art. .and to gain. The poor and their needs. And also ask God for His help: The finished figures' with the unfinished. this vinegar doth circle Simply through its putrefication. The first work is freely done by it The other is called a vinegar. . Thou art in need of one alone. Many hundred forms and names are given This first way hath two paths. And attend carefully to thy work. Air.:' . water" and rectified fire. For if they are not prepared The. Which is revealed to the Wise Men. Wherewith thou' wilt' effect the separation. 'A few have worked on it. Have shortened so long a space of time. So also shall it be in the beginning.. Althou'gh all the power lierh in it.. But when it is clarified Which extendeth itself very far Its name hath misled many. then always remember And if the fire be likewise rightly controlled. forms. know From these one soon wandereth and goeth astray. Else it all standeth clear and plain.. I say And many mighty one fail therein. Without distilling something in it. And so it cometh to a wondrous strength. Until it becometh constant and perfect. not deal too much So that nothing earthly remaineth in it any more. With that. wh()ley~ar.'¥en Which is not costly anywhere. Or in the warm dung of its time. Away from the philosophical iron.

~nd v. Finally. to study It ~Ihgently. retorts. sublimetiones. etc .AUREUM SECULUM That is REDIVIVUM The V e~y Ancient . and in what form. all of which must be done not without understanding and care. and in eternal alliance.:lationes. And whatever Nature hath made. or a cow out of a mouse. and it shall be given him. Kind and God~loving Reader. or how to commit it to and proceed with the hidden fire. and be not perturbed if at times there are words mixed up with my sayings which seem to be cont~ary to the letter. in the imperfect body. that he knoweth how to purify It and completely understandeth. rectificationes. Now there are many reasons why I should write this Tract: some are mentioned here some in the Epiloqo. in sulphur. or are there also people therein who enhance the value of wine. no art can effect. to give good milk in addition. rightly says of them: all th. In like manner are their tripods. So I have written down in this. Nay.t. I will be so candid as to disclose my true given and family nam~ in the following manner to the intelligent. will enjoy. sand. let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally SYMBOLUM AUTHORIS. and useless things. so that no one will have a right to cry out against me. that none of these things belong to Nature? Or dost thou want to be above God. so little canst thou make metals with the above-mentioned recipes. and although I had It m mme own hands for the length of five years. but who cannot figure out in advance the requirements of Nature. no art call change the boy into a girl. yew. for this is not a Nature-given art. etc. solutiones. rightly. some years ago Almighty God opened mme eyes WIth the enhghtenment of His Holy Spirit (from Whom we receive all wisdom and Who was sent unto us through Christ from the Father). in auripigment. unceasingly. parabolis and vetiis Philosophorum figuris with special care and understanding. that he really hath 10 his hands the veram materiam either through the secret revelation of God or through those who claim to be acquainted WIth It. worthy. mortificetumes. the wondrously sweet philosophical fruit hidden therein. that thou dost want to make metals out of blood? Thou mightest as well try to make a man out of a horse. And although I searched in thescriptis. as mine eyes have witnessed it and my hands grasped it. And no one should imagine. putrescences. and constantly and had called upon Him many times. in mercury. examine it skillfully. lungwort. See me •. and especially you sapientl~e and doctrinae filII. would be a multiplication.:ho pray in all things inwardly and with all th~1I hear. flxatoriums. I have in truth to admit this: especially since noble Nature. ~lUch less be persuaded by any clowns. Centrum mundi. which letteth itself be easily found in its own innate substance. etc. If any of you lack wisdom. reoificetiones. So that I beheld the true Centrum in Trigono centri the one and true substa~ce of the Noble Philosopher's Stone. and Philosophi have at all times kept this key hidden and secret. precious and noble seed is pointed out and revealed to all true Sapientiae and doctrinae filiis by HENRICUS Mcdrcus MADATHANUS. in blood. and partake of it. and as little as they can happen.o is villainy and thievery.eover. but these things do not happen. ashes. and produced fragrant golden seed. Rather tell me one thing: What dost thou think of those who burn water in the mines of the Earth. I did not know how to use it profitably. I found out reipse that this w~s sheer phantasy and nonsense. and no longer secret. the letter 5 is the fifth part of the 8. with which they mislead other people. how to extract from it the red lion's blood and the white eagle's gluten. I could not write otherwise per Theorlem ad prextm. blossomed in loveliness. for the Monarcha in loco die to saith: It would be a great theft. my A<lreo seculo rediviuo (Go/den Age R. and tandem. Dei gratia aureae crucis frater. like all the praeparationes. and in herbs such as chelidonium. die 25. to separate the purum ab impuro in the highest things. or burn the urine of small children to make metals therewith? Or dost thou think there is any apothecary therein who hath for sale any thing with which thou canst make metals? Thou fool. sophistical. and the 15 ts agam the fifth part of the 12. and to such matters belong art and a skilled mind. cslcinetiones. in urine. Mo. and seal it according to the proportionate weiqht of Nature.. pelican vials.DCXII. but all that time I did not know how to proceed with it. even of Geber and Albertus Magnus. an~ laboured diligently to solve their manifold strange aenigmata. ass~nsiones. and are able to look upon it in the right way. with their purqetiones. horse-dung. etc. for example: as . So now let it be known to everyone that the number of my name is M.estored). putrefactiones. and no one should imagine that he would then be able to disintegrate the said veram materiam proportionately. had ·they revealed it in their writings. ~oagr. which existed In part only in their own minds. and let this suffice thee. in stercorate. ~s I did. canst thou not understand that thou dost err.Golden· Age Having Passed Away This Which now hath risen agam. Epistle of James. too. FOREWORD To the Christian and Worthy heard from me in the beginning. circuletiones. because it is forbidden to write more exactly and clearly about this in republica chymica. Datum in Monte Abiegno. because! had prayed fervently. in marcasite. whatever means might be employed for that purpose. doth not know of any of these things. my dear analysts. smelting furnaces. and Christian reader. as also testify the Aurora Philosophorum. Theophrastus. This. for live years I was a~quamted WIth the veram materiam lapidis. take. in which number my full name was inscribed in the book of Nature by II dead and 7 living. about the great secret of the Philosophers. reflecting ovens. and not until the SIxth year was the key to its power entrusted to me through the secret revelation of Almighty God. much less ho~ to mix. gran"m fundi. chosen members of the Philosophical Community.d this Tract in true confidence with the inner eyes of their ~mds. and much evil could be done that way which would be against the will of the Lord. or befittingly. Personally. But undoubtedly all those who re:. in his Secreta M agico de Lapide Philosoph~rum. enclose. There are those who look for the materiam lapidis in wine. distilletiones. hyssop. the materia benedicta should be sought and found. cementationes. their money. futile. i: 5: and upraideth not. After this short discourse. that IS by no means so: therein lies the difficulty. spend and waste their time uselessly and vainly. Martii Anno 1621 . and another reason is that I do not want 'to appear as If I would have for my exclusive use udentum a Deo mihi commissum (a talent intrusted to me by God). according to God's WIll. so that every cobbler and tooth-drawer could understand it. They are all foolishness. Alanthor. follow only their own fool'shead. for if a woman hath given birth to a boy.eader . THEOSOPHUS. cupping-glasses. and how it was revealed through the mercy of God at the right time in great might and glory: and may the pIOUS and God-lovinq reader take all this in good faith and accept it. conjunctiones. as much as God and Nature have permitted me. incineretiones. And the old Patriarchs Prophets. it should be easy for anyone to see how. And then they will be and will remain true Brothers of the Golden Cross.

and Solomon took me by the hand and ·led me through a wine cellar Into a secret but very stately haJJ. so that I was awakened by . but my mind had lost the power of jUdgment. I have found 'grace in thine eyes. the virgin had brought Iorth. pure and secluded virgin. and as heavenly ~s . because she hath ravished mine heart with one of her eyes. Yea. Lol I saw the garments of the nude virgin before my bed. purple.and began to sleep'. AUREUM REDIVIUM. '. my father • . wine. her. and embroidered and sewn in an artful manner with blue and yellow silk. I have brought to maturity: the resulti~g Tincture is Golden. -and the hair of her head was tied In . how he had made a potable of the solarcalf cast by Aaron. blacker. And its fiery spirit was a key to open the temple. the air hath given her birth and the fire hath brought her up. so that thine eyes may perceive the wonders of the Most High. and the beauty of my virgins surpasseth the rays of the moon. terrible as an army with banners. ingenue fateor. ground to powder.!. stinking. the son of Leah. and I became aware that behind me stood a nude woman with a bloody wound-in her breast. of the Lord.' but no trace of her. I will clean them and love her with. In ell. but I took heart. lay' at her feet. Solomon gave her unto me. I frankly admit. and to grasp the horns of the altar. the work of the' hands of a cunning workman. recalling my dream. Her head was like Carmel. how shall I put It onl I have washed my feet. and then I would obtain a liquid salt and non-combustible oil for my house-keeping. so that rmne eyes could not see the time of. variaeque figurae Omnibus. I bowed: La. . and. HARMAN NUS DATICHIUS:. Naturae centrum quae didtut: inde Tot sensus. and in the. But I laiddown:.a·s Soiomon observed my weakness. the goats from the sheep. and thou wilt know how to separate good fro.· and her palace is the depths of the Red Sea. But . and an immeasurable treasure. also partly because of the great glamor and splendor of the present queenly woman. and Iourscore concubines. like king'. which she threw off. she had her marriage-portion lying under her feet. Auth. famulus. he turned around and conversed in a very friendly 'jIay with one of his queens. he separated his women from thl. honey-como. Amongst these was an hundred-year-old stewardess. After Solomon thus spake. her eye. sun hath burned out thy mind and thy memory is as black as fog. and was exceedingly terrified. herself be used everywhere among the many people on the streets. who is transformed beside others. Solomon showed unto me the unified Centrum in Itrlgoni centri and opened my understanding to me. mercy. and Its name was like' an out-ointment. out of which came Eorth blood and water. the height of the uppermost. so many writings of men. much less to recognize anything in them. and there was a great commotion. half afraid. And as soon as the king had thus spoken. and. this old woman beckoned to me secretly and swore unto me an holy oath that she was the mother of the nude virgin.of them choose one. because of ·the present danger of the war. and said: I am the wisest man on earth. all my hair stood upright upon my head and my whole body was bathed in cold sweat. and life. just as happened with the two disciples at Emmaus who knew the. and according to Catholic -custom she held a magnillcent procession wherein the Centrum was highly honored and cherished. I have found. But after I had arisen and said my prayers.' And ( began to be greatly afraid and. I have purified more often: and I have united. And he said: What dost thou see? I replied: I 'can only see from this hall info the hall I just I esteem her and my queen alike and highly. But my thoughts went much deeper and led me further to Moses. and for this reason ( dared not to scrutinize the garments. but Solomon bade me stand up again and said: be not afraid when thou dost see NAture bare. and how he had it burned with fire.'and the smell of her garments Is like the fragrance of Lebanon to the Wise. When the procession was ended.many folds. Quae sivl: inveni: p~_rga"i saepius: atque Conjunxi: metureul: Tincture secuta est Aurea. and glory. the colors of all precious stones will appear before thine eyes and thou wilt know their production. When I had thus spoken. look upon all my women and see if you can find her equal. hcney and milk are under her tongue. SECULUM (The Golden Age Restored). And forthwith the woman had to cast off her garmeIlts and I looked at her. Thy life will be very peaceful. deep transparent chasms.and I knew not what had happened to me. and on the left standeth thy queenly woman. and more filthy than ·the brook' of Kidron. Ttrzah. And in the feeble as well: the point risen from heaven. for she. strewed {tupon the waters.are my women. teeth whiter than milk. She is beautiful a. 10. was the virgin of whom the Prophet said: Behold. that she had been born from her body. but choose her daughter before all others for the delight of my love. with one chain of her neck. the fragrance .a dripping. And Lmarvelled most about thisprompt and ingenius destruction which the hand of God had wrought. and her cloak was adorned with divers Turkish colors and Indian figures. Whilst I was meditating upon the wonders of the Most High and the secrets of htddeuNature and the fiery and fervent love of the neighbor.EPIGRAMMA ad Sapientiae and doctrlnse [ilios.drtnk. I choose her amongst all others for the duration of my hfe. the MEDICINA in metals. and gave· it to the Childrcnof Israel to . behold. but its windows were made out of transparent crystals and I looked through them. Then she would give and reveal to me 0 lye to clean her garments.. nude woman and said: Thy thoughts are vain and the. they smote me. But after pondering over it for some time my eyes were opened. and mine eyes were holden. thence So many sensations. From all . beautiful and pleasing are my wives and the glamor of my queens surpasseth the gold of Ophir. leading beside him all the. give me this nil de vi~gin. all mine heart. And as I then wanted to declare myself cafegorically upon this matter. like' the IIshpools in Heshbon by the gate of Bathrabbim: her nose was as' the tower of Lebanon which looketh towards Damascus. MBDICINA metsllisi Infirmisque simul: punctum divinitus ottum. as Jerusalem. so that I did not recognise her. we have a son born. in all his might. partly because of his heartbreaking works. her belly was like an heap of wheat set about with roses. had found"!n the fields and had given the mandrakeaRachel had gotten' Irom Leah for sleeping with the patriarch Jacob. and the most hidden which Is beneath heaven and upon the eaeth. my' bride. but her garments at her. and since I am poor. ana my heart burned within me. they wounded me. out an abomination to the Ignorant. women of his harem: there were threescore queens. nevertheless I believed it to be but a dream and I thought many subtle thoughts . to enter the 'Holy Place. and thine understanding will be as fine silver. comelr. Whereupon ( answered and. Then was 1 stricken with fear and not conscious and fell upon the' ground. so little do I care about the abomination of her garments. cloak. meaning: secretly. such a virgin as is called ApdorossD. unto us in secret. her two breasts were like two young roses that are twins. her neck was as a tower of Ivory. which wan'teth DOCliquor. I then changed my sleeping-chamber and I left the 'garments in it for some length of time ex mera tam en iqnorentl« in the . and thou sbalt really fathom the foundations of all Nature. said .Solomon to be thy beloved. . feet are more unsightly. about my dream' until the morning.polsonous.belief th~t If I were to touch them or turn them over: somethmg peculiar would happen to me. and although she had let. wherefore she is a queen of . bedecked wih numberless snow-white pearls and lined with red velvet. but in my sleep the smell of t?e garments had poisoned and inflamed rnc violently. And Solomon said further: Rouse thee. and took away my veil from me. milk and honey hath she in her breasts. Solomon turned around again. and . her lips are like. of which surpassed all apices. that until now she had not suffered any man to look upon her. and thy memory as gold. the power and operation of all the Elements. and were all unsightly. on the right the nude virgin. for she dwelleth In the garden and sleepeth in the twofold caves of Abraham on the field Ephron. However I should not be. and that she was a chaste. and virgins without number. how shall I defile theml The watchmen' that went about the city found me. But her garments. And she began to speak: I have put off my coat. thought about it again in the fear. and her right hand would always caress me and her left hand would be under my head. a black cap upon her bead. then can the bloody sweat and snow-white tears of this nude virgin again refresh thee. and never' . my wisdom is unfathomable and my knowledge IS inexplicable. and no one had touched her. pleased as I am with the loveliness of my wives. and though her garments are filthy and torn . cleanse thine understanding and memory 'and 'restore It tully. so thou canst not Judge aright. with a qre'y . the adornments of my concubines overshadow the rays of the sun. But my thoughts did not explain it. frightened because of her disgusting garments. so if thou wouldst not forfeit thy concern and take advantage of the present opportunity. looked upon me. which is called the ceurre of Nature. roving soldiery and denuded of her stately treasure. in the hall of his women. no one had ever seen her naked before now •. and her eyes are redder me. but neverthe ess she is the pure chaste virgin out of whom Adam WaS made and created: Sealed and hidden Is the entrance to her house.the country. Lord in the Breaking ofBread.' where he refreshed me with flowers and apples. but the Joints of her thighs were like jewels." evil. What I have eagerly desired. most beautiful and dearest to his heart. But while this her daughter was as yet unwed. tot scripta virum.Ircm thy slumber. I recalled the white harvest where Reuben.. and manifold forms.. and she shall be my sister. I was very much more afraid. And. but ODe was his gentle' dove. her navel was like a round goblet. she who cannot suffer others. wealth. so that she would be robbed of it by sam. but the cymbals of Aaron will awaken thee from sleep and the harp of David. in my dream King Solomon appeared .

I enclosed and locked up in a proper and quite artistic manner the treasure of her daughter. how then can I be the cause of her death? But she would not let me finish. His mouth is most sweet: yea. the working of noble Nature. the garden of fruits and spices. the mountain of myrrh. dirty case (and meanwhile she gave me a glass filled with lye. And presently every hour a north and south wind rose. I finally thought to burn them. hot thunder. who were truly. I heard the voice of Solomon who said: My beloved is white and 'ruddy. but her head is filled with dew. in the beginning dark green and some mixed colors. then I could not clean it with any lye nor split it with iron. But according to the instructions and teaching of the old stewardess. with the help of the planet and the fixed stars. his locks are bushy. set upon sockets of fine gold: his countenance is as Lebanon. black. for my spirit retained its memory: and my mouth was opened. the litter. I sat down on a flinty stone and fell into a deep sleep. and in mine innermost being I was victorious. with which I might remain unmo ested. for she looked at me and said: I feel and observe from thy righteous mind. by the roes. praised the Lord. and since you infuriated Saturnus through thine abhorring. Therefore shalt thou hold him. that it may not rot therein. as the old woman had revealed to me in my dream' until. then I would soon find the gray casket. and of what I had learned. and continued speaking). must have pleased the old woman not a little. This is my beloved. and said: The winter is past. this same little casket thou shalt clean from its stench and dirt which it hath received from the garments. His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl: his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires. and the lye thou hast given me will not work on the casing. who is her grandfather. His eyes are as the eyes of doves by the rivers of waters. the hill of frankincense. I left it alone once more and did not know what to do with it. the rain is over and gone. And then I proceeded in silentio et spe. steel. and shut no more. when Solomon willingly gave thee my daughter. and thine innocence shall be rewarded well and plentifully. thou dost want to burn these clothes. and the chosen of her mother. woe! to bring. for she is the one' of whom Senior saith: Ah. But the next night there appeared to me in my dream the hundred-year-old woman and she srake harshly to me thus: Thou ungrateful man: for five years have entrusted to thee my daughter's garments. on which stood written: I am black. much less about her death and putrefaction. a a Through this discourse and revelation I was so far Informed that I knew 'the purpose of the Wise and did not touch the locked treasure until through God's mercy. excellent as the cedars. and therefore I was innocent before God and all others. and now. hath left thee a gray marbled casket as an inheritance amongst her garments. And when Solomon had spoken these words I knew not how to answer him. and everything beheld this day and rejoiced. steamy. and other outward destruction. and the work of mine own hands. though I found the casket. that a grain of wheat must be cast into the ground. the wall. that ye stir not up. an arm broke through the clouds. the flower of Sharon. namely: the splendid and brilliant lunar diamonds and the solar rubies. a spring shut up. and it held in its hand a letter with four seals hanging down from it. the work was happily completed. there occurred an eclipse of the sun. finally. he is altogether lovely. and I had never been mother until I was born again. a fountain sealed. And then it happened that the darkness was covered with clouds. Therefore let us make haste to take the foxes. and not let him go. and I became silent. the turquoise.pring of living water. and rampart. and which proceeded wholly from it. showing itself in all its terrifying power. and protect it from freezing. the klnq's daughter. quick lightning. I slept. and not the least did I hear a her. and thou wilt find two things therein : a white silver box. after a long time my knowledge became silver and my memory became golden. yet thine iniquity is marked before me. etc. as the curtains of Solomon: Look not upon me. until thou bringesthim into his mother's house. again the locked-up treasure. the bed.worthy of it. and during all that time thou hast neither cleaned them nor thrown out of them the moths and worms. Thou hast no need of a key. After this simple speech the old woman smiled and said: Dost thou want to eat shells and shellfish with the sheils? Do they not have to be brought forth and prepared by the very old planet and cook Vulcan? I told thee to clean the gray casket thoroughly with the lye given thee. was new. who say: Ignis et azoth tibi sufficiunt. and this is my friend. This thou hast especially to burn in the fire of the philosophers. So in forty days Were written 201 books. as sweet flowers: his lips are like roses. full of fear. whereupon I awoke. but I wanted nevertheless to open ur. His legs are as pillars of marble. and my body trembled because of it. then I brought forth the power of all roots of herbs. and by the hinds of the field. thinking of the prophet's saying: For though thou wash thee with lye. or any other metal. night. and her final destruction. And then I spent the whole day going around with such thoughts. that we may gather the grapes in time and with them make and drink wine. But as soon as the {ixum acted in the humidum. And thereupon she gave me several glowing coals wrapped up in white light taffeta and instructed me further and painted out that I should make therefrom a philosophical and quite artful fire and burn the casing. called upon God. the whole heaven a . then everything will turn out for the best. washed with milk. Then I heard another voice: I charge you. and the sun began to shine through. and her locks with the drops of the. the well in the garden. and over every mountain and valley there came a lovely and bright day. my righteous and well-founded excuse. the vineyard at Baal-hamon. the chiefest among ten thousand. but the casing was tight around it and seemed grown onto it by nature. studied and labored day and night. And after my prayer was ended I sought with greatest diligence in the garments and found the casket. the sun overcame' the darkness. I finally went to walk in the garden to rid myself of the melancholy thoughts. and fitly set. my heart uttered understanding. when myHrst body was not good to look upon. and full of wrath was he that he transformed her again into what she had been before her birth. the sapphire. a rainbow spanned itself and I thought of the covenant of the Most High. in characters which . that made furious the Planet Saturn. praying that He would open mine understanding that I might seek for the casket which was promised me in my dream. and wisdom grew in my breast. the palm-tree and apple-tree. saith the Lord God. nor the philosophical lixivium I promised thee for washing and cleaning her garments: for in the beginning. for she is a garden inclosed. and they wrote by course the things that were told them. according to Solomon's prediction. and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. thinking of God's great mercy. and all were written on boxwood. how to remove the casing. adorned with costly solar rubies: and this is the treasure and entire legacy of my deceased daughter which she left for thee to inherit before her transformation. prayed diligently. after speculating and industriously deliberating. because I am black. but it will open itself. the crown. Shortly after this time. the little faxes that spoil the vines. the garden of joy. the flowers appear on the earth. but comely. else it bringeth forth no fruit. and the new birth. just on the day of the month when the moor. and be fed at the right time with milk and honey-comb: that we may eat and be filled. a nude woman unto me. and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. hail. and noticed that the glowing coals wrapped in white taffeta lay at my feet. and said: It is all true. both of which came forth and were found from the casket and the landscape. This. and is it not enough that thou art the reason for the death and perishing of my daughter? Whereupon I became hot-headed and answered her: How shall I understand thee. namely that my daughter. darkened heaven and earth. the vineyard at Enqeddl. and his form was as of fire. till she please. And after a year had passed again and I did not know. rubbed the sleep out of mine eyes. the time of the singing of birds is come. but my heart was awake: there appeared unto me the hundredyear-old stewardess and said: Hast thou received my daughter's inheritance? In a sad voice I answered no. About this Esdras saith in his fourth book: And he gave unto me a full cup which was full of Bre. After the above-mentioned garments had lain for five years in my sleeping-chamber and I knew not what they were good for. but alone it is still impossible for me to separate the casing therefrom. daughters of Jerusalem. then thou wilt first perceive the entire glory of thine inheritance and take part of it. and thought meanwhile of the great and excellent sayings of the Philosophers. and held it to be witchcraft. tower. His cheeks are as a bed of spices. but thou hast sinned against God. If thou wilt only transfer this treasure and purify it most highly and silently and lock it up with great patience in a warm. which is covered with !' rough. hidden. so that I was not able to take it off. and when thou didst abhor her garments. in order to clean up the place. as the tents of Kedar. therefore I will reveal to thee secretly and out of my good heart. I did not know them for my great blindness nor ever discovered their use. but I rejoiced. thou didst cause her death. ye daughters of Jerusalem. The Most High gave understanding unto the Bve men. then all fear and terror had an end. yet at the same time three parts of it were still heavily darkened. and black as a raven. transparent and moist cellar. among them are her most precious jewels. and into his mother's chamber. with haste and joy I grasped them. and after long promenading. both sweeping at the same time through the garden. ye daughters of Jerusalem. that thou art innocent. out of special love and affection towards thee. as Christ Himself pointed out to us. and was not refined from the outer rough casing. dropping sweet smelling myrrh. and 10. until it finally became coal-black. nor awake my love. and the love of Solomon in his concupiscence: she is the dearest to her mother.could mine: heart recognise the: great wisdom of Solomon. the s. putrefaction. Such and similar heart-breaking words were very strange to me. till the wheat harvest. at the same time protesting solemniter against her sayings: that I knew nothing at all about her daughter. and take thee much soap. And after the day was done and the evening fell. and another golden work of art. Meanwhile I awoke for a second time and called upon God.they knew not. and many people were much afraid. filled with magnificent ground-lead and polished diamonds. because the sun hath looked upon me. His head is as the most fine gold. the fig tree putteth forth her green figs. and 10. but nevertheless I withheld mine indignation as much as was humanly possible for me. therefore thou couldst not obtain my daughter. and although I kept her garments for five years in my sleeping-chamber. 70 for the wisest alone. that thou wouldst make a murderer of me? For five years mine eres have not beheld thy daughter. and of the fidelity of my Ductoris. and when I had drunk of it.

