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he southeast coast of the United

States afords its residents
luxuries which people from all
over the world travel here to experience.
Te lush marshlands, the salty breeze
and the unique ocean views are the
idea of paradise for many. But all the
benefts of coastal living come with a
Hurricane season ofcially begins
on June 1 and coastal residents are very
aware of the Lowcountrys potential
for disaster as this date comes and
goes. Every year, people turn to various
sources for a hint of what to expect out
of the Atlantic Ocean. William Gray, of
Colorado State University, is one of the
most popular and analyzed hurricane
forecasters in the United States. Along
with his protg, Philip Klotzbach,
he has spent many years analyzing
data and developing models that are
designed to refect an understanding of
tropical storm activity in the Atlantic
Basin, the most inconsistent tropical
storm corridor in the world.
According to Klotzbach and Gray,
we will continue to see above-average
activity for the 2011 Atlantic hurricane
season, with an above-average
probability of a major hurricane
making landfall in the United States
and Caribbean. In fact, the probability
of a major hurricane landfall is 140%
of the long range average.
Te climatologists estimate that we
will have about 9 hurricanes (average is
5.9), 16 named storms (average is 9.6),
80 named storm days (average is 49.1),
35 hurricane days (average is 24.5),
5 major (category 3-4-5) hurricanes
(average is 2.3), and 10 major hurricane
days (average is 5.0).
Specifcally for Charleston County,
Klotzbach and Gray predict a 28.2%
probability of hurricane impact
compared to an average of 17.3%, and
a 6.6% probability of a major hurricane
impact, compared to an average of
3.8%. Regional predictions include
a 60.6% chance of a named storm
making landfall in our area, and a
45.4% chance of one or more hurricanes
making landfall. Over a period of 50
years, it is more than 99.9% likely
that one or more hurricanes will make
landfall in our region, and with Hugo
striking land more than 20 years ago,
its time to start thinking about your
personal plan of action in the event of
a hurricane.
Klotzbach and Grays estimates are
based on 29 years of past data, as well
as the expectations that the current
La Nina conditions will transition
to near-neutral during the heart of
the hurricane period, leaving our
atmosphere conducive to a very active
hurricane season.
Despite the great amount of research
and analysis which Klotzbach and
Gray introduce into their predictions,
however, even they say that it is
impossible to accurately predict with
any certainty what the Atlantic has
in store for us this early in the season.
-Staf report
Fol l y Beac hs Newspaper
Vol . 3 I ssue 17
June 10, 2011 w FREE







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A Rough Hur r i c ane
Season Ahead
C L i mat o L o G i s t s o n C e a G a i n P r e d i C t
a h i G h e r - t h a n - av e r a G e s t o r m y e a r
2 June 10, 2011
ci vi c
Council continued on page 2
The Dog Log: 2. 5 Hour s of Cani ne Chat t er
Fol l y Beac h Ci t y Counc i l
May 24, 2011
By Stratton Lawrence
Work SeSSion, 5 p.m.
Dave Stormer presented the highlights
of the trafc study to Council, including
issues raised by DOT identifying
defciencies. He explained the need to
conduct more trafc counts at key Center
Street intersections.
Regarding parking, Stormer pointed
out that the same cars are frequently
parked on Center Street all day long,
denying businesses the beneft of
turnover. He suggested a two-hour
parking limit on Center Street.
Council discussed the trafc backups
on East Ashley on weekends, raising the
possibility of rotating stop signs on 2nd
Avenue East in order to facilitate a second
way of reaching Folly Road.
Building a parking garage on Folly was
discussed, with City Administrator Toni
Connor-Rooks acknowledging that the
parking spaces would count toward the
Citys mandated number to qualify for
beach renourishment funding. Stormer
noted the high cost of building a parking
garage, doubting that it would be a
worthwhile investment.
By putting more parking spaces
around the commercial area, that
means we want to make Folly
more commercial, pointed out
Councilmember Eddie Ellis. Its just like
sewer. If you put the pipe there, they will
In the fnal minutes of the work
session, Council Member Laura Beck
raised the concern which some residents
have expressed about new power lines at
the Washout, asking who authorized it
and why it was done. Mayor Goodwin
explained that the lines are needed to
power the new parking meter boxes.
Te solar-powered boxes were repeatedly
vandalized last summer, said Goodwin.
Council Member Paul Hume joked that
every vandal caught this year could be
hanged from one of the new electric
Te Citys contract with their parking
provider expires in two months.
Connor-Rooks said that the parking
company would be renting out the police
departments old holding cell as an ofce
for $300/month, allowing people to get
their permits in one place. Te more
they save, the more we save, because
of expenses coming out on top, said
At 6:05, Council went to Executive
Session for Contract Attorney Advice.
CounCil meeting, 7 p.m.
All Council Members present except
Pennell Clamp.
Mayor Goodwin began the meeting
by honoring Captain Bryan Porter of the
Fire Department in honor of 50 years of
Council approved the consent agenda,
including the granting of $1,000 to the
Camp Good Times Man in the Sand
Half Rubber Tournament.
On behalf of Marty Morganello and the
Surfrider Foundation, Councilmember
D.J. Rich presented a check for $2,000 to
the City to go towards the funding of the
Beach Management Patrol.
Karen Tompson of the Sea Islands
Chamber of Commerce came before
Council to promote the Chamber and
invite the City to join its membership. Te
organization is one year old and has been
promoting Folly Beach since its inception,
correcting callers mispronunciations
of the citys name. Te Chamber is a
member of the Folly Beach Business
Association, and is supporting the 2012
Sea and Sand Festival. She added that
the annual membership costs run from
$500 to $2500 depending on the level of
involvement. Council Member Charlie
McCarty requested to see a fnancial
profle of the organization before any
further consideration would be made.
Katrina Taylor, S.C. director of the
American Lung Association, requested
approval for an annual 5K run fundraiser
on October 29. Te race attracts around
400 people and has a permit from PRC.
A vote was taken, all in favor.
On behalf of Ben Bounds of the Sea and
Sand Festival, Council Member D.J. Rich
informed the Council that Bounds hoped
to seek approval for the 2012 festival on
Saturday, March 24, 2012.
Jonas Nance requested permission to
set up a tent with a table on the beach
conducting an artist demonstration on
Memorial Day, including surfboard
painting. Nance asked for permission to
use a generator to power video monitors.
He would display wares that would not
be for sale at the tent. Beck and Ellis
pointed out that the demonstration was
still commercial in nature. McCarty
suggested Nance utilize the monthly art
shows at the Folly River Park as an outlet.
A vote was taken, all opposed.
Melissa Bimbi of the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service spoke to Council about
the status of shorebirds on Folly Beach,
specifcally in regard to the proposal
to allow unleashed dogs on the beach.
Her concern is that dogs will fush
away the birds that use the ends of the
island, and said allowing dogs there
is not conservationally sound. She
recommended that of-leash dogs not be
allowed past the last beachfront groin at
the islands east end, and not at all at the
islands west tip.
City Administrator Toni Connor-
Rooks spoke on behalf of the Coca-
Cola bottling company, noting that
the company gave land in 1942 to the
City where the community center sits.
Coca-Cola requested a family afair
on the beach on June 19 and giving
Coca-Cola products to people, especially
children. Te company would use a
40x40 tent with beach chairs set around
the tent, and they would be on the
beach from early in the morning until
sunset. Council member Rich pointed
out that Council had just said no to a
person requesting an art demonstration
on the beach out of concerns about
commercialization, yet was considering
approving Coca-Cola.
I think the feeling for what just
happened earlier was that it was truly a
commercial venture that was trying to
be done previous to this. Advertising and
presentation was kind of sketchy, because
they said one thing but wrote something
else, said Goodwin.
Rich said hed seen the kind of thing in
Atlantic City with beer companies, and
discouraged Folly from starting the same
kind of thing on the island, feeling this
would set a precedent.
I think it is the same, handing out
Coca-Cola products so people can
buy Coca-Cola in the future. Tat is
commercialism, said Rich.
Hume said that they should have
been here during Sea and Sand Festival,
saying it was a better venue. A vote was
taken opposing the event. Only Mayor
Goodwin voted in favor.
Bryan Porter, 610 East Erie Avenue,
thanked Council and public safety for
recognizing his service to the City.
