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June 14, 2011

It is Environment Week in Canada as I write this, so you will be getting it after the fact, but that is OK because with any luck at all the environment will still be around. If there is one issue that concerns me on the political front is how governments typically think short term and often not further than the next election. I ask you ... when was the last time that you ever heard a politician of any political stripe talk about 100 years down the road let alone 1000 years ahead. So I wonder sometimes whether they believe the country will even be around that long. And you know, without some long range thinking ... they might be right!! Politicians, however, are simply reflecting the thinking of the majority of Canadians. In general we prefer jobs now, lower taxes now and to heck with everything else. Politicians wont change until Canadians change!! As a country Canada is still extremely dependent on the extraction of natural resources for much of our prosperity. Currently we must face two key issues. Firstly, much of what we extract ... oil, natural gas, gold, potash, zinc, nickel and so on are in absolutely limited quantities and will NEVER return. When the oil is gone ... it is gone forever or at least a few hundred thousand years. Gold and zinc will never return no matter how long the planet exists. Secondly, some of our resources, such as forestry and fishing, are renewable but only within certain limits. The Atlantic cod fishery has been largely decimated and neglect of our woodlands could certainly effect our future production. There are probably few things that Canadians love more than our children. Well, there might be one ... our grandchildren. But what about our great, great, great, great, great grandchildren?? Does anyone give a hoot?? Most of us wont be around to hold them and burp them and thank goodness no dirty diapers, but do we care what their lives will be like?? Do you think that they deserve clean air?? How about clean water?? Do you think that a few minerals and petroleum left in the ground would be ok or are we starting to spoil them?? How about healthy forests, healthy oceans and lots of healthy animals and fish to make them come alive?? Mikie youre really starting to go crazy here!!! Those of you who understand the basics of financial management know that you cannot spend every last dime and still have money for emergencies. We need to spend some and save some!! The less we spend today ... the better we are off tomorrow!! A belated Happy Environment Week!! 800


RELAY FOR LIFE See Story on Page 3

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Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011 2

At 6:55am on Sunday, the participants of the 2011 Relay for Life commenced the final lap of the track to signify the end of the twelve-hour event. After that it was a matter of cleaning up the sight, held at the Hampton Soccer Field, and heading home for a very deserved sleep. The evening started at 5:00pm on Saturday with a dinner sponsored by Hollys in the Hampton High School Cafeteria honoring Cancer Survivors. The Survivors participated in the Survivors Victory Lap officially opening the 5th Annual Hampton Relay For Life at 7:00pm. A total of 18 teams participated and walked the first few laps in the costumes of this years theme Broadway Shows. At 10:00pm, the very solemn Luminary Ceremony began with well known, Dr. John Quinn relating his battle with cancer and a strong message on how to prevent most cancers and how to deal with the disease if you are diagnosed. The ceremony culminated with the mass lighting of the luminaries in honor or remembrance of family members, friends, classmates and colleagues. After a moment of silence, the air was filled with the very emotional strains of the Lament played by piper Mike Morrison. Half way through the walk of silence, the tempo of the music changed to bring the level back to the mood of celebration and the mindset to Fight Back against this disease. Local talented artists filled the evening with very lively entertainment of music and song. Many fun filled games and activities were played through the night that allowed the participants to test their skills in physical and mental challenges. Through the night, hot soup and other snacks were available to the participants, to ward off the coolness of the air and we did not have to deal with rain this year! As of 7:00am, Sunday morning, more than $51,000.00 dollars had been raised and the final total will not be known for a few days. This is an incredible amount and special thanks go to all who donated and supported the event. I would personally like to thank the Hampton Relay For Life committee who made the event culminate in a fun filled yet fitting tribute to those who have been affected in any way by cancer. On behalf of the committee, I would also like to thank the corporate sponsors, who year after year give generously either financially or otherwise, to make this Relay For Life a huge success. My final hope is that we can continue this support in our 6th year, 2012. Thank you to everyone. Bob Gallup, Chairperson, Hampton Relay for Life 2011. 124


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

Join us for a Prime Rib Dinner at the St Bridgets Church Hall in Chapel Grove on Sunday, June 26th with sittings at 4:30 & 6:00pm. Tickets are $10/adult, $5/child or $25/amily of four. For tickets, please call Judy at 763-2646. 842


What a glorious time of year, blossoms everywhere to enchant the eye and fragrances that are rich enough to make one quite giddy, however many of the blossoms we see are considered undesirable. At this season of the year there are more jobs to do in the garden than most of us have time for so we need to be very selective in what gets done, to be most effective with that valuable time its best to get to the weeds that are on the verge of seeding first thus preventing hundreds of new plants from infesting lawns and gardens. However all is not negative even with the detested Dandelion, excellent wine can be made from the flower heads, the young leaves are great in salads and sandwiches and the ground up dried roots were valued during depression times as a coffee substitute. The deer are still a major problem for local gardeners and the repellent arsenal is almost as numerous as our undesirable monster Bambis. To date the most successful ones seem to be; one part of Ammonia to nine parts water with a little soap and vegetable oil mixed in sprayed on the objects of our affections, repeat spraying after multiple rainfalls and new growth is required; or hanging fresh sheeps wool in knee highs on stakes amongst the flowers; if you use the darker beige ones they rather resemble ladies slipper and from a distance give the impression that a master gardener is in residence. A most effective way of making an overgrown garden look as if it should be a center fold in Canadian Gardening, is to take an edging tool and whistle it around the flower bed taking just enough time to weed a three foot swathe behind the edge. The eye is caught by the clean crisp edge and the fact that there are weeds further back in the area is scarcely noticed, especially if the larger blooming weeds have been disposed of. Having taken a short cut to a good looking plot its wise to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor (just think, if you had harvested those dandelion flowers and made wine last year, you could relax in style!!). 805


10 Anniversary Year bring your instruments for lots of fiddling, singing and fun at the Frances Smith Memorial Hall (Long Reach, Rte 845 Kingston). Admission $5 at the door for church and hall repairs. Light refreshments. Kitchen party dates for this year: Fridays July 1st, 15th, 29th; August 12th, 26th and September 9th. For more information please contact: Sylvia 386-4601 or 7633393; Fraser - 763-2559. 407


The annual Allaby-Gray Reunion will take place on Sunday, July 10th at the Midland Community Hall on Rte 124. The reunion begins at 2:00pm and there will be a potluck supper. 808


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

The University of New Brunswick in Fredericton celebrated the accomplishments of 1,319 graduates from across Canada and around the world at its 182nd Encaenia, May 18th & 19th. This years four spring graduation ceremonies at The Richard J. CURRIE CENTER saw 1,123 students receive bachelors degrees, 177 earn masters degrees and 19 achieve the highest level of academic achievement, the PhD. The Lieutenant-Governors Silver Medals are awarded to the top graduating student in each of the universitys faculties locally, Emma Jayne Chaston of Hampton for science. Local graduates: Master of Arts - James Richard Horncastle (History) Hampton; Master of Engineering - Anthony Huy Cuong Pham (Chemical Engineering) Hampton; Master of Education - Miles Randall Green (Adult Education) Hampton, Margaret Alice Sheppard (Curriculum & Instruction Hampton; Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours Joanna Mary Saunders (History) Smithtown; Bachelor of Arts Katherine Teresa Hooper (Spanish/History) Hampton; Bachelor of Science First Class Honours - Emma Jayne Chaston (BiologyChemistry) Hampton, Miles Trevor Goff (Biology-Chemistry) Wickham; Bachelor of Science in Engineering Aaron James Allaby (Civil Engineering) Nauwigewauk; Michael Raymond Doody (Mechanical Engineering) Hampton, Christopher Daniel McKiel (Civil Engineering) Hampton, Douglas Michael McMillan (Mechanical Engineering) Belleisle Creek, Joseph Allan Roberts (Geomatics Engineering/Cadastral Surveying Option) Hammond River; Bachelor of Science in Forestry Neil Alan Michael Damon (Hampton), Brent Kevin Mitchell Lamb (Hampton), Shawn David Thomas McFarlane (Hampton); Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Lisa Eileen Solte (Accounting) Lower Cambridge; Bachelor of Business Administration Brian Michael Lohnes (Economics) Hampton; Bachelor of Philosophy First Division - Jessica Chantelle Hughes (Leadership) Belleisle. For a complete list of graduates and details on UNB Frederictons spring graduation ceremonies, visit the Encaenia website at 122


Each Friday from 6:00-9:00am Midland Baptist Church (Rte.124 & Upper Midland Road) invites you to get a great cup of coffee while making a donation toward alleviating world hunger. Watch for the MAD@poverty Coffee Drive Thru signs. 115