with an entirely humble and fervent prayer that He will direct my heart. Moses the Tabernacle. it giveth to men what they desire from the depths of their hearts. and though she is yet little. and many arms of the mighty. and for which the saints have sought from the creation of the' world. the Wise who dwelt In the land arose froin their slumber. and kept In blossoming youth. raiseth the clouds. and moved upon the face of the waters in the beginning. Amen. one secret thing of all secret things. cleareth the face. lest I . honor. It is the Spirit of the Lord which hath filled the sphere of the earthly kingdom. And thus !s'brought i~. and the entire world refreshed. Solomon also wrought with it many fine works and did other great deeds. in It the truth doth stand alone. and the revelation of' the Sp~it" about which . age is driven away. destroying poverty and misery. until in the morning they were overshadowed by the breaking of the sun's red dawn.e Prlnce . which giveth health. rebeloved and true Sepientiee et docttlnee filii. a miserable. . and finally prospered in great wealth thereby. . and for the glory of God. the Most Blessed Trinity. weakness destroyed.hathnet seen. and the seven stars rose. men. with yellow rays and pursued thelr natural courses through the night. is and remalneth unfathomable in nature. treasures. their long life. built with ramparts whereon hang a thousand shields. nor any river drown it. and hath no breasts: we will bring her again into her mother's house. and Solomon the Temple and through this provided the golden vessels from pure gold In the Temple. Likewise thiS': Spirfi is' a Spirit chosen above all other heavenly' things or spirits. a divine. mercifully preserve and protect me constantly.It is a .. and have fervently desired to see. Amen.grew pale. cleanseth leprosy. giveth light to all things. with which Nature is made strong. and a lovely thing of all things which are beneath the circle of the moon. For this Spirit gaeth into the seven planets. thanked God. that is a passionate craving for knowledge. Son. To·the M~~t High. and said: Who is she that looketh forth as the morning. to Him be given praise. all secrets. Ghost. fair as the moon. and there is no spot In her. the sister of Moses. Abraham. and healing and medicine for all things. and the queens and the concubines spake well of her: but I fell upon my face. into a shining hall. which cannot be appreciated enough by men. so governing that I talk who doth not fear God. . and utterly offend the Divine Majesty. was hospitable. neither have entered.where she hath been before. or wrehouesecree teaching. it is a secret of. transformeth everything Into gold and silver. and dispelleth the mists. Likewise. and will become true with ~II else. To this power Adam and the other patriarchs.that no water may extinguish the love. and the heart with all members is renewed. Nature. the final and highest secret of . FINIS. And this Spirit was much used and very common amongst the prophets of the Old Testament. glory. and Jacob.(1). owed their bodily health. strengtheneth the sorrowful. Then she will come forth. but eternal punishment to the evil-doers. mind. the great secret . and acquired their wealth therewith. and break the heavenly seals. for she is our sister. looked heavenward. nor reveal it to any other creature. yea. while it indoseth the. worldly . h9W the heaven hath naturally embodied to truth of this Spirit.endless power and an invincible might and glory. prolonqeth life. in Apoca/ypsi Hermetis saith:. and Holy Ghost. and holy office. giveth health and abundance. the Philosophi founded the seven free arts.the heart of any man. a perjured Brother Aurae Crucis. sinful man. '. With it Noah built the Ark. peace. With the aid of this Spirit. "rid truly overcoiiJeih the elements and the five substances. through a promise and true vow. The world could neither understand nor grasp it without the secret gracious inspiration of the Holy. like a tower of David. and thus become. honor and long Hfe to the godly..sIngle Numen. . wondrous. and thereby commit and perpetrate knowingly an unpardonable mighty sin against the Holy Ghost. Amen. and as she went forth the daughter praised her openly. and .break my vow and oath. Wherefore may God the Father. for her ardor is fiery and' not unlike a flame of the Lord: so . therefore it is called: the voice of truth. clear as the sun. love: expelling altcqether all evil. to suck her mother's breasts. who put if'to improper use. Likewise it Is 'a medicine and a cure for all' things" and the final revelation. healeth the sick and all the affiicted. and senses through His Holy Ghost. whole world it. loY. And behold. and praised His Holy Name. much less communicate it to some one EPILOG US .incrhath ear heard. to no one about this secret. a close. For the whole world lon2eth for it because of its great powers. and with it Miriam. in all its pow~r and its glory. Eye. and also causing that-one can neither talk nor think evil.and MonarchT"eoph. luck. . With it Esdras again established the Commandment. Almighty God whti' hath created this art and who hath also been pleased to reveal this knowledge unto me. therefore we' will not leave her.of the Wise. and thanks. cureth dropsy and gout.

Vegetabilia. For see: in the Mercurio is everything for which the philosophers seek The Small Crystal The twofold Mercurius_ GLEAMING Clear Fountain. and all to one. TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLOR~ Per ignem dcmum Nomen & Aetas PAULUS . according to JEHOVA'S will. The Mother. Mineralia. furnace. or Philosophical Make out of it. . The salt of the metals ana q. A sane mind in a sane body. Tace. most perfect health and sufficient wealth. . according to the philosophical art of a Magi. Alone in one. . middle and end of the fixation or stability.And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters or Chaos: This being the primum HYLE of the philosopherll. Lying and bragging belongs into hell. rotating. LILI: the first matter of the perfect body. He has Apostatised: but behold: there is the MESSIAH! The light of Mercy and of Nature. which governs all thiJlgs in which one errs and in which one is also lead toward betterment. fire. The The out of its Center and Quintessence. W 0 as the Creator's most perfect creature. C. is a hindering of the Pathmee. beginning. thing was created: Firmament. which The greatest wisdom. Lege. Enough is said. which. in All from one. container. Beginning. Patience and waiting. Life. A spin of the sphere and all planets. The immortal Soul: a heavenly invisible fire. is one and only one thing.A Speech The Most Holy Trinity or Lord God Jehovah . The Highest Medicine Plain and honest. Animalia: hath made everything out of nothing . And a substance that in an instant is black-smoking frum a Death The rebirth and and renewal. middle and end It does not let any foreign thing come near. giving birth to the middle-world. namely an image of the Most High God.of an' unknown Philosophi. Balsam and Mummy.) being . or the water out of which every.A ahort discourse or brief ezample of the holy Philosophiae and most high medicine. Mercurii. The philosopher's water from which proceedeth all things. Great World. through dissolving. S mall rid. and the itself one alone. in which are all things. . The Human-Being. eliminating all evil. is being made without foreign matter. And the incomparable magical lode stone in the small world. s. dedicated to the fraternity (R. Unceasing prayer. coagulating and figuring The invisible heavenly living fire. It shall come to pass. boiling. Matter. and the main foundation of the entire magical secret. Take the Quintessence of the Macro and Microcosmi. Judica.

Mathew. which is the Prima Materia or Spiritus Mundi in which the gold is consumed and arises again to new life after the Putrefaction. they found a dense water. ! the spiritual Malach. Fourthly.S. ·Andthis is something about the Wondrous Cipher. '" : "Sophist. · Act. v . to hide the holy fire in a cave. Soul 3. 19. . & Luke 1. and they were commanded by the Prophet Nehemiah. concerning this and vihere to find and to obtain today the same fire and water. 14. announced and proclaimed by the Lord God Himself and subsequently by His angels. and lastly the most wondrous birth of our Saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ. 8.15. the Root oC all Metals. 15. kindling and consuming the sacrifices on the altar. about which the Holy Apostle Paul writes in 1 Then. wh~t signify the three great wonder-births in the Old and New Testaments. also called Jeremiah. manded . And a turtle dove and a young he took unto him all these the birds divided he not. Read 2 Maccab. 1. strangled and klIled. Pt. Gen. Firstly the birth of Isaac. 17.} eats of the dead carCBSSalso and flies away with it. about which we read in Gen •. but as soon as they poured it over the wood and sacrifice it was ignited by the Sun and the sacrifice and the wood were devoured by the water and the fire. Holy Scriptures was intended for our study re.150. And And But. 18. undoubtedly.104. Luke 1. About the Cipher Three. which feU down from heaven. Lev. 9. Secondly.earch and remembrance. in which Noah let £1yout of his ark the raven and after three times seven days the dove. Spirit 2. Fifthly.28. what do these numbersconvey. a great . testifies about the Natural . Gen.t48. thesehavinghidden.Philosophical Light. D. and that we mighi know ourselves best of all. Separatio. Body.. Firstly. · signifies the strange holy fire had been. After this of John the Baptist.And thus the Loi-dGod spoke unto me The Divine Theological Mercy-Light. all creatures..Psalm 4. surpassing by far the other three. .. . 17. =. This fire the priests took with them when they were led away into the Babylonian captivity. 20. as 1. until they again returned home i and then have the priests look for it: but instead of the fire. Judges 13. whl. Hermetia Bird {. Therefore I ask in all simplicity and out of a pure heart.Perceive yet how strangely the Lord leaveth Hia Saints. what the very first sacrifice signified. in the light of Nature and light of Mercy. and since the wondrous ciphers Three. " Eagles Gluten. Since everything l. when the fowls oame down pigeon. 7. which the L~rd God Himself com.Abraham to give him. Mortum.' Solutio Philosoph. what the three different days signify. is finally captured by thePhilosopbo. occurring over and again in the course of nature. and dlvided them in the midst . Cap.0. the Virgin's Son. so that we humans may fully understand our greai incomprehensible God and hie noble creation.ft to us in the. & 21. what lIIil1nify and indicate the three parts of the human being. Four and Seven are mentioned often in the Holy Bible. Thirdly. and 2 Chron. upon the oarcasa Abram drove them away.ecret. Then of Samson.27. to us in the light of Nature and in the light of Mercy.

Water AI. 40 Hours the Lord Christ lay in his tomb.. 1. Who rightly Cnn Bee '.. 2.Sem. 40 Days Nineveh had for repentance. .iDn~ni8. Surpasalng all kingdoms.trjeclio seu Fizaiio 1\. Firstly. '. The fume will rise over you from eternity to eterni ty and will be your torment. Gen.. .z. Animalio----_ 4.-.. Earth Mercury *5 . Purejactio------_ 5. Noah opened his Ark. to the first world. Christian G.. 2 Seeds. about God God Father Light of Mercy. 5. 40 Days after the flood subsided. : \73 ~+. Combinalio: t$1'1~ leu '4 duplicalus. Male I Fruit . . 3 Beginnings. . why the Lord God has given three times 40 years respite and time for repentance. Morlijicatio ~ Puirefadia» 2. this table. Spermaz.. Summa 3 times 4 times 40 ill the secret interpretation. 40 Days and nights it rained when the flood came upon the earth. \1'V ) Metals Holy Ghost 04. Salt . 40 Days and nights Christ fasted in the wilderness. understands how one originates everywhere.1.. 40 Days and nights Elijah fasted in the wildemess. Nature Son the Art. Female IJI:! . 5 Quinta Essentia. Fire 3. 40 Days and nights Moses was upon Mount Sinai. 4 Elements. ~J.. Malo and female. 2. Solulio---. Furthermore. Preliminary work. • Animalw -----------Purefaclio P. 4. M./~I : : '. 8. Sulphur Vae Vae Vae to you Sophists. cipher Producing The imperial Unequaled w. Subsequent work. (rom the other. in thia world. 40 Years the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness. P. ------------Solutio I. fl. Air 2. 62.__ 3. the two sexes. 4. 3. The Philosophical Furnace.2.. 1. f. 40 Years after His Ressurrection and Ascension J erusalem was destroyed. 6.* Tincture Supernatural Natural becomes!.ABOUT THE WONDROUS CIPHER FOUR. (rom the Sun and Moon. 40 Months the Lord preached upon the earth and wrought miracles. Mortificoiio If Putrefacii» 1. '0 Days after His Resurrection He was on earth.. from the Old and the New Testament: 40 Weeks it took for Christ and all humans to be formed in their mother's womb. First all lie hidden The Elements in the fourth Son grows out of this: Out of these originate the three be.

6. all heavenly and earthly wisdom in heaven and. 2. bodily. Divine Cabala WVP . I. And the aame in all eternity. . 2. 3.c.m 'T'l'OMlr'Y"l1' NO:::iji':::"' Metal !j! 1) of God's ~sP".. ua Chri.nJ in thla world. G. Elements with their evil vapours. Lapidis etemnl life. t\nd the light 'WfUJ manlfeetcd ~to UII end we have eeen it and bear witnQ88 and ehew unto you that LUX tho luln . the only God and Jesus Christ whom hast 17. 4. Spirit. ~ .:. 16. In aU needs He will be near you. 4. that might know thee.. Principium Philosoph. the twoCold hero. God's Son together with both natures. Matcriurum. 2.nd mortel in cuepereca. Col. Aleo know: And if any man Jove not the Lord Jeeue Christ. but now is made rnarrifest to its Saints:: to whom God would make known what is the riches cif the glory of this xnystery among the Gentiles. 2 Nee non primarum omnium ~~§ 2 Corp. NB. Spirits IHESVS ADO N AI I E' H OVA ~~ K R I ST V S 'Ij lj 0" 0 ¥ TINCTVR Grace be with all and the love our Lord Jesus Christ unceasingly.. CA0S 1. 0 Mo. 27. Ep..C. let him be Anetema. which we hsve VERBlIM 3. NATURAL ~ NATURE. ETERNITY GOD.Ia. eivc Tincturae Fint Corpus.0. Jesus Christ toda.j 0 ~' ~ ) Principia.~. ~~ For I determined Jesus Christ Epbes. G.¢F. 3.G.The mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations. o Slay the oid Adam with his evil desires. Hold tast to Him and despair not. CHAOS.\l9 "t.c1¢8 ~~ J) Materia prima becomes Materia uItixna. Darkness God and Nature. True God'lI. Wb&t . it. 1 Cor. This is the revelation and the true and right knowledge of Jesus Christ. doth thou wo.P.. S. 6.~ot hold to J. . net to know anything.. ill ·(ar . rr It doth .y and yesterday. t EB t In tho Jleeh dwelleth 01 the Godhead t Tinctur. aU know lodge. 1. on earth. 'tz 2J.M. 7. 1 v. 3. 2.H. save end Him crucified. 1. L' The~8eL'. NB. Th.S. $Heaven 1 Ligh .beuer to have the loved Christ thon to po.. When you b. which is Christ in you. God and Man. Delvtbc devil and the world.W. 1 Cor. Trust that He La en-the heavenly throne. .. A I.VD Chri. this is the life eternal. He batb done enough for you. 4. M Hell Quint Essentia Slay the 1. Eternity And they true thou becomes Nature & Time.nt.t which was Crom the beginning. LQ\7 Water becomes Stone. i. Divine Cabalistic Signal.

Secreta. ..c. rotten... Children . The philosopbers stone cries tear-water. ~ . Po... the art becomes water. Four times four equals XVI lines. Digest. Out of fire make water. dry . Boil fire in fire.s:: ... Out of which will come black.. '" .. Bear thy children in fire. 50 many are tbere of the ELEMENTS. e. And boil the fire in water: You will have a fiery water. Light a fire. And be fire and stay in fire. Microcosmus. Macrocosmus. Ii) Ii) I:: '~ " ... God .:a I:: It! .:l . It! E: G1 . To children it is a living water. . Vegetabilia & Terrestria ... Mercurius & Sal. Fire.. Coelest. soul. Heaven and earth will perisb in fire And become finally a philosophic fire. Seek the fire: So thou wilt find the fire.. 0 ... Q ~ ::z: Ul o . 0 0 Glp::tIl.. calcinate.. r~ I'l. .. Seek the philosopher's fourfold eternal water And if done well. ::s .:JEJf(JJJ~JC GOD WORD Fiat Natura rri M .s:.. According to all Nature consists hot Primum Mobile.. Its fire burns in the water And lives In the water. Ul •• ~ '" d .. yellow...s:. Quatuor Elementa . blue like heaven water. But the world does not regard such water. '" ~ n= ·.. Animalia.. Put fire to fire.. so many are there of the ELEMENTS.. Sulpur.. give tbem to drink. "d Philosophy of sixteen Elements. . g ¢I . nourish them in fire: So will tbey live and die in fire.. Lapis Philosophorum. Q. c:'l G1 E£OJ{()JM: Prima Materia. Mineralia & Metalla ... Like a sharp salten ocean water. green.. Water is water and will he water. E. Feed.. E-< invisibiJis & secretissimus occultatum. Throw body. From the heaven of the philosophers water rains. Strive for the fire.. 00 (t1 .. Four times four equals XVI lines.:I9·P"M 'tl!UlA1:{oIV 'lozV '9I'eO!PtlH Ulnp!UlnH '''IAH Ignis Philosophorum Aqua Philosophorum h. Mercurius Primaterialis Catholicu s. E...= G1 (\1 ~ E:..Q . Ignis. Becomes stinking. G1 ..s:: . Aqua Q... Quinta Essentia. dissolve and putrefy the water. white and red fire. r1 . bl Pater & Mater. Their silver and gold will become fire. ~ G1 . But consume soul and body to water.. spirit into fire: So shalt thou get dead and living fire..

