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JUNE 12, 2011






REV. RICHARD MILEK, ADMINISTRATOR REV. JOSEPH P. LYNCH, PASTOR EMERITUS REV. MARIUSZ NAWALANIEC, ASSOCIATE PASTOR IRVIN A. BRYCE, JR. PERMANENT DEACON MASSES SATURDAY 5:00 PM (Sunday Obligation) SUNDAY 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM 1:30 PM AND 5:00 PM POLISH MASSES WEEKDAY MASSES (Monday-Friday) 6:30 AM AND 8:30 AM SATURDAY MASS 8:30 AM HOLY DAYS (Except Christmas and New Year) Vigil Mass - 5:00 PM (evening before Holy Day) 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM - 6:00PM - 7:30 PM SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION Saturday 4:00-4:45 PM SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3:15 PM Baptismal Preparation Class Last Monday of month at 7:00 PM Parish registration and attendance at the Baptismal Preparation Class are required Prior to Baptism. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE All wedding arrangements must be made with a parish priest at least 5 months prior to scheduled date. All couples are required to participate in a marriage preparation program. Parish registration is a requirement. Times of marriages are as follows: Saturday 12:00 PM and 2:30 PM Sundayno weddings

RECTORY ..(708)423-0321 PLEBANIA (po polsku)...(708)423-0321 For Sacraments of Baptism, Marriage, parish registration, convert instruction, prolonged illness at home. PARISH WEBSITE E-MAIL PARISH BOUNDARIES North-75th St. East-Cicero, West-Narragansett, South-87th St. Cicero to Austin) 83rd St. (Austin to Narragansett) MINISTRY OF CARE.(708)423-0321 Deacon Irvin A. Bryce Jr. PRAYER NETWORK....(708)966-4068 Mrs. Marlene Rybicki SCHOOL..(708)424-7757 Mrs. Marilyn Kurowski, Principal 5535 West State Road http;// CCD OFFICE...(708)636-0406 Mr. Kevin Wiseman, Coordinator 5535 West State Road

SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011 7:30-For the Parishioners, Scott Canvin -In reparation for abortion 9:00-Bernice Haton, Theresa Bendik -Maximiniana Ramos 10:30-Phyllis Crowe, Clifford Whitehouse Sr. -Sam Alberto Sr. 12:00PM-Alan Michalski -Stanley & William Jankowski 1:30PM-POLISH MASS -For departed members of Kolo 69 Skrzypne -Kolo 69 Skrzypne - Blessing -Maria Kurczak ,Maria & Stanislaw Bukowski 5:00PM-POLISH MASS -Eleonora Solak, Maria - Blessing MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:30-Kenneth T. Johnson, John Placzek TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2011 6:30-Rosemarie Henderson 8:30-Dorothy McCanna WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:10-MORNING PRAYER OF THE CHURCH 8:30-Vito & Evelyn Mattera -Ponciano Doctor, Peter Soria THURSDAY, JUNE 16, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:30-Hattie Plecki, Chuck Quinn 7:00PM - PARISH HOLY HOUR FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2011 6:30-For the Parishioners 8:30-Charlotte Lagodny, Feliks Pilny SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2011 8:30-Al Steffek, Emily Sekan 12:00PM Wedding: Arkadiusz Remin & Malgorzata Piszczor 2:30PM-Wedding: Maciej Gasienica & Anna Mikucka 5:00PM-Stanley Ojer, Salvatore Imbarrato SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 7:30-For the Parishioners -Ercole Sturino, Marietta & Carmine Cesario -40th Wedding Anniversary: Joe & Sharon Ward 9:00-Umberrto Botta, Robert OGrady 10:30-Thomas ODea -John Griffin 25th Anniv. of Death 12:00PM-Adolph Bloczynski, John Bourke -Christopher Janowiak, Joseph & Robert Kasper 1:30PM-POLISH MASS -Jan Szczypta, Aniela Szczypta, Maria Kurczak -Krzysztof Zdanikowski 3rd Anniv. of Death 5:00PM-POLISH MASS -Aleksander & Maria Skawinski -Edward Berdowski

are available on the ushers tables for those of you who wish to have their fathers (living or deceased) remembered on Saturday, June 18, at all the Masses on Sunday, June 19, and at the Novena which will be celebrated for nine days, beginning on Fathers Day. Please, place your donation, along with the envelope, during any Sunday collection.