Andy Harrison of James Island voiced
concerns about Ordinance 16-11, the
of-leash dog ordinance. Harrison cited
studies measuring the disturbance
which dogs cause to nesting shorebirds,
explaining that shorebirds appear in
much larger numbers when dogs are not
Council Member Hume spoke in
favor of the ordinance, expressing belief
that citizens can self-regulate of-leash
behavior, and that giving people a legal
option will help minimize the problems
with shorebirds at the ends of the islands.
McCarty spoke to the Citys eforts to
be both conservation and animal rights-
oriented. I think this (ordinance) will
he next issue of your community newspaper will
not be as good as this one. I hate to admit it, but
I have a very valid excuse- my managing editor
of fve years, Kristin Hackler, has been scooped up by Tis is her last issue with us.
Kristin came to Lucky Dog Publishing six years ago
and begged me to hire her as an intern. Since then, she
rose through the ranks to become the managing editor
of all three of Lucky Dog Publishings papers, a full fve
years before the New York Times hired their frst female
managing editor. If you have been a reader of any of our
community newspapers, you are familiar with all fne
work she has done with us.
Kristin won national newspaper awards during
her tenure as a reporter with the Island Eye News. In
2007, she was awarded second place by Te Association
of Community Newspapers. Her piece beat out 1,500
other entries in original news reporting for her coverage
of vacation homes creeping into the Isle of Palms
neighborhoods. In 2010, the AFCP announced her
appointment to their board of editors and named her a
Rising Star, one of fve people annually to
receive the honor.
To all of her admirers at the Kiawah-
Seabrook Exchange club, the IOPNA, the
Sullivans Islanders, Te Johns Islanders and
every school that she has volunteered to read in, to every
contributor she coaxed into writing for us and made it
a pleasant experience, to every unhappy consumer that
she intervened with and made happy again, I know you
will miss her, and so will we. I feel like my
little sister is getting married and moving
Te good news is that Kristin is
not moving away. She has a great new
opportunity here in Charleston, so be sure
to keep her contact information and invite
her to your pig pickings and neighborhood
block parties. Her husband Kevin is in his
last year of law school, so it might not be
long before they are our neighbors out on
one of these barrier islands. Te rest of the
good news is over twenty people applied to
fll her jobs at LDP. In a testament to how
much she did we have brought in three
talented new people to work with us.
Stratton Lawrence has already taken the reigns over
at the Folly Current and it growing in both readership
and contributors. Next week I will introduce you to
some of the new staf. Soon you will begin to see them
on the streets covering your islands like no other news
source can. So enjoy this issue and the next. Every one of
our staf members works incredibly hard to produce the
news you need to keep up with your community. Just
understand that we have very big heels to fll.
A f ond f ar ew el l
Lynn Pierotti, PuBLiSher
(front l to r) Richard Brendel, Lori Dalton, Kristin Hackler and Lynn Pierotti.
(back l to r) Blake Bunch and Stratton Lawrence.
June 10, 2011
Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Publishers of The Folly Current, The Island
Eye News and the Island Connection.
Lynn Pierotti
Kristin Hackler
managing editor

Stratton Lawrence

Swan Richards
senior graphic designer
Blake Bunch
Lori Dalton
sales manager
Richard Brendel

Lindsey Graham
Jud Bushkar
Andrea Weathers
Geoff Bennett
Fay A.
David Crawford
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Becky Sparks
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Council continued from page 2
allow us better enforcement, he said.
Susan Breslin said that she is thrilled
that the Sea and Sand Festival will be
held earlier in the year, in March. She
then spoke about the water and sewer
budgets, pointing out that sewer salaries
and benefts make up 22 percent of the
expenditures, and 9 percent goes toward
PILOT. Water salaries are 19 percent of
the budget, and PILOT is 11 percent.
She called the water and sewer utilities a
proft center and encouraged Council to
shift human resources employees salaries
away from the water and sewer budget.
Nancy Smith of 1207 Tabby Drive
suggested changes in the language of
ordinance 20-11, clarifying boundaries
around the old Coast Guard station for
the of-leash dog rules. Smith asked that
animals not be allowed in the dunes and
Gary Dixon of 1716 East Ashley Ave
spoke as a dog person, thanking Council
for proposing the of-leash ordinance. He
asked Council to give residents a chance
to prove that their dogs could be of-leash
and play in the water without causing a
Evette Boyd of 1668 East Ashley Ave said
she takes her chill time very seriously,
which includes a fve-mile run with her
dog on a 16-foot tether. She spoke in
regard to the dog ordinance, saying that
the City should have control of our active
beach, apart from the land owned by the
County at the Coast Guard base.
(Require three readings for approval)
Second Readings:
No. 16-11 (Reiterating the domestic
animal restrictions on Folly, and
approving the formation of a club, FIDO,
that would allow of-leash dogs on the
Council voted to remove Section D from
the ordinance, establishing the old Coast
Guard base as a protected area for birdlife
with domestic animals prohibited, to be
considered as its own ordinance.
Rich suggested that members of FIDO
have a noticeable collar and that the
ordinance be postponed in favor of trying
the idea for an of-leash dog club out as a
six month resolution.
Explaining FIDOs structure, Hume
said that input from Chief Dennis Brown
and animal control employees would be
important, and that public safety would
have the opportunity to make changes to
the rules.
Chief Brown echoed Richs comments
about the importance of FIDO-registered
dogs being easily identifed. He added
that he would need ofcers on the beach
earlier in the morning.
Beck asked about seeing FIDOs rules
before the third reading, and Hume said
that the Council should not micromanage
the program. A discussion about locations
where dogs would be allowed ensued. A
vote was taken, all in favor.
No. 17-11 (Approval of the 2010-2011
sewer utility budget)
McCarty pointed out that the Council
was in a box where we need to approve
money thats been spent for a budget that
ends within 30 days. A vote was taken
approving the ordinance. Eddie Ellis
voted no.
No. 18-11 (Approval of the 2010-2011
water utility budget)
A vote was taken approving the
ordinance. Eddie Ellis voted no.
No. 19-11 (Adoption of Design and
Review Board subjective standards for
renovations and new buildings)
A vote was taken, all in favor. Council
moved to a third reading. A vote was
taken, all in favor, and the ordinance was
First Readings
No. 27-11 (Resolution authorizing the
expenditure of $19,990 for the purchase
of 512 East Erie)
Rich explained that the City could receive
just over $200,000 from the Countys
Greenbelt funds, and this additional
money could purchase the property
adjacent to the Citys current park and
playground. Te property could be
used in the future for a dog park. Rich
elaborated on the rules for Greenbelt
funds, explaining that the City could not
put a building here and would have to
use it for a park facility. McCarty pointed
out that while the City was only spending
$20,000, Folly residents are also County
taxpayers. A vote was taken, all in favor.
No. 20-11 (Establishing Folly Beach as a
bird sanctuary and defning where dogs
are allowed, including a ban on leashed
dogs at the ends of the island)
Council motioned to amend the
ordinance to state that there should
be no domestic animals whatsoever
allowed to trespass on any dunes and/or
A vote was taken, all in favor.
Beck then motioned to amend the
ordinance, stating that domestic animals
were allowed between the high and low
water line, up to the last easternmost
part of the island on which is located a
constructive barrier and man-made rock
A vote was taken, all in favor.
Beck then motioned to make the west
end of Folly of-limits to dogs, and that
the Council should be responsible,
compromising environmentalists
looking out for dog-owner rights while
recognizing that we have threatened bird
species on Folly that rely on our beach.
She suggested amending the language
to ban domestic animals up to and not
beyond the westward end of the County
Park on the west end of the island.
Hume spoke against the amendment,
and Beck said that the information given
from U.S. Fish and Wildlife gave her
enough reasoning to consider closing the
west tip to dogs. Were giving privileges;
weve got to set some boundaries, said
Beck. Rich said that he felt that leashed
dogs were not a problem in this area.
A vote was taken approving the
amendment. Hume and Rich voted no.
A vote was taken approving the
ordinance. Hume and Rich voted no.
Resolution 28-11 (Authorizing
administration to evaluate Folly Beachs
participation in the 9-1-1 dispatch center
and resolve it is benefcial to the City)
A vote was taken, all in favor.
Council adjourned at 9:32 p.m.
Wi l son s
Pl over s
ake a trip out to the northeast
end of Folly Beach across from
the Morris Island Lighthouse
and youll be sure to fnd some
Wilsons Plovers. Wintering along the
coasts of Central and northern South
America, they eventually head north
for the summer to nest on beaches in
the Southeastern United States. Year
after year they return to Folly Beach
to lay eggs and raise their young.