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

The National Youth Orchestra of Canada is the premiere training venue for young musicians seeking to develop professional playing skills and contacts. Founded in 1960 by the noted conductor Walter Susskind, the NYOCs primary focus is to provide world-class training to Canadas best young orchestral musicians. Alex Cho, grade 12 SJ High School, concertmaster of FLO (local chamber orchestra), has been accepted into this years orchestra. Alex, who is just 17, and a Grade 12 student in the IB programme at Saint John High School, is justifiably excited about his upcoming summer with the orchestra. Unfortunately the requirement that he begin the training session on June 18th means that Alex will have to pass on his graduation exercises, including prom, at Saint John High. While this was initially quite disappointing to him, he feels that the opportunity to play with a group of the caliber of the NYOC is not to be missed. FLO will be holding a concert on Saturday, June 25th at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Rothesay, where they will be performing the Mendelssohn Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings with guests Nancy Dahn and Timothy Steeves, otherwise known as Duo Concertante, from Memorial University. There will be no admission cost for this concert, but a free will offering will be appreciated. Unfortunately Alex will miss this concert and following the summer with NYOC, Alex will be heading off to St. Johns himself to enroll at MUN and to study with Nancy. 802


This year the St. John Ambulance (Sussex Branch) award will be presented in memory of Don MacVey the purpose is to encourage men and women to enter the health care profession. Thos who do apply do not necessarily have to be a 2011 graduate as students taking post secondary studies are also eligible. A personal interview may be required. Applications may be obtained at the Sussex Regional and Belleisle Regional High Schools; or by calling Muriel McCullum at 433-2697. 519


Evening of cards at the Norton Shore Community Centre Cribbage on Tuesdays 7:30pm, and Auction 45s - Thursdays at 7:30pm. Refreshments Served. 112


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

The Saint John Regional Hospital Rehab Unit is in need of some new equipment, and to meet the challenge the KV Old Boys have partnered with Homestar to raise funds. Homestar is supplying the KV Old Boys with a storage barn to be raffled, which will be on display at Canadian Tire until June 30th with the draw taking place on July 1st. KV Old Boys will be selling tickets at the Canadian Tire on June 24th & 25th. Tickets may also be purchased from any member of the KV Old Boys. We would like to thank Homestar for its support as well as Canadian Tire and Shoppers for allowing us to sell tickets at their locations. 410


Locally, the Parkinsons Support Group has resumed its monthly meetings in Sussex. The meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 2:00pm in the Heritage Room of the Kiwanis Nursing Home. For more information please contact Max Lutz at 433-3330 or Leona Gionet at 433-5342. 517


The Kingston United Baptist Church (3935 Route 845 Kingston) will be holding Vacation Bible School PandaMania, Where God is Wild About You five mornings, 9:00am to 12:00noon daily, from July 4th-8th. For information and/or pre-registration please phone 8325518 or 763-2765. 133


The annual Camp Gagetown Picnic will be held in New Jerusalem on Sunday, July 3rd and everyone is welcome. Bring a lawn chair and a picnic lunch. For more information please contact 832-4520. 815


A youth-created Anti-Bullying Website toll-free line for youth, parents, and the general public can be accessed 24/7, 365 days a year by anyone in Canada. Anyone may access the toll-free number at: (877) 352-4497. 803


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

Representatives of the Joshua Group board of directors receive a donation from The Men of Fundy barbershop chorus. The Joshua Group is an organization, founded by Bobby Hayes, dedicated to helping children at risk in the Greater Saint John area. After a presentation at a chapter meeting, the barbershoppers felt that the work of The Joshua Group was so meaningful and important, that they would wholeheartedly support the organization and make The Joshua Group their charity of choice. In addition to this initial donation of $500, a portion of all future fund raising efforts by the Men of Fundy will be donated to The Joshua Group. The Men of Fundys previous charity work of supplying hearing aids to needy children will continue as requests come in. 818


left to right: Buzz Payne, Associate Director of The Men of Fundy; Bobby Hayes, founder of the Joshua Group; Paul Chamberlain, President of The Men of Fundy and Rick Demone, Board Chairman of the Joshua Group.

The Millstream United Churches are sponsoring the 107th Strawberry Festival at the millstream Recreation Centre in Berwick on tuesday, July 5th from 2:30-6:30pm. The menu will include: potato salad, home baked beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, layer cakes, rolls, brown bread, strawberry shortcake or fresh berries. Cost for the meal will be $10/adults, $4/children (6-12) or $25/ family. Live musical entertainment on site all afternoon. Takeouts available. 813


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

8 River Road, Rothesay Crib - every Wednesday at 7:30pm. For information please call Sam Gauvin at 847-8261. Everyone welcome. Bingo - every Thursday evening, doors open at 6:00 games start at 6:55pm. 10 regular games, four specials and a jackpot game. Also included: early & late games and building pots (Bonanza, Lucky 7, Pyramid and Treasure Chest). For information please call Richard Smith at 847-4163. Canteen services available. Hall rentals are available for various types of events/activities (weddings, birthdays, parties, etc). The Hall is also available for special benefit events. Please contact David at 847-4647. New members are always welcome, please contact Sharon at 847-7290. Please stay tuned for more exciting events. 402



A fundraising concert will be held in Hampton on Friday, July 1st at the Town Square Pavilion to raise funds which will go to the creation of a Hampton Skate Board Park. The concert will begin at 6:00pm with local talent and then from 7:00-8:30pm (approx) Chris Cummings will be performing. Admission by donation at the entrance, with all donations going to towards the skateboard park. After the concert enjoy Hamptons Canada Day fireworks. 841

There will be a free VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) Wellness Clinic at the Kingston Parish Hall on Thursday June 16th from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Drop by for free blood pressure, blood sugar and total cholesterol monitoring. Call 635-1530 for more information. 412

The Womens Institute Tea Covered Bridge Festival will take place on wednesday, July 6th at the Salmon River Covered Bridge (past Four Corners, Rte 890, Sussex), with two sittings: 2:00-3:00 and 3:00-4:00pm. For tickets ($6 each) or more information call 433-5741. 810


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011

The death of Peter Leonard Bastiaens of Hampton, husband of Mary Ernestine Teanie (Brideau) Bastiaens, occurred May 25, 2011 at the Saint John Regional Hospital. He was born on June 2, 1948 in Maastricht, Holland, son of the late Peter and Annette (Jongen) Bastiaens. Peter immigrated to Canada with his family on May 15, 1954 from the Netherlands. Peter became a Canadian citizen on May 1, 2000. Peter joined the Labours International Union on October 27, 1969 in Hamilton, ON. He is a member of Local 900 in Saint John, NB. Peter is survived by his wife of 43 years, Teanie; his children, Patricia Langdo (Raymond), Moncton, Peter L. Bastiaens (Jean Hubbard), Bloomfield; two granddaughters, Erica and Jessie Langdo; one grandson, Nicholas Patterson, Sussex; one stepgranddaughter, Karley Hubbard; one sister, Ann Langstroth (Les), of Quispamsis; one brother, Donald Bastiaens of Saint John; several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by one sister, Tina Saunders. The funeral was held May 28, 2011 from Reids Funeral Home, Hampton to St. Alphonsus Church, Hampton, where Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated by Rev. Kevin Barry. St. Alphonsus Music Ministry was present. The casket pall was placed by Teanie Bastiaens, Patricia Langdo and Peter Bastiaens Jr. Readings were by Sonya and John Annear. Prayers of the Faithful were by Stewart Galloway. The presentation of gifts was by Raymond Langdo, Sandra Jordan and Jean Hubbard. The active pallbearers were: Peter Bastiaens Jr., Raymond Langdo, Les Langstroth, Bill Wilson, Skip Corner and John Annear. The honourary pallbearers were: Nicholas Patterson, Oscar Mason, Gordie Drew, Donnie Bowland, Harry Morrell, Murray Long, Richard Speight, Rick Lisson, Robert Corner, Doug McKiel, Scott Langstroth and Tony Langstroth. Interment will be in St. Alphonsus cemetery, Hampton, at a later date. Memorials to a charity of the donors choice would be appreciated. Online memorials and condolences can be made at:

BAStIAEnS, Peter Leonard

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The death of Esther Dubec, 95, of Saint John, married 37 years to the late Paul Dubec, occurred May 26, 2011 at Great Oaks Special Care Home, MacDonalds Point, NB. She was born in Belleisle, NB, daughter of the late Edward and Julia (MacDonald) Coggan. Esther loved her cat, Ginger and all her four legged children before that. Esther previously resided in Toronto and Hampton. Esther was the last surviving member of her family and is survived by her sister-in-law, Josephine Greer of Kiersteadville, several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by two sisters, Mildred Thorne, Rena Prince and four brothers, Roland, Howard, Charles and Freddy Coggan. The funeral was held May 31, 2011 at Reids Funeral Home, Hampton, with Rev. Karen MacNeill officiating. The organist was Jeff Matheson and the soloist was Tara Goobie. The pallbearers were: Edward Coggan, Bill Hampton, Bobby Thorne, Brian Thorne, Ron Stockford and Nick Stockford. Interment was in Kiersteadville Cemetery. Memorials to the Animal Rescue League or a charity of the donors choice would be appreciated. Online memorials and condolences can be made at: The family wish to thank Dorothy and staff of Great Oaks for Esthers care and letting her spend her last months with her cat Ginger. She truly enjoyed being back in the country air. The death of Dorothy Ellis of Rothesay, widow of Harry Ellis, occurred May 24, 2011 at the Kiwanis Nursing Home, Sussex. She was born in Barnesville, daughter of the late Samuel and Violet (Parlee) Rodgers. Dorothy was a member of St. Augustines A.C.W. and she loved to knit and quilt. She enjoyed trailering with Harry. Continues on page 12