Students, and most adults recalling their school days, are familiar with the phrase compare and contrast that shows up from time to time on tests. Today we hear two different accounts of the giving of the Holy Spirit to the Church. Lets contrast, then compare. Lukes account from Acts is filled with arresting details: the mighty wind from heaven, the tongues of flame, the miracle of different languages. Johns account seems timid: fearful disciples, the wounded Christ, the expelling of breath from his risen body, not from the sky. Our literal, modern minds wonder which way it happened; our noisy culture probably makes us prefer the former. But if we compare the two, we find that the dazzling richness of the Spirit fills both accounts, for it is the very breath of the risen Christ, ascended to the sky in Luke, that appears to his disciples in John and sends his followers forth to carry on his mission of forgiving sin and proclaiming the mighty acts of God. Copyright, J. S. Paluch Co.
LET US PRAY For the sick: Harriet Madey, Richard Polancyak, Timothy Polancyak, Andrea Pellicano, Christina Gazda, Sister Patricia Labuda, Walter Marszalek, Cooper Grant, Carter Pierchalski, Jeffrey Andrews, Michael Antoszkiewicz, Carol Berghuis, Johana Pusateri, Rosemarie Maslo, Martin Kreil, Janelle Demski, Walter & Betty Anderson, Denis Hedderman & Family, Loretta Paulus, Shirley McVane, Catherine, Katie & Lucy Hedderman, Lorraine Kritikos, Marilyn Buchalski, Rose Thomas, Don Kupiec, Cheryl Korosa, Betty Anderson, Carol Mariano, Penny Prokop, Mary Ann Riccio. For the deceased: Sophie Latocha, Anna Cyrwus.


Dear Friends in Christ, On the weekend of June 1112, 2011, the special second collection is for the Retired Priests of the Archdiocese. The retired priests celebrate Mass and sacraments in hundreds of parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Chicago. Without their dedicated service, many parishes would need to reduce the number of Masses celebrated each weekend. Some retired priests are called upon to be temporary administrators of parishes and others fill in to allow pastors some needed time off. Our senior priests do this willingly as a continuation of the many years that they have faithfully served our Church. Please join me in offering our retired priests words of appreciation and gratitude for their many years of priestly ministry. The Priests Retirement and Mutual Aid Association (PRMAA) cares for our retired priests. This year, as is the case in every family, we have seen the cost of health care, prescription drugs, and nursing-home care increase. In addition, the priests pension fund remains seriously impacted by the economic downturn. This special collection will help us continue to support our retired priests. You may be aware that the December collection for retired men and women Religious is designated to provide only for those in Religious Orders. Archdiocesan priests do not receive any funds from this collection. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our retired priests for their lives and their exemplary ministry. We are blessed to have more than one hundred retired priests ministering in our parishes. May their spirit continue to enliven our Church! I am thankful to all of you for your remarkable generosity in this collection last year. I ask you to repeat your kindness this year. Your donations and your prayers are a great affirmation of our retired priests. Please pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. You and those you love are in my prayers; please keep me in yours. Sincerely yours in Christ, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.
I think its time to retire...


Speaking of the retired priests, we have to announce with Fr. Mariusz that we will be retiring from St. Albert the Great Parish in two weeks. We are not really looking forward to it because we love you and we will miss you very much. We will do everything to make this transition as smooth as possible for the new priests and for the parish. The new pastor, Fr. Mike Zoufal is coming to St. Albert the Great Parish with his Associate from St. Blas Parish, Fr. Richard Czerniak, who is Polish and who is a member of the Society of Christ Congregation. I met with Fr. Mike again last week and we covered the most important matters regarding the transition. I promised Fr. Mike to fix as much I can during these last two weeks at the Pastors residence, where he would like to move when he comes in. The building abandoned for more than four years needs new windows, new doors and stairs, very serious repair of the airconditioning system, new carpets or tiles on the floor, painting and furniture because there is nothing left. We will be leaving St. Albert with Fr. Mariusz after the last weekend of June 25-26 and you will have chance to say good bye after all Masses in the Rogers Hall. At this moment, I do not know where I am going but I will let you know as soon as I find out.

God Bless, Fr. Rich

St. Albert Youth Group Movie Night

What: Youth Group wants to invite all 7th, 8th grades and High School grades students for our first Movie Night. We will be watching Come out, chill and bring your friends! Movie, popcorn and refreshments... FREE! Where: Rogers Hall When: Thursday - June 23, 2011 from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm Please RSVP at

A Walk To Remember*

St. Albert the Great Parish Carnival Thursday Sunday, August 25-28, 2011 Carnival Rides Bingo Nightly Food Booths Beer Tent Live Entertainment Nightly Polish Entertainment on Sunday afternoon

Carnival rides provided by Spectacular Midways. Visit their website at for valuable coupons.