Because of coastal development,
habitat destruction and disturbances
from people and their pets, Wilsons
Plovers are listed as threatened in
South Carolina. Tey nest along the
ground in the vegetation on the dunes,
and because of their camoufage
coloring, they are easily missed and
are often stepped upon. Te main
beach nesting area for Wilsons
Plovers is roped of and posted with
SCDNR signs, warning people to stay
clear. However, with a little patience
you can still catch them foraging on
the beach or running back and forth
to the dunes without getting too close
to the prohibited area. Tis little guy
stopped in the perfect spot for a scenic
photo op.
To view more photos and nature tips
from Lindsey, visit her on facebook at
Nat ur e f r om c over
4 June 10, 2011
op- ed
Dear Editor,
Recently, Dixie, Pet Helpers frst
mascot, passed away at the age of 14. At
the age of about 4 months, she wandered
onto Folly Rd. and was hit by a car. Te
car didnt stop, but lucky for Dixie, a
young lady in the next car did. She took
Dixie to Dr. Johnny Ohlandt, who called
Carol Linville, Founder of Pet Helpers,
and told her that he could save Dixies
life and asked if Pet Helpers could be
responsible for her. Of course, Carol
said yes. Dixies injuries were extensive
and she was crippled for the remainder
of her life. Dixie came to live with me,
but she worked for Pet Helpers. She grew
up to be an 85-pound reddish shepherd/
chow mix and spent many hours going
to schools and representing Pet Helpers
at various functions. Last summer she
pulled a muscle in one of her remaining
good legs. She became almost fully
incapacitated and was never able to fully
recover. In January 2011, she went across
the Rainbow Bridge to join
her sisters and brothers in doggie
We are starting a fund at Pet
Helpers in her honor. It will
be specifcally to help injured
animals that come into Pet
Helpers, as she did. Te regular
operating costs at Pet Helpers,
(over $100,000 a month)
are tremendous and totally
dependent on private donations,
fundraisers, mailings and the
community without ever taking
into consideration the costs
of saving the lives of horribly
injured animals like Dixie. Tere have
been many since Dixie, and usually we
put out an appeal to the public for help.
Te public has always been generous with
their donations in emergencies. With an
established fund just for this purpose,
we hope to be able to help more animals
and maintain an emergency source of
money. To make a donation to this fund,
please make your check to Pet Helpers
and designate that it go to Dixies
Special Needs Fund. Please mail to Pet
Helpers Adoption Center, 1447 Folly Rd.,
Charleston, SC 29412.
As you know, all donations to Pet
Helpers, a non proft, 501c3 animal
rescue and shelter organization, where all
animals are kept until adoption, are tax
deductible. In Dixies name, thank you
for helping save other animals.
Mary Chrisanthis,
Board of Director, Pet Helpers
266-5400 (ofce)
Letters to the editor...
Dear Editor:
No wonder Carl Beckmann was
defeated so solidly in the last election. By
84% of the voters, no less! What more
does it take to prove to him that the people
of Folly Beach are sick of his sense of
entitlement? He acts as though the mayors
ofce is rightfully his and was taken away
from him by a misguided electorate. Te
voters have spoken and thrown him out.
He and his wife need to focus on making
positive contributions to the community
if they plan to stay there, or else they need
to leave. Teir pettiness and vindictiveness
against the current mayor only prove that
the voters of Folly Beach made the right
Ina Bootle
West Ashley
Dear Folly Beach,
I want to thank everyone with the City
of Folly Beach for the overwhelmingly
successful eforts with the East 10th
Street beach area for the Memorial Day
Weekend. Public Works picked up trash
from the access areas every morning VERY
early. Law Enforcement/Public Safety was
on hand, both on the beach and back
on East 10th Street all day and well into
the afternoon and evening hours to deal
with issues there. While you almost hate
to admit that a law enforcement ofcer
stationed at the access and two more
stationed on the beach is what has now
become necessary, that they were willing
to do whatever it takes is exemplary.
Te City of Folly Beach Staf made
extra eforts to notify the day visitors
in the media well ahead of time.
Limiting parking around busy
intersections made a huge diference
in safe trafc fow during the day and
seriously reduced the number of near
misses we normally see. Surfrider
Foundation organized several beach
sweeps for our island, with one cleaning
up the beach from East 7th to East 10th.
Several groups who have adopted stretches
of our beach as part of the OCRM Adopt-
A-Beach Program scheduled their sweeps
to coincide with the frst big weekend
of the summer. And Id also like to thank
all of the individual resident volunteers
who pick up trash left behind on our
beach every day of the week, all year long.

While we may not have eliminated all
of the unsavory events associated with
big weekends, everyone certainly made a
HUGE diference and made the weekend
once again enjoyable for us in the area.
Bubber and Cindy Hutto
East Cooper Ave, Folly Beach
t is only May and the trafc traveling
to and from Folly Beach has been a
two hour ordeal on Saturdays and an
hour on Sundays since April. Te cars
back up to Camp Road and farther.
If a resident works of the island, they
cannot get back home in less than one
and a half hours. Ask the bride how
the trafc afected her wedding last
weekend. Or ask the folks leaving the
beach who were stuck in their cars on
the island while a wreck was cleared on
the causeway.
Te obvious answer to the trafc woes
would be to build another bridge to the
island, but there is no access point. Tat
said, the only other solution is to update
Folly Road with a four lane highway
starting at the bridge at Crosbys Fish &
Shrimp, continue down the causeway,
and across the other two bridges to the
island of Folly. Te two-lane roads are
completely outdated to accommodate
the volume of trafc that travels to the
beach, even on a daily basis. Tis road
has served motorists since the ferryboat
was abandoned. Tere is no other lane
available for emergency vehicles to travel
around the cars in line. Te narrow
bike lane is used by motorists (illegally)
to go around a car turning left into a
subdivision or around a car involved in
a crash.
Te problem begins when the two
lanes of trafc on Folly Road heading
to the beach having to merge into one
lane to cross the Crosbys bridge. Tere
is no sign that instructs motorists to
alternately merge. Te folks in the
left lane are claiming their spot in line
A Sol ut i on t o Fol l y
Beach Traffc Problems
By anDrea weatherS
Traffc continued on page 5
June 10, 2011 5
2011 Hurri cane names
Name that cane 2011

Tere are six lists of names that rotate
every year for naming hurricanes.
Names are typically removed from the
lists each year as signifcant storms
names are retired, like Hazel (1954), Fif
(1974), Hugo (1989), Andrew (1992)
and Katrina (2005). Five names have
been retired since this years hurricane
name list was last used in 2005: Dennis,
Katrina, Rita, Stan and Wilma will be
replaced by Don, Katia, Rina, Sean and
Whitney, respectively.
Since tropical cyclones were frst
named in 1953, 75 names have been
retired, the frst two being Carol and
Hazel in 1954. Te naming of hurricanes
has been traced back to a tradition in
the West Indies that is still practiced
today, where storms were named for
the Catholic Saints Day on which they
landed. For example, hurricane San
Filipe struck Puerto Rico on September
13, 1876. When another storm struck
exactly ffty years later, the storm was
christened San Filipe the Second.
Hurricanes are named alphabetically,
although the letters Q and U are
always left out and the lists only go to
W. If the list is used up for the year
and storms are still forming, the storms
are then named alphabetically from the
Greek alphabet, Alpha to Omega.
Hurricanes continued from cover
he first half of May was less-
than-uneventful for Follys
surfers. Knee-high and choppy
was the call nearly every day. I can
count the number of days with decent
surf on a single hand, but life could
have been much worse. Tornadoes and
f looding ravaged much of the country
this past month, and we have all seen
the destruction that can be unleashed
by nature. Living on a barrier island,
we notice that the ocean looks a little
different every single day. Many people
wonder why the ocean is rough or waves
are much larger on a given day.
As a storm spins in the middle of the
Atlantic, sizeable waves are created that
head toward our coast. The shape and
power of the ocean waves are largely
determined by four factors. The first is
the bathymetry or shape of the ocean
bottom. It changes gradually over time
and at a faster rate due to the impact of
large storms.
The two factors that differ on a
daily basis are wave height and period.
Wave height is the most important,
and stronger winds blowing towards
our coast will bring big waves. When
the storm is far enough away, waves of
longer period are created. That is, the
time between successive waves from the
same swell is greater. The power of a
wave is uniquely determined by height
and period. As you might expect, big
heights and long periods produce more
power. If we really get lucky, the storm
stays far away and we do not receive
too much wind, only waves. Less wind
near the shore means the wave faces are
clean and the waves peel regularly. Last
year, this happened quite frequently
and Folly saw its best surf in years.
