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Record & Return To: Andrew Liput, Esq. 408 Main Street Suite 503 Boonton, NJ 07005 This Deed is made as of May 20, 2011 between Linda Q. Concepcion and Faye Q. Concepcion, Whose address is 527 Orchard Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 07650, referred to as the Grantor, AND 527 Orchard Avenue LLC, Whose address is 527 Orchard Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 07650, referred to as the Grantee. The words “Grantor” and “Grantee” shall mean all Grantors and all Grantees listed above. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. The Grantor grants and conveys (transfers ownership of) the property described below to the Grantee. The transfer is made for the sum of TEN DOLLARS & NO CENTS ($10.00) consideration. THE grantor acknowledges receipt of this money. TAX MAP REFERENCE (N.J.S.A. 46:15-2.1) Borough of Palisades Park Block No. 213 Lot No. 5 Account No. Prepared by: _______________________ Andrew Liput, Esq.

__No property tax identification number is available on the date of this deed. (Check box if applicable). PROPERTY. The property consists of the land and all the buildings and structures on the land, said land being located in the Borough of Palisades Park, County of Bergen and the State of New Jersey. The legal description of the Property is: *** SEE LEGAL DESCRIPTION ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF*** BEING THE SAME PREMISES CONVEYED to the grantors herein by deed from Linda Q. Concepcion, Faye Q. Concepcion and Hector James Concepcion, February 20, 2004 and recorded in the Bergen County Clerk/Register’s Office. BEING commonly known as 527 Orchard Avenue, Palisades Park, NJ 07650. THE PURPOSE of this deed is to transfer title into 527 Orchard Avenue LLC, as Grantee. SUBJECT to the following: All ordinances, regulations and restrictions of local, municipal and other governmental authorities; and all utility easements of record or easements and restrictions of record, if any, granted or to be granted, any state of facts which an accurate survey might disclose. PROMISES BY GRANTOR. The Grantor promises that the Grantor has done no act to encumber the property. The promise is called a “covenant as to grantor’s acts” (N.J.S.A.46:4-6). This promise means that the Grantor has not allowed anyone else to obtain any legal rights which affect the property (such as by making a mortgage or allowing a judgment to be entered against the Grantor).

sealed and delivered this Deed as their duly authorized act and deed. If the Grantor is a corporation.46:15-5. each person): (a) is a named Grantor in this Deed.J. that this person (or if more than one. The Grantor signs this Deed as of the date at the top of the first page. Concepcion and Faye Q. (Such consideration is defined in N. 2011. and (c) made this Deed for a sum of $10. (b) signed.SIGNATURES. Witnessed by: _____________________ _____________________ STATE OF NEW JERSEY COUNTY OF MORRIS I CERTIFY that on May 20.00 as the full and actual consideration paid or to be paid for the transfer of title.) _______________________ Notary Public (SEAL) My Commission Expires: ____________________________(Seal) Linda Q. this Deed is signed and attested to by its proper corporate officers and its corporate seal is affixed. and acknowledged under oath. Concepcion personally came before me. Concepcion ____________________________(Seal) Faye Q. Linda Q.S.A. Concepcion . to my satisfaction.