MEGAPASSES will be available at the rectory for $40.00 each starting June 6 until 8:00 PM Wednesday, August 24,

Exchange your pass for a bracelet on the first day of the carnival and enjoy unlimited rides on all four days. If you are interested in volunteering to help at the Carnival, call the rectory@423-0321 and leave your name and phone # and someone will contact you. Also, I you have any items that you would like to donate to our Silent Auction, contact the rectory @423-0321 and leave your name and phone # and someone will contact you. ONLY NEW ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED .

The following babies became members of Gods Family here recently:

Ida Matykiewicz, Jozef Luzak, Maksymilian Piotr Dobek, Matthew Jan Wiechec, Anna Jozefa Swider, Slavomira Jasnak, Henryk Wojciech Marusarz, Maximus Podniestrzanski, Paulina Wiktoria Pajerski, Steven Solis, Emma Sophia Kossman, Madelyn Christine Johnson, Rhianna Nicole Ramos, Arianna Marrufo, Alyssa Marie Rodriguez, Isabella Elizabeth Beluso, Jan Stanislaw Rzeplinski, Adam Konrad Sirant, Fabian Ziomek, Julia Piwowarczyk, Viktoria Keselak, Amelia Machala, Gabriela Lucja Bilek, Amelia Gabriela Wojtowicz, Madison Jamie LaGreca, Caleb Aaron Joy, Alexander Daniel Laczynski, Nicole Wasik, Kaya Lewandrowski, Adrian Maka, Anthony Adrian Klis, Sara Julia Gosztyla, Szymon Zygmunt Gosztyla, Vanessa Gronski, Karolina maria Rychtarczyk, Tomas Antoni Majercak, Bruno James Marrari, Angelo Padilla Manalo, Madelynn Rose Panicucci.

We extend our best wishes and pray that what has begun in them will be brought to perfection.
June 13 June 17 at St. Alberts
Monday, June 13 8:00 pm Holy Name Society Tuesday, June 14 7:00 pm Bingo Wednesday, June 15 6:30 pm St. Vincent De Paul Thursday, June 16 7:00 pm Parish Holy Hour Friday, June 17 6:00 pm Boy Scouts MERCY AND JUSTICE Being all fashioned of the self-same dust, Let us be merciful as well as just. CELEBRANT SCHEDULE SATURDAY, JUNE 18, 2011 5:00 PM - Rev. Ed Cronin SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 7:30 AM - Rev. Ted Ploplis 9:00 AM - Rev. Ed Cronin 10:30 AM - Rev. Phil Hogan 12:00 PM - Rev. Joseph Mol 1:30 PM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec 5:00 PM - Rev. Mariusz Nawalaniec

Families must re-register every year. C. C. D. is an 8 year program. Every grade has a different focus and builds on what was learned the year before. It is important that they attend every year until they make their Confirmation in Eight Grade. If you need a Registration form they are available at the Rectory. Registration Forms can be dropped at the rectory, please mark them C. C. D. Please register as early as possible. If yu have any questions, please contact the C. C. D. Office at 708-636-0406. If you are interested in being a C. C. D. Catechist please fill out a Volunteer Form that is available in the Rectory. C. C. D. families that have not turned in their raffle tickets for the 2011 Carnival can still do so. Please put them in an envelope with the Family name and C. C. D. marked on the envelope.
WEEKLY OFFERING JUNE 5, 2011 ENVELOPES CONTRIBUTION $13,560.00 5:00PM.......$1,988.00 7:30AM........$2,425.00 9:00AM........$1,921.00 10:30AM.....$2,113.00 12:00PM........$1,864.00 1:30PM......$1,830.00 5:00PM.....$ 995.00 MAIL IN......$ 390.00 Children Envelopes...$ 34.00


Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


III-Arkadiusz Remin & Malgorzata Piszczor, III-Maciej Gasienica & Anna Mikucka II-Andrew Jimenez & Roda Okla