Some of the storms that produced
great surf on Folly were Earl, Igor, and
Nicole. The names chosen for storms
this year are Arlene, Bret, Cindy, Don,
Emily, Franklin, Gert, Harvey, Irene,
Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria, Nate, Ophelia,
Phillippe, Rina, Sean, Tammy, Vince,
and Whitney.
Looking at this list, Gert and
Katia look like real haymakers. The
first sounds like a disease aff licting
medieval Europeans and the second is
unpronounceable for at least one Folly
Current columnist.
It seems terrible that these storms
are given names that may or may not
be familiar. You may not know anyone
named Rina, but anyone that can read
this has met someone named Lee. In
the event of disaster, a storms name
will take on a new meaning. We all
live on the Edge of America and have
to take the risk of these storms as a
consequence of our choice. I guess it is
the same with life. You take the good
with the bad.
Many of the named storms will bring
groundswell to Folly. Hopefully, none
of these storms will come close enough
to do any harm. Ideally, when your
neighbors overhear you talking about
how great Jose or Tammy was, they
will think you had dinner guests who
displayed fine decorum. Stay prepared
and be kind to your neighbor.
Hur r i c ane Pr evi ew 2011
By JuD BuShKar




and usually will not let the right lane
of trafc in their lane to establish a
courteous merging pattern. Te only
signage states Do not pass. Terefore,
a bottleneck forms. Once trafc has
merged, they move slowly across the
bridge all the way to Folly Island. Once
Folly Road becomes Center Street,
there are four lanes again to route folks
to their destination. Why not have four
lanes all the way down Folly Road to
the stop light at the beach?
Opportunity exists now to seriously
take a look at this remodeling project as
two of the three bridges are already on
the books to be replaced by SCDOT.
Why not use this opportunity to update
the old roads to four lanes? Another
two-lane bridge could be built next to
the bridge by the Sandcastle restaurant.
Each bridge would be one way only. As
for trafc leaving the island, the new
roads would get the cars of the island
much faster and maybe eliminate some
wrecks resulting from stop and start
trafc. Even if the speed limit was 35
from the frst bridge to the last, trafc
would still fow more smoothly. I realize
the nightmare residents will face when
proposed construction begins on the
two bridges. Lets pray that it happens
in the winter and quickly.
Traffc continued from page 4
Those clean one-foot rights may only appeal to ants riding popsicle sticks now, but the
forecasts call for heavy swell all hurricane season.
6 June 10, 2011
Solution on page 11 Level: Hard
only on Folly Pol i c e Bl ot t er Luc k y Dog
ami abL e Pi t buL L resCued From Cow i sL and
By Stratton Lawrence
ason Moore wasn't leaving without
the dog. On Tursday, May 26,
a group of kayakers noticed an
emaciated, sickly dog on Cow Island,
an uninhabited hammock island near
Mosquito Beach on Sol Legare Road. Tey
conveyed the news to
Coastal Expeditions'
Eric Mills, who called
Pet Helpers.
Moore, a kennel
caretaker for the
no-kill shelter,
paddled out to the
island to search for
the animal.
"We hunted for
him but only saw
one dog track," says
Moore. "We couldn't
fnd any sign of him."
Te pair left food
and water, and went back to check on
Friday. Tey found the dog sitting by the
food bowl. Although he accepted treats
tossed at a distance, he wouldn't approach
the men.
Pet Helpers delivered a trap to catch
the dog, and a determined Moore opted to
spend the night camping on the island. He
dubbed his new companion 'Hambone.'
"When I was setting up camp, he was
walking around me, but he'd stay 20 feet
away," he recalls. "He didn't have any
At about 5 o'clock in the morning, the
dog fell for the trap. Mayor Tim Goodwin
motored his shallow-hulled boat to the
island, loaded the caged dog, and brought
him to safety.
"He's not a wild dog," explains Moore,
who isn't sure
whether or
not the dog
swam to the
island or was
left there. "He
was owned by
Pet Helpers
named the dog
"Gi l l i g a n."
He's received
plenty of
a t t e n t i o n
this week,
i n c l u d i n g
picking hundreds of ticks of of him and
nursing him back to health. Gilligan
weighs 45 pounds, but could easily weigh
75 at full health, guesses Moore. His face
made the cover of the Post and Courier's
Local section last Wednesday.
"You can love on him and he'll kiss you
on the face," says Moore, who estimates
Gilligan's age at two or three years old.
"He's really a sweet dog."
He adds, "It was an absolute
By BLaKe Bunch
Help the Folly Homeless
Two ofcers responded to a call on May
18 in regards to a man sleeping on the
beach near 11
Block. Upon arrival at
7:18 a.m., the ofcers noticed a white
male asleep in a sleeping bag with beer
cans strewn around him. Once awake,
the subject stood up, revealing a plastic
baggy in his pocket. Te baggy had ten
grams of pot in it and the ofcers found
a hypodermic needle on the subject,
as well. After stating that he had just
gotten a job out on the beach and had
nowhere to live, the man was cited with
possession of marijuana and given a verbal
warning about sleeping on the beach. Te
aforementioned syringe was disposed of in
a biohazard sharp container.
Hot Boxing
On May 19, an ofcer noticed a silver
BMW parked on the wrong side of
the road at East 8
Street. Upon
approaching the vehicle to write a
trafc ticket, the ofcer observed that
the car was occupied and running. He
then observed a strong odor of burnt
marijuana exuding from the passenger
side. Te ofcer advised the driver that
he smelled the herb and, provided that
the subject was honest with him, would
ticket and release him. Te driver denied
having any marijuana in the vehicle,
failing his arms and claiming that he
was being harassed. After ofering the
passenger the same deal, the passenger
produced a jar containing 4.6 grams
of pot. Two more ofcers arrived and
searched the car further, coming up with
a glass pipe containing burnt marijuana
residue. Te passenger was cited and
released for possession of marijuana, but
the driver was placed under arrest for
possession of marijuana, as well as drug
Te Opposite of a COpS episode ending
Tree ofcers were standing on the
corner of Center Street and West Cooper
Avenue on May 20 when they observed
an altercation between two males. One
of the males involved was a pedestrian,
and the other was driving a blue truck.
Te two men were yelling at each other.
Once the ofcers identifed themselves
as police, the man in the blue truck
sped of. Te ofcers gave chase after
the subject onto East Indian Avenue.
After pulling into the post ofce, the
subject cut of his lights. He explained
to the ofcers that he had not seen or
heard them, and did not know what
the previous altercation was about. Te
ofcers released the man, citing him
with disorderly conduct and reckless
driving. Although he admitted to having
consumed alcohol, he did not appear to
display a level of intoxication to support a
charge of DUI.
Keep Of the Dunes
Also on May 18, fve ofcers were
dispatched to the beach at 13
Block East
in response to reports of young people
partying in the dunes. Upon their arrival,
several of the partygoers were displaying
open beer cans and two large half-
empty liquor bottles. Shortly thereafter,
several members of the extended group
collected their belongings and left. Te
ofcers then wrote several tickets to those
still present, citing them for minor in
possession of alcohol, as well as having
glass and a dog on the beach front.
ever Heard of a Nalgene Bottle?
In an unrelated incident on May 18, an
ofcer responded to a complaint on the
beach at 13
Block East. Te ofcer
noted that when he approached the
group of people, he observed the subject
and two friends sharing a glass bottle of
champagne. Obviously in direct violation
of the glass on the beach ordinance,
ofcers cited and released the subject who
claimed ownership.
plead the Fifth
An underage person attempted to
purchase an 18-pack of Bud Light at
Berts Market on May 20. However,
the subject had fed before ofcers could
arrive. Later on the ofcers shift, the
subjects mother contacted him, and was
advised to have her son come in and give
his statement. Te responding ofcer
then secured a statement from the subject
and issued him a ticket. Know your
rights, man.
Mayor Tim Goodwin, Jason Moore, and Pet
Helpers representatives pose with Gilligan.
June 10, 2011
his story takes place in the waning moments
of Sol Driven Trains May 20 performance at
the Party on the Point. Te band was playing
on stage with Charleston Harbor in the background.
Tere were roughly 300 folks in attendance, spread
out on the grounds of the hotel and most of them
listening to the music. Te area near the stage was
covered in white, grainy sand that had obviously been
trucked in from somewhere other than Charleston.