DUBEC, Esther maude

ELLIS, Dorothy Bessie Louise

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


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She is survived by two sons, James Ellis (Amy) of Fredericton, Kenneth Ellis (Eleanor) of Marrtown; two sisters, Verna Lackie of Quispamsis, Olive Acker of Saint John; one sisterin-law, Irene Rodgers, Hampton; five grandchildren, nine great grandchildren, several nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by one brother, Lloyd Rodgers. The funeral was held May 27, 2011 at Reids Funeral Home, Hampton, with Rev. Leo Martin officiating. The organist was David McCready and the soloist was Nancy Savoy. Remembrances were by Eleanor Ellis. The pallbearers were: Jeff Carr, Zack Carr, Bill Ellis, Weston Ellis, David Ellis and Roy Brewer. Interment was in Ocean View Memorial Gardens, Saint John. Memorials to St. Augustines Church, Quispamsis or Trinity Church, Sussex would be appreciated. Online memorials and condolences can be made at: The death of James LeBlanc of Clifton Royal, husband of Beatrice (Smith) LeBlanc occurred unexpectedly on Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 at the Kings Way Care Centre. He was born in Saint John, son of the late James and Elsie (Rhynes) LeBlanc. James was a salesman with 7-Up/Pepsi, Sticklens Meats and Coca Cola. He retired as a labourer with the Department of Transportation after suffering a stroke in 2000. James enjoyed softball, fishing, hunting and vacationing on Prince Edward Island. James is survived by his wife Beatrice; son, James G. (Angela) of Quispamsis; daughters, Natalie Pevlin (Sterling) and Nancy Titus (Randy) of Clifton Royal; one sister, Jean Sanders (George), of Quispamsis; eight grandchildren, Craig and Krista Titus, Lindsay, Gary, Gregory and Nicole Pevlin, Danielle and Ashley LeBlanc; several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held on Friday, May 27th, 2011 from the chapel of Kennebecasis Community Funeral Home. Rev. Elizabeth Stevenson officiated and was assisted by Rev. Brenda Schyf. The organist for the service was Claire Driscoll. Pallbearers were: Randy Titus, Sterling Pevlin, Doug Sanders, Craig Titus, Gary Pevlin and Gregory Pevlin. Honourary pallbearers were: Wayne Doucette, Dave Marshall and George Sanders. Immediately following the service, a reception was held at the funeral home. Interment took place in Kingston Baptist Cemetery. For those who wish, donations may be made to Kings Way Care Centre or a charity of the donors choice. Online donations and condolences may be made at:,

LEBLAnC, James william

There will be a reunion for descendents of Lemuel & Augusta Lackie on Sunday, August 7th at the Lackie Camp (Carsonville Road, Mt. Hebron). There will be contests and games for children and adults. Pot luck meal at 4:00pm. Rain date if necessary will be Sunday, August 14th. 838


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Each year seven local chapters of Beta Sigma Phi honor a welldeserving lady in the community who puts into practice a portion of their opening ritual that states: A determination to give the best that is in us and to assist in any and every way. On May 11th Cheryl Bezanson was honored by one of the local philanthropic sororities, Nu Chapter, as the 2011 Lady of the Year. Cheryl is a retired teacher of Hampton Elementary School. Cheryls selfless dedication to the school, church and her community makes her a worthy recipient of this award. Congratulations Cheryl! 833


L-R: Cheryl Bezanson (Lady of the year), Jean Hartlen (social sponsor), Kim Golding and Patty Lawrence (Nu Chapter).

Hamptons Communities in Bloom Committee will hold their annual Garden Tour on Saturday, June 25th, from 1:004:00pm, rain or shine. Five flower gardens and two vegetable gardens will be featured on the tour this year, with drinks and sweets at one of the gardens. Each garden is different in its own way. Tickets ($12 again this year) will be available at Hampton Pharmacy (832-5564) or Kredls Corner Market (832-7568), or by phoning 832-7244 or 832-7522. Come join us for a lovely afternoon in the Hampton area. 405


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The Hampton John Peters Humphrey Foundation is gearing up for its biennial Bloomin Artists event. Bloomin Artists, co-sponsored by Hampton Communities in Bloom, has proven to be one of the most fun and exciting events that Hampton has to offer in the summer months; it attracts folks from near and far. This years event will be held in The Lighthouse Park River Centre on Saturday, July 23rd & Sunday, July 24th featuring about 40 artists who will be painting some of Hamptons most beautiful gardens and picturesque sites. The paintings created over the course of the weekend will be sold during four separate silent auctions, and excitement among the artists, along with that of the many volunteeers, onlookers and buyers, is always tangible. A highlight of the event is the opportunity for the public to visit the lovely gardens and watch the artists at work. Not to be forgotten, children will have their very own event. Members of Hamptons Alliance for Lifelong Learning will have tables set up for the children to make their own creations, which they can take home. Some of the wooden fish that they painted in 2009, and decorated with feathers, sticks, sequins, pebbles, you name it, were truly works of art and a lovely way to introduce the children to an artistic group event. There has always been a popular surprise event at Bloomin Artists. Prior to the event, each artist is given a blank wooden figure(s), and asked to create a work of art around a theme (this years theme is Women in Bloom). An amazing variety of figures, ranging from the hilarious to the serious, will also be auctioned off. Please come, and please stay tuned for more information as the event approaches. 830

BLOOmIn ARtIStS 2011

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The Local Saint John Chapter of the Canadian Liver Foundation is holding a fundraising raffle for Live(R) to Ride to support Canadians suffering from liver disease. Buy your tickets until September 17th for a 2012 Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide Motorcycle. The draw will be held on Saturday, September 17th between 12:00noon-5:00pm at Kaceys Kitchen located in Haymarket Square. Come out and enjoy the afternoon, and you may go home riding the Grand Prize 2012 Harley Davidson Touring Street Glide Motorcycle. Tickets are only $50 each, and limited to 800 tickets offering ticket holders great odds to win! Tickets may be purchased by contacting the local chapter by phone 506-214-3511 or email or visiting KV Billiards in Quispamsis, Eldridges, or Kaceys Kitchen. The Saint John Chapter hopes to bring awareness to the issues of liver health while raising funds for research, education, and prevention of liver disease among Canadians. Liver disease affects children, women and men with equal and sometimes fatal consequences. The Canadian Liver Foundation mandate is to promote liver health and to reduce the incidence and impact of all liver disease. To achieve this goal, we work through volunteers and chapters across the country to improve public awareness and understanding of liver health and disease. All proceeds support research and education programs to the general public, patients and their families, and the medical community. 834


There will be a Yard Sale fundraiser for the Greater Fundy Ground Search & Rescue on Saturday, July 9th from 8:006:00pm behind the Court House (717 Main Street) in Sussex. To rent a table please call 433-433. We are also looking for donations for our sale, call 433-4331 or 432-6971. 521


The Sussex Crokinole Club meets at the Masonic Hall (482 Main Street, Sussex). Come join us for an afternoon of fun on Wednesdays starting at 2:00pm. For further information phone Don at 433-4360. 509


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The final plans are now being made for the 2nd annual Canada Day celebrations on the Belleisle Bay at Hatfield Point. The celebration for 2010 was a great success, ending an awesome fireworks display and this year promises to be even better. The day will begin with a breakfast fundraiser at Outreach Pentecostal Church (8:00-11:00am) along with their annual yard sale (8:00am-2:00pm). The cost for the breakfast is $6/adults and $3.50/children under 12. Yard Sale tables are available for rent ($10 each) by calling Patti at 485-0008. At 10:00am the parade will leave the Belleisle Regional High School and continue to Hatfield Point. Anyone interested in taking part in the parade may contact Krista (485-2495) or Kathy (485-2812). The afternoon will include music/entertainment and activities for all ages including dunk tank, lawn mower races, horseshoe competition, archery. There will also be 50/50 draws and a silent auction. Food will also be available with a BBQ and Pig Roast. Enthusiastic amateur photographers are welcome to take part in the, new for this year, Photo Contest. For registration forms and more information contact Lori at 485-1913. The day will finish off with Cemetery Stories starting at 7:30pm in the Bayview Cemetery interesting tales of some, now buried in the cemetery, whose lives helped weave local history often more interesting than we realize. The fireworks will begin at dark (approx 10:00pm) and were expecting an even better display than last year not to be missed. See you on the Belleisle for Canada Day 2011! 840