C. I John 6. { God.7. 1[1 $'". Holy Ghoot. the Law and the Gospel.d 3 earthly Peraolll in I. 3. Word..ooordIng to the Alpha and Omega. S. works and creatures. 14 & 17. Bto~. lio 20 3040 Wondroull NumbGr of God. all in heaven.. John. Epb. NR to Him I will manifest myselCand the Father and I will come to Him and mde mine abode In Him.. v:. Aot. God a man. !heir characteri. The Godhood itself. Col. That is . seetb the Father who hath sent Me and loveth Me.ight andcornentone O. and on earth. 1 Tim. 20. Col. 2. After Eternity HeavenlY'lU:\d after Tim.tico. II. Spirit. W. Word. 2. Aee. half a time aroording to the Old and New testaments.nly I.. Cor.The right Reuons forth. 3 Etornal aplrltu. l. 2. tw. Person. to Magla Philosophia. one God. Word. RO.fl. M. 4. 5.enly and earthly wisdom In beaven and on earth. that is all heav. Theologia. A. Theosophla.. 1.. visible. to the eterael divine Li. i. believe that the Father is in Me and I in Him.ball. 8. the F. 2. the true ROSy$CroBB and the revelation and true knowledge or J08u8 Christ.. Mag.• 1. God and man. S. o Secret above all Secrets. 3. W. 2. and 'he .o. 2 Cor. \J7 about which the world knOWB oi all to speak secrets in. NB. & 6. The one and three eternal God is a Iikenesa of the entire Nature in all hi. I. 5 4 1. C. Mag. according to His being. a man and God In three persons In time: 1. God Father. 0. J. ~e tDho iruly recognimJe3wn Chrulum hath well employed his limet4' The secret wondrous number. 4.. HEAVENLY ~ Tinetur An .. Naturally. to the divine 1. Thus apeaketh the Heavenly Wisdom: I and the Father are one. Myster.. 2. ChriIlI. Eternity became time. the heavenly. invisible in eternity a8 the three heavenly peI'!lODS: Spirit. E""" Thue are three that bear record in Heaven ~. POraoD. 1 Cor. a man. I C In Heaven and on Eall'th the determined Rosy-CroBa ~ apparent to our eyes. . Ace. o :/Jr.. 1. to the Datiu:al Ll&ht II. Three different separate persons and nevertbeless is and remains.. .IS M P T There are Ihree that bear witnesa in Earth the S.lheavenly Penone In one being 3 heavonly timely Poraona in one bein& 8 he~venly ". 10. ExplAnatIon or Holy Fl""" .• ~/lII~ CC AROANA AAOANORUM. and th_ three agree in one.' 8. to tbe hen. MYliter. . 12. God.- Aoc. Trim. 3 &. NB. that is. o ~ ""' . 3. the ODO human who hath Iullored and died ror C. of tbe W.. Hoi. 2. for the Word became flesh. heavenly. JE '!iT -. Oreatural!y. FIGURA CAS'ALISTICA E C (J ~ . Ace. two times and a. 6. spiritual. Man.. one eternal God. 3. as the one eternal God begot Himself and bore witn_ Or Himself . . SpirIt. . Since the whole tnIntl88 is in Him. c. and earthly. Tinctur A small earthly mighty God.secret ETERNAL DIYINE .and earthly Trinity. NATURALLY TIMELY The 7 E&rth!y Natureo &. in Veaetabillbus Animalibus Mi\1eralibus. nature ·earthly. SoD. Phllosopia. bodily.e. Father.e. I. 2. 2 and John 9.. B. and be that hath seen Me. Joha H. Heaven and on Earth.tornAI a!mllhty ~ Ace.. one time.

Colos. v. Putrefaclio. yea Who can praise Him as highly as He many greater ones are still. a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.2B.SPIRITI PATER DAMNA TI. 2. regenerate and perfect the one UniversalMateria in one container and furnace.Christ. Since the will rules Nature it should alan attract it. So also' the Loborani may have nothing else to do hesides attending on the fire. 1 Cor. The noble and costly Stone. but not everyone is qualified to de 80. in the Parable. in which the power of all things abides. ANIMA SPIRITU8 SANCTUS the deep things of God. but if the will does not attract and i. by one single management of the flres. Behold. Heaven. is Nature itself which rules this art through hailing in its fire and own container. anc everyone who so desires may get it it is a stone unsightly to look at. 10. itself subjected to Nature. With true reason we say that. For the Spirit searcheth all things. v. 10. pray God for His hlessings anel benedictions. for from us. in it mUI' be the very best in heaven and ix the world itself. both which are in heaven. and set a certain limit beyond which Nature may not go.43. this fire being aroused and revived through the other Philosophic fire. which is from far and near. 3. head. by means of a fire existing within itself. Resurrectio. Misteri Magni and Lapidis Philosophorum In this Stone lies hidden what GO( and Eternity. TERRA DAMNATA. For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darknesS.IS. as far as it is governed hy the Heavenly things. That he might gather together in one all things in . hidden everything that is and let it he Syr. v. I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone. Nature will go beyond the purposes of the work and destroy the same. For compounding and perfecting il one needs 2 central A . In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. everywhere it can be proved. Psalm XVIII:. Stars am Elements have and are able to do There hath been none flner nor mon precious than this one from all Eter nity. Nature. and it is offered and given fran God to men in his merciful love. So likewise is it. ISAIAH XXVIII. bUI has in it the power of the entire God. till the work be done and even there alter. By steady attendance on the flre and managing it in tbe right way. Therefore thus saith the Lord God. v. from the upper and lower spheres. and Nature rloes all the work itself.'. 1. and which are on earth j even in him. Ephes. for the Lord hath made known to those who fear Him. a tried stone. a precious corner stone. But the will is free and may leave Nature to control the result of its work. one can putrefy. . is1 we Bee the least of His works.

Creates everything Himself. First believe it. CRUCtS There is a Word speaking eternally. devil.<l " -:9 m 0 " . 12 St. death. . 21. The Word cannot even 'reach itself. spirit. cannot understand anything. quiet. from the outermost in.and the Theologia. will. 12.ars in the crown. in itself. But is Hlmselfwhat He created: From the innermostnut. renson. no. bud. everything. Apoc. in-the dey.~oes not speak.Tovo. Cannot he compared to anything And yet it is at nil times All in All Jesus Christl He speaks." ~ . then praise it. is. none. stillness. this. It' may never be spoken outl Something.g tx . '" ~ ~ o· e. give. do. Sorrow. DO reason. For from BELIEF comes understanding. that. angel. " ~ Armarium Spiritus Sancti PANACEA Nectar & Ambrosia PORTA COEL! LIBER DOMINI FONS 'Signatur emus ANI MAE Lumen Gratiae ORTUS Conclusus CONSTANTIA. here. Sound. [oy. night. one Spirit. I. one Lord. and writes the Hand. 12 ApQ. Silentium Sapientiae: Simplicitas Veritatis SIGILLUM. 12 Prophet a. . good. 12 'Articles of belief. If found good. life. hell. PROBAT FIDEM. is being spoken. Soul. body.. Speaks out: speaks in. scorn. yes even God. c:- O . 12 Heavenly . 12 Hours in the night.eigne. take. nothing. eternity. Sense. but will be. THESAURUS Absconditus VERBUM VITA Quaerite & Invcnietis . . remains uncreated.9Uea. 12 Gates in the NQW Jerusalem. One God.Is not. one Unit: Whoever does not believe this. there. He has been. heaven. one. Apoc. So speaks the Spirit.. Light. then try it. let. thou. earth 11 12 Patrlarcha. Self out of itself. but still not itself. Yes. remains unspoken. Man. Lime. 5' . 12 Months 12 Hours in the: year.d E-< " ii' " If.

Eternal invisible heaven N othing else is.!: quantitate. Sive. if I was dead and beholdl I live again. through his words. in qualit. The small lower resting bodily world in its Centro. The great upper moving spiritual world. bodily. projeotio. o Nature! Natura atque res omnes ex Centro in Centrum. Deus Triunus exivit & Chyrniea. Earthly and bodily abode of nature.It. The eternal Sun in his ex Centro in Centrum understand according to Philosophy Coelesti and not terrestri. Created Sun in his actions and attributes. Though r am not guilty of . HoL Sun. Explicatio will follow as the 2800 parts are described in a grain of wheat. spiritual. . nee non Magiea and power. Philosoph. clse was. Temporal visible earth God becomes Natura Deus & Natura lhou arl Iruly a created And God RUACH ly Holy Trinity. Godly nature Cabalist. Nature's heavenly house and spiritual palace. Reason is on the minds of the sophists. understand: 1. ~. in eternity ly Holy Trinity. image and likeness of Ihy God. What was my life in the beginning. Th. Follows Explicatio. also is finally my death. . nothing else and in time.Figura Divina Theosoph. nothing will ever be. cold water and Moonshine break man y furnaces and glasses. nihil Iaciunt Irustra.

1e i i Man. descend this fruit of this Tree.QUINARII ATQUE SEPTENARII. who can ascend e r and eat of the so that God and Nature MATERIA PROPINQUA . and . ~STERIISNUMERIS This is about the Tree and evil. . will not cur-sehim. BEGINNING of knowledge of good todat many people atque arbor aurea CABALISTICA MAGIA MATERIA AVIS CATENA REMOTA HERMETIS AVREA He is indeed a wis.SCALA PHILOSOPHORUM DE. from which still eat death. SAPIENTIBUS SA TIS EST DICTUM . . QUATERNARII.

The Visible Comprehensible ChaolJ. From Chaos the effect oC The Fruit of the First Principle. of THE BOTTOMLESS PIT THE BOTTOM The Eternal nothing and yet the all The Timely nothini and yet the all ETERNITY. Signat-Stars TimB. TIME.The Invisible Incomprehensible Chaoa. .

. Honos & Glada Mea D. I do not want anything. in Cruce Victoria . JESUS CHRIST. I do not praise myself.y 0 Q"1) ~ U Uo _ Physioa. . I do not seek. Apocal. Metaphysica & Hyperphysica. in Seculorum Deo omnipotent! sit Laus. 2. 1: v.A. I do not desire anything in heaven and' on earth. v. 12. 5. which beoame flesh. n. I am the Alpha and Omega the First and the Last.. I COR.CJJ rJE. I can do nothing. seq.TWa Is the most holy. and him CRUCIFIED. only the living word not learn. . Amen. 5. I . I do not please myself. O. Cap. Secula. I do not relish . most understanding heavenly ARTICUL •. and openly revealed to 1J8 through God Himself in the Light of Nature.I know nothing. M.anything.

~. not stumble. I will . and 0 my Son. goest thy steps thou shall not and when Take runnest. ~1f' • The doctrine oj Jesus Christ surpasse. and the brothers who have God's Spirit. made of pure Gold. let her life.TI TINCT U R. XXXIII. . her for she is thy And . years of thy taught I bave I have thou ened. lite shall be many. things.! the doctrine of all the Holy Ones. When be straitthou shalt led thee in the right paths. thee in the way of wisdom..~If'__ go: keep IV.JrC ?!s r E 3t nJ) J(t S:-rt-}J)tJl/J]e V:Rf:JPEu~8a/tL(}o This is the Golden and Rosy which every Brother Cross.lO. must 80 conduct his entire life that he may become Christ-like himself. wears on his Breast. Hear. . derive no inspiration you greal and mighty Jerem. fast hold of instruotion. not Prov. HOP!:. the and receive my happens however that many people as soon as they hear the Gospel and the speech of the Wise. find therein the secret Manna and the Philosopher's Slone.L"'~" PA. Therefore they have not the Spiri! oj Christ. But whosoever would understand the words of Christ and fathom His wise sayings.e.v.

Prin ter to H. 1788 . M.Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th & 17th Centuries SECOND BOOK Brought to light for the first time from an old manuscript ALTONA. the King of Denmark . D. Printed and edited by J. Eckhardt. A.

BY A STILL A Golden Treatise About the Philosopher's Stone LIVING BUT UNKNOWN FOR THE PHILOSOPHER. known to the Fratres aureae crucis.' that it will be easy for those who love God and who are by Him deemed worthy of it. hence I have no need of was created? How the darkness came over Egypt? What is the Cause of the rainbow? How the transflgured bodies will-look alter the Day of Judgment? Which is the most constant color1 But I ask of you who understand my booklet whether ye have seen the great and universal salty sea. as certainin Nature: concealed his name in his Anagramatismis. Greeks. let it be known to you that the Cross our Lord Goa.have this treasure in my hands. English. took care . ridiculed it in their hearts. and begin with the Treatise itself. French.· . Spaniards. it is all for the best that thou mayest gather more understanding there. and manipulations for fully seventeen or eighteen Tincture by greedy and vain fellows who risked their soul. Also. And just as truth manifesteth itself in Harmonia. They who taught me this were the true Philoclever ones." especially since it is as t~ue. himself known in an Anaday and the moon by night. As far as I am concerned.time to his hurt and to the Increase of danger. where will Sulphur come forth from Mercury. to the overthis great secret. such as. and could have made myself art.."er of the True Wisdom: The old and new Philosophi. the M aleria and the Solution theorice. and glory. Besides. I have studiously applied myself to consult 'thereon with the Philosophi.purpose. and there have been not a few written .mation. Germans. And experience . then should I lay myself bare before the whole world? Let my beloved Frain' oureee crucis. but such are kept hidden for the sake of safety and delight. their So/urian. as said before. il some one should accuse me of having written for I do not seek vain honor. and I am not intent on making a all too plainly and clearly about the art. word lor word.your OWn eyes. The reader will learn from Sendivogius that believe that in our work was a twofold resurrection from the dead."5 well as printed. as plainly lind clearly as thou mayest hope to find from any Philosopher. and offer myself to Sight. and at the same time withhold my name Irom thee. and where doth Mercury come forth from Mercury? Likewise.have your eyes beheld the symbol of ardent love. and load great sins upon myself by prostituting previously set forth the' entire art. .' d my allegata.mentloned this or that aphorism. so that they might at once thereby might also love and be 'loved by God. With respect to -thc Materia. and which I have then done without fault. that I make myself known yourselves hidden in secret and enjoy the gifts of the High God to the Wise. in all justice to reveal nothing more than is done here. There is.. and also the' entire praxis in its allegoria wilt thou find completely implied. I have not written for my own sake. But rather ask if I have seen how the . and make known to you that I also know. and Follo'. . viz . thyself 'long to search out my name: for even if thou shouldest God be with us all. A short time ago a and as undoubtedly ordered. and sharpen thine understanding n with It. and that they had had the Work itself in their own hands. as often as he doth reveal himself to the great lords it is every Therefore is our art in Theoria and prectice. so on the contrary must Dissonantia bring every Sophist and supposed Philosophers into the open. and revealed to them the great secret of earthly wisdom. but they. However. the most eminent of whom was Hermes Trismegistus. Arabs. then let him know that this art in itself is not difficult at all. Hungarians. ' . then am I your consociate. but for thy sake. will flnd it quite easy. while close at hand many libraries are found full of books which are written about this Materia. who will reveal me to thee if it should please Him. and Mercury from Sulphur? \Vhen . surprised that I have kept my name hidden and that I do not reveal myself to thee personally. Thou shouldest not be.: instill a. hearken unto my words. Dear beloved Reade. in His [CDr. that every true Philosopher could soon recognise that God had favored them with His groot blessing. for years. there is nevertheless unity and agreement and general COnsensus to be found in their writings. from. but. and that I like nothing better than to receive: your secret message. AND INFORMATION OF FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF THE FILII DOCTR/NAE. thou wouldest still have to be content with this Treatise. the Egyptians. would bequeathto their fellow-Christians and art-seeking disclp es at the same time instruction and in for. of truth. for that purpose I want to write this little Treatise. ' . who 'giveth it to whom. I have greedy robbers. alter they attained the goal 01 'their desires through divine grace. and attain to understanding' and knowledge of such Secreta. For in the past twentytwo years I' have read as many as I could lay hands on. taught me not about it lucidly enough for those who were found worthy in God's to risk my life at all for the sake of fame. and yet I had to wait until it pleased God to bestow upon that. my Teachers. so that thou mayest thyself see. to show thee the ground". Jews. weight" fire.of thy understand it: to him I answer that it is true that I have written profit. look up their books. And then also they promised that ther. For I have sworn with Bernhardus of frevisan and other Philosophi. the majority of which. and I have called attention to all the places where they have . by God as that the sun shineth oy new Frater aureac crucis also made. AMEN. blessed the work of their hands. Italians. my dear Reader and honest Investigator of Nature's Secrets. in knowledge of the M areria. Thou wilt find described herein.' Reason asscrteth that whoever carrieth so great me His grace. But you. although the said Wise Men wrote in different languages at different times. without any corrosive matter. nothing surprising about it. but the unworthy will do well to leave it alone. the true Phllosophi. He will. so that everyone could great name for myself in this world. but become one in glorious love? Do ye understand now what I am talking about? If ye have worked out these things with your own hands. and to indicate to them how the true God had enlightened their understanding. a pure gift of God. and hide not from their' writings to make themselves known to their fellow-students. were choked to death and robbed of their cumstanliae. Why this little Preejetio. Do not let day. my Masters. I already know what is necessary for me to know of this. no one should doubt the certainty and a treasure with him doth not like to be robbed of it. and Augmentation. 'however. For while he never rightly knoweth the secret 01 the Wise and pursueth his way according to his own mind. ". every man who is cognisant of the art will see his error. who kept themselves hidden here and there in the world. trieth out the faithlul and revealeth their faith in the light 01 and if it should be advantageous to me and to thee. commending the rest to II so be you know me not. Wherefore they rightly pledged themselves to give Him all praise. THE FRATRES AUREAE CRUCIS Be not surprised. and did not sophi. but I am thinking only. dear friend. Poles. Herewith I shall bring to a close gramate and Aenigmata. as when man and WOman so embrace each other that they will be no more separated through all eternity. and many others. And do not be concerned at all about whether I . Where doth' Sulphur become Sulphur. who have now and then kept this be sufficient for thee. and his name is well known to me. and it doth not depend proves that different Philosoph! who did not take sufficient care on any man's willing or dolnq. false philosophy and give fictitious formulae. which is in itself sufficient to carry the Tinctures of all things up onto the highest mountains? Tell me. compare both the concept. that I should undertake to write this short Treatise when in this Ihial age the world standeth with one footalready in the 'grave. Sendiooqius truth of this art. 'and to lead thee from wrong ways which seem important to thee. it is such that it hath within itself everything which is necessary lor To FOREWORD THE READER IN SEARCH OF THE ART ever find it and should know me. I have known it with all citof their treasures. And there have been such people amongst all nations. the Chaldeans. and when. Now I might have written this Treatise with much less But if anyone should complain 'about the difficulty of this effort 'by omitting my allegata. and beheld with . But Harmonie and concord especially consist mainly of these two points. honor.