It was in that area, next to the stage, where I
spotted Miss Parker. We had spoken several times
earlier in the evening, but this time she was standing
all by herself. When she smiled at me, I felt as though
I needed to be near her. She was wearing this pretty
white dress, and when I walked up to her she said,
I think I need to have this dress taken in a bit, and
she spun around to show me how loose the dress was
around her waist.
Te band had just walked of the stage and we
were waiting for them to come back for their encore.
When they did, the crowd gave a little cheer, and
before they started playing again, they re-announced
that they were raising money for their friend who
needs a heart transplant. Tis was when Parker,
being Parker, turned to me and said in her soft voice,
I wish I had two hearts so I could give her one.
At the time, I didnt really think much of it. Te
band started with their song Guest List, which is
a tune about how the only way they would get into
heaven would be if someone were to put them on
the guest list. Again, I didnt pay much attention.
We danced and smiled, and at the end of the song, I
turned to Parker and gave her a big hug and told her
that I loved her and to be safe; just like I do with all
my friends that I care about. She gave me a big smile
and we parted ways.
Looking back at that night, that moment in time
was so surreal. We left Patriots Point and headed
up onto the Ravenel Bridge. As we crested the top
of the bridge, we saw freworks from the baseball
stadium exploding over the city skyline. I remember
watching in awe, thinking that we had the perfect
spot for freworks. Te whole time, unknown to us,
something terrible was taking place behind us.
It wasnt until the next day when I got a phone call
from Elizabeths ex-husband, Derek, informing me
that she had been hit on her moped by a drunk driver
while crossing the bridge. Everything became a blur.
I fought with myself over whether I should go see
her in her hospital bed, but I didnt want to ruin the
perfect memory of our last goodbye. I fnally realized
that this would be my last chance to tell her that I
loved her, so I went to the hospital.
I made sure that her friends told the nurses the
story about what she had said to me about giving her
heart. We were informed that due to the severity of
the accident, her heart could not be saved. We, of
course, were upset about this and went through all
the steps of denial. (On a side note, we later found
out that the doctors were able to save her liver and
both of her kidneys).
Unable to fulfll her wish, I have been at a loss at
how cruel and unfair living and dying can be. I put
my thinking cap on and came up with a solution.
I spoke with both Sol Driven Train and Elizabeths
parents, and we have decided that even though Parker
was unable to donate her heart, it doesnt mean that
we cant help the lady who desperately needs funds to
get a heart transplant.
Below is a link to fnd out about Lisha Frits. I was
blessed to have had a person like Elizabeth Parker in
my life, and double-blessed to be the one that got to
spend her last minutes with her. Im triple-blessed to
be able to spread the message of her love for life.
Painting by Olessia MaxiMenkO
In Memory of Elizabeth Christian Parker
On May 25, friends and family gathered on Folly Beach to celebrate the
life of Elizabeth Parker, who passed on to the next world on May 20.
Last Saturday, June 4, would have been her thirty-third birthday.
How I Know She s an Angel
By RichaRd BRendel
Folly Current Calendar
June 10 - July 16
Friday, June 10
Folly Beach Bird Walks
Tis walk focuses on the northern shoreline
and maritime forest of Folly Beach, and
meets at the Folly Lighthouse Inlet Heritage
Preserve. Te program is free, however pre-
registration is required. 7:30 9:30 a.m.
Course # 25331. Age: 12 & up. For more info,
call 795-4386 or visit
Saturday, June 11
Reggae Concert Series: Te Resolvers
Bring your chair or blanket to James Island
County Park and rock the night away to
live reggae music by Te Resolvers! Food,
beverage, and souvenirs will be available for
purchase. 7:30 to 11 p.m. $8. For more info,
call 795-4386 or visit
Sunday, June 12
Friends of the Library cart sale
Library discards will be available for sale for
$1 each at the Main Branch, 68 Calhoun
Street in downtown Charleston, at the
Information Desk from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Every
second Sunday. Check
ChasLibraryPals for daily updates.
tueSday, June 14
Flag Day
Commemoration of the adoption of the U.S. fag.
thurSday, June 16
Louies Kids Tird Annual Piggly Wiggly
Big Chef Little Chef Competition
Kids from Louies Kids will pair up with local
top chefs to create delicious, healthy meals at
Lowndes Grove Plantation. Event guests will
help celebrity chef Marvin Woods select this
years winner. Wine and beer included in ticket
price. $45 in advance, $50 day of. Purchase
tickets at for more info,
call 724-9267.
Saturday, June 18
Folly Beach Art & Craft Guild at Folly
River Park
Come to the Folly River Park to peruse and
purchase works of art and crafts by the Folly
Beach Art & Craft Guild. Held once a month,
April to September. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Live
music from 10 to 1 p.m. featuring Friends
of Ridicule, and 1 to 4 p.m. featuring Psych
Ward 1 Dragon. Vendor booths are $35. For
more info, contact Karen Marr at 343-9887 or
Folly Pier Fishing Tournament
Come join us for great fshing at the Folly
Beach Fishing Pier beginning at 6 a.m.
Tournament ends at 4 p.m. and prizes are
awarded at 4:15. Prizes are awarded for the
largest catch in the King Mackerel category
and the three largest catches in the Big Fish
category. For more info, call the Folly Beach
Fishing Pier at 588-3474. $12.
2011 Bark for Life
Tis canine Relay for Life, will be held at
James Island County Park from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. and will include a one-mile walk, music,
games, food and entertainment for everyone.
Early registration is $15 per dog and $20 per
dog the day of the event. For early registration
please go to www.lowcountrybarkforlife.
org. For more info, call 744-1922 or email
Sunday, June 19
Happy Fathers Day!
Monday, June 20
Camp Puf n Stuf
Overnight camp for children ages 8 to 11
with asthma. Campers must be on daily
asthma medications. Week includes feld trips
to SplashZone and other local attractions,
swimming, games, and asthma education. Te
goal of this camp is to keep children out of the
emergency room and in the classroom. June
20-24 at the College of Charleston. $50
per camper/scholarships available. www.
tueSday, June 21
First day of summer
thurSday, June 23
Summer Entertainment Series: Hungry
Monk Music
Te Hungry Monks will perform an array of
kids music that will allow all to participate.
Show at Edisto Hall at James Island County
Park. Best suited for ages 3 to 12. Call 795-
4386 for more info. 10 to 11 a.m. Course #
24876. $5.
Friday, June 24
Moonlight Mixer
Shag dance on the water and under the stars at
the Folly Beach Fishing Pier. DJ Jim Bowers
of 1340 Te Boardwalk will play all of the
hottest oldies and beach music classics! Only
600 tickets will be sold for this event. 7-11
p.m. Tickets are $10. For more info, call 795-
4386 or visit
WedneSday, June 29
Sundown Festival at Kiawahs
Night Heron Park
Featuring southern lawn games and infatables
for the children, as well as a train which will
run throughout the evening, the festival will
also feature special live music by international
World Blues artist, Harper and the Midwest
Kind. Free and open to the public, the festival
begins at 6:30 p.m. at Kiawahs Night Heron
Park. Night Heron Grill will be open for the
event. Sponsored by the Kiawah Island Arts
Council and Kiawah Golf Resort.
Friday, July 1
Music on the Green
Every Friday through Labor Day, enjoy free
live music at the Freshfelds Village Green
from 6 to 9 p.m. Performing tonight is Quiana
Parler & Friends. Dont forget to bring a
blanket and/or chairs! For more info, visit or call Guest
Services at 768-6491.
Monday, July 4
Friday, July 8
Music on the Green
Every Friday through Labor Day, enjoy free
live music at the Freshfelds Village Green
from 6 to 9 p.m. Performing tonight is the
Rum Punch Bandits. Dont forget to bring
a blanket and/or chairs! For more info, visit or call Guest
Services at 768-6491.
Sunday, July 10
Friends of the Library cart sale
Library discards will be available for sale for
$1 each at the Main Branch, 68 Calhoun
Street in downtown Charleston, at the
Information Desk from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Every
second Sunday. Check
ChasLibraryPals for daily updates.
Monday, July 11
Farmers Market at Freshfelds Village
Every Monday from4 to 8 p.m. through
August 29 (excluding July 4), this free market
at the Freshfelds Village Green will include
farmproduce, packaged food, arts &crafts
and prepared food vendors. Live music by Brad
Henty and Skip Sullins will alternate each week.