Thane Dunn is able to deliver the full Elvis package; from the look to the undeniable Presley sond to his incredible stage presence. On stage (backed by the eight piece Cadillac Kings) he becomes a walking, talking re-incarnation of the King of Rock & Roll and hes coming to Hampton. Hampton Rotarians are now embarking on their fall fundraising event by bringing Thane Dunn and the Cadillac Kings to the Hampton High Schools Community Theatre on Saturday, September 24th at 7:00pm. This is a show for the entire family. The Rotarian goal is to raise over $7,000 for the benefit of the community. Tickets are $35 and are available now from any Hampton Rotarian, with all proceeds going to help support numerous community projects, such as: Good Start Breakfast Elementary School program; Bicycle Helmet Program for area grade two students; Youth Exchange Students/High School Bursaries; Hampton Food Basket; Hampton Town Square project; Hampton Seniors Resource Center and Camp Rotary along with many other projects. 837 Please join us on Sunday, June 26th 2:00pm at the Court House Museum in Gagetown to celebrate the opening of The Lamp and the Union: Nursing in 20th Century New Brunswick. This exhibition was produced by the New Brunswick Museum and will run until July 17th. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Gary Hughes, curator of the exhibition. Copies of Agnes Warner and the Nursing Sisters of the Great War by Shawna Quinn will be available for sale at $16.95. Light refreshments will be served. For more information please call the Court House Museum at 488-2483. 839



Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


1356 Rte 845, Clifton Royal NB, E5S 2B9, Phone 763-2009 Mondays - Legion meeting the first Monday of each month, new members welcomed (anyone may become a member), membership not a requirement to be a volunteer. Sundays - 7:30pm, Cribbage. For more information contact Joe Stack at 763-2959. Sunday, June 19th 10:00am-1:00pm, Brunch. On the menu scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, home baked beans, toast, coffee/tea, juice. Everyone welcome. Thank you to the good people of Kingston for supporting or breakfast on May 22nd. The winner of the 50/50 draw in the amount of $73.50 was Bob Laver. Thursday, July 1st Canada Day Fun for everyone: 10:00am Flea Market $5/ table - to book a table call 763-2641 (Barb Pitt); Canteen Service; BBQ Hotdogs & Hamburgers; 12:15pm Flag raising and cake cutting; 12:30-4:00pm take out salad plate & strawberry short cake; games for young and old - frog racing contest, Bingo; local entertainment, antique cars on display and end the day with fireworks. Finalized program will be posted at Kingston General Merchants, Chapel Grove Convenience, Fullertons Market, Crystal Beach and Gondola Point, Peninsula Princess and Westfield Ferries. Peninsula Pearls meet the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month at 12:00noon for lunch. New members welcomed - if interested call Claudia Small at 763-2587 Thank you to all the good people of Kingston and surrounding areas for their support in making the Easter Brunch an overwhelming success. To reserve the Hall call Doreen Stack at 763-2959 and/or Meaghan Hickey at 7632665, or e-mail



The KVHS Class of 1981 is holding its 30th year Class Reunion on Friday, July 22nd from 7:00pm 12:00midnight, at the Q-Plex in Quispamsis. For more information please contact Lisa McLaughlin at or visit our Facebook page KVHS Class of 1981. 816

The last Auction 45s Card Party at the Berwick Hall for this spring will be held on tuesday, June 21st at 1:30pm. The organizers would like to thank everyone for coming, hope you all have a wonderful summer. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall the card parties will resume on tuesday, September 13th. 503


Volleyball continues on Wednesday evenings at Rothesay Park Middle School, 8:00-10:00pm at cost of $3; and Breakfast for Singles at Hollys Restaurant in Hampton Mall on Sundays at 10:00am. If you would like some more info about the purpose of our group, membership or on any of the above please email or phone 6961914 for recorded info and feel free to leave a message to have someone call you. 819


Card Parties, sponsored by the Belleisle Seniors Club, are held at the Belleisle Creek Hall on Saturdays at 7:30pm. All welcome. 511


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Please note the following activities that are held at the Hampton Branch #28 for the month of June. Please mark you calendars for the event of interest to you. Mondays Branch General Meeting is held the second Monday of the month at 7:00pm and all members are invited to attend. Why not become a member? We will welcome you - applications are available at the Branch. Why not come and support your local Legion, to help the Branch give back to their community. Tuesdays The Lions Club of Hampton hosts their weekly Bingo, which begins at 5:30pm. Wednesdays Afternoon Seniors meet at 1:00pm with a meal served at 4:00pm. If you need a drive for this event, please call Helen or Vernon Campbell at 832-5377. Sundays Brunches are held every second week. Our next Brunch will be held on Sunday, June 29th from 9:00am until 12:00noon. All are welcome, come with your family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal. A 50/50 and free breakfast draw are also offered. Friday, July 1st Canada Day breakfast from 8:00am-11:00am. For Hall Rentals, please contact 832-4633 or 832-7886 and leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you are a veteran or a spouse of a veteran and wish information regarding assistance from Veterans Affairs Canada, please contact the Branch Service Officer, Bob Jones at 832-9899. 106


Bingo on wednesdays, 7:00pm at the WI/Seniors Hall in Upham (2117 Rte 820)! Canteen is available and everyone is welcome come out for a fun evening. Sponsored by the Hammond River Valley Seniors. 512


There will be a country music Jam Session with Leon Daigle at the Berwick/Millstream Rec Centre on Saturday, June 25th from 7:00-10:00pm. Come and enjoy an evening of good music and audience participation. There will be door prizes and 50/50 split. All welcome. For more information contact 434-0113. 523


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


AttEntIOn AmAtEUR PHOtOGRAPHERS This could be your chance to click and win. Have you taken that nearly perfect photo well, send it to us it could be chosen as Ossekeag Publishings Pic of the Month, sponsored by participating Subway locations. The first of each month we will be choosing one photo, from those submitted during the previous month, to be our Pic of the Month photo. The chosen photo will be published in all four publications and the winner for that month will receive a voucher for a Footlong meal deal from participating Subway locations. Check out the contest rules and get snapping: One winner chosen per month; Submissions should be original photos, not composites and without borders; Photos submitted must be in high quality jpeg format (300 dpi and at least 8x10 in size) and emailed to; Please include the location of the photo and name of photographer (and contact info); Digital copies preferred; Photos of public interest only not people. Submission of photos authorizes Ossekeag Publishing the right to print and display your photo (with photographer credit) in any of our four publications - WesTides, Valley Viewer, Hampton Herald and Sussex Herald, our yearly calendar, website and Facebook group. If no photo of suitable quality is submitted, judges can elect to choose no winner for that month. 821

Breakfast will be held the second Saturday of each month 8:0010:00am at the WI/Seniors (Hall, 2117 Rte 820) in Upham. Come and enjoy a really filling breakfast with your friends and neighbours for only $6/person, $20/family - or have just toast and coffee for $2. Presented by the Anglican Parish Churches of Upham. For more information contact 832-7253. 507 A weekly free childrens program offered by the Head of Millstream Wesleyan Church for ages 3-12 is held on Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30pm. For more information contact Rachel McGuire at 433-1761 or browse our website at 515



Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


by Owen Preeper The sun has finally found its way through the clouds to brighten up our end-of-year activities here at Hampton Middle School. With only 10 more days of school left, summer break is just around the corner. On June 2nd the Hampton community was invited to see a performance of The Pirates of Beamers Creek, an original play performed by the HMS drama club. Congratulations go out to the cast, crew and staff who made it all happen! Students in Grade 6 enjoyed a day at home on June 3rd to make room for next years Grade 6 students, who were visiting from Hampton Elementary and Hammond River Valley Elementary Schools. The Grade 8 students headed off to Hampton High for the day to get oriented to their future school. On June 9th, all were invited to a celebration in honour of Betty Harrison, our beloved art teacher. For the past 24 years, Ms. Harrison has led a phenomenal art program for the students at HMS. We wish her well in her retirement. Students in Grade 7 and 8 worked diligently on math this past month, preparing for district and provincial math assessments. Tomorrow a full busload of excited Grade 8 students will embark on their much-anticipated trip to Quebec. They have a full itinerary, including a tour of the Citadelle de Quebec, a trip to Montmorency Falls and a bike tour around Old Quebec. They will get to experience Quebec culture at its finest. The Grade 8 semi-formal is being held on June 22nd. Come out and see all the students dressed up for their last middle school dance. All students will be bringing home their final report cards on June 24th, the last half-day of school. As this is the last article I will write before heading off to high school, I would like to wish all the students and staff of Hampton Middle School a safe and happy summer. Owen Preeper is a Grade 8 student at Hampton Middle School.