spirit. thus preserved from the burning. or (as Basilius Valentinus saith) out of it cometh a spirit as white as snow and another spirit as red as blood. For they have compared the un perfected Corpus to the body. And Menebedus saith: Whosoever addeth Mercury to the body of Magnesia and the Male to the Female. which cannot be obliterated: and if thou shouldst out the body into the fire without the vinegar. soul. destined for me. i. with which the bodies will be colored. how precious Is the Materia of the Red Knight. whlch must color the corpse of the Gold into a Medicine. And as it hath been since . blackness. And after we have explored where this. And Bernherdus. The0p'hrastus Paracelsus ·calleth it the "Red Lion" in his book De 1inctllra Physica. Proceeding now to the consideration of what our Materia is and where it must be obtained: it is to be known that the Almighty Creator. That is the reason why it is so little understood by the ignorant. and nothing Is connected with them. and which doth not know what It is going to receive into Its opened mouth. I say. and from which we take nothing. because it is weak. Besilius Valentlnus saith in the ith chapter: I will reveal unto thee truthfully and through the love of God. it Is the. called Animalia. clean and pure. and Is found in one M ater~. In lead is the man. and such dissolved in a spirit •. from which are made gold and silver beneath the earth. but still doth not comprehend it. Others call it body. white or red: and many fools have erred therein by explaining in many different ways the verse: Est rebis in dictis rectissime norma flguris. loveth it. a phial. Therefore our medicine is compounded out of one thing. and transIormeth it into a spirit. which is the beginning of the spiritual salt in one. And Richardus Anglieus saith: It is a stone and a medicine made out of the Philosoph is Rebis. The created works under the heavens are produced from four elements. Spirit and the Corpse. and this with truth. each true to its kind. and is called the sharp vinegar. and called Mineralia. and this is the Dragon and the Eagle.It. And Lullius saith in his Codicil: It is the quality of our Mercurius that it letteth itsell be coagulated by Its Sulphur. and the heavenly inhabitants. and these forms should not be transformed into any other form." as Theophrestus saith.. But SOme one miglu draw the conclusion from the sayings of Scites that not one but two things are required. spirit. I must truly consent to such Argument and conclusion. For it is not more than a stone. Thus will our Materia be separated with the help of Nature and the intelligent manipulations of the Artisan. They have called the water spirit. Nevertheless I say unto thee that they arise only out of their superfluity. but will be protected by the moisture from the burning Bre. And what is more.e . a medicine. and know also that nothing else is required for it except that which is pure. which is a heavenly spirit.. and body are together. Finally everything growing beneath the earth. Therefore renounce all multiplicity. and Sulphur by itself. And Diamedes saith: join together the manly son of the Red Knight to his fragrant wife. whose wisdom is as great as is He Himself. Likewise with respect to the working and the suffering. to which nothing alien is added. i. which changeth into a different nature at every step of our work. which is hardened in the innermost celis. in the producing and suffering. came from and where it will arrive. as he calleth it: and It is necessary that a moist and a dry be joined together. The man rejoiceth over the woman whom he hath received unto himself. as it is a spirit.only one thing. Now these three species of creatures comprise everything created out of the four elements under the moon. and the woman recelveth from the man a coloring seed and is colored by him. In the Turba it is sometimes named Aes or Ore: in the Rosario Philosophorum it is called Salt. And Lilius: Thou art in need of but the one thing. King Aros spake well when he said: Our medicine will be one substance made out of two. as Arnoldus saith: They proceed like an ass going to its manger. costly and low-priced. or a monkey. which hath everything in itself. and through reflection we shall sharpen our reason and understanding. an order.sure that it is . For the soul is the medium between the body and the spirit. Zimon saith in the Turbo: Know ye that the secret of this work existeth in the man and the woman. And Rosinus saith: Be thou . and thus joined together they will beget the Art. then secondly everything which groweth out of the earth but hath not feeling. and Salt in one. two things. calleth it: Mercury. especially since the stone is of one nature and one thing. Geber saith truly and rightly: He who hath no knowledge by himself of the beginning of Nature is still far from this art. if it be rightly understood. and it doth not require great expense. both of which spirits have the third hidden within themselves. I call them ignorant because they proceed to the art without previous knowledge of Nature and her qualities. Count o{ Trevisan. in his book. for if nothing be added to them. hence all that the lover of the art desireth will be made of it. And so we have. without whom no order can exist! Others call it Argentum vivum or Mercurius and Sulphur or Fire. And in the Practica of his Testament he saith: The Mercury is an overflowing and running moisture. and the Most High God hath approved of each of them in its species and kind. But as all would therefore fall into great confusion. chapter 1. which can make one out of all metals: and this is the true Spiritus Mercurii and Anima Sulphuris including the Spiritual Salt at the same time united and enclosed under one heaven and dwelling in one body. or an apple tree into lettuce. As if one could make a man or a tree out of a stone. and a preparation. and will at the same time be found in one thing only and extracted therefrom. As Rogerius Baco salth in Speculum Alcbemie«. is impossible by decree of the Great King. of the cold and moist. namely: the water added to the body. from tha Miner». For Nature is satisfied with only one thing. . much mentioned. which joineth both together. warm and dry nature. thou wouldst work in vain. as a man into a horse. which hath no spirit. and these two things are one thing. And a little before this he saith: The spirit will not be Joined to its body except through the medium of the souls. to which there should be added no alien matter nor powder nor any other thing. and it coloreth it with spiritual and unchangeable color. and all three things in their beginning are one thing only. so that the dry will not be consumed by the fire. was made. The heavenly things are themselves in heaven. that is. and hath ordained otherwise nothing else in the world. that there is to be found the root of the philosophical Sulphur. etc. Such. so Mercurius will be found in one element. So I say: In Nature such things are not permitted. as the Philosopher Anastratus saith in the Turbe Philosophorum: There is nothing more precious than the red sand of the sea. Also saith Geber in his Summa: It is but one stone. the nature of Sulphur and Mercury above the earth. And Mortenus saith: The soul quickly entereth its body: but if thou wouldst join it to another body. and whosoever doth not know that. when there was nothing but Himself: the heavenly things and those that are under the heaven. which is found most plentifully and can be used purticultuiter in many ways with advantage. one medicine. there would be fewer of their kind. l'ind Lullius saith: Soul. to which we add nothing. but He hath hath given to every creature a seed. the entire world seeth it. and their numbers are to be found only in three species. But why is it necessary that one bring up all the names which people call our Materia and of explaining them? Let it be sufficient for our purpose to have mentioned the ones most commonly used. In the Summa this Materia hath as many names as there are things in this world. the Lord of all lords hath decreed that such a metamorphosis of species shall not be permitted. And Rosarius saith: I advise that no one commit himself to finding this art save he who hath knowledge of the beginning of true Nature and its order: then when he hath knowledge of this he doth not need more than this one thing. so that it will be transmuted into the "White Eagle. namely nisus in arena. not only hath He preserved the three species. Thus Arnoldus in Flos {lorum saith: The Philosophi have said that our stone is composed at the same time from body. apprehendeth it. That is. For then the water and the spirit are one thing from which is made the Tincture and medicine in which all bodies are purified. saying: Know that if ye do not take my Corpus. And Scites saith in the Turbes The [oundetion of this art is something that is stronger and higher than any other thing. to increase and reproduce its own likeness with it. out of which the Stone. namely out of the unification of the constant. draweth out the hidden nature. then we will consider a little the Solution as the principd part of the whole art. but nevertheless I must maintain the above-mentioned philosophical sayings in their merit and truth. which is the Elixir that is called a Fermentum. out of the body and the spirit. and this is the Mann's saliva. This is before the eyes of everyone. and not in many things. without which neither whiteness. and spirit. into a mineral water out of the body and spirit. If such were permitted in Nature. Oh. and called Vegetabilia. have need of anything else. and Salt is drawn particularly from itself. Even likewise doth Arnoldus de Villanove express himself in his hooklet called Flos [lotumi Our stone Is made out of one thing and is made with one thing. whereof everything is made that thou dost desire. then it becometh one with the body. and reccivcth from that which is colored its bodilycolor in turn. and it doth not. and be prepared for medicine and for transmutation of metals. and be ye content with the conception: so shall the true son be born unto you. and they have spoken the truth. namely. ye will not obtain what ye are looking for: and this because no alien substances shall come into your work. Therefore in his Summa per{ectionis. Sulphur in one. hath created two things in the beginning. or a diamond or other stone into gold. and are one thing. which is added to the Sun's light and COBgulated. So now our prepared Materia is called the man and the woman. It Is noble and bad. in Auripigment is the woman. of the spiritual and bodily. Natural and Supernatural Things. it is the King and the Lion. Likewise doth he say to the King of Neopolis: Everything contained in our stone is essential to its existence. soul. namely: first those that have life and feeling. together with the root of the spiritual but natural Mercurii. only separating the superfluous from it. and for the Materia of the great stone alone. so that not one of them can be transformed from one kind or species to another. our Materia. out of an herb or lead: or out of lead make some other animal or herb. etc. then it would be consumed. and she helpeth him. But to the Fermentum they have given the name of soul because it giveth to the unperfected body the life which it did not have before. according to the Philosophi. saith: Our work is taken raw Irom one root and two mercurial substances and is drawn. And in his book Concerning. e. which Nature hath prepared for the artist. and Is found everywhere. But that such B unified Materia is necessary. and it cannot be made out of anything else. and the radiance of the Sol doth not shine after the Spagyrization. nor redness could exist: and when it is mixed with the body. namely: the body and the vlneqar. about whom we do not want to have philosophical discourses at this time. chapter 3: All metals are born out of Sulphur and Mercutius. this being the water and the spirit of the body. he will perish. And although Mercury by itself is found by all Philosophers. dear and cheap. and neither more nor fewer of them will be found. out of two things. nothing will change them save what is derived from them. Therefore we must rightly take Mercuries and Sulphur for the Materia of the stone. which is the cause 01 the gold becoming a pure spirit. and it thus produceth a better form. one could be transformed into any of the others. yea. but little known. Agadmon himself testified. Because it is certain for one thing that the one Materia of our blessed stone hath many names amongst the Philosophers. But the Universal alone is the highest earthly treasure. Hermes.

namely: that there is a single universal M aleria in all metals. For as Rlcherdus. for the reason that there is in all of them no 'liquid or fusible Mercury. for they both belong to two different species. when one findeth Minaralia which are much closer. becometh gold. that being Nature's 6nal intention. It is by no means to be credited that any Pltilosophus should have placed the art in such above-mentioned widely separated things. which doth such. and the same thing is to be observed in nearly all the species animalium. impure. is incombustible. saith: The qualities of all liquid and fusible things were wrought by Nature from the essence of Mercury and its Sulphur. as in trees. and that Is their degree of purity or impurity. but Ieaveth other and alien . since the stone is mineral.the beginning. As Basilius Valentin us saith: Our stone doth not come forth from things that are combustible. It is ·so done with the" metals that Nature forthwith will and can make gold out of Mercury when it hath its Sulphur in Itself. as said. the more it relisheth the pood lind pure Mercury and attacheth itself to it.. namely of gold and silver.. 1 Meteorologice. . thou wouldst be thwarted. more beautiful. So we then see in all metals what Nature beginneth to produce in them: since there are no metals which do not contain a grain of silver or gold. deceive. can be taller and finer. is combustible. sulphur behind. Therefore. Thus one seeth a man who hath a much nobler and Intelugeut mind. break. so will it turn such into copper. as He said in the beginning: Let there be. but expelleth the foreign substance Irom itself and Ietteth it be destroyed by fire. and earthy. and metals. Richardus. which doth boil the metals well. so that some flowers are to be produced so beautiful and fragrant that one might think there had been none of their kind before . Because our previously mentioned Philosopher's Stone is a mineral product. added apart from its nature. but It is evident that in the Mercury. which is much too crude and has too great an abundance of judaic qualities. and stinking Sulphur is not the right fire. one can reasonably ask out of how many kinds of minerals may the stone ultimately be made. either soon or otherwise. since It Is of the' same essence. or carnations. It appeareth . produced in the other different metals of the earth. which it hath received from Nature in the composition. and stinking Sulphur. So that one is more and more closely associated with the other. is ordered to remain true to its kind. because the Mercury holdeth that and preserveth it from combustion. except in those two 'bodies. Therefore. and therefore it is not . a. no less than he who would make a great rock out of an animal. except through warm motion. . are altered. since Nature hath not permitted it to be found in such.2. saith: The' better and purer the sulphur is. And let no one be mislead because some pretend to be able to make the Philosopher's Stone out of wine or parts thereof. everyone who bath understanding. will say: Let it perish. But this innermost sulphur is nothing else than a timely Mercurius or the ripest and most Umely part of the Mercury<therefore'Mercuryreadily receiveth it. But it is fully permitted that among the things which have a common M aleria. So. according as Its sulphur is red or white. rather. these have absolutely nothing in' common nor any affinity with any metals:"'" soon as a metal is dissolved it turneth -into Mercury and can be mixed with It. But if anyone would look for our stone in' vegetable things. observe every. that thou mayest grasp _it much more thoroughly and that thou mayest understand the M ateriam of our great stone. and also convince. and In. Therefore 'we see daily with our own eyes how Nature taketh pains in assiduous labor to purify all metals and is pure and impure In the same degree. But when the Mercury is calculous. For as Arislotle.saith Auicenna. For whilethey do not understand rightly' the writings of Raymundus Lullius. and materials of their sort. amongst the herbs and flowers one can . but It hath bad and evil Sulphur. he will err for the above-mentioned reasons. semi-minerals. their ·flesh and blood. chapter 6. for it is the quality of Mercury that it cannot be burned and coagulated by any fumes or heat of red or white Sulphur. Therefore they are to be greatly wondered at who. the only difference between them being that some are more and some are less affected than the others.' but the Mercury hath Its own to its perfection. But such sulphur is not to be found above the earth. and no contrary nature: therefore every collectivity . will be taken away by no skill of any artist. And as Richerdus. and constant sulphur alone remaineth therein. through which the said Sulphur. belodgeth to tbe: animals. untll this Sulphur is finally entirely separated therefrom. how then could they serve to perfect them? Hear now what Richsrdus . saith: If the substance of the Mercury is good and the combustible Sulphur Impure. grafting. among them divers kinds of substances and earths will have been understood. as Arnoldussaith in the 6rst chapter of his Roserii. This now. Now what shall I say about the metals? Tbeir common Maleria is Mercury. impala table. But that the Philosopher's Stone could be made there. all of which have in common a Single' and universal original Meteri«. such as Magnesia. must be sought and found in an ·incombustible Materia. so also will be produced different metals after the manner of such alien Sulphurs. Therefore thou mayest well abstain from searching in animal things. chapter 12. which are so very widely separated. when Nature worketh. which' hath In the beginning mixed itself in its essence: The other.. and the Sulphur is also impure. and subtle spirits which origi~ate in the justified and well-tempered ConstilutiOn of the bodies. therefore God hath at the same time ordained that an animal shall be made out of it. and mislead other foolish folk with such worthless things: And greatly astonished at the folly of such people is Rogerius Beccho. But lead hath crude. Arnoldus. . they burn. in Spermete..' for there are as many species as stones. is. bring them to greater perfection. hair. more fragrant. chapter 9. are. Anlimonium. For our stone and its Materia are ·safe from all danger of fire. herbs. better. For he will find in them nothing else than" sharp corroding and destroying spirit. which is Its nature. And Besilius Valentinus saith: i Beware. . In many places will be found fine and purp gold without being mixed with other metals. which contaminateth the foriner and hlndereth it in its perfection. alums. and the TUlips. was not granted to Nature by the Creator •. since animal and vegetable things are' all combustible. until more and more perfect metals are produced by this union. and that they cannot be melted or dissolved into their Brst Maleriam on account of the Sulphur in them. . And Rosinus salth to Saralanla: The Maleria of all metals is the boiled and imperfect Mercury. would I explain somewhat more In detail. and fill many books with such recipes. be made. How then could one obtain from them the Meteriem of the Philosopher's Stone. and as Bemhardus Count of Treuisnn saith: Many believe erroneously that. salts. so that it should not become gold. And' a~ is the 'case with animalvspecies. and at the same time the other two qualities of the Mercurii. chapter 3. finer tasting than the other: one hath only to look upon the CaryophyUi. who do not have such acute and subtle r understanding. as it hath been . however. a refinement of their conditions may be accomplished and achieved. in Speculi. however. But the. seed. for . and combustible Sulphur doth not. This hinderlnq. and . according asit separateth itself through length of time in more steady boiling from the alien and ineffective SUlphur of tbe other metals. and corrupt them. is a' twofold superfluity: One i$ included in the Innermost part of the l'vIercury. glutinous Mercury and it bad. As Richerdus Anglicus. and much more mature In the gold. . combustible and non-combustible. too. Then the mercury will become gold or silver. The one can be separated from It with great difficulty. is inclosed its own Sulphur: But which doth not prevail in the same.out of any of these. but tbe white is in the silver through lesser maturing. Therefore the great heat of the flre separateth the combustible moisture from the metals. saith: Mercury is the source of all things '_'. whicb boiled the Sulphur in the belly of the earth. through constant attention and improvement. and nothing remaineth of them except a mere salt with its earth. and others means well known to the gardener. my friend. but not the kind of Mercurium or Sulphur that the Philosophi want and need. in the production of metals a sulphur-like msterie would be added. which Is found nowhere except in the mineral kingdom. and I will not say here how many kinds there are. but the M aleria is animal. for no one can begin to count them. For If thou would est undertake jo make for thyself such a stone as ours out of some animal substance. or flowers. which is boiled andcoagulated from Sulphur. or its seed be extracted. can easily deduct and conclude that our stone.composilion of the elements. and every nature seeketh it in its own natural nature. which is pure. and beareth fruit according to its natural characteristic. in this species as in the animal and vegetable kingdoms. look for their Materiam Lepidis In M enstruis muliebribus. Metceslte. and 'mislead beth themselves and others. Then we must indeed admit and say that Nature also seeketh and desireth to have. prevent it.'hlchcan be dissolved. but which. And in this manner. There is one difference in -the composition of the. In trees . then Iron will result. because every species seeketh in its own species its power of increase. which through its power with Innate sulphur. as . Because In the tunnels there commonly 'cometh to the Mercury an alien Sulphur. together with all that cometh out of them. saith: The red sulphur is In the gold through greater maturing. in the first volume. For in this earth. and corrupteth it. T<>this I answer there is reason to believe that it is impossible to make the stone . combustible. chapter. as mentioned above. day how 'one is more noble. ·slnce he saith: On e should greatly marvel that a thoughtful man' should base his intention upon animal and vegetable things. and the unclean. saith : One cannot bring out of anything something that is not In it. No intelligent seeker of the natural secrets will seek the Meterlam of the Philosopher's Stone in salts. which boilcth the Mercury and bringeth. said Corpora from Mercury.casy to let it coagulate. one seeth how one horse is much nobler . agreeth with its own seed. and after the Sulphur hath been separated there are many metals produced in the . beloved seeker of the things in Nature. For all herbs and trees. which. many other things. rising highex than others. so is it also found amongst the super abounding herbs and trees. bad. holding themselves to be great artists. and understand that thou shouldest not seek to make use of any animal soul. of his PcrfectumMag/. innermost Sulphur. they only/rove with all their great knowledge that they do not understan anything. if tin had good Mercury. Like thine.lerium et Gaudium. heavy. which. without which in neither medicine nor in alchemy could anything be undertaken or accomplished. when nothing alien cometh between. Of course it is also true that out of these things very splendid and excellent Menstrua could be prepared. which is the goal of the metals. Much less will a metal come from them. which is the end and perfection of all metals and mineral things? Besides. and the perfect purpose of Nature. except it be knowingly for the sake of allegory. chapter I. Now if all this be so. according to the purity and perfection of their M aleria.Irom. and which is alien and contrary to it. the other.granted and given by the Creator to the animals. in eggs. The combustible keepeth the Mercury from its perfection. so will it be until the day cometh when ·the Almighty. And what is more. But from such things can no intermediate mineral. its improvement and perfection through purification and subtle refinement of the subject! in Its own nature . than another. . and every genus or kind seeketh it in its own kind. we then see. because of ·thepur.throuqh implanting •. the Imparity coming from the impure Sulphur. which' is to make gold of them. etc . And. stinking.

no Mercury are not to be considered at all. For when our stone became black. which are the metals and the Tincture. the King. one cannot select them for the Materiam of our stone. Zinc appeareth. since their life is not being augmented but diminished. namely. for art accomplisheth with strong flres in a short time what Nature must perform with slow-burning fire. in the Brst place because they are not born of the first Materia of all metals. Ida not wish to say now th~t It retaineth within itself at any time a dissolving Sulphur. he doth so because of its black and glittering color. But' they have quite another meaning than mineral salts. And Thomas Aquinas: Take our Antimonium or the captured black earth. so there can never be any metals and no flnal Materia of It. that common Sulphur and Mercury are the Materia of our stone. which the common man calleth Mercurium. in his book about the furnace. chapter 10. like the Spiritus Vitrioli. especially since a part of it can be changed into copper. it was compared to all black things by the Philosophi. in form and materia and at the same time in setting. in Flore [lorum. For one sceketh foolishly for something in a thing where it is not. saying: Apply thyself to dissolvlnq the dry water of the sun and the moon. but it becometh a natural lead. But the lesser Mineralia are alien to the metals In their nature. the Materia oPf the stone cannot be taken from the lesser minerals. and which has not yet arrived at its purification. Merperfect or the and Sulphur. Now let us look around a little and see whether the Materiam of our great stone can be made out of the semi . their' Mercury can be changed into gold and silver. and brlngeth this into the vitriolic order through general manipulations: and according as there is much or little Sulphur. as I claim. i. we shall not get more out of it than out of the other. ' This can be seen clearly: that one addeth a common Sulphur to the copper is the. as is to be seen in Clangore Buccinae. and although to some extent they have a part in the minerai power. in gold or silver. who otherwise deem themselves to be very clever. which they call Agens. beware. since there has to be a first substance and seed of a like thing. outer looks. and is of one origin with all metals? To this I answer: First. In addition to that. What shall one say about the Vitriol? Through its wonderful qualities it bringeth many into error. As Arnoldus saith: Because it is established in the practice of the Turbe that the Philosopher's Stone is of a pureM ateria. Let it be known that Vitriol is nothing else than a beginning and Materia of copper. Auripigment. the Vitriol will be richer or poorer in colors. as are the Salts. according to the teaching of the philosophers and also the property of Nature itself. malleable copper. nevertheless. Wherefore they are fools who bring forth so many and such different deceits. because.. The Philosophi in their parlance call It salt at times. and some have called it an everlasting medicine and Aquam Vitae. which must be pure and delicate and incombustible Sulphur. But on account of the bad and combustible Sulphur which is found in them. as Is clear. For our stone is a coagulated water. so here one cannot come so far. which is not combustible. Therefore if they should be transformed Into M etelle. arsenic. But since their origin differs so greatly from the origin of Metcusii. that the lesser Mineralia are not produced from Mercurio. by which. however. where it is said: The salt of the metals is the Philosopher's Stone. between those which have' by themselves a Mercurium and those which have it not. the Materia itself. And Arnoldus. salth hereon: The lesser Mineralia cannot change into any metals. the abundance and manifoldness of the abovementioned Sulphur have exceeded the quantitas thus far. which it taketh on after its dissolving. who neither have Nature with them. but the Minerals.. the Sulphur. becometh a good. and many more names. they have to be regarded as half metals. cause' of its destruction and calcineth it. teaches thatthe coagulated water of the philosophers is not mineral water. is opposed to the metals. vanishing like a pale yellow Sulphur. chapter I. that at. But because there is in Vitriol such a crude. which is Mercurius.others in many books and widely circulated writings. but their Metcurius. and they do preposterous things. our mastery would never reach the goal. the Lion. as the Philosophi say. to deceive the people. but also became metals: as one sees Magnesia or Bismuth succeed in being mixed with lead or tin. can be cleared of Its over-great blackness through skilled manipulations and be brought into a white and beautiful Regulum: and it appeareth to all as if something great could be made out of it. Geber. it will be called Auripigment because it hath the power of gold in superfluous color. Likewise. as when In Allegorii. such as Marcasite. chapter 19. stone. marcasite. because such are counted among the four spirits. Auripigmenta. but as soon as it cometh into fire it dissolveth into smoke. since it was produced from Mercury and Sulphur. And in the Vade Mecum he saith: I t is the subtle Spirit alone which tingeth and thus cleareth the Corpore from their leprosy. And we have to heed the teaching of Alphidius who salth: My son. that it augments the earth in its wondrous salts. Antimony. weight. It is to be known that Sulphur was produced from the fat of the earth In the depths of the earth. however. saith: Nothing can be taken. One hast to pay close attention to those which have Mercury. So also saith Lullius in his last Testament: Our Tincture is only a pure fire. therefore many people. and then it is called Sulphur. saith: The error is that the four spirits. Therefore the metallic nature hath no pleasure in them. less in others. but repelleth them and keepeth only what is of its own nature. and therefore one can not obtain from them the Meterism of our stone. together with other qualities. But because in iron there is also a crude Sulphur.minerals. It hath a crude and impure Mercurium. and Sulphur. Then the copper will' be entirely consumed.UniL·ersal. out of such things. one hast to distinguish between the semi-minerals. Could one not obtain from it the Materia of the stone. it is to be understood that the Philosophi did not so speak to indicate that our great stone could be made. namely. and it is called Magnesia because of its great virtue and glory. and it can also change iron into copper. also. and which is the reason that the Antinomium is opposed to all metals and burneth them all except the gold. Also at times they call the medicine Itself salt. and because the Sulphur coagulateth the Mercury. But what is said appeareth dearly therefrom. Hereupon I must ask with Richordo. And Arnoldus saith In his book about the preservation of youth: But that which hath not its equal in preserving youth is the salt out of the Minera. nor can they make themselves understood. when it was prepared. and the like. the combustible from the incombustible. But slnce this cannot be done through any art whatsoever. . are not the seed of either the imperfect metals. So also in such separation the Mercurius had to separate Itself and had to let itself be concealed in the vitriolic green. which floweth out of our bodies. or in Sulphur. and others. It is to be well noted that the sour Spiritus In the Vitriol cometh from the Sulphur.Anglicus. and Parmenides in the Turbes Take Mercury and coagulate it in the body of the Magnesiae. not only doth the Antimonium mix with metals. as soon as it" was mixed therewith. whIch is Mercurtus. And let no one be deceived by the writings of the' Philosophers if at times they speak about salts. especially since the Philosophi mention this on several occasions. what is more. to the natural warmth of a healthy youth. no metals can come forth from them. As when Senior saith: If there were not in our Auripigment the quality of ~oagulating the Mercurium. it Is known to be a metal. there still remaineth in it crude and inflexible Sulphur which appeareth when It doth not let itself be expanded under the hammer and become malleable. curius. through our medicine. As is to be seen clearly in the Rosario Philosophorum. superfluous Sulphur.. The entire science of its preparation is that it should be reduced to a pure and drinkable water. The Antimonium. they would first have to be brought Into their first Meteriem. from which such will be produced. and can be dissolved only in its own water. Sapientum it was said: Whosoever laboreth without salts cannot resuscitate dead bodies. Here some one might talk to us and say: That of these semi-minerals some were produced not only from Mercury and Sulphur. which emanateth from it: But when Thomas Aquinas calleth it Antinomium. and hath been made solid by moderate boiling. one can easily see that they are Impure and thoroughly infected with their Sulphur. For Rlcherdus. according to Aristotle and A"icenna. But on close examination and testing. Wherefore. as is written in the Scala: It is the work of the other water. out of a thing which is not therein. cause of their Salmiac. they are the lesser quality thereof and are combustible. which is the quality of every metal. For the philosophical Auripigment and Magnesia are quite another thing from those of the common people. etc . seeketh its Mercurium which is not much unlike its own. hath coagulated and tried to become a metal. and feeling like pure Mercurium. But here. the corrosiveness of the Vitriol eateth such away. Now some one might conclude from these last words of Arnolaus. since the lesser Mineralia cannot be in the beginning through the art. In the veins of the earth fire-damp 'and vaporous Metcurlus are found in a place where in great quantity hath been found a bitter and astringent venereal SUlphur which. And in the book Soliloquii it is written: Whoever worketh without salts shooteth with a bow without "string. So also have people of low and high degree occasionally seen it become gold. others have called It a mineral Chifir. just thls point is the Scrupel of their . Therefore that is the reason that some Vitriol hath more copper qualities than the other: one findeth much copper in the cyprian Vitriol. but they spoke in this manner only by way of allegory. and the Spiritus Sulphuris can change the Sulphur Martis into a Vitriol. with the exception of Mercury which coagulateth the Mercurium. The others which have. The Marcasites cannot be lorced to melt at all because of their great earthy impurity. But because Nature wanted to separate the pure from the impure. And I hope that they do not mind that I cannot agree with their point of view who call themselves great Philosophi and want to convince themselves and . and because there is but very little Mercury 'in it. they cannot be In the middle and the end of it. The sulphur-like smell can be well observed in the Spirltu Vltrioli. which are crude and impure like the other can in no way be cleansed in their innermost except by means of our Tincture. namely. separate thyself from the dead bodies and stones: therein is no way to walk. But however much one may clear the Antinomium from its 'blackness.e . believe that the Philosopher's Stone can be made out of it. and through union of it with its Sulphur. especIally since it can be found likewise and extracted from common Sulphur. chapter 11: Whether every Sulphur will coagulate Mercury? To this I answer: No! For every common Sulphur. as minerals disposed to turn to metals. into which it can be reduced again through art. and also because of this they have called the stone by the name of an animal. magnesia. Magnesia. and. and resisteth the fire. which because of its constancy it hath to leave in peace. where it is said: Note that the Corpora Is alum and salts. and therefore. through its attracting power alone. with those things which have much the same qualities as it doth. from its brightness. The Wise compared it. Hence it is now easy to see that.