For more info, visit
or call Guest Services at 768-6491.
Friday, July 15
Music on the Green
Every Friday through Labor Day, enjoy free live
music at the Freshfelds Village Green from6 to
9 p.m. Performing tonight is Plane Jane. Dont
forget to bring a blanket and/or chairs! For
more info, visit www.FreshfeldsVillage.comor
call Guest Services at 768-6491.
Saturday, July 16
Folly Beach Art & Craft Guild at Folly
River Park
Come to the Folly River Park to peruse and
purchase works of art and crafts by the Folly
Beach Art & Craft Guild. Held once a month,
April to September. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Live
music from 1 to 4 p.m. featuring Old You
Band. Vendor booths are $35. For more info,
contact Karen Marr at 343-9887 or email
10 June 10, 2011
n the early months of 1861, Charleston
became the place to be for the young
men of the Palmetto State. Te entire
state was afre with the buzz of Secession
and the talk of war. Charlestons streets
were teaming with the life-blood of the frst
state to separate from the United States.
Young men came to Charleston to
enlist in the militia and military units
being formed to defend their home state.
Recruiting for the cause was at a fever
pitch. Dozens of army, cavalry, and infantry
units were formed virtually overnight.
Te city became engorged with soldiers
and military bands, and her citizens all
proclaimed the same battle cry: war.
William Reynolds was one of those who
thirsted for the taste of battle. As a farm
boy from the upstate of South Carolina,
this journey to the coast was to be a great
adventure. How alluring that siren song of
the impending war must have been to him.
Te chance to travel to the port city and
become part of the ever-growing revelry
in her city streets. To gaze upon Fort
Sumter in the heart of Charleston harbor;
the fort where the old fag of the United
States still waved in defance of the new
To Reynolds, defending his home and
fag were the reasons for him to make the
journey to the Holy City. And besides, he
didnt want to miss his chance to become a
part of his generations revolution.
In May 1993, I was driving in
downtown Charleston and noticed a real
estate lot being bulldozed. I stopped and
talked to the property owner, asking if I
could search the lot for the old privy. He
gladly gave me permission, and told me
that the lot was to be leveled another few
feet. Tis would certainly destroy the privy
and its contents.
Te excavation of an old privy can
be an amazing peek into our past. Te
trash from the past can
give us a look through
a window into a world
that only exists in books.
To excavate and unearth
artifacts can give us a
glimpse otherwise lost to
Te lot was near
where the old Charleston
Arsenal was located
during the Civil War, so
the prospects of fnding
relics from Confederate
Charleston were pretty good. We easily
found the privys shaft and slowly began
our excavation. Te frst three to four feet
were full of broken bricks and freplace
ash. At about fve feet down, we began to
see signs of 1860s Charleston.
Broken porcelain and bottles began
to appear. At this depth, we also struck
something else: water. Te water table in
the peninsula is very high, and digging
at this depth became extremely difcult.
Using fve gallon plastic buckets, we began
to dip out buckets of mud, water, and
broken bottles to the surface. Te buckets
were dumped a few feet away from the
excavated hole. Groping our way through
this mess did prove to be rewarding,
Bottles began to appear, all dating from
the 1850s to 1860s. Te day ended, and
we decided to fnish up the excavation the
following morning.
We all arrived early the next morning
at the dig site. Te pile of mud from the
previous day glistened with broken remains
of bottle fragments
and porcelain shards
protruding from the
mound of muck from
the privy shaft. I walked
over to it and spied a
perfect, unbroken Civil
War-period umbrella
ink well sticking out
of the side of the pile.
I also saw an oval-
shaped object next to
where the ink well was
laying. I reached down
and in turn, shook
hands with William Reynolds. And this
was no ordinary day. It was May 9, 1993,
Confederate Memorial Day.
Tat oval-shaped object was a South
Carolina Belt Buckle. Made in the 1850s,
it bore the large letters SC on its face.
On the reverse of the buckle, hand-carved
into its soft lead flling, were the words,
William Reynolds Palmetto Guards.
Te Palmetto Guards was one of the
fnest units of South Carolina soldiers ever
raised, and our above-mentioned recruit
from the upstate was one of its members.
Private William Reynolds was stationed
on Morris Island at Stevens Iron Battery
during the frst battle of the Civil War.
Te battery that Private Reynolds manned
received the frst shot fred from Fort Sumter
by Union Ofcer Abner Doubleday on the
morning of April 12, 1861. Tis battery
was also manned by the infamous Edwin
Rufn of Virginia, who was made an
honorary member of the Palmetto Guards.
Private Reynolds would become a part of
American history that day a part of a
story that would be taught to every school
child in the country when learning of the
beginnings of the Civil War.
I have no doubt that when Reynolds
came to Charleston to enlist in early 1861,
he dreamed of becoming part of history.
And so he was right; he did become a part
of a very historic day indeed.
My research shows that Private William
Reynolds of the Palmetto Guards would
eventually become part of the 2nd South
Carolina Volunteers. He, along with
his unit, would fght the war in Virginia
under the command of General Kershaw
of South Carolina. Private Reynolds lost
his life to unknown causes in Richmond,
Virginia, on December 3, 1862.
Fortunately, he carved his name into
the back of that South Carolina buckle
that I was so lucky to have spied in a pile of
mud. How that perfect, unbroken buckle
ended up in the bottom of an outhouse is
lost to history. But the soldier who wore
that buckle is not lost to history, or to us,
dear reader. His sacrifce of his life on the
altar of his countrys freedom will forever
be remembered by myself, and hopefully
by you remembered as one of over
600,000 lives lost in the worst confict in
American history.
hi story
Bear i ng Wi t ness t o t he Fi r st Shot
By RoBeRt e. BohRn JR.
The author excavated this belt buckle
that belonged to a soldier who
witnessed the Civil War's frst shots.
June 10, 2011 11
Sudoku solution
Solution from page 6
Vince Perna is a Folly Beach real estate expert who also loves music. If you want to know if
you can live on Folly, you can fnd him at 31 Center Street or by calling 588-3800.
Folly Music scene
6/10 - Mark Schuler
6/11 - Calvin Taylor
6/12 - Dave Gillease
6/17 - Bill Johnson
6/18 - Larry David project
6/19 - Jesse Prichard Duo
6/24 - David Fuller
6/25 - Elise Testone Duo
Bowens Island
Piccolo Spoleto - Blues on the Dock series
6/11 - Stained Glass Wall & Wyatt Garey Band
Brick House Kitchen
Tursdays - Open Mic Night, 7-10 pm
6/17 - Mac Leaphart
Chill & Grill
Tursdays - Kevin West Band
6/10 - Louie D project
6/11 - Kevin West Band
6/17 - Renovators
6/18 - Jasmine Attic
6/24 - IBL
6/25 - Elise Testone & the Freeloaders
Drop In Deli
Mondays the Hawkes
Wednesdays - Trivia
6/10 - Guilt Ridden Troubadour
Folly Beach Brewing Company
6/10 - Eric Penrod
6/17 - Howard Dlugasch & Josh
6/24 - Crushed Red Pepper
Folly Beach Crab Shack
Sundays Te Bill Show
Mondays Open Mic w/ Dave
Tuesdays Trivia
Wednesdays - Jef Houts
Tursdays Island Duo
Fridays Nathan Calhoun
Saturdays Sara Smile
Folly Beach Shrimp Co.
Saturdays - Blue Patina
Tursdays - Folly Beach Bluegrass Society
Sundays Eric Penrod 6 pm
Sundays - DJ Mike 10 pm
Wednesdays Karaoke
Tursdays Te Hawkes
6/10 - Give thanks Reggae Band
6/11 - Howard Dlugasch 5 pm
6/11 - Gaslight Street 10 pm
6/13 - Howard Dlugasch
6/14 - Full Moon Reggae Party
6/17 - Tidal Jive
6/18 - Jamisun 5 pm
6/18 - Gangrene Machine 10 pm
6/19 - Yellowknife 3 pm
6/20 - Kevin West
6/21 - Ben Fagen & Holy City Hooligans
6/24 - Da Gullah Rootz
6/25 - Howard Dlugasch 5 pm
6/25 - Bret Mosley - 10 pm
Planet Follywood
6/11 - Shakin Martinis
6/16 - Hank Marley
6/17 - Kevin Church
6/18 - Nathan Calhoun
6/23 - Karaoke
6/25 - Eric Penrod
Tursdays - Sgt. Submarine
6/12 - Matt Wink
6/14 - Bill Johnson
6/15 - Trick Knee Duo
6/19 - Rotie
6/21 - Dave Landeo
6/22 - Home Made Wine
Sand Dollar
6/10 & 11 - Fat Alice
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Folly Police Set Up Paint the Cop
Car Attraction On Folly Road
FOLLY BEACH, SC--- A recent increase
in the number of vehicles in the garages
of Folly Beach Public Safety caused Folly
Police to set up a Paint the Cop Car
attraction, similar to the paint the boat
tradition, right across the bridge on Folly
Road. Most residents of Folly Beach
voiced frustrations about the empty
vehicle, stating the waste of budget on
a car simply sitting there as a speed
trap. Folly Police have since cleared this
up, stating that they wanted to start a
Folly tradition akin to the boat painting
further up Folly Rd. Another car has
been placed at 5
and E. Ashley, though
they said only one will remain as the Cop
car to paint for years to come.