HmS nEwS

St. Johns United Church in Sussex Corner will be holding our annual Strawberry Festival on wednesday, June 29th from 3:30 to 6:30pm. We will be serving our famous potato salad, ham, rolls, cucumbers, tomatoes and for dessert - both strawberry shortcake and layer cakes. Price is $9.00/adults, $4/children 6-12 and under 6 eat for free. Take-outs will be available. 525


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Over the past few weeks you have read stories about, and letters from, some of the Starfish students that are being supported by the Hampton-Piggs Peak Partnership. (Visit our website www.hamptonpiggspeak. ca and click on the starfish logo to read the Starfish story.) The sincere expressions of gratitude we receive are heartwarming. They also provide confirmation for us that paying school fees for those who would otherwise be unable to do so is one of the most effective ways of breaking the cycle of poverty, disease, and despair that permeates Piggs Peak. We are currently paying school and exam fees for almost 80 students at Fundukuwela and Piggs Peak Central high schools. In Swaziland, there are five forms or years of high school the equivalent of grade 812 in Canada. Total costs vary from year to year based on the number of students we have in the different grades. For instance, Form five, the final year, is significantly more expensive than other forms; the fees for standardized exams alone are approximately $300 per student! Since payments are required in local currency, the dollar/emalangeni exchange rate can also impact our costs. The current all-in cost of supporting students for 2011 is almost $40,000. Those of you who are Starfish sponsors are paying a significant portion of the total costs. You are an integral part of our Partnership without whom we would be unable to do what we are doing. But, for the reasons above, we need additional funds to supplement these donations. As you can imagine, from time to time payments come due and our Partnership runs into cash flow challenges something with which many


of us can identify. We ran into such a situation in April; St. Pauls Presbyterian Church responded to this predicament by designating May as Piggs Peak Month and setting a goal of raising $5,000 for the month. The congregation went into allout fundraising mode by undertaking an Easter Breakfast; Poor Boys Dinner; Movie Night; Spring Tea/Bake Sale, Auction; Car Wash; and Special Offerings. Through the hard work of many too many to mention in this space St. Pauls Presbyterian Church successfully raised $5,044 in May for the HamptonPiggs Peak Partnership! The mission of St. Pauls Presbyterian Church is to demonstrate Gods love by enhancing the lives of others within the local and global community. Thank you to everyone at St. Pauls who have so clearly demonstrated brotherly love for their neighbours in Piggs Peak through their fundraising efforts. They should take great pleasure in knowing that this love is reciprocated by those they are helping. If you would like to make a donation support any of our projects, help pay school fees or become Starfish Sponsor, please visit our website or contact me, Mark Bettle, at 832-0003 or Carl MacKenzie (Starfish Coordinator) at 832-2704. 110

The St. Francis Xavier Church (110 church Avenue, Sussex) will be holding their annual Strawberry Festival on Sunday, July 10th from 3:00-6:30pm. The menu includes: ham, potato salad, baked beans, coleslaw, pickles, rolls, layer cakes, strawberry shortcake, tea/coffee. Cost for the meal is $10/adults, $5/children 12 & under, $30/famly (parents & children under 12). Take-out will be available from the Lower Hall from 3:006:00pm. 524


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The week at the Center begins on Monday morning at 9:00am and you will find the quilters and craft workers there, enjoying their work and the time spent with their friends. They need more quilters and if you quilt, your help would be appreciated. Any questions about crafts or quilting call Peggy Odell 832-5286 or Betty Mitham at 832-7785. Monday afternoon, at 1:00pm Swedish Weaving classes are in process and a light lunch is served. If you have questions please call Betty Prentice at 8325274 The Hampton Hoedowners held their graduation on May 9th, which was well attended with dancers from the following clubs, Moncton, Sussex, Cambridge-Narrows, Fairvale, Saint John, Grand Bay and Hampton. Three callers attended as well as Hamptons caller. Tuesdays at 7:00pm Bridge players are there enjoying them selves; if you play Bridge why not join them, there is always room for more. If you need information call Barry Kilpatrick 832-5701. Wednesdays at 7:30pm Auction 45 players gather for an evening of fun and friendship, and a light lunch is served why not join them. Thursdays at 9:30am the craft shop down in back is open. At 10:00am, musicians gather with singing and music until the delicious home cooked dinner is served at 12:00noon The price for the dinner is $4 for members, and $5 for non-members. The first Thursday of every month is Pot Luck, bring one of your special dishes and have your dinner, a combination of many special dishes. Note: On June 16th the final dinner (until Fall) will be held at 5:00pm and is for members only, no guests Sunday, June 26th 1:00-4:00pm, Benefit Concert with proceeds going to the Hampton Resource Center with Reg Gallants Yesterdays Wine and special guests - Hazel Marie Robertson, Carol Perry, Mark Hill, Maddie Dysart and the Port City Jamboree Band Reg Gallant, Walter Prosser, Tim Wallace, C.J. Gallant, Matthew OConnor. Tickets ($10) are available at KV Drugs; Beats & Bytes; Hampton Pharmasave; Len Tonge (832-5009); Bob Steveson (832-2621) & at the door. Saturday, October 1st - Quilt Show, plan now to attend. If you wish to rent the Center for a special occasion call 8323763, leave a message and your call will be returned. The Rotary Club will provide bar service for functions at the Center. Anyone having a birthday or anniversary this month we extend our Best Wishes, to anyone ill or in the hospital we wish you a speedy recovery and return to the Centre, we miss you. Submitted by Mary Long. 113


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Important dates to remember: Sunday, June 19th 7:00pm, Ecumenical (Interfaith) Baccalaureate Service - St. Pauls Anglican Church. Monday, June 20th 5:00-6:00pm, Grand March, Hampton Town Square; 6:00pm, Prom Dinner at Seniors Resource Centre; 8:00pm12:00midnight. Graduation Prom at Hampton High School Gymnasium. Wednesday, June 22nd 9:00am, Grad list posted; 10:00am, compulsory graduation rehearsal. Thursday, June 23rd 8:00pm, Graduation Ceremony; 5:00pm, doors open to guests; 6:00pm, Reception HHS Cafeteria; 9:00pm, Safe Grad CFB Gagetown Rec. Centre. Friday, June 24th - 6:30am, Post Safe Grad Breakfast Hampton Bible Camp. Refreshment Donations From Parents Of Grads: Each year, we are able to defray costs by the generous donations of snacks, sweets and beverages by parents of the graduates. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and donations to this effort. Exam Week June 13th-17th - Beverages & Pancake mix, each graduate is expected to bring two beverages (either pop or juice). Students with last name beginning AL are asked to bring one box of pancake mix (it must be the type that is mixed with water) and students with last name beginning with MZ are asked to bring one bottle of syrup. Bring these to Room 124. Baccalaureate Service - sweet trays, fruit, drop these off in the basement of the trays, dips, etc church when you arrive for the service. Prom, June 20th 8:00-9:00am, drop off snacks, veggie trays, fruit trays, dips, etc. in the school lobby. Please use disposable serving trays. These snacks will be served at the prom. Graduation, June 23rd 8:00-9:00am, drop off sweet trays in the school lobby. These are served at the reception following the graduation ceremony. Please use disposable serving trays. Parents who attended the fall meeting and signed up for various activities will be getting a call soon about the organization of various events. If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like to help us out, please leave your name and number with the school secretary, and we will get back to you. We greatly appreciate the help parents are able to give us; the special events that school staff and parents provide ensure that the graduates feel special and that they have a memorable graduation. For more information, please go to 137


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Senior Goodwill Ambassadors have been appointed for a new mandate by Social Development Minister Sue Stultz, who is also minister responsible for seniors, housing and community nonprofit organizations. The Senior Goodwill Ambassador Program is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and I thank all of our ambassadors, both past and present, for their dedication to representing our province, said Stultz. The program encourages seniors to make a difference by being actively involved in their communities while also promoting all that our province has to offer. As part of their mandate, the ambassadors are invited to greet visitors to the province; address community groups; participate in and organize community activities; and encourage travellers to extend their visits to New Brunswick. They participate in conferences, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, presentations, and help guide visitors. Seniors are a vital resource for our province as they spend countless hours improving the lives of others not just in their own neighbourhoods but throughout New Brunswick, Stultz said. This program is a wonderful opportunity to provide seniors with another avenue to give back to their communities and their province through volunteering. There are 29 senior goodwill ambassadors distributed in every region of the province. Individuals or organizations interested in benefiting from the services of these ambassadors may contact the Senior and Healthy Aging Secretariat at 506-457-6811. Senior Goodwill Ambassadors locally appointed were: Jean Hartlen, Hampton and Alyson Hamilton, Quispamsis. 408