As Richardus.the Wise must always tell that the Materia of our stone mustbeIn this? To this we answer: the truth 'in their writings. appearance.' There . are produced out of Sulphur and Mercury. they found 'nothing.Is a simple. through their ." salth: Most precisely do we follow brought before to permanent fixation. and 'Materia for our" his book '.' But the 'common or 'combustible Sulphur fore Basilius Valentinus saith: Thou art not permitted to look of metals or Iepidis Materia. they found that mercury its-entire substance in the fire. and thenoble-soul hath liIe to' others? ' .w could. Likewise in his Triumphal Chariot. and Mars. that such hath not been the opinion of Geber and Basilius save for the pure mercurial substance. it is so . and would have retained alien Sulphur.lead or tin.purest essence of Mercury is required. burning and causethHquifacticn.etc.taken. mixture. dead bodies. in some of them.• Now ho. the common' and combustible Sulphur out of its own seed.composition froiD Mercury. saith: Every fusible thing. hath also been seen that the common Mercurius as a be. a dead powder . however perfect they may It.add anything to them" and cannot change them. a. which is contrary to oue intention. cannot possibly obtain the advantage that can be set '01) fire. when it. Therefore it 'preventeth fluidity. much less can they be such when mixed together. 'So Lulliusstso saith' in his Clavicula. There followeth the TinCtura Solis et Lunee. that no kind of art can bring them to their inner and perfect and more timely.Mater. so is done "through 'another bodily mercury.Ia of our stone.what Atnoldus secrets concerneth the quality of the Mercury in these bodies. It becometh an metals and that of the great stone. and dissolveth them into smoke. transformeth It with . since through a moderate things.asure. the great tre.cannct be thlo. for it 'withstandeth that the white dough is to be extracted from Jupiter and Saturn. the dough that is to be fermented .. but when the Mercury and given it its substance. Forwhite . except and Richardus Anglicus. in themselves impure. but minerals. hath in itself a constant. and if one wanted to purify them they would whtch they are to be found. and coagulated it. who hath created they fashioned which Now let this be known' to the investigators of natural bringeth our work 'to· perfection. about this impurity of the imperfect metals and the and more about the . saith in Flore [lorum. bodies. and completelydisappear therefrom. it red' superfluous perfection. as well as the Salt. Sat. thinking' he had it fixed.vor the: Materia 'them because It is theirsubstanccr-albeit the bodies differ at the Lspidls in both: without doubt mislead' by' the Philosophi themsame time in thefr . namely the gold. For thus saith Geber in. but we have .vivus. because it did not originate from the beginning.). 'There 'are many to be found who want to find the white it Is melted. passeth through them. For there can come forth perfection neither Mercury: the common and the philosophical. must it not certainly follo. and is enkindled With a strong a Wlse Man. and if so. The second cause is that the outer flame is augmented by 'put some more fire under it. make it. but their enemy. then praise and give glory unto God the Ali-Highest. But what shall we hath not had its origin in Mercury and . But had destruction of the bodies is less rapid. then necessarily the bodies will be destroyed and reduced to nor work therein. the heat worketh its. The second kind of these this good man realised. consider the common Sulphur. the first of which is that their combustible Sulphur pecullar in its work that it would mislead one who calleth himself is inclosed in their innermost part. And in addition to this cometh another Confusion out chapter I.. We say that the.. and bringeth 'them 'to .' hence it is of their nature. Thus far we have sought for the Materia which we find therein in its nearest power (potentia proquinqua).' . But our Mercurius. and other preparation of does not occur here. chapter 3. I.bcdies.'There are two klnds 6f Sulphur: living and combustible.we extract out of in.. its lodes no other M ateriam wherein it turajovis and Saturni unto the Coagulation of Mercury. mentioned is ordained by the Highest Creator. 'and but the red from Venus. This' has long been known. ' obvious to thee that it can come only from. a metallic root. the Materia of our stone. since 'every improvement augmenteth for they become not purer than they were before. chapter choose for our Work the purest Mercurial substance. salth r it doth not separate the compound into parts. as many. yetrejoiceth in It and rernaineth In it. because they are is in . long 'as . and he.. : To Bnd this seed. the common.and impure Sulphur. But in truth. Ros. Mercury? Of whIch all Philosophi say that to perfect them and transform' them. so that each thing' doth as at . For 'example. So also doth Besilius is the Tincture' of. thinking he could not go wrong in them.nature and character of this subject. The from which the Creator commanded all metals to bear and come example of. or onl. very for the production of the great'stone that 3 metallic substance be . of their own can make a great similarity between the production of -crude. In this Mercuriu. which 'hath in. but the qualities of the perfect Mercury: Herein we found by true expertpurpose they had aimed at. "without any other substance secrets.. And as dumb-animals cannot 'The livil). but it will not Tincture Vitdoli 'or Veneris.twofold superfluity. chapter 9: As cuspurlty or. " their Mercury may be. since . them' and transform them into smoke. and one onlv. .lendidqualitfes In. and only. And it is a neces.urn. and we must therefore look further. nor shalt thou undertake to.For it hath a. Lib. the inctura Mecurii itself. in the lesser For this it is that cvercornejh fire and Is not overcome by it. Corpus itself can neither open another Corpus.Sulphur can be sufficient say about co". .mus went up the chimney. Therefore common And thereforeIt Is plain. and in. 'putting '~re underIt aher the manner o~ the Philosophi.1i. else they would contradict sp. is constant in fire and cannot be damaged by it. everything of it. For this reason one hath' necesis the origin and source of all metals. teach that a Tincture can be mode out of the Conjunction of Mars lasteth: and It Is friendly and sociable and the means of' joining and Venus. and corrupteth everything made' of it. one: secret is that thoroughly mixed. and then it will become destJoyingfire. which are prepared i for one cannot keep the common in fire" therefore It corrupted and rendered inactive by alien and impure Sulphur. and in stone. they sublimated the Mercurius for themselves.all of them at once. on account Rogerius Beco doth assert in his Speculo.9 Sulphur is the effectual part "of the metals and when bring forth their kind to any Increase except through the nature cleansed by Nature of all inipurlties. " For it '. forth. lesseneth thecenrlre substance of the' bodies. according to their selves. impurity'. and to the substance those they came to the projection. others have done. that no thing which Sulphur . and-doth not cease from the mixture . as remaineth to be seen. 'when it hath. which their superfluity about the sublimation. upon the' glass burst. general all Philosophers say» We must a common mercury. then the is one. there are also two kinds concealing phrases. And itherefore we give thee a general rule: effects. this give and Mercury in both.doth not belong to our masterly skill. gildlng'the chimney with it: And he the Calcination.necessary the Materia of our stone Iaa mercurial substance and hath. lib. no one hath as yet ever been able. th'ePhiiosophralso say in commonparlance: Our Mercury is not Avicenna.d . whether In these words Geber proveth Infallibly that the Materi4 we can find It' in metals. ' not found it S9 far.' But. and It mixeth itself with i.w themselves. except of our stone. namely. he saith: After this and adhereth to theirInnermost. white. Now when all these causes of destruction come together. ·together'the TinC!ures"sinceit letteth itself.many quallttes whlchwlll be attributed. and if it should be therein. although they may mask the truth in That as there are two' kinds of Sulphur. that most perfect and constant thing. . like. because for our stone heat it i&turned into smoke 'and 'will quickly vanish. whilst. ~or since in Mercury there: is no cause of destruction or expulsion. and likewise the Tincture Martis. what cometh from them. and theeaethy one. Therefore the . however excellent all the colors unto Citrination. they excluded It. will be transformed Into it. qualities which cannot be found in the other things of Nature.' the Mercurius. In' this color it stood. Wherehowever dense they may be.of the Philosophers have written according to sary quality of our M atcria that it remain constant in fire. which canwith each other that they could at least be improved" Out of those not remain in fire like the philosop~ical. Therebut of this. and -one . common mercury cannot be the 'mercury of purest. which revlveth other this. but rernaineth with When they 'considered this more subtly. Fornac .. say Avicenna for the true stone. bring forthand bear its own kind. " from It. whatsoever may 'be the art with which it is metals of Nature.. But whether one can find this in the imperfect metals I~ the source of everything which letteth Itself be fused. subject have come Into existence. so that people learned more chapter 63. to Rnd In their wrrunqs. vegetables.Imperfect metal. viz . even if many colors let themselves be Perceived nothing. as Clangor Buccinae. I!ve JlI:e. and the Merc. untlmely und open Corpus. stone in animals. mercury: wherefore " many queer books. because they are like leprous . to our Mercury. and finally consumeth them. Therefore it is . For. 'effect in moisture. Since there are such Va'ientinlJS or other Philosophers. as Baccho saith. both of which have in them the Tincture Solis. which cannot be. cap. arid -the=red "in copper o't iron.and greater minerals. But If it be burned. w~en . . and they cannot even stand fire. about . glittering Velentinus. . But the 1. nothing must be added which doth not come from them. and after Philosophers which . which is warm. 2. etc" from. be conquered by the fire. been fixed. For Arnoldus. .gold and handled It so subtly that he brought it through them into smoke. whether it of our stone cannot be in the imperfect 'metals.matueity. when he discourses about such alchemists. in Iron. and with sulphuric and sarily to recognise the reason of its perfection: Let us therefore boiling heat. for then the flame of the fire can pass through had to scrape the gold out of the chimney and reduce it again. for it Is a purpose thou dost want to find the stone. Then followeth the TineNature. of. out of which our stone hath been made even . and also in the semi.themselves alone such cannot come. " of use in' metallic form until these three are brought together 'in " Now. for our.' :. substance of Mercury is not to be found in the imperfect the Philosophers.Diore later. it Infecteth at all times.about natural .supernatural things. which ihe fire conquereth. such would not have happened to him. and then operateth other than the pure 'mercurial form. of e~:thly mentation a peculiar kind of two secrets. if they have been . The common in the imperfect metals nor amonqst those which are so mixed Mercurlusis still a crude.remaineth friendly therein and rejoiceth in it.mon.the nature of the thilig from' which it cometh. thou must consider by thyself Ior what maketh black. ' . so Is it with everything else in Nature. there are three causes for the destruction through fire of every because Nature hath not placed Itthcreln.thls Let us now hear what' Gober hath to say in his Summa. after having been taken out of metallic substance. Therefore we' cannot consider common mercury as the that therein the perfection . And tomary. dry. I knew one who had amalgamated fire. And one cannot take Now since these Imperfect metals cannot be the Materia away or . not the-Sulphur of the one. one concealed itself. most . And 'Bernhard. now is hidden the constant and non-combustible Sulphur. this we see. purification. whicI. chapter ihe saith: The M ercurius . especially sinte there is Sulphur earthy substance. is clear in all its imperfect. all metals of its purity. The third cause is that their bodies may be opened through taking with it all the gold. is fixed. namely.maybe brought about by some art. But when they are not together then the speed of the in it. saith: As It also Is otherwise in all Nature.

since ye can find in this (perfectly) what ye seek? But is ye ever want to use it. and no one may continue to dwell there. no other management other than ours. so that only the tenth part remaineth with one part. quart. part!. my dear seeker of the natural secrets. according to Richerdus. but not through manual work. according to all the aforesaid Philosophers. and is called Jupiter or tin or bismuth. For that reason it is said that it bringeth joy to the heart of man. it should at the same time. chapter 16. The constant salt hath given the warlike Mars a hard. and let those be silent claim that there is another sulphur than ours hidden in the of Magnesia. And furthermore he saith in his Codicil: Without these two. since his body is invulnerable. they may bear fruit: since they have it in themselves and that is what one seeketh. And herein art excelleth Nature. For with a very small amount of this thing and with little gold we can buy much. and in Mercurius and Luna for the silver. lib. Concerning the death of the common metals and the life of our metals. Therefore Rtchardus. magnesia. and all this before it turneth white. Roser . and himself doth testify in his treatise about the great stone. Our medicine can be made from these two bodies. also sometimes their earth. into our Sulphur and Mercury. I. vitriol. At first it is wholly black. after that it becometh gray. But gladly and with understanding dwelleth the soul in a formed body. however perfect and pure it can be made by Nature. no other putrefaction other than ours! no other Materia other than ours. and that Luna. which cannot accomplish' anything more than is granted to them by Nature. 1. chapter 10.. then it is necessary that ye first transform it into the nature of the perfect body. and good for nothing. animals. they are the medium between them and our great stone. Why do ye calcinate and dissolve the other bodies with great difficulty. that the Philosophi say: Our gold is not a common gold. 2. hair. no other dissolution other than ours. it appeareth therefrom that it cannot as yet tinge and make perfect. as Arnoldus in Flore (Iorum saith: The Mercurius is added to the earth. But it is the philosophical gold which one should not buy cheaply. The common gold and silver are dead. be based upon Mercury. and well-timed through Nature's working. because therein in the greatest quality is the purest sulphureous substance. and all other Arrament a. when it falleth into this water. urine. be united to the Spiritus Mercuri! perjecti. which tinge other bodies in true red and white. for it can do what Nature cannot accomplish. its earth in itself. when he saith: When the metal falleth into this water. as do all other things when calcinated intelligently and naturally. So will he cease from his error and. Because the abode is' destroyed and burned with fire. the art cannot be brought to perfection. a true. chapter 7. From this it is evident that the philosophical gold is not common gold. which is not not plausible. according to the teaching of Basilius. and our silver is not a common silver? To this I reply that they call water their gold. And since her body is leprous. Now to speak further about the gold of the Philosophers. still is impure and imperfect respectu lapidis Physici. for the gold. lead. neither in color nor in substance. and coloring rays are in them. since. But if someone should say: Because Venus hath a constant . and can only be found and extracted from a single thing. and therefore resisteth every power of fire. called Mercurius by the Philosophers. Basilius Valenlinus is of the same opinion. which extendeth later into many parts and. porta 1. and crude body. and doth pass its Examcn. and take one part in such a way that the gold is concentrated in it. and because they are boiled. they did not mean thereby copper. finally returned to its source. But when it is regenerated it may then add much. and doth not melt or dissolve anything unless it be of its own metallic nature. augmenting their kind. e . Secret . And thus he saith finally: The archcourtesan Venus is clothed and dressed with superfluous color and her master's body is of pure Tinctur and of the. and all metals. But still they are not our stone so long as they are in their metallic form. observing the saying of Plato. until they are awakened by a skilled artist from their death. thou wouldest make gold and silver through the philosophic art. But such. For how could the stone.our gold is living gold and our silver living silver. so that its place is unrecognisable. it must give way and escape. chapter 7. But since this earth. as gold and silver have from beneath the earth. namely gold and silver. For as Arnoldus. blood.above. since gold is the noblest of all metals. For the metal. and Mercurius. is the sun the end and last of all metals. whether they be pure or impure. As appeareth from Geber. i. will be called the Ferment of the gold. borax. and no other thing in the world. then they live also and can prove very effective in the increase and propagation of their kind. her body. eggs. requireth a single Materia. . After it is white. then divide the water into tWO parts. 5. So also saith the Aurora consurpens. But the silver is the Tinctur of whiteness. art is much less effective than Nature. chapter 9: It is a stone. tin. strong water. turn his thoughts to the perfect metals. But its impurity is obviously perceptible in our work. since these cannot be the Materia of the stone? And the answer is: When the Philosophi order the impure bodies to be taken. that ye work with nothing but Sol and Luna. et oi. They are luminous bodies. marcasite. the splendid. Now. and it is written in the first exercise of the Turba: As the Mercurius is the origin of all metals. chapter 12. And why should one not choose both 01 these. all salts. Rosar. flesh. because in them is the purest substance of Sulphur. and the water will dissolve these Corpora Solis at Lunae. and want to extract another water other than. constant. same color as abideth also in the best metals. Just as the' fire in the beginning is a sealed fire. no other Sublimation other than ours. to which proportion the artist would struggle in vain if he should attempt to accomplish his purpose from the natural beginning without effective means. it is called Mars and Venus before' it is brought to a complete redness. it shall be the Ferment of the gold? Let this be known to my art-seeking followers: That the Philosopher's gold is not common from them. and he taketh these because they have both come to a moderate uniformity and great purity of their sulphureous and mercurial substances. on account of its fixed Mercury doth not escape so quickly. alum. by which is proven the valor of his mind. be between the metal and the Mercury. and all herbs. and it could never achieve it. for they are dead: take ours. do not take for that purpose eggs or blood. and obtain their life again. And what is more. as said. chap. Vitriol. which engender a new birth. so is the Tinctur of the redness. as hard as it might try. still living Philosophus Michael Sendivoqius.. Hear therefore what Bernerdus Count of Trevisan hath to say in another part of his book: They will do well to keep who do not produce our Tinctur. and what hath been stated by Basi/ius himseif. but they meant its Corpus or its earth. And therefore thou understandest that the Philosopher's gold. For. and this is the deep-rooted moisture of the metals. Thus Hold is also the beginning of gold-making. there the soul cannot remain. And Morienes saith: Everythtnq bought dearly is deceitful. and mineral stones. and then it will be comparable to lead or antimony. Now why have the Philosophi bidden us to work with the imperfect metals. but not without them. that through our work an the intervention of Nature. For it is impossible that the one. which Nature hath completely purified. sulphur is not found on the whole earth except in these two bodies. lib. 0 my friends. the coloring and transforming of every Corpus. In effecting this purtflcatlon. Therefore we very subtly prepare these two Corpora. and a Tinclur will be made therefrom. and every metal by itself alone. and thou shalt not mix any other thing with it: with this the Wise work. although extracted from them. where he investigateth the Materia lapidi •• and saith: That in Sol the gift of all three fiXities is together. our everlasting one which doth not mix with anything unless it be of its own nature.. strong. but another. Even if the beginning of our Materia . For where the body is consumed through death. saith: Our masterly skill aideth the perfect bodies and maketh perfect the imperfect ones. which will be found in no other thing than metals. Roser . antinomy. either in the whole nor in its parts. to the imperfect body. cleansed by Nature to the highest degree. And he saith in the preface to' his Clavicule: I advise you. are in their innermost Sol. and the same thing holdeth true with silver. and their metallic form hath not been taken from them 1 Wherefore saith Raymundus Lullius in chapter 56 of his Testament: Therefore the good artist taketh the metals as mediums in the work of masterly skill. and seeketh many another. all Imperfect and impure metals. And Morienus saith: This masterly skill cometh in the beginning out of a root. and living Tincture. What hath already been said many times. Senior saith. and an ali-healing power Howeth from it. Luna. saith Ripleeus. and hath no more than what Nature hath bestowed upon it. etc. but gold and silver. which riseth to the heights silent true. admontsheth us: That one should sow gold and silver. as Alphidius saith. leave all animal and vegetable things. therefore. and on account of this superfluity is proven red. they have a pure and perfect Mercurius within them and a red and white Sulphur? For Avicenna saith that in every gold there is a red sulphur. to reduce them again to their first Materia. should be borne in mind: That our Materia must not be taken from many things. pure. the Tinctur hath no permanent abode in it and must at the same time disappear with. since the Universal is one thing. as he doth set forth in the above-mentioned book.Sulphur it must likewise. if they are prepared with their Sulphur or Arsenicum. which hath a worthy and medium form. and one cannot easily wound this war-lord. who belly . There shall be nothing else mixed with it. are living. yea.. Therefore. Haly testlfleth dearly to this when he saith in Lib. according to their preparation. without a mixture of any other thing. saith Amoldus. But in addition to that. speaketh thus: Thou shouldest be warned not to take common gold and silver. But one is a true sun. human seed. it should be known that from the earliest times the Phtiosophi call their water gold. so also. For there is -no vinegar other than ours. according to Arnoldus de Vii/a Nova. from these bodies the very white and red Sulphur will be extracted. which coloreth all Corpora true white. in the I I th Tractate of his book about the Philosopher's Stone. Therefore renounce the alum. If. First dissolve the earth in water. And then put them in our fire and a dry moisture will come from them. and especially doth he take Sol and Luna. if they be not destroyed beforehand. the very same Materia should have two forms at the same time. But what it extracted from it is a white and a red. without further consideration. is imperfect before perfect purification and regeneration. beasts. Of the first Modo the Phllosophus Nicarus hath spoken above. since this is the essence of the whole art. that we may obtain the Sulph. and the Rosarius Philosophorum asserts it in the following words: But what say ye to this. iron. Thus saith Nicarus in the Turba Philosophorum. which cannot bring forth anything except life and increase. which. salts. And let those also be silent who want to extract an Argenlum vivum from anything other than the derment or red knight. and seek for thy stone in Mercurius and Sol. is a quite different gold from the common sun or gold. I bid the followers (of the Art) to take the gold that they want to increase and renew. But why doth the Philosopher here call the water his gold. and that the Spiritus Mercurii and Anima Sulphuris including the spiritual salts. whidr i~ extracted from it.ur and Mercury from such Materia. namely. are united together under one heaven and dwell in one body. and whatever may come from them. Now let the good-hearted reader be informed that such metals as gold and silver are not the Materia of our stone in their metallic form.