Infux of Summertime Folly
Beachgoers Getting VD in Record
FOLLY BEACH, SC--- A recent study
showed that the recent Memorial Day
weekend brought a record number of
visitors to Charleston barrier island,
Folly Beach. Tose involved with the
study state that a growing trend amongst
younger generations is to socialize in
the sun, emphasizing the importance of
soaking up the Vitamin D (VD) emitting
from its rays. Tis can only mean one
thing: as more and more people from afar
come and mingle amongst the already
growing population of locals, the number
of people getting VD from socializing on
Folly Beach this summer will increase at
an exponential rate. A follow up study is
planned for Labor Day weekend.
Folly City Council
Postpones Fathers Day
FOLLY BEACH, SC--- Bad news to all
you Folly fathers waiting for an excuse to
get hammered on a Sunday outside of the
NFL season: Folly Beach City Council
voted to postpone this years Fathers
Day due to the threat of bad weather.
Much like they did with the Sea and
Sand Festival in April, Fathers Day will
now be held a number of weeks later on
Sunday, July 10.
Local Man Sets Sail to Hunt
Down Bin Laden
FOLLY BEACH, SC--- Local village
idiot Alex Hunter, recently ridiculed
far and wide for his Letter to the Editor
dealing with Arnold Schwarzeneggers
love child, has not dealt with said
criticism in the healthiest of fashions.
Hunter decided to embark on a sailing
trip to hunt down recently-assassinated
terrorist Osama Bin Laden after hearing
of his sea burial.
I found myself sittin at home, nothing
to do but read hate mail in response to my
letter to the paper, and saw on the news
about Bin Laden going back to sea, he
said, pronouncing the name as Bin Lay-
den. I knew then what I had to do, so I
loaded up my little Hobie Cat with a couple
bottles of water, a handle of Fleischmanns,
my cell phone bowling game, some Spam,
and this assault rife. Im gonna hunt that
bastard downyou watch.
Oklahoma City Tunder Lose
In Western Conference Finals,
Change Name to Oklahoma City
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--- Relatively
new NBA Franchise Oklahoma
City Tunder lost the 2011 Western
Conference Finals to the Dallas
Mavericks in embarrassing fashion. A
spokesman for the team today released a
statement revealing plans to overhaul the
teams image, starting by changing their
name to the Oklahoma City Bombers.
After many days of conversation
and deliberation, weve come to the
conclusion that Tunder as a name
poses no threat as it is technically only
the noise that precedes the actual strike,
he said in the statement. Because of this,
the organization has decided to switch to
a fercer name, like the aforementioned
One-Balled Bald Man
Face-Plants on Mountain Bike
FOLLY BEACH, SC--- Notes collected
from the Folly Beach police blotter state
an anonymous man reportedly face-
planted on his mountain bike on his
ride home Monday night. Te reporting
ofcer wrote that he found the bald,
middle-aged male in a ditch on West
Indian with a badly swollen nose. He
appeared to be extremely intoxicated and
didnt know where he was, only ofering
up the information that he wrecked his
bike and that his one ball is fne.
Te anonymous one-balled bald man
miraculously sustained only a badly
broken nose, marked by a single wound
where the nose bridges into the forehead.
No arms, legs, or hands were scraped.
Te ofcer wrote that there was not a
scratch to be found anywhere else on
his body or bike, usually consistent with
a bike wreck like the one he mumbled
about but he insisted on not fling a
police report.
When asked what hed done that
evening, he stated that he had no idea,
only that he pissed somebody of at the
Sand Dollar and didnt know where his
money went. Maybe the mountain bike
stole it?
*And if you believe this, then I ll bet you
also think that the sky is blue because were
all actually living in a giant biosphere at the
bottom of an alien ocean
The Fol l y Foni on
T h e b e s T s o u r c e f o r f o l l y n e ws *
By DaviD CrawforD
12:10am/ 12:30pm
Date High Tide Low Tide
Storms, hurricanes, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.
Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can
be very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they
can be wrong so use common sense.
Fol l y Beach ti de char t
Jun 10
Jun 11
Jun 12
Jun 13
Jun 14
Jun 15
Jun 16
Jun 17
Jun 18
Jun 19
Jun 20
Jun 21
Jun 22
Jun 23
ay was a good month for
fshing and showed a notable
improvement over the last two
months. Te steady infux of bait and
warmer water imply that June will be
even better. Redfsh remained active and
the trout bite that many feared gone for
this year has strongly reemerged during
the last days of May. Spanish Mackerel
and bluefsh are now available and
compliment other seasonal species, such
as shark.
Weve been targeting redfsh at mid
and high tide with shrimp fshed under
popping corks. Tis can be an excellent
way to cover a lot of water. Anglers
should focus on grass banks, shell rakes
and creek mouths; anywhere that redfsh
would likely ambush bait. I usually fsh
a 18-24 leader under the cork and
use size one circle hooks. Remember to
always bring in your slack line if you are
fshing in a current. If you can somehow
manage to remain calm when a fsh hits,
reel the line tight instead of lifting the
rod tip!
In late April, the Department of
Natural Resources issued a statement
that back to back cold winters had
decimated the trout stock and urged
anglers to voluntarily practice catch and
release. Anglers would be well advised
to follow this request so our fshery can
recover. Its that time of year for topwater
trout action at frst light. Heddons Super
Spook Jr. in their silver mullet color
works great. Vary retrieve speeds as you
work these lures back to the boat. Tis
is a lure that you should reel tight to the
fsh before raising your rod tip. Good
luck with that when a violent boil erupts
around your lure!
Spanish Mackerel are also beginning
to show up, especially in the harbor, and
the best time to catch them is at frst
light. If you fnd schools of fsh slashing
across the surface, throw refective casting
jigs and reel them quickly through the
school. Alternatively, if you know fsh are
present but not up top, try trolling Clark
Spoons at diferent depths and diferent
speeds. Remember to check your leader
often as it only takes catching a few of
these teethy fsh to cut through it.
Te best fyfshing last month was
found in an unlikely place: morning
tailing tides. We had many mornings
when you could cast to tailing fsh
during the frst hours of the day. Tese
fsh were most interested in spoon fies;
particularly in gold. During mid tide
and high tide, redfsh were eating larger
fies containing red and orange with a bit
of sparkle. Anglers have reported good
success with bulkier fies that represent
the bigger bait in our waters.
See you on the water!
Capt. Geof Bennett operates Charleston
Charter Fishing providing fy fshing and
light tackle charters. Clients choose from a
full menu of fy rods, artifcial and live bait
fshing options with charters tailored to their
desires. USCG licensed and insured, Capt.
Bennett is committed to providing a safe and
enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels
and ages. For more info, call Capt. Bennett
at 324-3332, visit his website at www. or email him
J une Fi shi ng Repor t
By caPt. GeoFF Bennett
June 10, 2011 13
usic, more specifcally American
music, remains deeply rooted
in tradition. However, many
modern artists performing traditional
music typically lean toward some form
of improvisation. Bluegrass is one of the
many early American music art forms that
has been subdivided countless times since
the Bill Monroe era. Jam-grass, Slam-
grass, Folk-grass, and yes, even Grunge-
grass are simply a few of the countless
sub-genres in this feld. Although some
remain staunch bluegrass purists, there
are many pround grass-improvisation acts
out there, as well. Greensky Bluegrass, a
fve-piece string band from Kalamazoo,
Michigan, is defnitely proud to be in
this elite corner of grass-revival bands.
Having mastered traditional bluegrass
songwriting/instrumental breakdowns,
the boys of Greensky always leave room
for a little improvisation.