Mature Professionals Network (MPN) a social networking organization for single adults over the age of 40 has been launched in Saint John. MPN offers a forum to meet and exchange ideas, develop friendships and share common interests. They have a Meet and Greet Social every Friday night, 5:30-7:30pm at the Chateau Saint John, on Rockland Road. You will be warmly welcomed by a MPNSJ greeter who will introduce you to other members. A group of them also go out to dinner after the Meet and Greet. They have already participated in several different activities and are looking forward to a lot more interesting things to do through the seasons. We hope you can find time to join us. 831


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


1 Landing Court, Quispamsis, 849-5314, 849-5318 (fax), Email: Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday -10:00am-5:00pm; Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am-8:30pm; Saturday 9:30-5:00pm; Sunday - closed. To register for any programs, please call 8495314. Childrens Programs: Family Drop-In Table: Our family drop-in centre has weekly themes and crafts for parents/caregivers and children to enjoy together. Toddler Story Time: For children 18 months and still under three years and their parents/caregivers. Tuesdays from 10:3011:00am. Registration is not required. Three-and-Up Club Story Time: For children three to five years and their parents/caregivers. Fridays from 10:30-11:00am. Registration is not required. Seeking: Volun-teens to help with Reading Buddies & summer activities. For more information, please enquire at the circulation desk. 404 The exhibit Wood Sculptures will open on Thursday, June 16th at 7:30pm. The public is invited to a reception of Punch n Pickins to celebrate this exhibit in our Gallery and the opening of the museum for the 2011 summer season. The John Fisher Memorial Museum is located in the basement of Macdonald Consolidated School and is open for the summer from June 17th to Labour Day weekend - Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm. 1810 Carter House Tea Room, Gift Shop, Garden & Heritage Site/Library is also open to the public for the summer commencing June 14th to Labour Day weekend Tuesday to Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm. Carter House is located on Route 845 next to the Kingston Merchants/Irving and may be contacted at 832-2902. On Friday, June 24th St. John The Baptist Day, Peninsula Heritage and friends of the St. John River will be gathering at St. James Church in Long Reach (the Cedars) to celebrate the naming of the St. John River over 400 years ago. The public is invited to join us at 11:30am for a few words by Rev. Don Trivett, interspersed with river music, before the ringing of the church bells at noon. A picnic lunch will be shared on the lawn, weather permitting, or at the Frances Smith Memorial Hall. The Cedars Light will be open by request and the trail to the light and the river is available to the public at all times. For information regarding these events or Peninsula Heritage please contact the museum at 763-2101. 120



Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hamptons Town Wide Yard Sale will take place on Saturday, August 13th. This event has been a great success in the past and we are hoping for another great response! This year, the event is being organized and sponsored by Lifestyles Fitness with any money raised going directly to support the Hampton Skateboard Park initiative. We encourage you to get registered early! The registration deadline is Friday, July 29th. Registrations can be made at Lifestyles Fitness, 361 William Bell Drive (across from Chapmans Ice Cream) Monday to Friday from 8:00am-1:00pm; Monday to Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm; or Saturdays from 9:00am-12:00noon. Registration this year will be $10 per participant. As in the past, all those who keep their receipt will be eligible to bring their leftover items to Lifestyles at the end of the day to be picked up by the Diabetes Society. You must present your receipt to the driver in order to qualify for this service. Anyone registered by the deadline will be able to pick up their registrations packages at Lifestyles anytime between August 8th12th during the hours previously listed. For more information, please contact Jennifer Gendron, Paulette Haines or a member of the Lifestyles team at 832-4848.


From left to right: Celinda Van Horne (Principal), Zach Durley (grade 9), Shelby Gallant (grade 11), Trista Clark (grade 9), Craig Martin (grade 12), Paul Kim (grade 10). 123


Regular wednesdays Bingo at the Hall in Upham at 7:00pm. The regular monday night card parties at the Upham WI Hall begin at 7:30pm. All are welcome. 514


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


46 Magnolia Avenue, 432-4585,, publiclibraries. Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10:00am-5:00pm; Wednesday 12:00noon-8:00pm; Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm; Sunday & Monday closed. Preschool Programming: Our Babies in the Library program happens every Friday at 10:30am. This adorable half hour program, for babies (birth-18 months) and their caregivers, consists of rhymes, tickles, songs, bounces, walkabouts and board books. Storytime and Toddler Tales have ended for the spring, but they will both start up again on Thursday, June 30th at 10:30 am. All of these programs are free and pre-registration is not required. Summer Reading Club begins Friday June 24th. This years theme is The Skys the Limit and well be celebrating everything that happens in the sky! You may register your child on June 24th or any day thereafter throughout the summer. There will be daily childrens programs starting on monday, June 27th so be sure to pick up a schedule! Take advantage of this fun and free opportunity to help your child maintain or improve their reading level over the summer! For more information on these programs and other library happenings please pick up the latest edition of our newsletter at the front desk. Our Annual Spring Book Sale was a smashing success! We raised over $3,000 to purchase new materials for our library. Thanks to everyone who donated and bought books; we wish you all very happy reading! We are now accepting donations for our fall book sale. If you would like to donate gently used books you may bring them into the library during our open hours. Please note that we are unable to accept donations of encyclopedia, text books or Readers Digest Condensed books. For more information on these programs and other library happenings please pick up the latest edition of our newsletter at the front desk. 504


The 50th Annual Memorial Service of the Titus Hill Cemetery will be held in the cemetery on Sunday, July 10th at 3:00pm. If the weather is unfavourable, the service will be held in the Central Kings Recreational Centre, 110 Titusville Road, Upham. 828


Rouses! Come one come all, to the Rouse Reunion on Saturday, July 23rd starting at 10:30am at the Sussex, Jubilee Hall. If you have any questions contact Stacey Rouse-Charlton by e-mail or by phone at 434-1787. 829


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I immediately wanted to paint another one. I saw you feed a stray cat and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals. I saw you make my favorite cake for me and I learned that the little things can be the special things in life. I heard you say a prayer, and I knew there is a God I could always talk to, and I learned to trust God. I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I learned that we all have to take care of each other. I saw you give your time and money to help people who had nothing, and I learned that those who had something should give to those who dont. I felt you kiss me good night and I felt loved and safe. I saw you take care of our house and everyone in it, and I learned we have to take care of what we were given. I saw how you handled your responsibilities, even when you didnt feel good, and I learned that I would have to be responsible when I grow up. I saw tears come from your eyes and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but its alright to cry. I saw that you cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be. I learned most of lifes lessons that I need to know to be a good and productive person when I grow up. I looked at you and wanted to say, Thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasnt looking. Each of us, parent, grandparent, relative or friend, influence the life of a child. How will you touch the life of someone today? Author Unknown CC03


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Our first Garden of the Week has been drawn from your nominations. The very pretty and tidy front yard garden at 970 Main Street is our first Garden of the Week. Congratulations to Margaret Ryan! The weekly prizes for June will be a hanging basket or planter donated by Janet Day, our amazing Hampton Horticulturist. No one makes more beautiful containers than Janet! The weekly prizes for July are a gift card to Kredls Corner Market, where gardeners are sure to find something special for their garden. Thank you Dave for your donation! In addition there will be random drawings each week for an assortment of prizes, either a surprise from Shiretown Publicans, one of Hamptons newest businesses but already a supporter of Communities in Bloom. Thank you Ed! Or a gift certificate to Hollys, a surprise from the Town of Hampton or a treat from Beverlys Esthetic Studio. Our grand prize, drawn from all nominations on July 25th is a Gift Certificate to any of Hollys restaurants. After all of their hard work in the garden, the winner will appreciate an always delicious meal at Hollys, Thandis or House of Chan. Thank you Holly for another generous donation to CIB! So, dont be shy Hampton! Make sure that you nominate your favourite garden. Remember it isnt the biggest garden on the block, just one that shows pride of place; a childs garden, an eye-catching array of containers, a carefully tended perennial garden, or a bright patch of annuals. You tell us what appeals to you. You will find nomination boxes at Spuds, Kredls, Home Hardware, The Pharmasave, The Pool and Hampton Town Office. Or you can simply e-mail your nomination to Nominate your favourite garden, or your own. You dont have to tell us who you are, just ensure that we can identify the nominated garden. Happy Gardening! 121


There will be an indoor Yard Sale at the Southfield United Church Hall (814 Rte 865 Southfield) on Saturday, June 25th from 8:30am-2:00pm. Various items will be for sale and there will also a Bake Sale table. Proceeds from this event are for the Southfield United Church. 522