Czerwiec 2011


Drodzy przyjaciele w Chrystusie, W weekend 11-12 czerwca 2011 specjalna zbirka jest na rzecz emerytowanych ksiy naszej Archidiecezji. Emerytowani ksia odprawiaj msze wite i udzielaj sakramentw w setkach parafii na terenie archidiecezji Chicago. Gdyby nie ich pena oddania suba, w wielu parafiach konieczne byoby zmniejszenie iloci mszy odprawianych w kady weekend. Niektrzy emerytowani ksia s tymczasowo powoywani na stanowiska administratorw parafii. Inni z kolei zastpuj aktywnych duszpasterzy, po to by umoliwi im tak potrzebn przerw w wykonywaniu obowizkw. Nasi ksia-seniorzy podejmuj si tych dziaa ochoczo, traktujc je jako kontynuacj wieloletniej wiernej suby Kocioowi. Prosz Was, bycie wsplnie ze mn gosili sowa pochway i wdzicznoci za wiele lat ich kapaskiej suby. Pragn skorzysta z okazji, aby podzikowa wszystkim emerytowanym ksiom z naszej archidiecezji za ich yciowe powicenie i przykadn sub. Jest dla nas prawdziwym bogosawiestwem, e ponad stu emerytowanych ksiy wci peni sub w naszych parafiach. Niechaj ich duch nadal oywia nasz Koci! Pragn wyrazi wdziczno wszystkim Wam, bracia i siostry, za niezwyk hojno okazan podczas zeszorocznej zbirki. Prosz Was jednoczenie o powtrne okazanie hojnoci. Wasze ofiary i modlitwy stanowi wspaniay wyraz uznania dla naszych emerytowanych ksiy. Prosz Was rwnie o modlitwy o wzrost powoa do kapastwa. Pamitam w modlitwie o Was i Waszych bliskich. Polecam si tym samym Waszym modlitwom. Wasz w Chrystusie, Kardyna Francis George, O.M.I. Arcybiskup Chicago

Modlc si dzisiaj za ksiy emerytw musimy ogosi e my te z ksidzem Mariuszem przechodzimy za dwa tygodnie na emerytur i opuszczamy Parafi witego Alberta Wielkiego. Nowy ksidz proboszcz z Prafii witego Baeja ks. Mike Zoufal przybdzie do Parafii 1-go lipca wraz z polskim ksidzem Ryszardem Czerniak ze zgromadzenia Ksiy Chrystusowcw. Ksidz Ryszard bywa w naszej Parafii pomagajc w spowiedzi. Obiecaem przychodzcym ksiom e zrobi wszystko aby wyremontowa na ile to bdzie moliwe plebani w ktrej mieszka poprzedni proboszcz aby w odrnieniu ode mnie mia godne warunki mieszkaniowe, ktre maj wany wpyw na owocno pracy. Nasza ostatnia niedziela w parafii w. Alberta to niedziela Boego Ciaa 26-go czerwca i po wszystkich Mszach witych zapraszamy Was do Sali parafialnej abymy mogli osobicie podzikowa Wam za Wasz dobro i yczliwo okazan nam w czasie naszego pobytu w Parafii witego Alberta.

Bg zapa, Szcz Boe, Ks. Ryszard

15 maja obchodzilimy 48-my wiatowy Dzie Modlitwy o Powoania. Nasza nowa grupa modlitewna rozpoczea specialny program Wdrujcego Krzya. Zapraszamy wszystkich parafian i goci do wzicia udziau w tym specialnym porgramie. W kad niedziele podczas Mszy witej Krzy bdzie przekazywany rodzinie, ktra bdzie zabiera go do swojego domu i bdzie modli si przez cay tydzie o powoania kapaskie. Wszystkie informacje bd umieszczone w specialnej teczce i przekazywane danej rodzinie. Materiay s dostpne w jzyku polskim, hiszpaskim oraz angielkim. Dziki hojnoci Vic oraz Pam Barnett bdziemy uywa Krzya ktry zosta przez nich zakupiony w Medjugorje oraz powicony przez ksidza podczas Objawienia Matki Boej. Zainteresowane osoby prosimy o zapisywanie si do specialnej ksiki ktra jest umieszczona w Kaplicy Matki Boej. Mdlmy si o powoania kapaskie oraz zakonne aby nie zabrako nam szafarzy, ktrzy gosz Dobr Nowinn o Jezusie Chrystusie naszym Dobrym Pasterzu. Prosimy o zwrot Krzya do kancelerii w sobot przed Msz wita o godz. 5:00 wieczorem. Po wicej informacji mona dzowni na plebani. Marek Smolka