Te lineup of Greensky Bluegrass is
very typical of a traditional string band.
However, each band members individual
musical quirks tend to come of a bit
funkier than the usual bluegrass style.
Early roots of the band date back to 2000,
when mandolin player Paul Hofman met
guitarist Dave Bruzza and banjo player
Michael Arlen Bont in Kalamazoo. Later
installments within the following years
would see the involvement of Mike Devol
on bass, as well as Anders Beck on the
dobro. Regarding the current lineup, all
of the boys have some jazz improvisation
background and killer bluegrass chops.
Were not trying to be a jam band
by any means, says dobro player Anders
Beck. Improv is defnitely a huge part
of our live act, though. We like being
somewhat lumped into the Jam-grass
tradition, which allows for a lot of
Typically throwing in some Hendrix,
Bob Marley, traditional bluegrass, and
some low-brow Americana, the Greensky
live shows are very high-energy,
coming across as both traditional and
Greensky Bluegrass will be touring
extensively throughout the Southeast
throughout June and early July. Travelling
through Tennessee, Georgia, North
Carolina, and South Carolina, the boys
also have three or four dates lined up that
correspond with Phish shows.
We had not directly planned for it to
happen. However, we have been very well
received in the jam-band scene, and the
Southeast overall, says Beck.
Amongst the numerous tour dates is a
June 16 show at the Music Farm, where
Greensky played with close friends,
Railroad Earth, this past summer. Beck
adds that he loved coming to Charleston
during the summer especially to the
Pour House. Te audience tends to get
what were doing and it just clicks.
More highlights of the summer tour
include stops in Manchester, Tennessee
for the Bonnaroo Music Festival, as
well as All Good Music Festival in
Morgantown, West Virginia. Te end of
the tour fnds Greensky hitting up key
spots in the western part of the United
States. Its ftting they won Best Band
at Telluride Music Festival in 2006.
Bluegrass is simply one American art
form to which many music lovers can
relate. Greensky is one of the very few
bands that can bring an outside audience
to traditional bluegrass, and they are
doing their best to spread the fever across
the continental United States.
Greensky Bluegrass will be playing at
the Charleston Pour House on June 16.
For more information, visit their website at
Gr een Gr ass and Bl ue Sk i es
G r e e n s k y b L u e G r a s s s t o P b y t h e P o u r h o u s e
By BLaKe Bunch


14 June 10, 2011
Do you recognize this image? It was taken somewhere on Folly Beach. If you
know what it is, let us know at and you could win a free
medium, one-topping pizza from Woodys! No one guessed last issue's "What the
Folly?" It is the painting on the side of the concession stand on 1
East Ashley.
Brought to you by Woodys Pizza and
Mary Ohl.
The Lucky Dog cLub is sponsoreD by
LosT Dog cafe
If you have a Lucky Dog please send their information and picture to:
Name: Bently
Breed: French Bulldog
Likes: Playing In the sand, having
my belly rubbed and making
friends at dog park
Dislikes: Rainy days and getting
a bath.
Why I am a lucky
dog? I am a lucky dog
because I get to dress
up for all of Folly's
awesome festivals!!
And I live on Folly, of
June 10, 2011 15
dat i ng fol l i es
ome say that modern-day man
has moved into a realm of never-
ending choices. Tere was a time
when choices were for the privileged
people only; everyone else merely did what
was necessary to survive.
Now it seems that everywhere you
look, you are forced to make some sort
of decision. After years of living, the act
of picking and choosing should have
become easy for us. After all, weve been
doing it since we were children: chocolate
or vanilla, merry-go-round or monkey
bars, Superman or Batman.
Te truth of the matter is that, as we
age, the act of making decisions actually
gets more and more difcult. As we grow
into adults, the harsh reality of decision-
making begins to become clearer to us.
When we do fnally decide and pick the
one option from the many, what we are
really doing is taking all of the other
options of the table. In the harsh realistic
light of day we must ask ourselves: Are we
indecisive or just unable to commit to any
one thing?
People agonize over even the smallest
of decisions. What do I want for dinner?
Do I want beer or liquor tonight? Am I in
the mood for a drama or a comedy? Blue
shirt or green shirt?
As grown-ups these seemingly
unimportant decisions are often rolling
around in our brains directly adjacent
to some of the gargantuan life-changing
ones. Am I content in my work, or should
I take the leap and dream of something
bigger? Have I found my soul mate, or
could there be someone better out there?
Could I live more, see more, be more, love
more, more, more, more?
What does it mean when having to
decide is pure agony? Even if you are
fortunate enough to be faced with only
two options in front of you, as opposed
to six or eight, why is the deciding so
difcult? And an even better question: if
it is this hard to decide, is either option
the right one?
Is it silly to hang onto the childish ideal
that when the right thing comes along
we will just know it? Do people really
have those fashes, where everything just
comes into focus and they know exactly
which path to take? All of the sudden,
the entirety of your indecisiveness and
fear jump out of the window, revealing
this fower-lined path that leads you to
the future you always dreamed of. While
surrounded by the pressures and hardships
of the average individuals daily life, it
seems naive to believe that anything could
just open up and be that simple.
So then whats the answer; how does
one go about deciding when the stakes are
really high? If you are one of the prior-
planning people, you may fnd yourself
creating a pro/con list. If you are a thrill
seeker, you may trust your gut and fing
yourself of one side or the other of the
big decision clif. Maybe introspection
gets the best of you, resulting in countless
hours of deep soul-searching until one
answer feels like the right one.
Or maybe the answer is that there is
no answer. Maybe fate has the outcome
already picked out, and all of the
questioning and torturing ourselves results
in nothing more than questions, torture,
and a bit of a delay. Perhaps the gigantic
spider-web-like maze will always end in
the same place no matter which path we
choose on any given day. Of course none
of us want to believe this; it makes us feel
small and powerless. But what if it were
true? Would we sleep better at night?
Would we trust our instincts more often?
Would it put an end to regret? Would we
worry less and enjoy more?
For now, I suppose we are all left to
our own devices; be it fipping coins,
consulting the I-Ching, reading your tea
leaves every morning, prayer whatever
your method may be. Tere will always be
constant questions and difcult decisions
to contend with.
Te trick is to believe in the choices
that you make when they come along.
Remember that life is a big, long bumpy
journey; if you decide to go with the polka-
dots today, there is always tomorrow to
put on the plaid.
Const ant Quest i ons
and Diffcult Decisions
By Fay a.
16 June 10, 2011
Juicy's heard on Folly
May hem
Q u o t e s f r o m a Q u o ta b l e I s l a n d
By Becky 'Ju-c' SparkS
f youre a Folly Beach local or have
spent a lot of time on the island, youve
heard some interesting things. Some
make you laugh uncontrollably, others
confuse you terribly and plenty make you
cringe. Ive overheard a lot of things on
this island and Id like to share some with
you. With the weather heating up and the
beer going down easy, the quotes keep
falling like a broken pinata. Would you
say we have a plethora?
May 6, 2011: I will not have another
old lady sitting in my driveway before 6
a.m. again!
May 7, 2011: If you ever need anything,
dont ask me. I dont have sh**.
May 7, 2011: Tell them to hire me. I
dont do drugs and Im not in jail at the
May 7, 2011: My daughter will sew you
up in a minute.
May 8, 2011: I was as messed up as
Hogans Goat!
May 8, 2011: Backdoor babies, they are
the best.
May 14, 2011: See, everyone likes your
May 19, 2011: I gotta go home and
blow up my girlfriend. Her name is
May 19, 2011: One pair of panties, two
panty liners, four days usage.
May 19, 2011: One day this week, I
gotta take a shower.
May 20, 2011: Ugh, Dave Matthews
makes me feel sterile.
May 21, 2011: Did you put a drink in
my roofe?
May 21, 2011: If youre sleeping in the
bathtub, Im breaking up with you.
May 25, 2011: Im not gay. My junk
was in your mouth!
May 25, 2011:
Person 1: Are you straight now?
Person 2: No, mom. I was just drunk
and some girl put her *#* in my mouth.
May 25, 2011: Snap into a steering
May 28, 2011: In my next life, I want
to come back as a prophylactic. At least
Id be doing some good.
May 28, 2011: Im sick of getting raped
by rainbows!
May 30, 2011: I want my foreskin
If you would like to contact Juicy or tell
her something youve heard, email her at: Or you can join
the group Heard on Folly on Facebook.