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


1935 Rte 121, Norton NB Mondays - 45s at 8:00pm. Tuesdays - Double crib at 8:00pm. Wednesdays - House League Darts, for more information contact Heather Benjamin at 433-6428. Thursdays - Dabber Bingo, Jackpot $1,000 in 50#s or less & building. Jackpot starts at $350 in 51#s and/or consolation prize $100. Doors open at 6:00pm, Bonanza game starts at 6:30pm sharp. Bonanza - a building jackpot in 52#s and/or consolation prize $100. We also have wild #s in some of regular bingo games. Come & support your charity event. Starts at 7:00pm sharp. Saturdays Singles Crib at 8:00pm. Are you a veteran who does not receive a pension or health care benefits? It does not matter how long you served. For more information contact Gordon McKenzie, Service Officer RCL #76 at 432-0779. To rent the Legion Hall please contact Dorothy Hutchinson at 433-2488 or Gordon at 432-0779/849-1601. 502


The Parish of Cambridge and Waterborough is sponsoring a Church Supper on Saturday, June 18th at the Jemseg Lions Club from 4:30-6:30pm. On the menu: Ham, home made beans, potato salad, brown bread, rolls, tea/coffee and dessert. Cost for the supper is $8/ adults and $4/children 7-12, children 6 and under eat for free. 334


The Board, Management and Staff of Sussex Vale Transition House would like to thank everyone who participated in our 20th Anniversary Dance held at the Sussex Legion on May FUnDY PADDLERS Come out and enjoy 2011 on the water 28th. A special thank you goes out to all the sponsors who gave products and services for our silent auction. Our appreciation - check out Fundy Paddlers Club at is also extended to the band Contrast who donated their time Training, tripping for this event. and meetings with fellow paddlers. The Club The generous spirit within the community made this event a meets at 7:00pm every second Monday of the month at the success. Your support was very much appreciated. 520 Hammond River Angling Association. 403


The annual Cemetery Service for St. Peters Church in Upham will be held on Sunday, June 19th at 2:30pm. Come and enjoy guest speakers and musicians. Refreshments to follow. 518


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


The 49th Annual Havelock Horse Show will be held on Friday, June 17th & Saturday, June 18th at the Havelock Horse Show Grounds. Gymkhana classes will be held on Friday evening starting at 6:00pm. On Saturday events include English/Western classes, barrel racing/pole bending and gymkhana classes beginning at 8:00am. The Lions Club will provide a canteen on grounds. For entry forms call 534-2223. 825


The Help The Cops Help The Kids Benefit Trust Fund was established to assist minor sport organizations and individuals within the Hampton RCMP Jurisdiction with furthering their sport to a local, provincial or national level. The Funding Application and Guidelines are available at www. (under Residents-Community Sport and Recreation OrganizationsHelp The Cops Help The Kids). Applications will be received throughout the year with disbursement(s) as required. For information contact Janice Bates, President 485-2497 or Brock Reid, Treasurer 832-7050.


The University of New Brunswick has granted undergraduate scholarships to several local residents for study in the 201011 academic year. All recipients are attending the universitys Fredericton campus. The local scholarship recipients are: Bailey Brogan, Hampton, science, Ross Silversides Memorial Scholarship in Forestry, $1,000; Bradley Fanjoy, Springfield, mechanical engineering, Andrew Turnbull Scholarship, $1,000; M. Patrick Gillin Award in Engineering, $3,500; Brent Lamb, Darlings Island, science in forestry, David A. Daugharty Memorial Scholarship, $1,000; H. Douglas Long Memorial Scholarship, $1,200; Victoria Rivers-Bowerman, Clifton Royal, science, Sir George E. Foster Scholarship, $500. The university and its donors are pleased to provide financial support to students through the granting of scholarships. For information about contributing to a UNB scholarship program, please contact the Office of Development and Donor Relations at 506-453-5053. 129


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Fish n Jam is back on a regular schedule, each Wednesday at 7:00pm. Many of our fly-tyers are out, fishing, so if anyone wants fly tying instruction they should call the centre and we will try to be sure we have someone available on Wednesday evenings. Also, we are planning to move the fly tying downstairs, where there is much better lighting. And, our musicians are having a great time, with about 30 people showing up every Wednesday evening. Thanks to everyone who supported us at our annual dinner on May 7th. It was another great event, and the dedicated committee members deserve recognition for the many hours (days!) of activity that goes into operating this event. We recently had a dinner wrapup meeting that saw many good ideas come forward to assist in planning for next years event! If you see any illegal fishing related activity poaching, jigging, netting, or illegally moving invasive species remember that you can report it to Crime Stoppers at 800 222-8477 (TIPS). Or call directly the local DNR and DFO offices to report. The sooner the report is made, the more likely that the culprits will be caught. And, the TIPS line is staffed 24/7. Kayak Fishing Tournament: July 16th & 17th. The new regulations for the tournament are now available in the events section of our website. This year, there will alternate launching locations, but all activities will take place at the centre. JC is already booking lots of great prizes. This year a brand-new Ocean Kayak Trident 13 kayak will be drawn (with tickets). Each registered participant will receive a ticket for that drawing, plus 1st place in the tourney will receive three extra tickets, 2nd place two tickets, and 3rd place one extra ticket. Plus, extra tickets will be available throughout the event. Furthermore, there will be big prizes for placement in the tourney itself. Please take the time to register for the event, so we can plan accordingly. Register at: tour/hammond_river_classic. Want more information about HRAA and our programs - visit or on Facebook (searchHammond River Angling Association). 401


The Nauwigewauk Community Club is hosting another Kitchen Party on Friday, June 17th at 7:30pm. This time all funds raised will be going towards the Brown family who lost their home to a fire on Darlings Island over the Easter weekend. There will be a cash bar, 50/50 draw and raffle. Please come support the family and have a great evening of fun! 413

Reminder: BEnEFIt BROwn FAmILY

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


I was reading an article on heroes recently that encouraged everyone to look around us for people we can reach out and help without expectation of payment or recognition. Each of us can do a little part to make our community, and by extension the world, a better place. And tho there will be the naysayers around us who will be quick to say that our little bits are drops in the bucket that wont ultimately make a difference, it is my philosophy that every bucket is filled one water droplet at a time. During work days I generally take a half hour walk at lunchtime. Usually with one or two co-workers, but if our schedules dont mesh it may be just me. The route goes down Main Street, past the high school around and over the hump-back railroad bridge and back to the office. About a half hour (thats some 4000 steps if youre counting, and I am). Before I left today, a co-worker had someone in the parking lot looking under the hood of her car as it had quit on her just as she arrived at work. Whether family member, friend or professional, that was someone going out of their way to assist . . . a drop in the bucket, but I am sure a rainbow in the eyes of the person with the car problem. As I crossed the road in front of the office (in my long dress and big sneakers, classy huh?), I noticed a dead bird just on the white line ahead of me. Or so I thought. As I got closer, the bird started to kick it legs and I realized it was injured but not dead. It managed to flip over and was moving out


into the traffic lane. I redirected it away from the road, but it was very persistent in wanting to go that way, not toward the roadside. I managed to prevail (but if I spoke the language I am sure I was told!) and it went under the guardrail and down a small bank into the grass. Hopefully it was merely stunned and is now cruising the skies, but if not, at least it was not left to bake on the side of the road, but spend its last time in the cool grass. When I returned to the office I googled it and confirmed it was a Northern Flicker, a beautiful woodpecker. My own little rescue. Neither of these events will bring world peace or end poverty or cure cancer. So what. They bring a little ray of sunshine into the world, a positive moment, and who knows perhaps that flicker will someday be the subject of an award winning photo that would not have occurred if not for my intervention today. All of us can do a little bit. If you cant feed a hundred people, then feed just one. ~ Mother Teresa. 801