'a regenerated . but they present to him truly and clearly. The very existence of the quality of the light originateth from the Sun and the Moon: and these are the Summa of our Menstrua. andts the abode of the Tincture. he who hath attained to the secret of the art. which follow only their bodily desires: and thus the Holy Sanctuary will .e . then the Discipulus. And Hicherdus Anglieus: The beginning of our work is to dissolve the stone into its first Materia and the fusion of the body and spirit. It is the soul and radiant substance of the Sun and the Moon. retaining their form. which bringeth to life that which had been dead before. therein to become Sulphur and Mercury.gol after our. But If they had read and understood our books. but agree wonderfully with each other. i. From this is revealed that the gold of Nature is not the Matetia [esmenti. which is. our pure Tincture." which is the means for joining together the Tinctures between the Sun and the Moon with perfection. And they called this the dissolving when they said: The gold. Now 'all that the remalneth to be done is to be instructed about the Solution. the art is the dissolving. and they say that this could not be done without the dissolving of the bodies and returning them to the Ilrst Materia could never occur. gradu 7: Their earth wherein their gold Is sown Is white. . But just as t he Solution is the Ilrst and the most necessary part of our work. and therefore they do not contradict each other. which it assembleth. in the white earth. the truth. blackness. Keep this well in thine heart. the nature of Mercury. if all this . and revealeth something hidden. slnc. dissolve the body of Magnesia. i. When everything is compounded together We call it lead. which is not called M ercurius alone. for It is 'u question of their own free will how they shall name It: since they also call their stone their gold.and ask: Why. although it can still take the form and appearance of a clear water through the help of the other philosophical water. the quality of which' I shall explain to thee. and each spirit will be changed and colored by the bodies. which the Philosophi have kept most deeply hidden in their writings. hence is a soul. and will become. namely that of the dissolving and the dissolved.that it becometh a mercurial water.e. and that it cannot be taken out of any kind of vegetable growth. They do not create any not dissolved by any waters. In which Is noHlth. seeking the art. God hath given them His mercy. but the pure white and red earth? Take the abovementioned light from them and they will become earth of very little value. subtle. which holy SUlphur is extracted from two Sulphurs.Avicenna: The Philosophi. and which Raymundus hath called his Menstruum. . Therefore salth the author who wrote Clangor Buccinae. when the gold hath' become white. which lie effectively concealed.qold. since all caustic waters disturb and destroy the Corpus which they should dissolve and. when one transformeth a hard thing Into water. dissolving of the bodies. is dissolved into two things. For what else is gold and silver.. The first is found in. hath written: The Solution is a separating of the bodies. And further on the author saith: For that reason Hercules saith: Pour it again" i. saith Avicenna.the soul and tingeing power. and many more names of the kind. and 'preparation of the Materia or nature. incombustible and greasy 'in its nature. For the Mercurtus. chapter 9. all their secre. . that is. and how they might better purify their qualities through their art. Bur that the Philosophl also called their earth their gold is likewise attested by Rossrius who saith: Note that the ore is the philosopher's gold. But the third is the essential Mercuries of Sol and of Luna. where they say: There are' some who. when the spirit meeteth the body. And by very hard and strenuous work with this Menstruum the Sulphur Netutee can be made. our soul. to the right way with two philosophical dicta. . And now the -art-seeklnq follower is sufficiently and completely informed of the super-excellent secret of the Materia of our great stone. common gold. is being dissolved. but which tney conceal and darken before the unworthy and ungodly as much as the Highest. . which is a "egetable moisture. out of no kind of mineral.. as Parmenides and Agadmoe the Philosophi teach In the Turba Philosophorum. and is 'a. so it is also the most difficult part of it. 'and govern them industriously. i. and the very subtle Influentia through which the earth receiveth Its light. but also that it is a single Matena which.of it with the aid of Nature as no one had seen In them before. . And Bernhardus. ' With the other. and without which nothing can be accomplished. But while this is the great secret. but rather a dry water. have shrouded it In 'hidden sayings. gold. than to the ill-will of the Philosophers In writing. And the salty content of its Sulphur -is decreased. and this white Co. For the good-hearted follower of our art is. e . when some' one rightly understandeth our writings. made white and pure by due preparation. A':ld thus it is written in Scala Philosophorum. but have also forbidden it to be revealed. not only as to where our Materia should be obtained. believe it Is' a water of the clouds. which are the keys to' knowledge. when they hear about the ." they do nothing amiss. without mixture or addition of any alien matter. ·With the third. many times sufficiently instructed." .not be desecrated. So in respect to the present question the Work proveth itself. Then again this Solution must not occur with caustic waters. not to be seen with our eyes except through their effects. in the mastery of this art. born in the earth. but at other tJin.!' us. the flrst Materia. but also Sulphur. can be dissolved with it. Therefore Senior saith: Mix gold with gold. or Mercurium and Sulf. In the chapter about the Solution (as also' Hermes. This I may say to thee: That this stone is a potential vapor of the both material elements as well as the formal ones.e . they bring it again into 'its Ilrst Materia. The other dictum is to be found in Ripley's preface to his Twelve Gates: I will instruct thee in Truth that ye may understand that there are three Mercurli. I tell thee in all truth that no water dissolveth the metallic form through natural Reduction except that which remaineth 'with them in the Materia and Forma. lib. On the advice of . Now tei speak about the Solution: This occureth at once If one maketh somethirig dry moist. and airy through Calcination. which is nothing else than the Mercury out of which they had been made before. And a little before in the same epistle he saith: The dissolving requireth a remaining together. For OUr Corpora . . not to be turned again into water. dissolution of the metals: since it is such a water that the metals. undoubtedly.e he hath to strive for the knowledge of the ' Menstruum. since our Solution is none other than the body moistened again and dissolved again into. For there is nothing in the world but our Menstruum. lifted up by the wind. it. so . solteneth something hard. We calclnate the perfect Corpora with the first according to Nature: but no impure Corpus will be added thereto except the 'one commonly called by the Philosophers the "Green Lion. do the philosophers sometimes conceive of their gold as . . that Mercury cometh therefrom. Mercury. upon what kind of water it is. water with ashes.through the strength of fire: and this gold truly is no common gold. . which can join together the. But two of them again differ. And Hermes: Sow gold in leavened earth.n the..ts before hiS eyes. Or do they want to mislead their followers1 The answer to this is that each and all of the Philosophers. This earth becometh ore. essential in the other metals. to hi' Ignorance rather. And Avicenna saltht 1£ thou wouldst work. In Sun and Moon are our Menstrua. then. as hath to be accredited. but it must be extracted from gold and silver. vix . spiritually one with. and without which nothing can be made rightly. which hath become white and . therein.• into water and earth. that Is. and the verysame Corpus is the place of wisdom. For' the common man would not believe that It could rise because. should be dissolved. and It is this Mercury alone.e:. which is hidden in the body of Magnesia. he saith In his Codicillo. i. Count of T revisan.For with the water the Spirltu« rtseth Into high air. hath only 'to reflect' diligently. In Ill1urative true.hur. is the principal Materia of our stone. ' . our stone. The work of the Philosophers Is that they dissolve their stone. which is to mix the forms and extract the natures out of the natures. except that of their own kind" which can be thickened by the bodies.white and leavened earth. chzpters I and 2. i. the tree Hermetis must be burned to ashes with a certainly lasting humidity. I shall direct thee (so far as I am permitted to do so).saith): Sow yourlloH. that it might be brought back into its Ilrst Meterl«. perfect. the restoration of the body in water. 2.The first preparation and the Fundament of. break them. it is necessary that thou dost Ilrst start with the dissolvlnq and Sublimation of the. For that' body seeketh refuge in the best. and the gold extracted from it is called the gold of the philosophers. and their soul Is gold. so that such noble pearls will not he' cast before swine. in their Mercurium. that out of both the male and female seed come forth in a new form. a more than perfect gold. 'the greatest secret of the entire Work.these things? . with which spirit a tingeing and the fire-withstanding color is mixed. In the first Materia. Therefore Arnoldus. . our Mercurius. so that such a thing 'niight come out . And in addition. as hath already bee" said.e . especially since this is the first step of the work.e. when the elements are separated. as saith Arnoldus In Roserium I. the book Rosarii ebbrevieti in the following words: . writeth in his 'letter to Thomas of Bononiae: He who knoweth the art and science of the dissolving. the Philosophi write that OUr gold Is no. they would know that our water Is permanent. and that which can again coagulate the dissolved metals. but the tingeinll Ferment is the philosopher's gold. otherwise they are of little value. but not into Common water. where they bave raspberry leaves. dissolve them. they have called our . . especially in the water of the Philosophers. and out of no imperfect metal. Then thou canst. as saith Raymundus in Comp~ndlo animae. Tincture. Now. and silver. But not everyone can understand their meaning. as if'speaking with one . Concerning this Zeumon also speaketh In the Turba: Ye do work in vain unless ye grind the Corpora. For this Menstruum is in fact as earth7 . that is. And Morfoleus saith in the Turbes Every Corpus will be dissolved by the spirit with which it is mixed. Now if the Philosoph! call the water "gold" or the earth 'gold. Therefore. Sow so much gold. of its constancy. two lights. To this' positive opinion someone might here reply . Eubaldus Vogelius testifleth not badly to it when he saith i How difficult a work the preparing of the Solution is they know who have labored at it. and is called Ferment and Tincture.considered studiously in what form they should extract the Sulphur from the perfect bodies. but thou must be careful how thou dost obtain it. and are riot the bodies' own nature. when it hath been intensified in a natural way and hath been calcinated into a pure spirit. but is that of the Philosophers which is living gold and silver.mouth. no dissolving in the water which wetteth the hands is required. or any kind of animal. Sulphur. And thus saith Richerdus Angelicus.water. and that our gold and our silver are not the common dead. i. as saith Bernherdus In his' epistle to Thomas of Bononiee... until ye extract their fat and 'make an incomprehensible spirit from It. dissolve with it thy Besls or Mass. and do not seek to mislead the worthy follower. This is Our surest natural fire. Doth this not look as If they contradicteach other and do not 'agree about these matters? That they' confound . whose things are one. This is our stone. which is made fiery. through the skill of the artist.

Hence we scorn all earthly lusts and strive only for the eternal. Therefore I. Therein they followed Aristotle. but some of them seemed to maunder absurdly. Thereupon I became frightened and wanted to turn around and go back. and other Parergons. maidens would have liked to be. and big. is divided into a secundum prius et posterius. knoweth also how. each of whom had HERE copied from tbe other. As I now went toward the garden door. and where the. which with all Philosophers is but' one. became aware of what I had done they began to dispute with each other vehemently. Therefore I had to continue on the trail despite its roughness. and I still doubted whether it were a man or a woman who called me and said it would be better to walk on his side than where I was going. and promised them that I would do my best. which was hidden in Nature and which God kept hidden from the great world. And when I had walked on for some time. and set clearly before thine eyes. revealing it only to those few who loved Him. and together with' this dissolving of the body ocurreth the Coag~ ulation of the spirit. standing around the den and watching me. but unanimously took me into their Collegium. and it was also impossible for me to turn back and take the other way again. untrodden. but a most fervent prayer: and assiduous study. quod nemo nisi Deus reuelare debet. I thought I had done all this work which they were doing before them. but it did not have the' width ·of. Therefore it is called also Secretum artis and Arcanum Philosophotum. And they will lead thee unto the truth. after the revelation of the High and Great God. some people looked at me sourly. examining me in their Faculty. Now after I had walked for some length of time. The first is the dissolution of which Arnoldus speaketh. but what I learned confirmed and conformed thereto. giving unto Him praise. went across a great square and came. and I believed it. and in the garden were young fellows. very rough. but very choleric. not indeed about the Materia or the work in question. the height of which was over 100 ells against the clouds. A two-fold mercurial substance. and if thou but follow . and there were many who gave heed to me. also about the Solution. and on account of my Temerity I was almost terrified. especially since a strong wind blew mightily behind you choose. artfully. surrounded by beautiful fruitful trees. although I had never been in it. Therefore I took a chance. but more red than white ones. distress. and subtly that I pressed the blood from his body. into three. well secured with many supports. . But I noticed a small . Pliny. for I could not pass under the rail again. since so many other people do such squalid and dirty work only for the appearance of it and according to their own notion. what thou wilt find herein of all truth. and glory. but the other is the complete dissolving of the body and thespirit at the same time. grasping it tightly with both hands. But others said: See. refuting many futile things out of my Experients. Some of them gave me 'hints thereon. especially his bones which were: as white as snow. and without which neither the old nor the new Philosophers can accomplish anything. then upon a more level way. to Whom be highest praise for ever and ever. and for this I thank the Creator of all things. who for so long a time did services for the garden have never entered it. so that I feared lest they hinder me in my Propositio. I heard one who said: He must revive the lion also. which. on which grew beautiful white and red roses. and his. And thou shalt know that this Solution although one. Spirit. Amen. And in this parable thou wilt find the whole Praetiea. When my dear old men. and they wondered a great deal about it. then thou art thyself forgiven. there stood a beautiful rosebush. And thou hast put up a medicine To heal men and metals . Soul and Body. But I did not pay attention to them. and I knew all their work. yellow mane hung over his neck. After Iollcwmg that person for some time. or 'the decomposition into its first Materia. including all work. At the same time I recalled having heard from an old man. all the eternal glory. The lion was very old. so that I had to take ten steps ahead for everyone I could take backwards. without lack or error. I had forgotten all about danger and also did not know what became of the wall and hand-rail. thou wilt arrive at the final end and true knowledge. Which Nature through art helpeth to transform Into two. Similitudes. I did not want to come to. upon a narrow footpath. Thus thinking. and I could only see their gestures. pictureth to us all the glory. Let us jeer at him. Then I regretted that I had not stayed on the other side. and two were working together slowly and diligently. in the Followmq parable. must have no reason to complain about me. in addition to contemplation of the possibilities of Nature. and then place it securely In a container. and I remembered 'many a grip I had learned through great diligence in athletics. but he glared at me so intensely with his flittering eyes that out of fear I nearly let my water. The Philosopher's Stone is the fifth. But each had his own work. With good confidence I went up to the. I have acquired my knowledge solely and alone. But if thou canst fail to note herein where the locked doors are. a shoe. Here thou canst see quite clearly and plainly with thine own eyes all that thou dost desire. Free from alien Sulphur. for which I was heartily glad. and we. save for one young man with a pointed black beard. There is one thing. infinite. and after I had tied up the lion and· made sure that his sharp claws and pointed teeth could not harm me. and I went right up to a door that was locked tightly. since whoever knoweth the beginning. by God the Father. I did not intend to raise difficulties. And then I saw some people behind me who wanted to go that way. because one hath so little difficulty therewith.FOLLOWETH THE PARABOLA WHEREIN THE WHOLE ART IS COMPRISED. thou shalt choose the pure And dissolve them from the ground up entirely. . Mercury and Sulphur do nourish it. and four Elements.Now these are the words of the Philosopher wherein the whole secret of the Solution is disclosed. and other Figmenta. clearly and profoundly set forth. . and I continued on the other side until I came finally to a place on that wall which was dangerous to descend. trusted my Hood feet. and unspeakable delights. for I knew better than they the situation of the garden. There I met with a group of old men with snow-white beards. so to speak. so that I forgot about the cajoling. left the den. so that thou perform all the works which Nature performeth. he wanteth to go into the garden. where I thought to find the house of the gardener There I found many people. Amen. will expedite thee. all beautiful. and therefore I will 'reveal to thee. Without fraud shouldest thou count thy Mateda. To that end mayest thou and all of us be helped and preserved from want. but as yet I could not see his face.. Herewith I shall now close this short Treatise. and began to cajole him. else he cannot be our College. but who did not like to make so great an effort as to walk around that wall in order to come to the door. 'still vanother secret. and there were more of them than of his blood. Compound them again in their true weight.··grief. Now if thou dost want to hold fast to and ponder over all the potentialities of Nature. and hard to walk upon. and from the beginning of the wall where I started unto the end.lion in his den. and the old men stood all around me to see how I would begin. But I looked further into his anatomy and found many things about which I had to wonder greatly. and 1 would gladly have turned back but for ·my agreement. as they take care to say in the schools. they no longer kept anything secret from me. For I enjoyed their company so much that I would nor bave parted with them for any amount of money: They led me to the Lion and described him to me very carefully. because I knew that such art would disappear in smoke. Coagulate. Cetcinate. which also kept me. each of whom had his own chamber. then begin to tinge. dear reader. I came to a lovely meadow. This meadow was called by the inhabitants Bratum felieitatis. and came down without harm. Whereupon I was aware of a wall enclosing a great garden. According to the Solution shalt thou soon sublimate. God the Son. and he seemed unconquerable. . by God's blessing. as in a circle. and I thought: Look. But when they began to utter hard words to each other.but so confusedly that not one in a thousand could understand them. there ran on top of it an iron rail. four. but put in mine own word. But thou. to a great wall. even out of his heart: it was beautifully red. which. But what I should do with the beast in the beginning no one would tell me. and this I did before he even realised it. having no Fundament in Nature. held on tightly. through the love ef God. I know not how. putting me through some very hard tests. Here I could no longer contain myself. but very few had really done so. should apply myself diligently to making him submissive to myself. But after I had thus come down. then thou must recall and unwind like a ball of twine. readily. when we shall behold God in our transfigured bodies. but it was not within my power. and besides I was well versed in natural M agia. I noticed some one Iollowlng me on the other side of the rail. to attain the end. from the assiduous study arid oft-repeated reading of good books: I do not say explicitly that I have learned about the Materia therein. one in cipher and in essence. especially about a high and great secret. to see and know: and it is only a woman's work and a child's play. and diligently distillate. Therefore I did not want to remain any longer. five. And they had a great dispute about all kinds of things. and I liked their discourse very much. honor. now and for ever. . overgrown with' many bushes and shrubs. and it was easy to see that this trail was very little used. but about the Parabolae. ·if he doth blunder. Once upon a time I went walking in a beautiful green and young wood and mediated upon and deplored the hardships of this life and upon how we came. through the troublesome fall of our first parents into such misery and. we shall see with our own eyes. but I could not hear what they said. and God the Holy Ghost. On top of this wall I walked and thought I noticed someone going a few paces ahead of me on the right side of the rail. on our way to the lion's 'den. But they said I could not be a real Col/ega until I first learned to know their Lion and knew fully what he could and would do internally as well as externally. Therefore I swung myself under the rail. where one could not And even a key-hole from outside. what is further necessary for thee to know. I know not how. But my foundation was so good that I came through with all honors. I was sorry for them and went back the way I had come. and I went so fast that I soon reached several houses. as we do read. since the' dissolving' and the dissolved always' remain together. because I was still so deep in the den. Some of Which I broke off and put upon my hat. that very many people had undertaken to conquer this lion. and who was still younger. which I could learn only from divine revelation. I left the common path and I came. and among them was one whose name I knew. ferocious. and for this thou wilt not need any spectacles nor an imaginary putabam. for the hand-rail which thus stood in the: middle made the walk very narrow and it was hard to walk on such a height. I was rather sure of myself. I listened to them for a long time. whereof there is no need to speak further. and attacked the' lion so fast. it diligently. then tbou knowest neither the Materia nor the power of Nature. and I continued on my planned way. which they transmit.

