Ezekiel 16:49 “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant

, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. rentiers born with a straw in their mouths mosquitos never tire not of sucking not of blood the siphons of power money flows upward richer beyond need and needier beyond reason i hear the buzzing in my dreams in the nightmare ideological darkness and my hands cover my throat no one needier than the rich man no one hungrier... o' man, don't ya get it if you got da dough you is always talking about da hunger so fuck your damn babies cuz ya never had to have 'em get it? if ya don't got the dough-re-me you might as well be dough-re-dead as the dumpling you'll never ever get to eat cuz you ain't nothing without the green poor little rich girl is more than a saying what a fucking perpetual joke and my heart jested, congested is sore and bruised and bursting from my chest at the butchery of your rich girl neediness the painful needs of the rich like the apes who fingersign i want to tell you to read the lips of my hand, "poor rich peoplel" "i feel your pain" "i feel your panic" "i feel your needs..." o...i do...i do... you're killing the world with your religion of debt while you're so self-righteous while you're so well-fed

while you're getting fat on the cupcakes of arbitrage i'm writing a self-help book called "suicide" in answer to the book called "dumbicide" and the book called "interest rates" and the one called "credit scores it's an easier death to die by drugs than to read the papers and believe the congressional marionettes and their smirking committees of inquiry rooms full of men in dark glasses it's easier to die than see the malnourished children near dead and just dead their endlessly empty plates scraped cleaner to feed the starving rich all the holy babies born on a razorblade dying in piles gone gone gone gone like post-birth abortions gone like tears in a rainstorm gone like tears ...a less painful death to die by cheap drugs finally! than to hear one more paean to free market capitalism or drown in the saliva of its apologists

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