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


CHILD CARE INFANT SPACE AVAILABLE starting in September in a small, licensed , Community Daycare Home in Hampton. 977-3202. EmPLOYmEnt LOOKING FOR one part-time employee, involves weekends, shifts 7-3, 3-11, 11-7. Need to be available for all 3 shifts. First aide/CPR a must, Riverdale Manor Senior Care Home, Krissy 832-4051. BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Turn 5-10 hours/week into $1000.00+/month. Operate a mini office outlet from your computer, FREE evaluation. www. FIREwOOD SPRInGFIELD FIREwOOD, quality hardwood, cut, split, delivered. Call 485-2349. TIRED OF GETTING THE WRONG size wood? Fire wood cut to specification. Call Doug 763-3486 or 333-5843. FIREWOOD FOR SALE, good prices, good wood, call Ken. 832-4326. FIREWOOD CUT, SPLIT and delivered. Rock maple & yellow birch, full cords. 434-3057, please leave a message. FOR REnt COmmERCIAL SPACE for lease 1031 Main Street, Hampton, main Level,1140 sq.ft. total, can be sized to suit, parking, lot maintenance included, lighted signage space available. Available July 1, contact Wayne at 653-1957. LOG CABINS FOR RENT, 1 bdrm, air-conditioned, completely furnished, private cove, 15 minutes from Sussex, boating, fishing and golf. $600.00/ month, mature couples only. 506-362-2633 or (506)852-0203. GRAND MANAN VACATION home on water, near Seal Cove beach, available June - Sept., sleeps 6, fully equipped. rates, photos 506-488-2080. TWO COTTAGES for rent weekly on the ocean at West Point, sunroom, all amenities, from Saturday 5:00pm to Saturday 10:00am, 832-3333. FOR SALE STILL AVAILABLE, several copies of Decendants of Martin Reicker Riecker 1756-2009 $42 plus postage. Verna Urquhart, 30 Cambridge Dr., , Saint John, NB, 693-8522. USED APPLIANCES, 24 electric stoves in stock, exterior/interior doors, tires (most sizes), new sky light, used windows, and household items. 218 Main St. Norton 839-2628. nOtICES WE JOSEPH L. KANE and spouse, citizens of Canada and Kingston, Kings County, New Brunswick, by Registered Deed, lot number 0159566 and heirs and successors to a Grant of Land registered as number 9098, with charter by Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria, year 1871 and granted by the New Brunswick Court of Chancery, registered at the New Brunswick Forestry Building, Fredericton, have had our rights infringed upon, contrary to the Queen, the Court and the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms of Canada. REAL EStAtE NEW PRICE, $255,000. Garden home, 5 Merritt Hill Road, Quispamsis (end of Gondola Point Road), superlative views, John Hart construction. See, ID#118248 or call 847-1243. CAMP LOTS FOR SALE at Erb Settlement, McGuinnis - Patton Road, $2,500 per acre (min. 5 acres). Phone 434-4994 or email enelson@nbnet. RECYCLInG BIn COUCH TO GIVE AWAY. 832-4056. ELECTRIC KITCHEN STOVE, washer & dryer all in working order, 638-8063.

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


SEnIOR CARE ONE ROOM VACANCY at Riverdale Manor in Hampton for a senior. 24/7 care, very relaxed, homey, resident driven atmosphere. Call Krissy 832-4051. SERvICES OFFERED B. LEMON MASONRY, RESIDENTIAL, commercial, brick, blocks, stonework, chimneys, re-pointing, walkways. Free estimates call Brent at 847-5126, cell 333-0449. WEDDING OFFICIANT will help plan unique ceremony, when, where, and how you wish. Book now for best dates. Janet 847-9833. MARITIME RIGGING & Industrial Supplies, serving marine, forestry, agricultural, construction, transportation, manufacturing & recreational. Authorized Action Truck & Cap accessories dealer. Mon. - Sat. day/ evening call 832-1198. WATER DELIVERY FOR POOLS Big or small. You call. We Haul. Acel Morrell 485-1080. BRIANS MAINTENANCE & Home Repair, carpentry, kitchens, bath, painting, ceramic tile, electrical etc. Over 20 years experience. Free estimates. Call Brian 839-2296. BUYInG JUNK CARS, trucks, travel trailers motor homes, farm machinery. I pay you cash. Call 721-4255. LAWN GROOMERS, now taking bookings for lawn and yard clean up, also mowing and trimming. Home 832-2844, cell 639-8485. VILLAGE UPHOLSTERY & REFINISHING - Craftsmanship. RVs, boat covers, recovering & restyling repairs. HD foam, T-Trailers, caning, seagrass, canvas. 832-7870. SCRAP mEtAL DROP Off site, 187 French Village Road. Free to dump wheels, tires, all appliances, anything that plugs in or runs by gasoline, oil tanks, furnaces, propane tanks etc. Fill your junk car up with junk and we will haul it away for free. Cars will be crushed, not back on the road, GUARAntEED. 847-3569. OFFERING SENIOR CARE in your home, Hampton and surrounding are. CPR & 12 years experience giving one-on-one care, light housekeeping, laundry & appointments, references available. Call June Fowler 832-7427. KV HANDYMAN SERVICES etc. serving Kennebecasis area at $18/ hr, landscaping, mowing, planting, mulching, carpentry, crackfilling, painting, some roofing jobs, have air gun, will travel. Can repair & build decks, baby barns, hang doors, frame walls, no job too small. Discounts for seniors, free estimates if handy our location, will build rock retaining walls, clean out basements tidy up your yard. Give us a call, we do it all. 763-3205. HAUL AwAY of junk cars, trucks, tractors and farm equipment. Small fee for appliances and small scrap. Drop off site 54 Backland Road, Kingston. 763-2933 or 333-9067. RITE WAY CLEANERS now has openings for residential and commercial cleaning. We offer de-cluttering, organizing and will clean your house from top to bottom. For a free estimate call Fallon, 832-3894. KEN BROWN ELECTRICAL Inc. Your electrical service company for all your home & business needs. For your solar & wind power solutions, call or email Kim at 506-839-2877, CASH FOR CARS, truck, vans, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, trailers, aluminum boats, copper wire, brass & more, for scrap. 653-0026. HERITAGE UPHOLSTERY. Residential, commercial, recreational, restyling and customization. Trust your furniture to the professionals. The most training and experience in the Kennebecasis. Serving you for 30 years. Offering project classes. 849-8008. DAVES LIGHT TRUCKING & Cleaning Service, junk, garbage, construction, demolition, brush, decks, small moving jobs. 7 days a week. Also picking up unwanted vehicles. 832-3982 or 653-0026. REGISTERED FOOT CARE Nurse is now accepting clients. Offering foot care in the comfort of your own home in Hampton & surrounding areas. For professional foot care & details, call Shirley @ 832-2126. Covered with most insurance plans.

vEHICLES 2004 IMPALA, great condition, new breaks & rotors maintenance records, power doors, windows, seats, 6cyl, 4dr, spoiler, 4 winter tires & rims,160K, $5,900 neg. Call Wayne 653-1957. CALL MALCOLM ACROSS FROM NEW KINGSTON FARMERS MARKET. LUBRICO WARRANTY AVAILABLE. SOME TRADES CONSIDERED. DRIVE A LITTLE, SAVE A LOT. CALL 333-5811 OR 832-0897. 2005 FORD FOCUS wagon, 4cyl, auto, heated seats, 78,000km, air, CD, $5,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2008 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN, stow and go seats, 125,000km, new MVI, fully loaded, roof racks, financing OAC, one driver, $10,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2007 HONDA ACCORD, 6cyl, auto, hybrid, 46 miles to gallon, loaded, leather, moon roof, alloys, nice car, financing available OAC, $14,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 HYUNDAI SONATA lease return, 82,000kms, 4cyl, auto, loaded, new MVI, looks and works excellent, financing available OAC, $9,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 HYUNDAI ACCENT 4dr, new style, lease return, auto, remote start, 71,000kms, new MVI, looks and works excellent, financing available OAC, $6,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 HYUNDAI SANTA FE, V6, auto, AWD, loaded, 105,000kms, alloys, lease return, nice, financing available OAC, $9,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897. 1995 FORD F350, V8, 55PD, 10 flat bed, dump looks and works great, $4,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 FORD XLT ESCAPE, loaded, V6, auto, power slider, 222,000km, alloys, 4X4, nice tight 4X4, looks and works excellent, $6,000, financing OAC. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2005 HYUNDAI ELANTRA VE, 4cyl, auto, fully loaded, new MVI, 20,200km, looks and works excellent, $3,900. Call Malcolm at 3335811or 832-0897. 2004 SEBRING TOURING, V6, auto, alloys, 97,000km, new MVI, one owner, loaded, looks and works excellent, $4,900. Call Malcolm 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 HYUNDAI ACCENT, 4dr, 4cyl, 5spd, 47,000km, CD, one owner, new MVI, looks and works excellent, new car for $5,900, financing OAC. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2008 HONDA CIVIC LX, coupe, 5spd, loaded, power slider, one owner, 75,000km, alloys, a nice car. Financing OAC. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2003 CHEV TRAILBLAZER LTZ, loaded, leather, AWD, alloys, power slider, looks and runs excellent, $7,900. Call Malcolm at 3335811 or 832-0897. 2007 MAZDA 3, 4cyl, auto, 11,100km, loaded, new MVI, alloys, looks and works excellent, financing available OAC, $9,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 GMC 1500, cargo van, v6 auto, 237,000km, nice shape, excellent on fuel, works like new, financing available OAC, $6,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. 2006 CHEV 1500, pick up, 6cyl, auto, 72,000km, new MVI, one owner, looks and works excellent, great on fuel, financing available OAC, $9,900. Call Malcolm at 333-5811 or 832-0897. wAntED WANTED, LAWN TRACTORS, garden tillers and snow blowers, any condition. 832-4905. YARD SALES MULTI FAMILY YARD SALE, June 18th, 820 Centennial Road, minutes outside of Hampton. Treasures include baby things, toys, books, clothes, shoes, small furniture items and more, some never used!

Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011


Hampton Herald - June 14, 2011