soon JIS' they notice the sli. but were still enclosed therein.costly garment.and that they mlgbt' be always' before the eyes of the watchman who WBa ordered to take Care of them. and finally a red velvet garment.wecIJock.raised together with her :from cll!ldboo. the poor one. and because of her grief she did not want to )lv.d. and there was in front' of the mill a high paved hill. the former ones disappeared . I did not Ieel well aboue this see for overflowing tears what hac happened to him: B. especially'since I saw her rise in a very .. embroidered. as weI as the rerils I should have to meet. and cettni. He slayeth and maketh to live again. I could not change It. Over this I rejoiced not a little. and I could see her rise and say: Hearken. They replied: What then have we to complain about? . was the coming derision and ridicule. and came over the water unwetted.ut.· and . But see. with a most . and We know what she doth want: yemust be joined together.anything secretly any more. beJng brother and sister and bound together in such..t on the covered passage-way. And since it had:riLined a little and the.. and nothing could escape. why should I. me greatly. . and to bring health to the sick: But not yet am I like my beloved brother. When I sa\\( that the. tiful colors.J:. about sixshoeii wide . who had levee him no less than he had loved. until finally the air became so light and clear. food and drink which was drawn from the above-mentioned water.together In such ardor that -the heart ·0f the young bride 9ro'bm vaaished in fervent love. and I S. which became all' the more white and. When I had left the little garden and had arrived at the . than to maintain the steady warmth until the water would recede and I.not be . could.ay for their evil deeds with everlasting fears and true regr. and the drops therefrom were white. However.\r..round . the spirit and soul of the bride could not remain any longer in the clear air and went back into the transBgured and glorified body of the queen. could view. the more the water disappeared. imagining that spiill. ~d In the same manner were prepared garments for the young king. and as soon as the body felt them it became Instantaneously alive. faculty and addressed to them.. .I found this true.on in the garden. whlch one could not see . beautiful maiden. beautiful through sucli bathing and washing.ihe miller's servant" go in to i.we are. any longer.and twenty lang. But when I stood in the passage: and beheld the water-wheels on my left.the bride is' also happy.. and I marvelled greatly when I saw one coat alter another. as you can very well Imagine. And I could see tile dead bodies. wall. And I· thought te myself: ICc Medea -could do it. adorned with a costly crown embellished with flawless diamonds. witl them. to .many realms . and washing our dead bodies.gladdened me not little. I 'was slain and made alive I could not forget this adventure and I would.lifs beloved.pleased that you can satisfy your desire Wit. assatd. Now I do not know wherein these two had sinned.. I knew that the soul and spirit could not escape therefrom.mlght concern. so that . all their clothes and ornaments with which they were adorned were taken from them.. while all the foggy and' damp weather had passed. the more they lost of their moisture. gray silk. sayin9 that· the milling-machinery was locked up on the other side. built inside of stones. But during 'the night they. anguish and misery.see the like again. Now when.9r we have to reportJt to . I 'continued . there stood a low wattled fence. . children of men. Meanwhile I noticed in the chamqer a rainbow in the most beau. and ". mlller did not want to reveal anything. But whet most astonished me was that as soo~ as one coat or robe was ready. And. when I nOticed that the 1011ger I did so.: I soon noticed what It might contain and that it . made out of black velvet.her death. youhaveto keep the wife you marrled"a short time ago. and I marvelled not a little that this maiden. and Lsaw them lying b. so . yea. The door of their . chamber was well laded and sealed with the seal of the Faculty..After. I shall keep her alwl'Ys.. the cold. in. . so that they had to live naked and bare In their were in··a well-constructedchouse. which . going away. in my sorrows. My dearest bridegroom helped me to do Iti I. chamber With. But the mote beautiful and white they became. saw. and even death itself shall not part us •.n!y prepared its work with care. For I thought to myself that 'It was not a small worle which I was commanded to do. And behold all this in me as a true and living example: I was great and became small: but now after I became humble I was raised to. the water was as black as coal •. spent few days in careful thought. .. come. It was covered WIth briar-rosebushes. IorI love her with all my heart. surrounded by hlgl walls and strong Iortiflcationa.very easy. but I opened allof'them without. and because I had once takeii her. Therefore I continued. lie answered.if the chamber had not been locked and sealed so long as the dampness lasted.. undertook my offic' and began in . the great and mighty Idng.ceiJt-.eforeme as dead. And although the other doors were still locked. unlocked the door. body melted ane fell apart in the arms of . I found some more locked doors.. sun was shining. were over the passage. I am. and besides this locked . ahout which they. I answered. the chamber in order to protec the Imprisoned married couple from.: ~d measuring six rods on 'each of Its sides.e warmth with which I had begun. . But tlils was 'a p~sageway. took flrst . her. but '1 knew ~t the Collegium sapient/ae wlOSnotgiven to lying and ' always. and came' down qgain like rain. frock radiated In very bright rays.:lnJghUer· and more powerful than before. . I.. they were condemned and locked up in a strong and everlasting prison. and a most. but in such a way that they could in no wise come out and escape.and soul would not return to the bodies . a very small number of people on this earth. closed so tightly. then will the lion also come back to life and be . but some one whom I knew well.concern me. I could see through them ·. she.. went past the -rose-qarden. as if. marvelling greatly at what I saw.hout anY further effort on mine. 50 short a time. I would certainly receive great and severe punishment therefor •. and for some str""ge reason I thought that all this: did not concern me. For now the wheels were above the passage.. so that they should not freeze ·or burn. coming down In the morning~ m. bedecked In white satin.hands. For they like to dwell In the' damp nature. adorned. ash-gray colored ~amask. But because of their noble birth and r3JIk.. and one robe .most. their prison was transparent. black as coal. sliver-colored taffeta. covered with a ceiling. and therefore I was grieved In my joy because I saw the ones I was supposed to guard so lying before me that one could perceive no life in them. well sa tis Bed. and since one could heat tb.came about. tperefore I went up to them· and said: Sirs.. stinking beyond 'all measure. and the passage was not more than three fingers wide.oistenlng the earth.door was opened. and I became rather happy to see my two lovers lying before me again.sgusre in: shape . and observe ye who are born from women. to repent and p. had been aoeused "of in. what had happened she shed many tears for him and buried him. ''''. considering ho" I could help mine affairs. that instead of the. '.nce? She saldr.Isaid: I am . embroidered with costly pearl~ and bedecked with gloriously clear glittering diamonds . walldng in the warm sunshine. I noticed . snow-white satin .et. Jar forty days withtlJ. The great· treasures of the philosophers and of the mighty have been entrusted and given to me. the dead bodies of OU lovers. being flnlshed. Then I noticed. guard had been apparently dissolved entlreh Into water. the like of which is seen by only. bridegroom and his lovely bride lay before mine eyes dead and ·rotten. costly Iabrics. and the old miller answered me.hergrieving and crYing lasted only Io: a short time.. . and I followed-him . and found '!n' the midst of It a ·Iittle ·garden. and his entire. moderate but constant fire.rases thereon blossomed.. liked to know Its meaning.1. said one of them. And thel stay . caused by the sunshine in the moist weather.. Ah! woe untc mel I was in fear. In it were not' flour bins nor any.' how . now going out. written by the entire.side. In chainber stood in the mldcIJe of a strong tower. and formed not unlike a heavenly. and prepared with costly rubles and carbuncles in' very grent quantities. since I knew that no one else besides the bridegroom and the bride had gone int the chamber.rose high' up toward the clouds. Therefore was I granted the power to make the poor rich to deal mercy to the humble. This would have happened sooner . It may befhat they. And no one was given them to-welt upon them.with my steady warmth and heat day and night. I saw our bridegroom with hls bride In their above-mentioned garments. very :beautifully. and one did' not even see any waterwheels tunting.' chamber •. a silver piece of exceeding beauty. to heat their chamber duly. did what It sald. But the tailors who made these garments were invisfble. according to His will.with common eyes.1W. mlCi in order that they might not . a' way that they were not to.. I answered. but went _voluntarily. this lovely garden into our chamber to enjoy.. performing my ordered d. I stood sUII. .place where I should assist the maidens. . which pleased. and they held a letter in their hands. Then.speak. And long before the wedding of our new queen there were pre.' Instead of a bridal bed and true marriage.I was Inside.. Certalr failure confronted me. Indeed. that the All-Higbe"t hath the power to enthrone Idngs and to dethrone them. But no joy is so great that there is no sorrow in it. quite particularly thaI the water. be a qu~eri over . I departed. began to think about how to proceed with .after another. the other by the arm and carrying many fragrant roses in their . when I recalled how Medea had . only to serve you. because these two whon I was supposed to. ready and prepared to be joined together.ghtest warmth. Then I recalled my previous exertion and work.m and asked them: !:Iow did they come over the fe. brought Aeson's dead body tq life again. But all the. almost born with her and .. have. be separated. . a a And whlleshe thus spake. was yet so young that she seemed to have been born but recently.splendid. if the-sun were drawing up the mlinypainstaking observations that many vapors arose frollJ the earth about . much trouble. After this I' came to alJreat -mill. I ask hawaII this . Well.Goel':s Name to heat. This will ~. And thus thinking.. For I had been In Ilreat fear lest these things might . and I thought I~ was 'necessary to opm the door there. Nevertheless I risked going back.J ran so long "a way ill. which was necessary for them was placed therein. holding on to the logs ·which. with ' the yellow colors of aureolin. our ·friendship -. so that our. the sun shone brightly and the days became warmer and the dog-days were soon' to come. but did not fine any better way. y one leading. But what happens As. outh. is it aboutme? Yeli. but I was not permitted to enter it in any way. bridegroom in his brilliant scarlet clothes came to the old men with his beloved bride whose white -satin.ourPrince. for I ·was. other things necessary for milling •.notiCed. they answered.prepared 'for this occasion . For. of. He maketh rich and poor. Ten. and what seemed to be the worst anc what I feared.coaguia'ted into a lovely and fertile dew. But since their chamber was made from such firm and pure Materia and.eventide.the. who will still be recalled from the dead. " . dome. it. Then I hoped to. Then I asked the old miller how many waterwheels he had. 'But before this. crystalline. and I was ordered to guard It and since winter was soon to . pared many costly robes.. ~. and my fear and worry made me faint-hearted .ent up high a.. When he cometh he will prove my saying true. But If any damage should occur under the said Mandatum. I tookout my master-key. this door •. and on top of it some of the above-mentioned old men. they embrace eacl other so lOvingly that one will not . throug~ the strength of the sun. who might sUlI be her' brlslegroom's mother. they were both 800n jollied together. there was a beautiful ralnhow . I spoke tothe. God'aNameL walked further .jae.sufficiently· Into the 9arden: as soon as .hole in. . so to speak. collected on the ceiling of the. name!y of lncernet. and she was. escape all danger with gain and praise. o. and entered.

And since he had spent the dog-days in great heat . And after this costly coat was finished. and praised their Creator. and finally. To this end Illay God. he was very thirsty. and after he had drunk a· great part of it eagerly. This I did. so that I have tc admit that not only did the queen speak the truth. and then called me to open the door. he became 80 beautiful and glOriOUS that in all my life I never beheld a person more glorious or more noble in behavior and character. And when he Iound himself locked. AMEN. There he rested for several days. Father. observed that he had become far more beautiful. with gracious words. was a COmmonthing there. to his heart's content.before my very eyes. and he also noticed It. but he also gave a great _part of it to those who know the treasure and can describe it. "'. so that he would be able to go out.· But I. weak. Son. after this earthly Joy. Thereupon he led me into his kingdom and showed me all the treasure and riches of the world." . And when he left he showed himself very friendly and gracious. he asked me in a friendly way. Whereupon he thought it must have been a marvellous and healthy water. And although I was strictly forbidden to open the chamber. as well as restoration of lost health and the taking away of all diseases. which the ignorant do not value at all. full-blooded. he went back into his chamber and told me to lock the door fast behind him. and I did not know whither they had vanished nor who had locked them away. they obtained eternal glory. obtaining from Him their wisdom and knowledge.. Jest some one should disturb him or awaken him from his slumber. to open the door for him. But what was most deUghtful in this kingdom was that the inhabitants knew. so that one could truly see that nothing adorns persons of noble birth so much as these virtues. I was so terrified by the great appearance and the sweet power of persuasion of the king that I opened the door willingly. After the king had drunk of this dellclcus beverage. and he asked me to bring him some of the running water from below under the water-wheels of the mill. in. And I resolved to build the chamber much larger. . there appeared the great and mighty king in all his power and glory. feared. and there was nothing like unto him. and Holy Ghost help all of us. and said it would be to mine advantage. There was no end of gold and precious carbunclestones. and tired. and he ordered more of it and drank much more of it than the first time. and glorious. and the rejuvenation and restoration of the natural powers. yea humble.

The New Birth. I scratch my head quite frightened. 0. not too much. creavit omnia. . :t~A. bodUy. how Nature is II great world. shall be called upon too loudly. Bupemllturlil. Sacramenta. Nature is II created.and hath become man. the second hatb two yolks. Man. TINCTURA PHYSicA. fasbloned after the uncreated eternal spirit. natural. Dammed is he.selfsuataining. LUMEN GRATIAE. per quem 'Natura vlsitat & regit terrena omnia. mortal man. Everything hIIth ita . course oC nature and time. Man. Cor he hath sworn aileglance to nature lind is nature's secret servant. OCULUS .DIVINUS OCULUS ·NATURAE sive Coeli.r re: ARRIGITE. in the third II young cock peaks. . ARRIGITE •. an image. Innocent 1received. aunt duo LtlMENNATURAE. definite. ·mortal. Despise it not ·to thine own shame. . existing and bodily spirit. the Word hath become man. S. O. Mother of all Creatures in Heaven and on Earth. Lively.end! and announces ita beginning. Whoever hath ears to hear.The Heavenly and Earthly Eve. 0. timely. . likeness and shadow. 0. who dotb not believe. this one time and never again I Exitus acta probabit. . Man. TINCTUHA COELESTIS. Earthly Eve. The Star of the Kings from the Orie~t. see how God. a visible. panel vera eleoti. Innocent I give back. apiritual. hidden and. 0. VENITE. PARERGON FRATRES. the fll"8t i8 full-of air. Virgin's milk lind sweat of Sun is mother of six children and II pure virgin. The Old Birth ."p'~~ three eggs. infinite. Man. heavenly and existing spirit "ho hath become in tb. yilt visible per quem Deua yfdit &. God is an eternal uncreated. ERGON Heavenly Eve. bethink thee. perishable lind to be reborn again. PHILOSOPHORUM Sh . '< mult! sunt vocatl wonder-bird Phoenix with its /6J. S. aures. effective.

666. The' secret cipher. also . thing out 01 the animal a man. Ekndivol J!! Trill!.jl . Time. begin at the bottom.ult. 1 Supernatural.nd time. v. go to the top.. John 3.1 666 The animal.' And change it hack again through the fiat of mercy from 1. 4 Outward. ~lan with. x:. ing to From man Into animAl. 13. 3 Is a cipher of man. through man. Tho animal. without fault of God. 3. 13.B. 4 Natural. Visible. All in All in Heaven and on Earth. tb time and tho light of Nature.' . So thou art a master and small earthly God. According In eternity the heavenly Adam and Son of God. and God's wonders thou wilt understand. SIGNAT every- 0 STAR. 13. These are the three Principia and OuintaEssentia to bring back to their origin. 'I. 666. accordBack again. N. 2.. ' out of tbe plant an animAl. 6. Rev. false prophet and whore of Babylon in. lut of own evil will against God's icmmand without the fo. So back agai n from top to bottom. in and through God. into three different natures or kingdom and mother. ita own (rom animal into plt.2. Rev.. kind. Spiritu. Rev. The s~crot cipher. I MINERALIA Make out o( metal a plant. with and $' 0 and 'B'odily 3 . . Whoever will understand this rightly. Natural Light. .nt. 4 Inward. 18. an image and likeness of the heavenly Adam is also" clphcr o( man 666 in both etunity e. 3 Cap. From One 4 Quinta Essentia is one and five. (rom plant into metal. Born of the spirit. of Jod.About God and Nature. f\ cipher DC man. 66() persons in one being. 666 The earthly Adam. InVlSlbl. 4 and 5. dragon.

in which are all the colors in the world.'. Whoever holds It. ·or Th. What the world uses it Cor I do not know. ENIGMA. dew of heaven e·. Whoever seeks it. whicb may be coagulated through artificial. '. Luna Mater. arouud the entire cdlIlce is. It is·8.!ndofHfe Thou art hopeafter'death . into a medicine. uponthe rock. The true artist knows its influence. itsprings forth a fresh clear fountain. And the clouds 'part. Neither. For He alone keeps His vow. . one has first to pass through a ruined tower called the uncertain passage. But trust no one.0. namely: In Cull bloom. Be friendly with everybody.wdo crede mihi unde beari. bedecked with blue opened eyes. signifying his virtue and bravery. Hav. . ". do so unbeknown. one may come near it. MllDdi lundum Ilbor.1 and the raiibr.. only true way to arrive at th~ only good and right understanding of God and nature and to attain true perfection. called tbe dangerous one. with blossom.tbe earth 'is our art-subjectum or Materia.Sol. life and -splendor. be silent.tb~i1)1l.a wide. stem andbranches. fire arid light gointoits salty body. We find it coagulated and dissolved . . a lily in the valley of Joeaphatroft-tlmes broken oCf untim~ii by miners and is tortured by ignorant workmen. since they do not know for what purpose Nature placed it there. all this is . and conquers tbe wolf and a goat..-' DE . . with many precious stones. which in color looks like coaguleted'jilectrum or.and standa. and spirit.0C heaven. Trust no one but God. these beingthe onlycolors vlsibleto-our outer eyes: For it appears corporeally to the outer eyes. decked.ref&ctioD a. yet it is with all its power in' all things. Sol pater. ".( .~he Pyltigorean schamaim. Whoever is atrue Phllosophus.!to twqbranches. white and' red. nearby is a pyramid and obelisk on which are written the customs of this strange island in 72 languages. ita body. 0.. T. ~.that ~I all thin"" NB. The dew of the heaven metal. This is. made of alabaster. from there one Cli. green. Whoever may use It. its fiery light:essence Irom the Bun. through the faith. Mercurium Fit Lapla Phllcsophorum...which will appear suddenly. root. and discover it. namel¥.the ·miners ·'ner artists know to what)jse to-put it. Consequently it is neither mineral nor indic'ates to us that tbere are two mercurial substances oC .Ia \be mountains. beglnnin~ and . If one wants to reacb the prince·Iy· castle. e~ . on' wbich the water beats. On its shore lies a boat at anchor.or metal.) . . Itseparatea i. lib. sufCer. soon the castle will be seen."i prolwidum . called Manna. root: Fire and water. from a single-rooted . and dripping. surrounded by a very Ihick cloud.. nor wbetheri.leCt all men whose mind is upon eartbly mailer.woo will give the vic lor a wreath.vnor-of what sex it is. Tbis dew falls "from . tbrough which one must pass on Coct. red and black colors.eral.'draWnouto. bewitched. great to look upon. but nevertheless first mother' and materia aU' mctels and minerals.crede Ruberto. Its master . on top ofthis stands a golden Sceptre.'I'im>u.. on this a great rock. then will appear a very beautiful virgln. Whoever finds it. from the Luna its watery Iight-essence. enough said oC its bodily Corm: It is neither metalnor mineral. Colwlibae Avea . wherein all metal and minerals are' situated. LIBER . upon this single root. the rebirth" .' growing Uke' a white and red Rose of Jericho and blossoms like . mercy on me. ~en the end 01 all evil. but a mineral and metallic dew . Seek Cor friends in your mind. If you de not want to be cheated. at times seen byminers.. in a long silken yellow coat and deep brown beret.above into the depths oC the earth and its body is made up from the most subtle parts 'of the earth.h 11 Ia ollr iii. Lunt!. and plucks it in Cull bloom. then one reaches the rock. Saturnu8. Down from the rock leads a stairway made of 11 steps oC white marble.tteT· ttum the previous ODe. It is nothing hut a Lion witb its coagulated blood. yellow. The best dew-is that.and his 'servants wear crimson red mantles.To our eyes appears ihis mineral-dew in wbite.' Not far from. and the inaster of the castle.. whieh hldestbe castle. from both these it receives its light.era. sol. From above thisdew receives its soul. eniinae· G cI: MaternM Verg. is a four cornered pillar. ~uJphur. Our (the right believers) dwelling-place is in a dark grey and sinister castle. appearingtcthe outer eye. . and gluten oC the white eagle. Fodoyalty flew from earth beavenward and..". No one but God. Remain nameless. seed. deep water. and alter ita eternity.. Aeneid! . win . and if one touches the Seeptrethereon "itblhe middle-finger.' in veneria habes totUID pOter.II view and estimate the places in the sinister and as yet invisible castle. oc.receiving the powers of the thiogs from above and below (nempe Virtutes Substantiales. Thou art'the beginning and . . Experto.'heavy. ~. . transparent amber. In Iront of that castle and surrounding it is a fine green lawn. operations into a sweet salt. will receive the new guest and lead him unto all earthly and heavenly happiness. hide It. then one comes to another tower.MERqURIUS Per de\v itselC is always rejected and despised.incomprehenalble and unreccgnlsable. be mi~. new birth. 80 that no. I~cbMi~. love of God in Trinity.

and I live in thine everything from nothing: live Thou then in me. and must all return to Thee again. to them Thou art gracious. Nothing can escape Thee. Thou alone dost help the humble. being received either in Thy love or Thy wrath. . those who humble themselves in the dust before Thee.Lord from Thy hands cometh all good. even as servants look upon the hands of their master and as maids look upon the hands of their mistrellS. I am everything in thee.heart. all things must serve Thy honor and glory. who should not praise Thee. that Thou mayest help us. With Thy fingers Thou hast written the character of Nature which none may read unless he be taught in Thy school. Therefore let us lift up our eyes to Thee. the King of Glory I For all things come from Thee and hearken unto Thee. All blessings and all benedictions come from Thy hand. Thou all in alII 0 Nature I thou everything from nothing. Thou dost what Thou wilt with Thy mighty arm. 0 Great God. 0 Lord. 0 Thou King of Glory. what more then shall I say? I am nothing in myself. Thou alone and none other art the Lord. there is none like unto Thee. who should not glorify Thee. whose dwelling place is in heaven and in a troubled and virtuous holy heart. in their hour of need. Who should not praise Thee. Amen . and 80 bring me unto the all in Thee. those who are devoted to Thee with all their . nothing can escape Thee. the meek and the poor. 0 Lord our God.

one community. eating. our Creator. ye people. ye nobles. roles the Flesh. all this being contrary to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and His bodily rebirth. 11. whoring. love oC all loves. Thus . contention. so that as it is written: He that glorieth. Otherwlao we do not know Jesus Christ. the Crucified. Lord. loving lovingly. Cor until now love towards the neighbor and: towards God bath been entirely closed up and hatb been extinguished and instead oC it. Christian belieC and. tor . 1.ther WII. Woe upon us. greal. who died Cor UB on the cr068. lights of this world.t tbrough His Father and the FlI. and humblenesa oC heart. let us pray GOd tor the revelation and true knowledge of His Son. and wbo is nevertheless the greatest in heaven and on elJ. man and woman. murder. that cannot be. Learn to know Jesus Christ. for justice. robbery. whioh are done In all the world. idolatry. and no one should glorify Him with his mouth only..•..fth~ O. and small. all yo people In this world. Preachers including all Teachers: Ye should be taught by God and yo should proclaim Jesus Christ oC Nazareth. wretched men. bow easy is thy yoke and Theologians. injustice will cease Crom all things. damnation and heresy and there will be only brotherly love and unity amongst you. friendship. kindness. 80 it wiD come to PII. tbat we may live in unity. counts and knights. injustice and all luxury and ambition. Cor. 1. His Son. Jesus Christ and Christianity have never been revealed. peace. 0. Le. Dear Christian brethren: As Jesus Christ. So then you may go ahead a8 the true. one knowledge. Mattb. . 0.: witb the Irlendliness oC one mind. light is tby burden I speeketh the heavenly and eternal Wisdom and Love Itself. one churcb. before men as you have your illumination Crom God. John 3.SS that those who are seemingly Christians will become Christians and all the people will accept the. devour and destroy the other. But 80 Car. to all people with right· knowledge and teaching and sbould do so out of love and not tor money or motlves oC profit.ABOUT THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST . So there will soon cease (. will become Christian men. who hath made us Cor wisdom. dissension.. love. one love.. the Son of God and the Virgin. COl' hollness.the revelation and knowledge oC Jesus Christ. and Cor salvation. is it that tbe love poured out by the Holy Ghost is entirely extinguished and dead] Does no one no longer respect the other man~ Are we like the dumb beasts that one hath to rend. one will. envy. the Son of God will·be revealed by the Holy Gho•. patience. one C~ith and in one mind in· Jesus Christ io whom we and all men . ricb and poor. Jesus Cbrist. and where there i.. wratb. who is despised and ridiculed. 11. was heaven and the earth made Cor one man alonei' Nay.ghting. that we are so much opposed to one anotherl Why do we £isht each other with claws and teeth. one blessedness and a perfect· love towards neighbor and God. do we have to pray to God.8 revealed through His Son. quarreling'. one belief. tbat all men in thid· entire world may live as oC one heart. let him glory in the. drinking. It is also neceSsary Cor you to ask Almighty God Cor the 'revelatlon and right knowledge of Jesus Christ.ball be bleSsed. 31. Cor He looketh into the heart.8 one can easily see. 0. young and old. v.

Christ. receiveth only an elemental being or earthly food and eats oC the perishable world-being out of which he himself consists. The s~ul's hunger for the true belief is the divine spiritual mouth. in the innermost depths of the soul. eternal Sabbath' in the innermost depths of our souls. Christ hath not given unto His disciples the creaturely being. the outer understandable fleshly human nature. His soul is the essential thing in my soul. with his beautiful. chosen. volatile and perishable body its food from the firmament. ceI- f'or our sins was He wounded and through His wounds we were healed. OMan: It is a great unfathomed Secret when we come to consider it and remember that we are in Christ members of one body and all of us are in Him but One. INGREDERE. per Viam CRUCIS. grasps. we have His Son cleanaeth ue from 011sin. The true supper mighty presence ia the essential. This He brought down from heaven ill which is understood the divine and eternal human power: This He introduceth into our body. and for that Soul's sake God hath become man.. how the food abideth there unto life eternal. God is light and in Him is 00 darkness ot on. and the blood of Jeeue Chri"t. t:1 t"l ~ 0 "" ~ !:I: . But the soul is of God and oC His words. Cant. but the Spirit of the Lord is the life oC souls and the life of the innermost immortal liCe. for faith is the cornerstone. the power of God through the love of Jesus in quiet tranquility and peaceful bliss. the fiery love aud life mouth of our souls. 7.Eat. through which the bitter water of Mara was sweetened. And we are the body and the members thereof. The innermost man as the pure Adamic power-body. in our soul's body which He giveth unto us to eat in faith. receiveth Him unto his condemnation. which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. which body is He Himself.. Whenovor God wente to give us the sweet savour of Taulerus. heavenly bride. a creature of paradise and of eternity.I. the power of His body and blood. a spiritual bcing a spiritual body. believing mouth the holy inconceivable being. Christ's Flesh and Blood. v. so is also the food: Every Principium eats and drinks of its likeness: Every spirit eats and drinks of that from which it came forth. through which medium the invisible eternal becomes one with the visible. this is the way we are being purified through the faith and enlightened and inspired through the Holy Ghost. That all of us receive and benefit from the One Christ and that we are and remain in the same Christ a unified body.. No mortal creature can look upon a spiritual being. and desires a spiritual nutriment or Tinetur and therefore eats Christ's spiritual flesb and blood. my Beloved. The true and essential faith oC man is Christ Himself. The spiritual hungry fire of the soul reaches for. Yes. the right innermost. is the hody oCthe spirit and the spirit of the body. powerful of Jesus Christ. Behold. The gross animal. and drinketh My Blood and I in him. understand: Faith becomes through this transformation a being. a perpetrating fiery love and power being.LUCIS. NATURE Z II> MERCY . per Vitam. through which He bears fruit in us by His power. He gave them the spiritual human nature. the Son of the Hving God. who is in him and abideth in him and is his life and light.:l ~ 0 til til '0 C '" . effecting. immortal eternal human being. He Himself becomes food And we walk in the light as He is in the light. For the Spirit is life-giving. and My Blood the right drink. It takes this supernatural holy essential power through the medium of bread and wine. eating and drinking. a holy. So that we may be reborn and revealed in the eternal heavenly image into a divine life. v. nay: Whosoever discerneth not the body of the Lord and eateth and drinketh the bread and wine. and will give him a white stone. that we may become Godlike in and through Him in the loveand life of Jesus Christ.. the right food Whosoever eateth My Body Abideth in Me That is aifecteth what is imperishable but Drink. is hidden under the gross animal Iorm. opened. For one faith can grasp the other: The earnest faith of tbe living grasps for the eternal: And is so mighty and powerful that it can overthrow the mountains and move them elsewhere. Through the medium of bread and wine we all eat and drink Christ's body and blood with the Essential desire and desirous believing mouth. is the Lord and think of Me.. made white by the light. t"l t"l t:1 t"l c. But such is conceivable ann comprehensible to the spirit of the souls standing in the divine Centro. effecting. a tincture of life. for He. Whatever cometh from the Spirit and consists of the Spirit that is the greatest and highest nutriment of the souls. and this Man is each severally in Christ. 1 John 1.< 0 . 2. these my words and life. No mortal and unworthy man can reach and receive the unchangeable and indescribable heavenly bread of eternity. will I give to eat of the hidden Manna. spiritual. also. handle and enjoy it with our earthly mortal mouth. EGREDERE. The real innermost man. and in whose depths or Centrum it standeth: For what hath light in common with darkness? It cannot comprebend it. heavenly body life and loveliness.. a spiritual flesh and blood. we are tied and bound together with and in Him to One Man. an image of God. much less can he taste of it.>. desire in his spiritual believing mouth the invisible spirtual being and supernatural heavenly flesh of Christ. But if lowehip with one another. intoxicated. for he is a spiritual being. c. 5. The natural.. Mark: As is the mouth. Taulerus. All those made white in the bitterness of this Lime limited life were reborn through Him into the sweeteness of eternal life. so that He maketh us live again through His heavenly existence in our bodies. 17. much less can we grasp. the beginner and the finisher. v. Christ's Body and Blood. and in the stone a new name written. Rev. mortal and perishable body receives its food from the earth. Become Taste and see how friendly for My Body i.. >-3 ~ ~ ~ "0 C ~ ADAM CHRIST > :2 FLESH SPIRIT '" ~~ U -< ~~ ~ . my Friends. drink oC our souls. His lovo and klrrdness. and are spirit and al the flesh of no use. Christ is the trunk and tree of life. which is only the outer shell. gracious. and the sidereal. To him that overcometh. receives in great love. eats and drinks with its spiritual. and what are we but His twigs and branches.

modo. and cometh forth therefrom.Blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this hook. 10. 6.thAt hath underatandla the count the number of the or a man: And bl.written within and on the backside. Understandeth all things in heaven. Philip. Here is wisdom. these are the 7 spirits of God. these sayiJ1gs are faithful and true. number !lumbor- I•• Ix bun- The four bands·-tied together. book-of the lamb. Seal not the sayings of the prophecy of this hook: for the time is at hand. tw That is: . and all other books bear testimony thereof alone. So are the four beasts Ezek. .' v. neither to look thereon. 21. 3. v. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life.e. andKe had two horns. as being one wheel. 22. after the. And he said unto me. which must sbortly he done. Rev. Blessed is. v. save he that had the mark. and he causeth all to receive a mark in their right hand. he who hath that. & 19 and the foursquare 'city of God fashioned. or in their' foreheads. on earth and under the earth.This is the revelation and. Eternity and Time.right 'hand of 'Him 'that sat on the throne. Behold. And I beheld a' beast corning up outo£ the earth.. Rev. 4. 666. as it was slain and had seven horns and seven eyes. For. or the name of the beast. And I saw a strong' angel proclaiming with a loud voice. for it is the number of a man. to shew unto his servants the' things. was able to' open the book. Rev. La. i. 5. nor in earth.. 21. & Resuscitatus. and the one wheel to look upon not unlike four wheels. sent into all countries. like'li. . the testimony and the true knowledge of J. And I saw on the. all heavebl~ and earthly wisdom irrheaven and on-earth. Rev. b!!lllIt. Rev. ADd no man in heaven. Rev. will not blot. and to loose the seals ihereof~. was cast into the lake of fire. the light and the right book of life and of the lamb. Rev. God and Man. the sealed book according to time and eternity.. Rev. Rev. neither under the earth.And I. e.e. 4. All r 2. or the number of his name: 1. Alpha and Omega. the living Book of Life. measure of a man. out his. sealed with seven seals. hecause rio man was round worthy to open and read. the book" neither to look thereon. in the. 22.. 5.21. 5. Power Beauty Riches Blessedness in in in in in one stone one boo' '} ana flower one treasure one estate is and is called IESUS Cruci£ixus CHRISTUS a. 7. the tre~. ' The Sealed Book. 'I come quickly: . 1. he whose name is written in the book of life.a book. 5. And behold: in the midst of the throne stood a Iamb . v. And 1 wept much. that no man might buy or sell. 3. " Here illg !II wiadoml ld him . and the four beasts Rev' 4.other. and all four were one like the' other. v. 20. The Seven Seals. 13. name out of the living. 5. 15. The well. v. who is worthy to open the book. lamb and he spake as a dragon: and he exercisethall the power of the first beast..

7 . the Root of David. the opened book according to the Word and His holy mortal existence in the world and in time. and thus is scaled Ihe Holy Trinity of the three heavenly. The 2nd Band. spiritual. 19. and M. bodily Trinity of the One Person and Mankind J. 13. the revelation. to the paternoster. 2 Cor. & 3. which God hath given unto his servants. Rev. 7. 10. i. heaven. and that is the sealed hook. and kings. visible. and nations. 14. a visible and Jeh. and to loose the seven seals thereof: and he came and took the hook out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne. let him hear. God in H.C. and M. 2.on o£J. and Col os. C. I Tim. 1. the graciOUIIGospel. G. zealous law. and the voice spake again and said: Take it and cat it up. . The heavenly Trinity in Its heavenly existence.This is the'revelation and testimony and the true knowledge o( J. Both natures united. G and M. the Godhead and Humanity in the one per. Rev. the old Testament.e.. He that hath an ear. The opened book with it's seven seals.s. and the Person in the Son and the Father in the Word. Col. in the ·Word bodily and Ilceh. all heavenly and earthly wisdom in heaven and on earth. And one o( the elders saith unto me: Weep not. and shall 17. seat. Rev. here is wisdom. the heavenly and earthly kingdom according. Deut. which is the book of life. the burning. eternal Persons united in the earthly. 3. in the spirit an invisi- ble God. LIFE ETERNAL. invisible. Close the book again with it's seven seals opened. the new Testament. 2. 5. and tongues. house and dwelling-place is the undivided eternal Trinity. behold. hath prevailed to open the book. G. mean. the churches. is nol." lowliness. The 4th Band.C. Scals Signat-Star. And -another hook was opened. And he said unlo me: Thou must prophesy again before many peopl . And the Spirit moveth in God. and as soon as I had eaten it my belly was bitter. Rey. . JESUM Churches rits Horns TO LOVE FRO~ THE HEART is better by far than to know all things. The old birth. 5. 4.C. entirely in heaven and on earth. Stars Spi Eyes $ 'l 'f. and I heard a voice (rom heaven saying unto me: go and take the little hook which is open in the hand of the angel. Rev. and Rev. 10. the Lion of the tribe of Judah. 10. And when he bad taken the book. i.a. 13. 20. And I saw a mighty angel come down (rom heaven clothed with a cloud and he had in his right hand a little book open. The 1st Band.I: 20. " 'r. tbe living hook of life. the foundation and living corner-stone in Sian for to ••• out of the depth of the spirit and truth. John 9.... Exod. 3. Candles. heavenly in the invisible God. the true knowledge and testimony of J. 6 &. 3.. that it may become again the first sealed book. 1.5. The Lamb with both it's horns. 5. & 17. . Mattb. 12. 21. The 3rd Band. temporal. 2. e. The earthly holy Trinity in lime. let him hear what the Spirit saith unto. as the holy wisdom saith.3 Rev. 20. in eternity. The new hirth. Rev. 13. Exod. Rev. He that hath an ear. the four beasts and four and twenty elders fell down before the Lamb and spake: Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof. For in Him dwelleth the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And His Mortal Being is a throne.

understandable. The Sun o£ justice. . oul b 01 thefr 'own' "aIllDI· Natural 2 MlIO 1. The golden silver River. o Man. 1. and weigh him on the R. 'and a likeness of the visible eternal God. or. The bcautUul g~mmor 01 the Gold makoth lools out ur many men. the visible. That is: The word became flesh and a bodily man..Christ. He that hath ears to hear shall bearwbat Christ. beautiful Gold. that is: Sulphur. rock and thia G.bodily Col. a Spirit. God and Man and Gold say. emerges from his CHAOS and becomes a body in the small world. With· e. 20. how long wilt thou lack Knowledge. . the inconceivable SOn . EXIVIT EX MA TERIA IN MATER I ATU M v. 2l.'eth the entire heavenly invisible divine. and a shadow of tbeeternal Sun. Father.can thus do this. Magus and Philosophus and he that knoweth how to interpret these two proverbs according to the Alpha and Omega is a 'man well to be trusted and believed.30. Let this be a warning to those that· always want to be Know-aUs. Haec An divlna Non posuit nl.nt~ could -eehieve noth- He Ih. Cabalist.Summa Summarum: This is the final conclusion: Hidden in these two proverbs i. 2-6. 31. John 4.tOD. and G. LiCe. perfected nature. therefore 6 AV V must become a . everything within the heavenly and earthly light. For tho t'otllor dwollolh in rno and' I In Him. Bxod. 2. a Spirit.1 hath seen me h&th seen the F~lhor. Son and Holy Ghost. who .cI: 10. 01 Fili obare. 21.. how long wilt thou not even Know Thyself? . stone and do not want to recognise them. out this water tho Labora. understandable God and Man. 9-11. Mark In . 01 Gold tor the 1001.1 bina. And also thou canst test anybody. The natural Sun of the Philosophers. Mercuriu8 and Sal. Father and Mother as long as the world stands. 2. Iml F~ o n scale.' Ligbt and Fire. Ligbt and Fire. God I•• Spirit. r. inconceivable Sulphur purgatum "Mercurlum que lavatum. . Pater Philosopher. that is: God. and he that rightly understandeth these proverbs in eternity and time is a right and true Theosophus. Beselecl and hi. and how they reveal themselves. noli nlmls alte volare Sl "nlmis aile volas. TR UM PHILOSOPHOR . John 14. nature of the hoi:. : beeomee G.Trinity. the earthly natural Trinity.of God. Woe: woo lO all heretics and sopbists belittling this G.dwell. this weIll In the visible. Mal: 4: . . I end my Father are ODO. And Ood sold !let the rc ·be light. dwtilleth the created invisible earthly.. Ufe.. body. poteris comburere pennas. C.

3. Cor.1.v power is in And ahove the earth.!Bicted How deep ill the world In foolish . 1 TINCTURA. in heaven Vh"t help nrc S_un. right WAy 28. leu. with TM Earthly Sun hla ralubow and" colours. 12.. I wonder bow one goes Mtray. 0 and J> have to be darkened and have to become black. Fire end Light. 4..visible fire of the 4 EI. 'I'1ui. philosepber's SUD for him who beholdeth. 3. v. out of ilselC and through The right WAy thou shalt the natural end ~ . Eph . The 1. 3. l.. Cor.L spiritual +' God who is above all and through all and in you all.ments. Pet. Fire and light will be.zgUUJ Ieed thee to lire.. M. v. 1M red colour 2. 1M yellow colour 3. v.16.t with blindn . the purple c%llr . ..:$:-.. So OOllS\llDAte. Supnna!ural fire 3... of the Wonderful Cipher 1. 2. 12. 1. Mortificatio.. FaDe . wet way work ~ . 6. 6..rnity and the hell. will ·~SOW. CI'I ~~ ".. 4. 10. John.11 io vain. In et. Fire agairul nature lI.6.ture'. ..t: . 4. God i&all in all. Moon. Siraight natural fire 2. one cannot find reason in Nature. 6. I am CABALISTICA OeD.v. Defy him that me. and tim. The invisible and .7. Everywhere And how is the worldl ill the world .ze~1I eq. .lone. itself.. The rie-hi way is &180 poor. . 2.4.. 0J)"~ A~'1fif The prelimiruuy work '+< I. Without it . v. eper. v.. About the natural and supernatural fire.. Unnatural fire Nature hath O}) dry way 0 Solve. and lete a will 0' o God.t: CI Siabeequent a natural <lfD way .keth agoi"'t Fire and light were. how deep in derkn . Fire will be the end. TM Heat'<nly Sun wlth his rainbow and 4 colours..Tim.. NATURA...~ . .0. . works..v.are Na. the yreen c%llr 4. II black calow green c%ur while colour red colollr I... 0 . co !:3 0 II The I.FIGURA Fire and light were the beginning. Natu re 'e palace and cottage.v.3. 2.l: Corruptio t SCoaculo ~ to work in itoel£ in . 1. 2. All thia is done through God'.

i. ..l ~ ~ l=! ~. ~ P ~ .

THE UNCREATED AND THE UNFATHOMABLE The created PRIMUM finite MOBILE. Lux moved upon the (nee of the .

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